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on August 1, 2001
To believe in UFO's or not to Believe?
And, if you believe, what can you believe?
There are many good UFO books that are very well researched, and full of facts and information and photos. So much so that it is difficult to dismiss UFO's regardless of our underlying beliefs. But, most of the reports and concepts of UFO's cannot fit with the basic principles of physics -which are the same throughout the universe. Most other books fail to research and offer support in this area rendering their claims less than believable.
What is different and exceptionally interesting and valuable about this book is that it takes a 180 degree turn to review this information from a completely different paradigm - UFO's could be from an alternative dimension. From this multi-dimensional vantage point, many of the odd facts, and abduction and other reports on UFO's fit together better and are more easily accepted. It also touches upon some of the laws of physics to show why these laws are at issue and therefore must be dealt with.
Going a step further, Missler and Eastman then review ancient passages in an attempt to determine if this multi-dimensional paradigm can fit with Jewish, or Christian scriptural beliefs. It appears that their research really pays off well with a different paradigm that supports all of the disparate and anomalous UFO reports.
Of course there have been many speculations regarding various UFO reports, and in turn, Missler/Eastman do make certain leaps in possible interpretations of come biblical passages (which they readily identify as such). But, overall, the paradigm seems to have greater footing than any other UFO model I have read about.
From this book emerges the following: we cannot explain away UFO's - there is just too many reports that cannot be explained; and, most UFO reports do not fit with the principles of physics as we know them.; therefore an alternative paradigm is required in order to better understand UFO phenomena. The Missler / Eastman paradigm seems to best pull the facts together as we believe we know them.
Note for New Agers: Don't avoid this book, or be afraid of it because it concludes with a Christian perspective on UFO. The book is not steeped in "hell fire and brimstone" or sermons. Rather, it is a serious book that takes a deep look at anomalous and challenging UFO phenomena. I would be interested in hearing from others where they objectively see the flaws of this model, as well as what model fits better.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon December 16, 2005
This book postulates that UFO's are an alien phenomenon, but are piloted by "spiritual" aliens, descendants of the fallen angels mentioned in the Nephilim account of Genesis. I have read this theory before in shorter articles, but this book takes the reader step-by-step through the logic and thought process behind the evidences. It is very interesting reading, and presents a completely different theory on UFO's, who is operating them, and what their purpose is in coming to earth. Rather than spoil the book for any potential readers, I will say that the authors present an astounding yet viable explanation for the existance of UFO's, their special physical properties, and the beings that are within the walls of the craft.

Interestingly, the authors provide solid evidence for the existance of UFO's from various sources, including eye-witness accounts from astronauts and jet pilots who have chased UFO's. Once they establish the basis for the existance of UFO's, they begin to reveal their theory. I believe readers will find the evidence presented for the existance of UFO sightings rational and logical. Since the authors then present an alien theory that is unlike any other, the reader may have doubts about their premise, however, it is certainly a feasible explanation for the UFO phenomenon, an explanation that accounts for all the quirks and strangeness associated with UFO's.

I do recommend this book to anyone with an open mind on UFO's. Many of us have preconceived notions on UFO's, and the explanation presented here is so astounding and different that many readers will initially balk at the authors conclusions. As a student of the Bible for many years, I found their conclusions enlightening and certainly feasible, and best of all thoroughly intriging.

Jim "Konedog" Koenig
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on April 5, 2000
A very intelligent man once said, "Read the Old Testament like those for whom it was written - The Jews." Missler does a very good job of just that. Having at one time been a "New Age" devotee, I am thrilled to find this literature. For my fellow reviewers who find this book to be "stretching the truth" or part of a "propaganistic" agenda, I encourage you to study the old testament like a person of Jewish faith, and then judge the truth for yourself. Genesis and Revelation are more closely tied than an uneducated gentile can comprehend, and Missler's illustrations are indeed very valid. As a science fiction fanatic, and a "technology junkee," I must profess profound thankfulness to authors such as Missler (under the guidance of Jesus), who have once again pulled me "closer into the fold." Jesus said that there will be many "false prophets who will appear and decieve many people," and that "false Christs and false prophets will appear and perform signs and miracles to decieve the elect." In our technology addicted society, anyone who provides us answers or tempts us with the offer of "knowledge," (much like the serpent in the Garden of Eden) will receive our admiration and trust. Have you ever asked yourself, "How can we possibly unite under one person? We are just too different to agree." But what if that "person" came from the stars, "explained" our Bible, solved our problems, and claimed to either "know" or in fact "be" Jesus Christ - would we follow? Would you? (If you think I am reaching for this, read any New Age text on aliens.) This book leads to much thought and should be read by all. I can only suggest that you know Satan and his disguises, but first you must know yourself - for he knows you very well.
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on January 23, 2007
From the book:

"The ability of UFO's to dematerialize, travel at speeds which cause ordinary matter to disintegrate, and their extraordinary capacity to perform right-angle turns at unimaginable speeds strongly suggests that UFO's and their humanoid "pilots" are not simply physical entities confined to our three dimensions of space-time."

UFO researcher, Jacques Valle, (not a Christian,) says: "If they are not spacecraft, what else could UFOs be? What research framework can account for the physical effects, for the impact on society, for the appearance of the occupants, and for the seemingly absurd, dreamlike elements of their behavior? How can we explain that the phenomenon makes itself obvious to rural populations but avoids overt contact, choosing instead to deliver its message in bizarre abductions, in highly strange incidents? The theory that suggest itself, as we analyze and re-analyze the forces at play, goes beyond the notion that these are simply technological vehicles produced by an advanced race on another planet. Instead, I believe that the UFO phenomenon represents evidence for the other dimensions beyond space-time; the UFOs may not come from ordinary space but from a multiverse which is all around us, and of which we have stubbornly refused to consider the disturbing reality in spite of the evidence available to us for centuries. Such a theory is required in order to explain both the modern cases and the chronicles of Magonia - the abductions and the psychic component. I believe that there is a system around us that transcends time and it transcends space. Other researchers have reached the same conclusion."

As a youth, I was fascinated by UFO phenomenon; especially the abduction events. How spooky and other-worldly it seemed. Later, after I became a Born-Again Christian, I began to reinterpret all these things through a Christian perspective.

1. ANY creatures existing in any location or dimension have Jesus Christ as both their Creator and Lord. They have no option about this.

2. If they are truly from another planet, they must conform to physical rule and the laws of physics. All observed accounts say UFOs do neither.

3. If they are primarily spiritual beings, how likely is it they are truly from another planet, and not just plain ol' demons masquerading as aliens?

I'd say the former was true, and Chuck Missler has put together a lot of research showing how this is most strongly to be understood as what is really going on.

A verse from the Bible:

2 Thessalonians 2:10-12, "And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness."

This verse is a prophecy about what will come upon all people who do not believe that Jesus Christ is Lord. This "strong delusion" will be - in my estimation - the sudden appearance and actions of alien beings on this planet. It will cause everyone who is not Born-Again, (elect,) to believe this delusion, because they do not have the Holy Spirit in them to reveal these "lying wonders."

Chuck Missler points to this very same conclusion in his book. If you are at all interested in UFO phenomenon, and have read all the books, consider this one, because it's the only angle that fits all the available facts. To deny or reject the obvious spiritual implication of these "aliens" is to willfully blind oneself to examining all the theories, whether they are personally appealing or not. The reality that spiritually malevolent beings exist is beyond doubt, save for the ignorant and unbelieving. To deny anything that cannot be proved "scientifically" completely leaves one wide open for massive spiritual deception, (seeing we are both physical as well as spiritual beings.)

Read this book and consider carefully the evidence presented. It may keep you from being eternally deceived.
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Who built the Pyramid of Giza, Stonehenge and the myriad of other amazing structures from the distant past scattered around the globe? Were they built by the same beings that constructed the "face" on the planet Mars? And if they were, does that indicate that they are somehow related to the ongoing UFO sightings and the beings flying them?

Internationally known evangelical Christian and teacher Chuck Missler examines these questions and many more in this in-depth study of one of the most provocative and intriquing subjects found within the pages of the Bible.

Chuck approaches the subject in a multi-disciplinary manner as any good teacher would, incorporating the Protestant understanding of the Biblical text with ancient mythological beliefs and many of the new, far-reaching discoveries and theories of modern science. Hyperspace, multi-dimensionality, myth and legend, along with important archeological findings all merge with the Biblical text revealing a new, expanded understanding of prophecy, fallen angels, celestial and terrestial genetics and the realm of demons.

Yes, this is a Christian book containing the usual evangelical message at the end. Be that as it may, there is alot of valuable information within for the Christian and non-Christian alike.

Note: A condensed version of Chuck Missler's book is also available on VHS video tape and a two audio cassette pack, both listed under the title, 'Return of the Nephilim.'
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Alien Encounters is the single best book on the UFO Phenomena I have ever read, and I have read at least 100 books on the subject (hyek's, Valle's, Hopkins, Striber's etc.,). All aspects of the UFO Phenomena are covered, from encounters of the 1st, 2ed, 3ed and 4th kind; to an examination of the History of the Phenomena; to what the Bible has to say about the subject. I don't want to get into the conclusions that Missler and Eastman reach, But what I do what to say is if you are interested in the UFO Phenomena, get this book: if you have seen a UFO, get this Book: If you believe you have been abducted, get this book: Also all Christians should read this book. Let me just say we all need to get educated about what may be a coming gobel deception and the cause of the coming apostey.
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on April 2, 2000
Missler and Eastman's book is an excellent look at the UFO phenominon from a Christian point of view. They begin by spending several chapters establishing that there is something more to many (though not all, of course) of the UFO sightings and abduction stories. Only after they have done this do they go on to analyze the problem and propose an End Time scenario.
At that point, the book is very typical of Missler's work. For those of you unfamiliar with him, that means that he goes well beyond the beaten path. The authors propose some rather fantastic scenarios as to how UFOs might play into the fulfillment of End Time prophecy. They do so with a kind of wild abandon, but at the same time backing up their assertions with Scripture and softening them with a wry sense of humor. Many will be put off or even offended (for various reasons) as to their conclusions, but even if you think you will be one of those, the book is well worth reading anyway. At the very least, you will find your perceptions stretched, your mind challenged, and (if you are fair) yourself having the need to dig into Scripture to try to disprove the authors' conclusions.
If you are not a Christian but are interested in UFOs, I suggest that you pick this book up anyway. Again, you may not like the author's conclusions, but you won't be bored.
If you enjoy this book or this subject, I would also recommend UFO: End-Time Delusion by David Allen Lewis and Robert Shreckhise.
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on March 14, 2004
I admit, the implications in this book are too much to handle, and at first glance, it can seem like ridiculous speculation. BUT, I am very familiar with other teachings of Chuck Missler from the website [...] and know for certain that he is entirely Biblical, born-again, and sincere. It is evident that God has chosen NOT to tell us a lot about angels and demons, but he has given us some very interesting pieces of info throughout the Bible, and Chuck and Mark have beautifully dovetailed these scriptures with other weird stuff from our present culture---and guess what---it all fits together into an end-times scenario that really makes sense! This book might be the vaccine that will alert and save thousands of skeptics when the end-times finally arrive. Someone once said, "a god small enough to fit inside your head is not big enough to meet your need" (or something like that). The message of this book is like this--a bit too much for my head, but I'm content with that. The conclusions are incredible, weird, and true (IMHO)---but so is the incarnation, the trinity, the atonement, the rapture, the resurrection, heaven and hell, etc. etc. I know it sounds like a Hollywood mix of Star Wars, The Matrix, and Men in Black, but hey, God is far more creative than that....
Get this book--you will want your skeptical friends to have a copy too.
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on June 5, 1998
First, let me state that I actually did read this book. The first nine chapters are a whirlwind of science facts and UFO reports for the benefit of the reader who has not followed the advance of science, the UFO scene or the New Age movement. The last five chapters are an impeccable weave of Biblical fact and the most probable interpretation of current events. I personally had thought of this theory before reading the book and was delighted to find two authors putting the ideas together in a mere 344 pages. Chuck and Mark make it too easy for even the laziest questioner. We can't all be crazy! I know the three of us are not the only ones to understand these things. As for the people blasting this book all I can ask is 'What are you afraid of?' There is NO way to shoot down this presentation. You choose one way or the other, but you can't fault this research. There are 396 citations in the Bibliography and Notes section. About the mention of George Adamski... George is mentioned on ONE page and simply to comment that he is someone who claims extraterrestrial contact. George Van Tassel gets TWO mentions in order to comment on channeled messages. Period. It's a comparative study, folks! Both sides are detailed in order to find the one that offers true understanding. No matter what side you take, I say know your enemy. That way you can honestly defend or defect. Now get to it. Don't you want to be able to even understand what it is you believe?
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on June 4, 1998
As we usher in a new millenium, Chuck Missler's thought-provoking look at UFO's as interdimentional phenomenon (vs. extraterrestrial beings) makes much more sense than one might expect. Suddenly, the "end times" as depicted in the Bible ring frightenenly familiar with much of what is beginning to transpire around the globe. His logic weaves together ancient mysteries, new age opinion, current X-file-type happenings, and Biblical prophecy into one rich, marvelous tapestry. How close are we to the Apocalypse? To the Rapture? After reading Alien Encounters, you may change your beliefs. I was spell-bound from page one. Read this book!
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