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on August 3, 2006
The Tooth and Nail record label is known for hosting up and coming, hardcore artists, and The Classic Crime is one of it's best to emerge this year. With a fresh sound and smart lyrics, The Classic Crime's "Albatross" is a wonderful debut achievement. The record starts off fast paced with the hard hitting single, "The Fight", and doesn't hold up until the slower tune, "Who Needs Air." The pace quickens again with the fourth track, "Blisters and Coffee", which features many change ups and a cool build up to the verses. The band's second single, "The Coldest Heart" is one of the stand out songs on the album. A very strong chorus. "All the Memories" has a catchy chorus, and a great build up to the end of the song. "Say the Word" takes a slight turn in sound, but nevertheless, is one of the highlights on the album. "The Poet" is the only song on the album that I feel doesn't mesh well with the others. The bridge is fantastic, but the rest of the song isn't as impactful as the others. As for the remaining tracks, "I Know The Feeling", "The Bitter Uprising", and "We All Look Elsewhere", they round out the cd perfectly. To close the album is the powerful ballad, "Headlights", which features some of the songwriter's great lyrics.

I give this CD 5 stars. Look for more from this up and coming band in the future!
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on June 24, 2006
I am a big fan of alot of Tooth and Nail artists. So when I heard "The Fight" from the Tooth and Nail sampler awhile ago, I found myself anticipating this album many months before it's release. I was certain that this band was talented enough to put out more than one good song. After listning to the cd for more than a month now it is clear that the Classic Crime is as talented as I thought. There are at least 3 great songs on the album and the rest are all good. I can say that they definatly will improve with time, but it was exactly what I was expecting from them.
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on July 30, 2006
After hearing the first minute of "The Coldest Heart", I knew I had to get this cd. And was I right! If you like Anberlin, Falling Up, Switchfoot, or any rock band for that matter, you have to get this cd.

1.The Fight (11/10) My favorite song on the cd. Probably one of the more hard rock songs. The ten seconds of commentary in the begining is a bit chessy, but whatever. The actual song is awesome. When you think the song just can't get any're wrong. A great harder rock song.

2.Flight of Kings (8.5/10) Another good song with a cool chorus. Not much else to say about it.

3.Who Needs Air (9/10) A slower rock song, still very cool. A great change of pace. Great lyrics, cool song.

4.Blisters and Coffee (8/10) Personally, I think that the chorus is a bit corny lyricly, but still a good song.

5.The Coldest Heart (10/10) Cool begining with the quick octaves on the guitar. Another more hard rock song that you'll be singing along with in no time. There are many cool build-ups throughout the song. Another great one on the cd.

6.All The Memories (8.5/10) Like "Who Needs Air", this is more of a soft rock song. Still, it's a great song. Good lyrics.

7.Say The Word (10/10) The first few times I listened to this cd, I just listened to this song and continued onto the next track without really listening to the song too much. But I should have. This is a great song. The riff is very powerful, and the drums in this song really do a lot for it. The lyrics are also very well done, especially the pre-chorus where Matt's voice starts soft and distorted, then grows louder.

8.I Know The Feeling (7/10) My least favorite on the cd. I find the lyrics a bit corny and the song a bit blah. But still, it's an okay song.

9.The Poet (10/10) One of the more harder rock songs, like "The Fight". Very good song, awesome bridge leading up to the screaming after "It!!!!!!!" Great harder rock song. Again, good lyrics.

10.The Bitter Uprising (9/10) Great lyrics, a more catchy song. Good song.

11.We All Look Elsewhere (9.5/10) Another song I looked over the first few times I listened to the cd. The intro is very cool with the lead guitar playing, the breaks, then the solos inbetween. The chorus is also very good, the bridge (or bridges) are very cool too. The song changes a lot...kinda. Not slowing down, but just...different. It's a great rock song. Just check it out. You'll find out what I mean.

12.Headlights (9/10) A slower song. Great way to end the cd. Matt hits some higher notes in this song. It's a good one. I like the long "I will let you go" slowing down thing at the end.

Pretty much, if you like some good rock, this cd is for you.
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on May 23, 2006
The first song, "The Fight", takes you on a journey, it is energetic yet rich in meaning, "Would you go to war for me....,". This CD has such a wide variety of songs from radio ready Rock, like "All the Memories", to the video hit, "The Coldest Heart", This CD also send sonic waves to the edge of hard rock with tunes like, "Blisters and Coffee", "The Poet" and "We All Look Elsewhere". What is amazing is the talent expressed in this CD!. The vocals of Matt McDonald and the composition of Justin, the guitar player, along with the whole band harmonizing makes this CD a pleasure to enjoy and a Rock Masterpiece of legendary proportion. "Albatross" by The Classic Crime gives 100% quality Rock for ALL. It is ALL good!!!
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on June 23, 2006
When you think of some of the premier bands from the last two decades, you can¹t help but think of the Pacific Northwest. While The Classic Crime claims a musical pedigree harkening back to the legendary Seattle rock acts of the 1990s, the band¹s distinct musical signature is certain to leave an indelible mark on the present day rock landscape all their own. Assaulting your psyche with a high intensity, guitar-driven rock-riff sound coupled with arresting melodies and lyrics from Matt MacDonald¹s prophetic mind, The Classic Crime¹s songs will leave you humming for days on end.
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on June 22, 2012
The Classic Crime is my favorite, and for good reason. This album is overall very good, with songs like The Fight, The Coldest Heart, and The Poet being quite enjoyable. Then, there are they really great songs like Flight of Kings and We All Look Elsewhere (Make sure you listen to that song all the way, there 's a full verse-chorus-verse-chorus before it suddenly becomes fantastic). The band has a few nics to the polish, but the overall style is really great-- it's somewhat light-end but somehow with enough emotional power to make what would be a mediocre style its own strength (their 3rd CD showed where the style can come up short when it lacks the depth). The singer has a good voice, even if he has certain cracks and imperfections in his singing, his voice is perfect for the style.

But then there are two songs which suddenly make this one of the best albums ever. When I was first introduced to the band, I quickly latched onto Say the Word, and for good reason. The song packs such a huge amount of raw power and it's well polished to boot; it's easily my 4th favorite song-and I rank things obsessively. I also noticed Headlights, but it didn't impress me too much.

Now I can't figure out why. Headlights... Headlights is a masterpiece of such unimaginable greatness I can't begin to describe it. It is the utter epitome of the "bittersweet" emotion, an emotion made so powerful by being a combination of both Happiness and Sorrow, the two most powerful emotions to begin with. And this song accentuates that feeling beautifully. It begins with more of a slow sad feel to it, but not the hopeless kind of sorrow (there are so many shades of sorrow) but rather the soft, weeping caress. Then it speeds up in the second chorus, but not in the RJA's "Your Guardian Angel" kind where a slow song morphs into a fast one (which was well done in that song) Rather, this is a subtle increase in speed and volume. The song is just so wonderfully complex, so heart-wrenching and incredible, with fantastic vocals to boot. His voice manages to be flawless for this song; a friend has told me he's electronically assited, and while I don't know the truth of this I can say it doesn't SOUND electronic at all, and that's ALL I care about. The song is easily, EASILY my favorite song.

So, with my 1st and 4th favorite song on one album and many other good pieces, Albatross becomes phenomenal.
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on July 14, 2006
I started listening to this album at Hastings and instantly loved the fist song. So I bought it thinking that if it sucked a least I'll have ONE good song. I wasn't expecting it to be one of my favorite albums. It was very worth the purchase. As a matter of fact I'm listing to it right now. Wow. These guys (I think) could be the next big thing and if they showed this level of musicianship on their debut album, I can't wait for their next album... they are that good.
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on June 7, 2006
I recently saw these guys in concert with emery and anberlin. They were awesome. Its nice when bands actually sound like they do on the cd in person. Emery and Anberlin also were able to produce a more than satisfactoy sound in comparison to thier cd's. The Classic Crime is an awesome band on the forefront.. They'll be huge before we know it!
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on June 10, 2006
This Debut album for The Classic Crime does not disappoint!

Take a listen to just one or two songs (provided free on Amazon), you'll be impressed.

If you like faster paced rock, try "The Fight" or "Flight of Kings", "The Poet", "We All Look Elsewhere", "Blisters and Coffee" and "The Bitter Uprising"

If you like more pop rock style, try "The Coldest Heart" and "All the Memories", "I Know the Feeling" and "Say the Word".

If you like slower songs try, "Who Needs Air" and "Headlights"

It's worth a listen! And then VERY WORTH the purchase!
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on June 14, 2006
Well, I don't really remember how I found out about The Classic Crime, but I've been listening to them for a long time, and have really enjoyed this cd. Below me I saw RaisedOnSpitalfield's review titled "Kasie is an ideot" and was pretty appauled that someone would call someone else an ideot for saying that TCC sounds similar to Panic!at the Disco. RaisedOnSpitalfield also rated Ashlee Simpson, 50 cent, jessica simpson, and clay aiken as his top teen pop albums, so that basically elimated any credibility I had left for his review. As for TCC's sound, Matt McDonald of TTC's voice does sound fairly similar to that of Brendon Urie of Panic!; it has the same pop/indie rock vibe to it, but I think TCC definatley is much closer to sounding like Anberlin or Brand New.
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