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on June 24, 2011
This is my first SSD and it has met my expectations so far, with read and write speeds equivalent to reviews on Anand, Toms' etc. I have it on a native Intel SATA III port on a Z68 motherboard. It will not perform to its maximum on an SATA II port or with non-Intel controllers. After all is said and done, the primary virtue of an SSD is loading the OS quickly and loading programs quickly. The computing power of your machine will govern the speed of operations in most programs unless the program uses a large image file and swaps it frequently (photoshop, premiere.) The new OCZ model, "Max Iops" is undoubtedly faster, but at a price.

It was very easy to install and worked right outta the box. Loads Win7 64 pro quickly and also Dragon NS, which takes a minute to load on a 2-year-old box with XP. Because of rapid boot and program loading, I turn my computer off now between uses. I left my old one on 16/7 because it would otherwise take 3-4 minutes to get to readiness with both OS and programs.

I had one instance where the BIOS would not recognize the drive during bootup after Windows 7 64pro froze. My research shows a very obscure cause for this, having to do with low power management features of the OS. I have not had any BSODs nor has the freeze been replicated, so I am taking no action, but apparently OCZ has released firmware 2.09 to address the problem. Remember that the drive's firmware cannot be updated while it is a boot drive, so once you have installed OS and updates, it is very inconvenient to start over just to upgrade firmware. Use the secure wipe feature of OCZ toolbox before upgrading firmware. Better yet, check the firmware and upgrade before intalling this as a boot drive.
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on June 23, 2011
Ordered this drive on monday, received it wednesday, tore the box open and threw it in my PC. At first I had tried to do the install and the PC didn't recognize the drive. I threw my hands up in the air "CURZE YOU OCZ" I yelled. I knew the reputation of the Sandforce drives and knew it well and I feared I had bought a drive which was simply not going to work.

However after checking my BIOS options, I realised i had made a mistake in the configuration, I fixed it and less than an hour later, I was fully updated on Windows 7 Ultimate and logging into my steam account.

Less than one hour from starting install to getting on Steam. I was amazed.

Coming from an old IDE HDD to this blew my mind in a way I thought not possible. I was wondering if the hype about SSD's was just stirred up to sell more high cost, low storage drives and if I should just wait till they hit 1 buck per gig. I have to admit that compared to traditional HDDs, any SSD will gobble up cash in a way not seen for almost a decade now in traditional drives. The promise, however, of picking this drive up for 200 bucks after rebate piqued my interest. I bit and i'm nothing but happy I did. I was amazed how much of a difference changing one part out of a machine I considered "Aging" (to a hardcore gamer or enthusiast) made. (For reference i'm running a e8400 Core 2 duo @ 3.0GHz, Sapphire 4870 1G, and 4Gb of Patriot RAM.)

So far so good, i've been really happy with my purchase so far. Now, lets hope it stays that way.

As they may have said on an OCZ version of "Press Your Luck" "Big performance, No BSODs. . ."
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on October 21, 2011
I've been using the Agility 3 with a macbook pro 2010 (SATA II) for the last three months, with a heavy pattern of computer programming tasks/netflix-type usage. I find the drive to have been stable and as fast as SSDs usually are. I hear that the more advanced ssd designs show big results on SATA III, but I felt the Agility 3 are a great replacement for the earlier-then-2011 laptops that can't use SATA III extra speed anyway.

I used XBench when I first got it, and just now. Both tests read about the same, and now maybe even a little faster . I DO use time machine backup daily (understanding that un-backed-up data isn't data at all), and I have no problems to report.
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on September 7, 2012
Perfect to upgrade my 3 year old Mac book pro. Put this drive in a holder, and used a program to clone my existing drive over to it. Opened my Mac book pro, pulled out the old drive, plugged this one in. Then I turned on the computer and it worked with no additional setup. Took about 2 hours to clone and less than 10 minutes to install the drive. Easy Peasy.
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on July 25, 2012
Read the lousy reviews, bought it anyway. Hardest part was getting it out of the packaging, if you have a blowtorch around it might help or perhaps a table saw. Anyway, once out of the package I stuck it in an I3 Toshiba, put a win7 disk in the DVD drive and away we went. Flawless operation from the gitgo, loaded Win7, turned it off, turned it back on, booted up in about nine seconds. If you are an IT expert and start fooling around with the settings, esoteric drivers and all that crap you will likely take hours if not days to get this thing working properly. If you are like me, too dumb about this stuff to even know what they are talking about, you can just stick it in the drive caddy, turn your machine back on and be up and running in no time, saying gee whiz as you watch it run umpteen times faster than whatever drive you took out of your machine.

Then go buy a sata optical drive bay to hard drive caddy (got mine on ebay for ten bucks), undo the one screw that holds your dvd drive in place, mount the hard drive you just pulled out of your computer in the caddy and stick it in there. You now have access to everything you stored on that drive. Likely you seldom use the dvd drive anyway, whenever you need it you can quickly switch it back.
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on August 30, 2012
I've been watching SSD prices and this one dipped a little bit and I bought it.
I unplugged my existing hard drive, put the Windows 7 DVD in the drive, installed it and was up and running without any issues.

I have had SSDs before from OCZ and two of them failed after about 3 years (1st generation SSD). I've been running on a spinning
disk for the last 6 months and it sure is painful to wait wait wait wait for booting and other things.

I haven't done any speed testing, and to tell you the truth it doesn't really matter to me. It's so much faster than a spinning
disk that it's worth every penny.

FYI - This is a slightly older machine that only has SATA2... I use Photoshop cs6 and Lightroom on it, I have 6gb memory and a
Intel Core I7 and they both open up almost instantly.
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on August 6, 2012
I was a little hesitant to make this purchase initially because so many reviews seemed to have problems with this SSD. I went ahead and pulled the trigger anyway, since the cost per GB was pretty good. My intention was to put this in a lower end 2nd generation Core i3 Ubuntu laptop that I have been using for web development. Man am I happy with the purchase!

Initially, I had a 500GB 2.5" (7200) sata drive and it worked well. I just noticed a tiny bit of lag upon boot up - enough that it got me curious as to the improvement an SSD would make to the laptop. Well, the Ubuntu install took about 7 minutes. 7 minutes!!! Granted, I skipped the update everything during install option, but still - that's huge. My first boot into Ubuntu also flew. I tested a cold boot and it clocked in around 11 seconds. Clicking around in the OS is just night and day. I am a believer of SSDs. So much that I went ahead and bought another one for my Quad Core i7 laptop (HP DV7T) and dual booted Windows with Ubuntu. No issues with that guy either.

Couldn't be any happier with the purchase. Would totally recommend the product.
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on September 13, 2012
I got an Apricorn Velocity Solo to mount this wonderful SSD in my Q6700 socket 775 motherboard as a raw new drive. I got the 180 Gig drive since I had planned to Update the OS from Vista to Win 7. The update to Win 7 and all the Win 7 updates were three times faster than a spinning platter SATA drive. Boot times are twice as fast and web surfing is much; much faster!OCZ Technology 180GB Agility 3 Series SATA 6Gb/s 2.5-Inch Midrange Performance Solid State Drive (SSD) with Max 525MB/s Read and Max 85K IOPS- AGT3-25SAT3-180G
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on June 21, 2011
This drive is pretty awesome. If you want things to load off your hard drive fast you'll find nothing better. If you're going to get one I would recommend a bigger model. I bought this one for my OS and a few games, and that was about all I could put on it! Win7, and 2-3 games. I bought another one recently for a raid 0 config since it was so small. If you're coming from a conventional HDD your first reaction when getting this thing with the OS loaded is WOW :O is my computer booting up this fast? Really? Its like a dream come true. Win7 Boots (after BIOS screen) in about 10-13 secs. I've recently had to use one of these puppies on a Vista box, and found that it will boot Vista in about 25 secs. If you're looking for a truly quick experience one of these guys will get you there!

The bottom line: If you're going to a newer drive with SATA 6Gbps support, this drive will be good on a budget. If money is not an object I would suggest going for the Vertex 3 Max IOPS. This drive vs. any conventional hard drive is going to be night and day.
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on May 23, 2012
I've only had the device for a few days so this review wont comment on reliability. If something happens i'll update the review. I installed this lil drive on my Samsung R580 laptop with a Core i5 and 4gb of ram. I typically use the laptop for taking notes in class and using Microsoft Office on occasion. It was becoming unbearable to use, it would be very slow waking up when opening and very noticeable lag during bootup. So I bought the OCZ despite the reviews talking about installation and reliability issues. Removing the old HDD and replacing was so simple with the Samsung laptop that I was done in less than five minutes. Booted up the Linux boot disc provided through the OCZ forums and checked for firmware updates. (none were needed). Booted up Windows installation disc and it recognized the drive no problem. Installation went without a hitch, though I would note that the install wasn't any faster due to the bottleneck of the DVD drive's write speed. After install and updates and all the dust settled, I ended up with an incredible speed difference that was truly a breath of fresh air. The laptop feels easily 3x to 4x faster in response and fluidity, it will consistently wake up within seconds and boot up times are greatly diminished. Then I noticed a greater battery performance (20 to 30% improvement) and less heat generated by the device altogether. For those who have laptops that are a few years old and you've sidelined it in favor of tablets like the iPad, try to consider the idea of a low cost (relatively speaking) SSD like OCZ to see what you've been missing, you'll be shocked.

Negatives: Cheap plastic packaging that does everything in its power to cut your hand, lack of documentation or firmware discs. Pretty much all cost cutting measures to allow for the cheaper price.

Note: A fresh install of Windows takes up to 20gigs of space so it'll leave you with around 40GB on this device, I recommend if you do a lot of work that you use some form of cloud backup like carbonite or good syncing software like Google Drive or Dropbox to keep your work data backed up. Also people who are contemplating what to do with spacing issues especially if they have a large music collection should look at Google Music {...[ to upload their entire collection in the cloud and save you plenty of space, and also look at services like Microsoft's Skydrive to store other types of large data. Not only will it help you with space but it's also a really great convenience.
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