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Initial post: Jul 5, 2008 6:26:38 PM PDT
Tania says:
I do not think this age group is appropriate for this book series. 15-17 would be much better. If anyone the last book, I doubt they would want there child reading these books.

In reply to an earlier post on Jul 7, 2008 8:25:33 AM PDT
It's gotta be a typo. The first book in the series, "Marked", says grades 9 and up, so I assume they meant to put GRADE 9-12 here rather than AGE 9-12.

In reply to an earlier post on Jul 11, 2008 7:51:02 PM PDT
Silver Lynx says:
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In reply to an earlier post on Jul 16, 2008 7:32:54 AM PDT
Sharina says:
I was thinking of getting this series for my 13 year old neice but I am hearing about some issues about the sexual nature. Is there sex in these books or not? I've heard that these books talk down to teens and I've also heard they are too sexual. Which one is it? (I would like to know before I buy these for her!) Thanks! Also, is this series any good? I hear mixed reviews.

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B. Conlon says:
It WAS a typo. these books are for GRADES 9-12. I worked at Borders booksellers for awhile and we got a notice from the publisher telling us that we were supposed to notify people when they wanted to buy it.. And yes there is a bit of a sexual nature to these books, but there is no real detail about it. It tells you that it happened, but i does NOT describe it any more then a couple vague lines saying it happened.

The most graphic parts on this book only goes as far as making out, and even that isnt as detailed as it could be. And lets face it, sex IS something high schoolers and even most middleschoolers hear about on a daily basis from books, movies, and even the news. If theyre going to hear about it, this wouldnt be the worst way, seeing as the act of sex is in no way described, only vaguely mentioned. In fact, im sure most of my middle school cousins could give Zoey a few tips on how to make out better.

Whether parents know about it or not, their kids probably know alot more about sex than the parents would like. And most parents never really ask, or get an honest answer about how much their kids really know or have heard on the subject.

In reply to an earlier post on Sep 3, 2008 8:27:17 PM PDT
If anyone has read the third book, they would know there is sex in the later chapters. But I agree with Conlon, kids these days are a lot more informed than we give them credit for. I work at a public library (in Utah) and I've had a few mom's complain about the books but it's nothing to get overprotective about. I've also read discussions about how this book is anti-christian or pro-pagan and if that is something that is going to bother you as a reader or a parent of a reader then develop thick skin and read the books. The series is well worth it.

In reply to an earlier post on Sep 6, 2008 6:17:35 AM PDT
Unfortunately I have not had the opportunity to read it as yet. I needed to purchase this book at Amazon for my 16 year old daughter in grade 10. It was required for one of her subjects at school.
Living in "Bible Belt" region, I'm now most curious to learn about what the class concludes about it being anti-christian or pro-pagan...I will let you all know.

In reply to an earlier post on Oct 10, 2008 10:09:23 AM PDT
It's a very engaging series in the sense that it's very realistic, from dialogue (which does include a little swearing) and the mention of sex.

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Tizroc says:
There is realistic, and if the book was set in a real world environment I would say yes. However this is a fantasy book, and I also add that while sex is a part of our world lets take a step back. (Please note I LOVED these books, though I hate Zoey).

In the first 6 chapters of book one (Marked) we have a girl who is trying to give oral sex to "Keep" her boyfriend. We have pot smoking jocks, and at school alchol abuse. These books should be for the mentally mature young adult. I think of all the bad influences to an immature young adult is the B.J. attempt to apease a boyfriend.

Now we move to my next complaint and that is now Amazon's problem. They purchased Audible. My audio copy clearly states in the first 10 seconds of the book. "This is audible kids" in a very young voice. Nothing has been done to alter it to "This is audible, or this is audible teen etc..." I have really enjoyed the plot to these books, although the thought of Zoey makes my stomach roil.

In her own way she is far worse than Aphrodite. (Possible spoiler here... please stop here and move to the next post if you have not read to at least Untamed.

Okay, so when Zoey confronts Erik for being a jerk I practically barffed in my mouth. I mean where the hell does she get off saying she is the injurned party, and deserves an appology. 1. She has lied to him about too much, and he was a damn good guy for even being with her through the imprint with Heath. Then to walk in on her sleeping with her teacher who she said "nothing was going on with" which was a lie even then. So she gives her non boyfriend her virginity after telling Erik "She isn't that type of girl". Then, and ONLY then... because Blake "used her" she feels like she has a defense that Erik should be understanding. "I made a mistake, and your being a jerk." No, You made a mistake... and if Blake hadn't been a scumbag do you believe for one second she would be saying these types of things to Erik? Noooo, she would be pissed that he was a poor loser over her better and much cooler boyfriend. Since she was burned she thinks she is due a "Do over" or at least it is excusable. Her whole attitude is discusting, and as stated makes her attitude worse than our lovely Aphrodite, who at least made no pretense and takes responsibility for the fact that SHE screwed up. She isn't going around saying, oh well I was boinking others but, really since they were jerks you should listen and understand my side.

Then the authors prove even more that it is a fantasy by Erik being undertstanding. Oh, yeah of course you made a huge mistake, and I didn't see if from your side. I say, uh puke what side? She got seduced by a guy. Welcome to the world Zoey, men and women (emancipated BTW) flirt and seduce eachother. If you step out on your boyfriend you have no "SIDE" to excuse yourself from. Except maybe the room in discrace. I really enjoyed the book, and even thought the twists with her ruining her relationship added depth... cause we know teenages make mistakes. It is just her assurance that she has grounds to defend herself for giving it up to her non-boyfriend, and then to say that Erik owes her anything but a B-slap on the forhead is pure huberious.

Also with the new publisher we now have a new narrator. That is so annoying, and ruins some of the continuiety. I really liked Zoey, but she has turned her personal life into exactly what she hated Aphrodite for. I hope the authors (talented as they are) do something because really Zoey should sit down and say, hey Erik, I made a msitake, I broke your trust and you had every right to be mean. I didn't treat you fairly, and I don't know what would have happened had Blake lived. I do know that my feelings for you have not changed, and I wanted to say I am sorry. I am sorry that I cheated on you, and gave my gift to someone undeserving while the one who was deserving was there the whole time. I am sorry that I said you owed me an appology, and were being a jerk. Of course you were being a jerk... I hurt you, broke your trust and ruined something good. I regret not being able to give you what you deserve, and can only promise to be better in the future. I know you have no reason to trust me, since I totally skanked, and cheated on you. I still care deeply about you, and I was hoping we can take a step back and maybe see if there is enough to rebuild something between us. (Let us remember how she said she was not going to give up her virginity...) I personally think Erik is 10 times the human being (Moral) than Zoey. Zoey has condemed her friend for going after Heath, even though he was her ex-boyfriend. She has a lot of power and it seems to be going to her head, it is time for her to grow up and act the part and person she wans to be.

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In reply to an earlier post on Apr 29, 2010 5:07:43 PM PDT
Faerie34 says:
The "This is Audible Kids" is there because it seems Audible Kids covers everything up THROUGH high school. And the House of Night is definitely for high school. Before the Twilight movies came out, I would have given the book to a student in, maybe, 8th grade and up. The House of Night books I would give to students more like 10th grade and up. Hope this helps.

Posted on Feb 6, 2011 9:29:32 AM PST
Janey Sittig says:
I have to agree with the other suggestions in that I wouldn't recommend this to anyone under 15. Even then it would be a judgment call on the individual reader. There are some things in here that you certainly wouldn't want your daughter doing !!!SPOILER AHEAD!!! (like having sex with a teacher). I'd recommend reading it yourself before handing it to anyone still in high school.

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 12, 2011 3:34:01 PM PST
C. Bennett says:
I read it and I'm 13. It was hard to get into, but it will get better. It talks about how oral sex is bad, but it also says how nasty and bad it is. They are talking about real teen issues in this book and you can't hide everything from teens. They will experiment and learn more from doing more, and I would know. My friend tells me everything, and when I say everything, I'm serious. She has had sex before and its not like people won't do it. Talk to her and her mom in a room all three together and talk about it. I hope I helped!
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