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on September 24, 2013
I liked this product when it worked, but after one month it developed a screeching noise (much louder than normal). I called their customer service and was told that they would ship out a new one and I could then send back the defective unit in the box the new one came in, using a FedEx label they e-mailed. But when nothing showed up I contacted them again and was told that I would have to ship the defective one back first before they shipped out the new one. Fair enough. But I guess that you should keep the original shipping carton for the whole 2 year warranty period to avoid spending $23.64 on packaging. When I questioned any of the things I was told, they promised to have a supervisor call back. They never did!
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on April 7, 2013
There has always been one thing or another about any vacuum cleaner I have owned (and I am much too embarrassed to say how many there have been) that has made me unhappy with it. I hate vacuuming to begin with, and since we live near the beach and have a Golden Retriever, I have no choice but to do it often. Dealing with long cords and vacuums that were heavy, unwieldy and loud made vacuuming even more of a pain than it already was. I know, I know, that makes me sound like a spoiled princess, but I'm trying to be honest. Anyway, this vacuum is LIGHT, QUIET, VERY AGILE and CORDLESS. Proof that there IS a God, right? It is of course not quite as powerful as the corded deluxe ones, but my housekeeping standards are not particularly high, so I don't care as long as it gets up most of the sand and fur, which it definitely does.

Thanks, Gtech, I LOVE this vacuum cleaner.
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on February 2, 2014
I waited 2.5 months before writing this review. I use this vac, and only this vac, EVERY day (we have 3 long-haired, predominately inside dogs. 2 of which are 60+ pounds). Being indoor dogs, they shed (like crazy) year round. We also have horses and donkeys, which helps add to the amount of "stuff/dirt" we constantly drag into the house.

This vac is loud, but no louder than a plug-in vac. This vac is super powerful. Works absolutely "wonderfully" on carpet, wood floors, linoleum, and tile. (Most of our one story, 2400 sq ft house has wood floors. We have no steps.) Probably, mainly cause it is so light, this vac maneuvers like a dream. The unit is also LOW to the ground, and the handle bends all the way back, so I can vacuum all the way under our (Cal King) bed, and also under our dressers, and can stick the vac under the recess along the baseboards of our kitchen floor cabinets. Vac is very good at sucking-up along its edges, too. Extremely easy to empty this vac. I was gambling big-time when I spent the money on this vac, but this time my gamble paid-off. Before buying this vac, I went to to read their 600+ reviews. I no longer have to use the "Swiffer" on our wood floors, this vac "dusts" the wood floors as well (of course).
....This vac has no attachments. (I bought a $29.00 handheld corded - designed for use in a car - vac at Costco for when I need to vacuum ALL our windows' wooden blinds, and along the baseboards, etc.... It came with handy crevice and brush attachments. It is $42.00 on Amazon - the "Carrand 94005AS AutoSpa Bagless Auto-Vac".)
I am "older", so I wish the recharge cord plugged into the upper part of the handle rather than way down near the bottom.
"It would be nice" if instead of having to plug the recharge cord into the vac, one could simply set the vac in an always plugged-in recharge base (as my Shark Navigator Freestyle vac had).
This vac can run "forever". "Forever" = 45 minutes, I believe. I use it about 20-30 mins a day, depending on how thorough a job I do.
Let me say again how powerful this vac is.
I pick and pull the dog hairs off the brush/roller bar every few days. The hairs, and there are plenty of them, don't slow this powerful vac down, but I'm sure the brushes perform their job much better when they aren't wrapped with hairs.
You DO NOT want to use this vac on carpet that has fringe(s) on it. The brush/roller bar will suck them right up and the vac, by design, will "shut itself off", and you won't be able to turn it back on for about 10 seconds. This vac will tear the fringe off your throw rugs.
Being the genius that I am, I took the vac out to my workshop and started cleaning. Slid the vac way under a very low to the ground up against the wall shelving unit, and happened to suck up 5 quite large metal nuts (which would normally screw onto the end of bolts). My vac came to an abrupt halt, and I had to (felt compelled) take the vac apart. A couple of the nuts had gotten badly wedged in a fan/gear (in the bowels of the vac), and cracked that piece really bad. Vac no longer worked right. I then called RamAir's customer service # (listed on their website), and the person who immediately answered (no phone menus or waiting on hold) took a message and told me someone would call me back tomorrow (I had called very late in the afternoon). Next day, 4pm, I hadn't heard from anyone, so I emailed their customer service, and within ONE minute I received a call back. Here is the result:

From: Customer Support []
Sent: Wednesday, January 08, 2014 4:17 PM
Subject: RE: Gtech AirRam
Importance: High

Hello Sir,
Just to confirm our conversation from a few minutes ago we are going to be sending you a brand-new AirRam tomorrow and you can expect to receive it within 2-4 days. We will include a prepaid FedEx Return label inside of the box which you can use to ship back the broken unit. I will send you the tracking details for your package as soon as they become available.

Ship to:

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Best Regards,
Gtech USA

Sent: Wednesday, January 08, 2014 4:07 PM
To: Customer Support
Subject: Hi

I called yesterday, Tuesday, because my 1.5 month old vacuum died, and was told someone would call me back today.
Is 4pm Eastern time, and I haven't heard from anyone yet.
I need a working vacuum cleaner.
XXX XXX 6169

registered vac serial number = 11031 - 002691

Lastly I'd buy another one in a heartbeat. Serves my needs superbly. It kicks-butt! There are very few products I'd recommend to people (I can think of 2 other manufacturers' products I think so highly of.), but this vac is certainly one of them.
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on January 7, 2014

I give props to any company that reads its reviews and acts on them. I had emailed my review to GTech customer service, but they also commented here, so I know they read these. They did send me a new vacuum (without my requesting one) and a shipping label to return my old one. I was told to keep my old battery for a backup (which will be VERY useful - I will always be able to have a charged one ready to go), and the new one came with the USB cable which I hadn't originally received, so I'll get to do the nifty features that come with plugging it into the computer.

I haven't had a chance to try the new one out yet. I assume it will work like the old one. The customer service dude I've been communicating with claims not to have the same hair problems we have, but maybe I just shed a lot more. I know how to take the brush out now (though that's not easy or something I want to do often), so that's how I'll clean the hair off the edges (getting it off the brush isn't very hard but it wraps around the connecting part).

He also told me that the engineers liked my idea that the top part should click in or have some mechanism that locks it (mine was falling off sometimes), and will incorporate that into the next design. I just wish that meant I got the new design, ha ha!

Overall I'm pleased with the customer service but I'm not expecting the vacuum to perform any better. Will update if my opinion changes.

---Original Review---
I purchased this vacuum on 5/1/13 from, so have used it for just over 8 months. I vacuum fairly lightly. I have to say, for the investment I made ($350 vacuum! Ten times what I've ever paid in the past), I am sorely disappointed in this purchase.

The Air Ram does well in the areas emphasized in its advertising - it is lightweight and cordless, and it gets into many hard-to-reach places. The weight in particular has been wonderful for me, since I have carpal tunnel.

Unfortunately it is quite annoying in many other areas, and those have outweighed the benefits. One important thing to note is that there is no suction with this vacuum - it only spins a brush very quickly to pick up. I did know this before I bought it, but didn't fully realize the implications.

You see, this means it is a terrible vacuum for people with long hair. I have very long blonde hair and it wraps around the spinning brush, so much so that every single time I use the vacuum I must get out scissors and clean out the hair (a lengthy and difficult process). It is stuck in the corners of the spinner to where I can't reach it, also, which I'm sure limits performance. It might be good for short pet hair, but it's AWFUL for human hair!!

In addition to being unsuitable for households with long hair, it's unsuitable for households with young children. My kids primarily require vacuuming for food they drop. The Air Ram isn't great for Cheerios, much less anything bigger or harder. And of course it can't be used on strings or pipe cleaners or beads or anything they commonly would use for a craft. I nearly broke it several times accidentally picking up ornament hooks under our Christmas tree (which are not visible until you hear them rattling around in the spinning brush).

After about 7 months of use, the top part no longer stayed in place, constantly falling off during use, leading to dust clouds and whatever else you've vacuumed up going everywhere. Even when I empty the vacuum by choice, it makes a mess - certainly no less dust or debris than with any other bagless.

I reached the last straw when it accidentally grabbed some twine the other day and the side of the vacuum popped off! I do everything I can to limit it picking up string, as I know that causes it to jam (really, though - a $350 investment and you make me pre-clean everywhere?). In this case, the twine somehow got in there even though it was up on a high shelf inside a cabinet (I seriously don't know how it happened, but I have young children, and things get shifted and left around sometimes). The twine wrapped so fast and it didn't stop until the front side panel had snapped off. I had to remove the back side screw and loosen the entire apparatus to even get the twine out, it was so wrapped in there.

I am now afraid of it breaking completely. I won't let the children touch it. It feels flimsy and cheap to me, and I assume it is since parts are breaking off or not sticking in properly anymore (again only after 8 mos of use and I am NOT a daily vacuumer by any stretch!). It doesn't feel any better made than the $20 stick vacs I've bought in the past, and it didn't even last as long as my last cheapo one!

Honestly spending this much on a vacuum, I am so terribly disappointed at how it's turned out. The weight has been great. For very small, not very dirty jobs - and on dust - it's excellent. I would imagine for a home with no children - maybe just pets - it would be a great vacuum. I so appreciate how lightweight it is, that it's cordless, and that it charges up fairly quickly and the charge cleans my whole house. But the way it works - spinning instead of sucking - just doesn't turn out to work well for my needs.

And the fact that it breaks so easily, just from a little twine...and the top not staying put, that's just from normal use...well that's really disappointing. I'm most sorry that I can't afford to buy anything else for years to come. Spending $350 on it, I assumed it would last me at least a few years. It hasn't even made it ONE.
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on May 25, 2013
Not having to drag around an electrical cord is fantastic. The swiveling handle makes negotiating corners and tight spots easier. The bag-less dirt collection system saves money. The only thing that I think is not so good is the noisy motor which does not run as smoothly as possible. Glad I got it.
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on February 10, 2014
The complaint about noise is not valid...its no louder than any other vacuum. HOWEVER, this vacuum so far (I've had it 5 months) is amzing and cleans like I've never seen before. I've owned Dyson, Shark, Kenmore, Eureka and Oreck, and NONE of these pick up dust and animal hair like the Gtech. Granted, its best if you have a dustbuster to clean out the residual dirt from the containment areas but its worth it! Plus, its so light weight. So far, absolutely NO regrets.
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on May 1, 2013
Editing my initial review (which is still below this revision), on September 16, 2013: So, the description here at Amazon for this vacuum has been changed from "NO MESS" to "LESS MESS." Much better description, as there is plenty of mess to clean up inside the vacuum dirt collection tray area. Also, a price drop, from $350 to $299.95. Over at Brookstone's Website, the "NO MESS" description has also been removed and changed to "Less Mess." I feel the fact the "NO MESS" description has been removed validates my original review. And I thank Brookstone for coming clean (no pun intended). And for those who accused me of lacking credibility with my review because it doesn't say "Amazon Verified Purchase," I'd like to reiterate here that I purchased this vacuum direct from Brookstone and not here at Amazon because at the time of purchase Brookstone had a coupon available, which lowered the price for me a bit. I still own and use the vacuum.

Original Review:

This vacuum (at $350) is so overpriced, it is insane.

First, let me warn you: Should your $350 Gtech Airram's battery ever fail, there is no way to use the vacuum. It would just be a brick. For that much money, they should allow, just as an emergency backup, the vacuum to be used with the charging cable plugged in. But no. If the battery is drained or dead, even with the cord plugged into it, the vacuum is useless.

But the above is not why I give this vacuum 2 stars.

They claim no mess? There is mess. In fact, you might need another vacuum to clean out the mess (dirt and dust and stuff vacuumed up) that accumulates into the collection area (even immediately after first use). Yes you will! (Yes, you can grab a cloth and wipe out all that dust. You will want to and have to. The video showing how the collection area has no mess, along with the written claims of same, are utter bs.)

I bought this vacuum direct from Brookstone, and am very disappointed. I really thought that for $350, there would be no mess (or at least, a tiny amount). One big complaint about bagless vacs is the mess in the collection areas. So, Gtech, in an effort to make the cost so high, claims "lightweight, clean, and mess." It is lightweight. It is cordless. But it ain't clean. Not in the least. And there is mess.

So, if you got a lot of extra money to spend and you want cordless, light, and powerful, buy this vacuum. But do not expect clean. The only thing "clean" about this vac is that after you open up the cover, you're gonna have to CLEAN the inside.

To summarize: This vacuum is in no way worth $350, in my opinion...and you will have to clean the dust and dirt out of the collection area (with a rag or paper towels) just like you would with any bagless. There is mess and particles to manually empty seperate from what they call the "bales of dirt." Their so called "bales" after pulled out, stuff is still stuck to the underside of the cover, which you will have to pick out with your fingers. (This vacuum is not worth anything over $180, in my opinion.)

Positive: Convenient for quick touch ups since it is cordless. Light weight. Maneuvers fine. Seems to have good suction. Noise not too loud for me.

P.S. I doubt you would want this as a primary vacuum for your home. Better for quick touch-ups.
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on November 18, 2013
After posting my last review, I was contacted by Gtech to apologize for my experience. They have sent me a new vacuum cleaner via FedEx and a prepaid shipping label to return my broken one. I was also able to keep the old battery as a spare.

-New and Improved Review-
I am so disappointed by GTech's customer service. After less than 6 months, the vacuum started making a terrible screeching noise that some reviewers also mentioned. And then the brush stopped spinning entirely. I cleaned the brush so that it rolls freely when I manually do it, but it won't spin when it's on. I called customer service and was told that they would email me a shipping label to the factory within 24 hours. They would then repair it or replace it and send it back within a week of receipt. I waited 4 days for the email with the shipping label and when I didn't receive it, I called back. That person had to send a message to his supervisor and couldn't help. The following day, I received an email saying that because I bought it from Brookstone and not directly from GTech that they could not help me AT ALL even though there is a 2 year warranty. They couldn't/wouldn't even look up my warranty information. They just said I had to deal with Brookstone. Mind you, I told the very first person I spoke with that it was purchased from Brookstone and he said it would be no problem. This is really horrible customer service for a product that costs $350 and broke after less than 6 months! I don't even want a replacement anymore, I'm working with Brookstone for a refund. (Brookstone, by the way, has been awesome.) What's the point of having a vacuum cleaner that breaks and then can't even be serviced by anyone in your local area? Don't buy this - it's not worth the hassle. Now I'm sitting in a house full of dog fur that I can't vacuum.

-Original Review-
I cannot stress enough how in love I am with this vacuum cleaner. It is lightweight, super maneuverable, and the cordless feature is a dream come true! It's even great on the stairs. I am a petite woman - 5'1" and 115 lbs - this is so easy for myself and my 2 kids to use. In fact, my kids fight over getting to use it first. It's great for dog fur - I actually use it directly on the couch and his bed because it does such a good job. The charge lasts a long time - enough to fully vacuum 1800 sq. feet in one session. I have to vacuum some areas of my house daily due to dog fur, but I find that I only have to charge up every 4 days or so.

As for the things I don't like - emptying the bin is not as clean or breezy as they make it seem, but it's not a deal breaker. It's a slight inconvenience but an easy fix. I just make it vacuum up whatever falls out. Also, once I washed the filters (recommended once a month), they took days to dry and now when I use it, it smells like wet dog. A little more problematic, but again, not a complete deal breaker. I got the vac for my birthday upon request and will now ask for spare filters for the holidays. I'm so glad I got this instead of a Dyson!
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on March 19, 2014
I love this lightweight rechargeable vacuum. It runs for a long time on one charge. My downstairs is approx. 2500 sq. ft. and I did the whole thing on only one charge. I did have to empty the receptacle twice because it's not very large. It would be great if they could design this with attachments somehow. One downfall is that it's difficult to get under the cabinets in the kitchen. I use this weekly and if I need attachments for crevices etc. I use my other clunky, heavy vacuum.
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on April 3, 2014
Not only does it do a good job of sweeping up the massive hairballs from my two very large white shepherds, recently one of the rear wheels came off. When I emailed customer support on how to put the wheel back on (it wouldn't stay on because I was missing a screw), they told ne they would just send a new vacuum and I could keep the original vacuums battery to boot! Wish more companies dealt with issues as well as they have!
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