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on May 11, 2014
"I'm trying to save your head, shoulders, knees and toes." Alan Partridge (Coogan) is a famous DJ who works for a station that has just been bought out. When rumors about firings begin to swirl his friend and co-worker Pat Farrell (Meaney) thinks he is on the list so he does the only reasonable thing, he takes the station hostage. It is up to his friend Alan to defuse the situation, but things don't go as planned. I have never seen him do this character before so I was sure what to expect from this. Almost immediately I was laughing and that continued throughout the movie. There is quite a bit of British humor in this but it is more main stream American then say a Monty Python or Shaun Of The Dead is. Coogan is great in this and I wouldn't hate if they made more movies with this character. The easiest way to describe this is like a British Anchorman with the constant over the top antics and the make-it- up-as-you-go feel. This isn't a movie for everyone but I really thought it was funny and I recommend this. Overall, very funny movie, I really liked it a lot, but again it's not a comedy for everyone. I give this a B+.
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on July 31, 2014
Who is Alan Partridge (Steve Coogan)? He is the DJ of 'Midmorning Matters' in Norfolk England - "Music and Chat for the Norfolk Generation", and he is also finding out that the station has been taken over by another company and changing their name to "Shape" from "Norfolk Digital". Pat Farrell is also a DJ and informs Alan of the takeover and the risk of losing jobs internally. Alan is then called in for a meeting and tries to stick up for Pat (Colm Meaney), the DJ of 'Fireside Phone-In'. He appears to ad-lib the whole way, finding out one job will have to go - either Pat's or his. He dons the turncoat while becoming paranoid in the meeting and begins describing Pat as an Irishman who swears too much, speaks much too much to unions, among other negative accusations to drop the hot coals on his head instead of Alan's.

Pat gets sacked because of Alan, but does not know that Alan played any part in it and, in turn, goes totally berserk. He takes the whole broadcasting station hostage, along with all of the upper crust and white collars who fired him. The whole station is under siege by Pat who goes in and out of his right mind. Partridge wings it all the way with a makes-it-up as you go type of dialogue while Pat is the perfect collision of a complete mess and a brilliant sad man at the same time. He genuinely misses his wife Molly, who passed away and says that "the angels took her" - "There must have been a lot of 'em" is shot right back at him with lightning speed from Alan.

I watched this film two times to get all of the fast-talk, quipping, and each detail of this farcical comedy that for many will be a side-splitter. Alan becomes the brainless, fast talking, dry witted, hilarious, go-between with the police and Pat, during the police storming the building. The two begin broadcasting together as Alan is a major twit while trying to appease Pat and working with the police also. The two go on into a hilarious banter. People are calling in with requests telling Pat to play their songs because he has a gun - he can play anything! Sounds like a good idea ... They are asking ludicrous questions, and then answering the same back, to and from their radio audience. This, among many other situations, go on as Pat holds the station under lock and key. Pat does an awesome job going back and forth from a crazed kidnapper to a gentle and heartbroken gentleman who just longs for his wife. Alan is just, well, Steve Coogan...

I have not laughed so much since the last Monty Python's Flying Circus skits I have seen just recently, (The Cheese Shoppe, The Dead Parrot, Silly Walks, etc.) although the two are completely different, they are still very British. This upside-down right-side up, smartly done comedy is a laugh riot - If you do enjoy this Type Of Humor with some quick Raunchy Language and Bawdy Sarcasm ...

Is there anything that Alan Partridge/Steve Coogan will not do? I Doubt That.
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on April 10, 2014
I mean, really. This man knows how to make a funny, entertaining movie and never seems like he is milking Alan Partridge to death. Also, excellent use of Colm Meaney, who brilliantly handles walking the line between menacing and hilarious. Awesome.
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on March 3, 2014
Funny and a little mean! The one liners are dry and hilarious. The sight gags are really funny as well.
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on January 26, 2015
The second funniest thing about this movie is reading the one star reviews about it. Apparently a prerequisite for hating it is to lack even a mild grasp of grammar and/or spelling.

If you have liked Alan Partridge shows and you don't need your jokes sledgehammered into your face to be funny, this is an outstanding comedy.
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on September 16, 2014
A familiar face in Britain but a virtual unknown in the States, comedian Steve Coogan has made his name in his home country portraying a fictional radio talk show host by the name of Alan Partridge. Since 1991, Coogan has performed his act on both radio and TV, and now he's branched out to his first feature-length movie entitled "Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa" (just "Alan Partridge" in the United States).

In the film, the station where Partridge works is facing serious cutbacks due to a corporate takeover, changing audience tastes, a drop in listenership and bailing advertisers. Though Partridge himself survives the ax, the same cannot be said for his fellow broadcaster, Pat Farrell ("Hell on Wheels' Colm Meaney), who, upon learning of his dismissal, completely flips out, holding his co-workers hostage at gunpoint while the goofy and inept Partridge is sent in by the authorities to help negotiate a peaceful resolution to the crisis.

Maybe with our history of gun violence, we're a trifle more sensitive to this sort of thing here in America than they are in Britain, which may explain why some of the laughs tend to catch in our throats at times, particularly when Farrell is threatening to take out a bunch of his own innocent and understandably distraught colleagues as retaliation for the wrong that's been done to him. That being said, the stylish mix of satire, slapstick, black humor and social commentary that Coogan and his various co-writers have come up keeps us chortling through most of the movie.

Coogan makes Partridge a likable everyman character, bemused and skeptical without being hard-edged and cynical. The supporting cast is engaging as well.

Offbeat and funny.
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VINE VOICEon June 30, 2014
“Alan Partridge” is based on a British television character played by Steve Coogan (“Philomena”). Coogan recreates the role in this feature film. Alan is a 55-year-old DJ whose small Norwich radio station has just been taken over by a conglomerate. The new owners have brought in some young talent to do the morning show.

Senior radio personalities Alan and his friend Pat (Colm Meaney) begin to feel their own jobs are shaky. Comic madness escalates when the station comes under siege and its employees are held hostage. There are elements here of Paddy Chayefsky’s “Network,” “The Colbert Report,” “Saturday Night Live” sketch comedy, with a sprinkling of “Dog Day Afternoon” for dramatic measure. Since Coogan has played the role for 20 years, he completely inhabits Alan and is extremely funny in both his quieter and manic moments.

Special features on the Blu-ray release include a making-of featurette and profile of Alan Partridge.
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on July 25, 2014
I've just watched this on Netflix and thought it was hilarious! The first hour is funny but the last 30 minutes, when they leave the radio station and end up on the pier, is just too funny! I laughed so much I had Kenco coming out of my nose! Dan! Dan! Dan!......Dan! LOL

I have to watch it again just to catch all the gags....he's so funny and quick with his wise cracks that you can easily miss some jokes. I would have liked to have seen a little more of Michael in the movie, he's a great character. Lynn is back too....I love the new hair do !!! ;o)

This is funny stuff and worth watching. Trust me, the gags are funny and the last scenes on the pier are well worth the wait. Steve Coogan is a comic genius!
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on August 13, 2014
Smart, quick, hilarious, over-the-top. An absurd premise becomes somewhat believable and Coogan and Meany are fantastic. I only wish I was a Brit so I could've understood another whole level of the jokes (what's a Geordie again?!?!?), but even without that level this is one of the most tightly written comedies I've seen in a while.
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on April 16, 2015
I snapped this up as soon as I figured out this was a retitled version of "Alpha Papa". Prime Coogan, with the funniest toilet gag I've seen all year. Still waiting for a US release of season 2 "Alan Partridge" (the series, not this movie).
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