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on April 24, 2007
Without a doubt "Airwolf-S3" has some of the absolute best stories of the entire series since the unbeatable mini-first season which aired over the first half of 1984. So why only 3 stars? The experience for me - even when season 3 first aried when i was 15 - was tarnished somewhat due to an obviously intoxicated Jan- Michael vincent that seemed to occur "at least" every other episode. It was actually sometimes painful to watch him in certain episodes, his face flushed with booze and even at times slurring his dialog! I was so hooked on the show that i kept up with all the info i could get from behind the scenes - what little i could get at that time with no widespread internet like we have today. Unfortunately i barely had to make an effot as Vincent seemed to make "news" about every other month detailing his latest barrom brawl and onset alcoholic meltdowns. This might sound corny, but it was very heartbreaking in a way for a 15 year old who IDOLIZED this man, and the character he played that i loved and worshipped so damn much. (it got to the point where i would get more excited for a new episode if i saw that Vincent's face was not flushed red in the cheeks because i knew then that he WOULD give a damn fine performance, and more often than not that's exactly how it worked out.)

At that time, with all the news stories and onset interviews - usually in TV Guide - with Jean Bruce Scott and Borgnine- about the problems onset, I learned for the first time that actors are nothing if not human beings just like the rest of us. It was a bursting of the bubble, but damnit i stayed loyal to that show to the very end. [the so called 4th season is NOT "Airwolf" except for the recycled footage . . . GARBAGE, that was.]

In the end it was the amazing story telling and the faultless co-starring cast that made Airwolf Season-3 shine. The sad thing is that it could possibly have been the best season EVER. - and VERY likely there would have been a REAL s4 as it wasn't cancelled until the last possible moment (late april/86?) when everyone realized that Vincent simply could not go on the way he was. Make no mistake that IMO S3, if you are an "Airwolf" fan is something you MUST get for the often brilliant storytelling, acting and ACTION that is crammed into most episodes, but for those fans out there who are around my age when the show orignally aired it will likely bring back some melancholy memories and a few sad "what-if's".

~AIRWOLF RULED! . . . hell, it still DOES!
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on December 26, 2011
Unlike Airwolf the Movie, I can give thumbs up on this DVD series. This was recommended by other Amazon reviews as the best of Airwolf. Having originally watched all the seasons when they first aired, I would concur that Season (3) three is the best of Airwolf. This was a breakthrough type of series never seen before on TV. It is unfortunate that the star of the show Jan Michael Vincent got hooked onto Alcohol and destroyed the series and his acting career, if not himself. There are too many Hollywood and TV great actors and actresses that have succumb to the "Bottle" in trying to deal with the stresses in their lives that comes with stardom. I have heard it said that one of life's great challenges is not how we deal with failure, but how we deal with success. I concur.
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on March 13, 2007
I was a huge fan of Airwolf growing up in the 80's. I couldn't wait for it to come out on DVD so I could re-live those memories. I wasn't disappointed! Although some people may think some of the special effects are a bit dated, I am not one of them. I LOVE this DVD (and the first two seasons I also bought) and I look forward to watching the shows again and again. Although I do wish there were some extras like interviews with the cast, I would recommend this DVD to any Airwolf fan!!!
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on November 19, 2007
I think this 1985-86 Season DVD of AIRWOLF is excellent and that this has been the best AIRWOLF DVD released yet, especially since I think the 3rd Season of AIRWOLF was the best throughout it's 3 1/2-year run as well as the most upgraded season of them all along with the fact that the Third Season of AIRWOLF was also the last and final season with the recluse Vietnam veteran Stringfellow Hawke(Jan-Michael Vincent), Hawke's one & only faithful buddy & co-pilot from 'Nam Dominic Santini(Ernest Borgnine), and their spunky co-pilot sidekick Caitlyn O'Shaunnesy(Jean Bruce Scott).

It's just too bad that they didn't provide a summary with its original air-date for each episode like AIRWOLF-Season One did.

For instance, the original air-dates to each of these 1985-1986 Season episodes on CBS were
10/5/85-AIRWOLF II
2/15/86-HAWKE'S RUN

I also liked seeing David Hasselhoff's 1st wife(Catherine Hickland) on AIRWOLF in the "Horn Of Plenty" episode when she dances the night away with Hawke(Jan-Michael Vincent) and then entraps him, which was quite intriguing to me, especillay since I had already remembered Catherine Hickland from seeing her on KNIGHT RIDER prior to that in the "White Bird" episode, the "Let It Be Me" episode, and "The Scent Of Roses" episode.

As a matter of fact, AIRWOLF was always shown the night after KNIGHT RIDER, since KNIGHT RIDER was part of NBC's Friday night line-up and AIRWOLF was part of CBS's Saturday night line-up at the time along with the fact that AIRWOLF was in competition with KNIGHT RIDER, despite the fact that KNIGHT RIDER got better ratings than AIRWOLF did along with the fact that AIRWOLF didn't last as long as KNIGHT RIDER either, even though AIRWOLF was more upgraded than KNIGHT RIDER in some ways, since there was hefty competition between AIRWOLF and KNIGHT RIDER, since the advantages and disadvantages between AIRWOLF and KNIGHT RIDER were quite equal.

Unfortunately Jan-Michael Vincents chronic drinking problem & a nose-dive in the ratings along with the premiere of newer high-tech shows like the short-lived supercycle drama STREET HAWK led to the cancellation of this show in the Spring of 1986 around the same time KNIGHT RIDER was axed too after it became quite evident by the Winter of 1986 that this show wasn't going in the right direction since AIRWOLF & KNIGHT RIDER were both losing their touch especially when ABC had STREET HAWK made its debut on Friday January 4, 1985 which started giving viewers too much of the same thing every week & giving viewers too much competition & redundancy since AIRWOLF, STREET HAWK, & KNIGHT RIDER were all shown every weekend so close to one another since ABC had STREET HAWK on Friday nights, CBS had AIRWOLF on Saturday nights, and last, but not least NBC had KNIGHT RIDER on Sunday nights.

Therefore AIRWOLF, KNIGHT RIDER, & STREET HAWK all premiered too soon after one another since KNIGHT RIDER made its debut on NBC in the Fall of 1982, AIRWOLF made its debut in the Winter of 1984, and STREET HAWK made its debut in the Winter of 1985, which was only a year after AIRWOLF premiered & only 2 1/2 years after KNIGHT RIDER premiered, but KNIGHT RIDER was still the most successful and longest running of the 3 as well as the show that got the ball rolling on these phenomenal high-tech dramas and STREET HAWK was the shortest running & least successful of the 3, despite the fact that STREET HAWK had stole KNIGHT RIDER's thunder and had overshadowed AIRWOLF & KNIGHT RIDER before STREET HAWK was given the boot by ABC when STREET HAWK hit a speed bump all of the sudden after only 9 weeks leading to its own cancellation as well.

Overall, USA Network had decided to bring AIRWOLF back as a new series with new cast & crew with new characters to replace the older ones for a 4th Season by replacing Stringfellow Hawke(Jan-Michael Vincent)with String's long lost kid brother St. John Hawke(Barry Van-Dyke) after String gets hurt in a freak accident and replacing Dom(Ernest Borgnine) with Dom's niece Jo Santini(Michelle Scarabelli)to take over Santini Airlines since Dom dies off, and replacing Archangel(Alex Cord)with Anthony Sherwood, except the new AIRWOLF series tanked with even lower ratings were even lower than they were during AIRWOLF'S last 2 seasons on CBS which led to USA cancelling AIRWOLF permanently.

Therefore when AIRWOLF and KNIGHT RIDER both cancelled in 1986, it was almost as if people were losing interests in high-tech shows or something and as if people lost interests in Superchoppers, Supercars, and Supercycles since people weren't impressed by the special effects on AIRWOLF or KNIGHT RIDER anymore since their competition with STREET HAWK since AIRWOLF was getting too closely related to KNIGHT RIDER & STREET HAWK which started making viewers get bored with these shows and making things a lot less impressive & a lot less convincing too.

AIRWOLF's Third Season also takes me all the way back to memory lane when CBS's motto was "We've Got The Touch", which was their slogan on CBS from the Fall of 1983 thru the Summer of 1986.

It was also interesting seeing guest stars like
*Eric Braeden in the "Birds Of Paradise" episode during his earlier co-starring days as the bitter Victor Newman on YOUNG & THE RESTLESS

*Anne Lockhart in the "Day Of Jeopardy" episode after her co-starring days as Lt.Sheba on BATTLESTAR GALACTICA

*David Hasselhoff's 1st wife(Catherine Hickland) in the "Horn Of Plenty" episode before her co-starring days on ALL MY CHILDREN

*Stephen Parr in the "Kingdom Come" episode during his co-starring days on ONE LIFE TO LIVE

*Todd Hodges in the "Where Have All The Children Gone" episode before his co-starring days on THE HOGAN FAMILY

*Peter Brown in the "Little Wolf" episode before his co-starring days on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL and THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS

*Lance LeGault in the "Wildfires" episode during his co-starring days as the hard-nosed Army nemesis(Col. Decker) on THE A-TEAM as Magnum's insensitive nemesis(Col. Green) on MAGNUM, P.I.

*Bruce Gray in "The Girl Who Fell From The Sky" episode after his co-starring days on ALL MY CHILDREN

This season also takes me all the way back to memory lane when AIRWOLF was on KTLA every Monday thru Friday at 3PM during my Junior year in high school and when AIRWOLF and KNIGHT RIDER were shown every Monday thru Friday on KTLA back in the Summer of 1990 and the Summer of 1991 starting with CHiPs at 3PM, AIRWOLF at 4PM, followed by KNIGHT RIDER at 5PM and when AIRWOLF was part of KTLA's weekday afternoon line-up back in the Summer of 1992 when CHiPs was at 1PM followed by KNIGHT RIDER at 2PM and then topped off by AIRWOLF at 3PM.

In fact, KTLA is now the CW affiliate for Los Angeles as well as the former WB affiliate for L.A. before the WB network was changed to the CW network.

By the way, I just got word that the Shout Factory will be releasing the short-lived series STREET HAWK with Rex Smith(Jesse Mach) out on DVD on Tuesday July 13, 2010 for all you high-tech TV show fans out there.
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on January 6, 2008
While Airwolf S3 has all the action and adventure of the previous two seasons, the departure of exec producer Don Bellisario led to some changes that weren't for the better. Bellisario left the show and was replaced by Bernard Kowalski-an industry hack who should've been assigned to direct/exec Full House instead. Accordingly, Airwolf S3 has some poorly written, completely unrealistic episodes like Annie Oakley and a few others. However, the Horn of Plenty and Deadly Circle episodes are very good, as well as several others. 'Deadly Circle' boasts one of the longest air-to-air combat scenes of the series. 'Horn Of Plenty' was both well written and slickly directed and will probably wind up being one of your favorite episodes. Despite some rotten apples in the bunch, it is still well worth it to add S3 to your collection.
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on November 24, 2007
Well, how many have dreamed of the day when all three CBS seasons of Airwolf were released on DVD... and the 3rd Season - until now - was the Holy Grail as it hadn't been released before. Packaged in some nice minimalist artwork continuing on from the previously-released style from the 1st and 2nd Season Box Sets there are, however still no extras which is a shame.

But even though this season had many "domestic" episodes to try to reign in the budget, the producers also produced some really superb spy (there's more Archangel this season than last) and hardware gems such as 'Airwolf II', 'Where Have All The Children Gone?", 'Fortune Teller', 'Day of Jeopardy', 'The Deadly Circle', and 'Kingdom Come' being the top episodes. The downside to the 3rd Season is that it contained two of the most universally hated scripts 'And A Child Shall Lead' and 'Tracks' which should have been given to the production team next door - KNIGHT RIDER.

Overall though, the action quotient in this season was well up on previous years and it produced some of the best melodic, synth music by composers Sylvester Levay and Udi Harpaz of the series in my opinion including the superlative chase music for 'Annie Oakley' and 'Hawke's Run'. To complement these three seasons of the show, you may be interested in the official digitally remastered re-release of the acclaimed Airwolf Themes soundtrack which has been released from 3rd December 2007 on Apple iTunes... just Google 'Airwolf Themes' for full details from the official website.
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on April 29, 2015
Great plot. Helicopter everyone wish they had. Picture high quality. To men. Latter 2 m3n and lady. Have high teck copter that bad man stole from govement. One guy String Fellow Hawk was one of people to test it. They got it back from bad guys. Now they are holding on to it till government brings his MIA brother back. From time to time they do favors for Government guy. He in turn keeps things secret and supplies them with weapons.
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on October 18, 2007
Bought this series for my husband who was a huge fan of airwolf as he flew helicopters in "Nam"and wishes that he'd had that helicopter while there...LOL. Love that screaming sound that comes out of Airwolf when put into Turbo mode.....
I recommend it to anyone that likes action/drama/romance. I wish that Jan Michael Vincent would've been able to keep his life together so there would've been more to this series but Season's 1,2 & 3.
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on August 24, 2015
If you are a fan then you must get the series! I watch it all the time. My 2 year old grandson loves Airwolf and is always asking to watch it. He love the music and when Airwolf hits the turbo boost! The theme song is great too!
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on March 15, 2007
My hat is off to Universal this time for finally recognizing how hungry us fans were for additional seasons of Airwolf to be released on DVD. Season 2 was like pulling teeth, but it finally came out way too long after Season 1. Season 3 has come out less than a year after season 2 - bravo! For a my full review of the Airwolf TV series, see my review of Season 2. It is the first review posted (at the end of the list). You should not think twice about buying Seasons 1-3 of this great show on DVD. Season 4, the final season, was a let down in my opinion. I don't care if it ever comes to DVD. But up to that point, each season only got better with the episodes. Season 3 is the best. So buy it! You won't be sorry! Again... see my review on Season 2!
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