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on February 19, 2013
I don't think people would have been as upset about the game's quality if Gearbox did not show false demo's and footage claiming it to be the game you are going to get. This is not the game you saw in any of the trailers or demos. This is a small fraction of it that was pushed out to hopefully sell on the Alien name. I love the film Aliens, but this is a disgrace to it. The games "story" lasts around 5 hours with some of the worst Team mate and Enemy AI you will ever encounter. If you thought Aliens were scary in any way, this will completely change your opinion. They will just stand in front of you waiting to be shot or get caught on the wall or ceiling, unable to move until you kill them. Half the game you are not even fighting Aliens, you are fighting generic soldiers who wear baseball seriously someone thought a soldier in the future would wear a baseball cap.

Multiplayer doesn't fare much better. I play a lot of online games, but this one in particular has some of the worst lag I have ever seen. Aliens and Marines will be jumping all over the map making it nearly impossible to shoot or you may suddenly die with no one around you and have no idea what happened. There are 4 modes with 2-4 maps each. The best part is a Horde mode where you fend off Aliens...unfortunately that is not even released yet and will cost you an extra $15 if you want to unlock it from the disc.

Don't be fooled by any of the screenshots you see...they aren't really from this game. If you must play it rent it or buy it used for under $20. Otherwise skip this entirely and save yourself the time and money. Gearbox should be ashamed of how they handled the development and marketing of this game to take advantage of such a loving fan base.
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on March 5, 2013
***NOTATION: "If ANYTHING about this review which I wrote after this game released was inaccurate this game's developers would not as of the date of this posting (posted this notation 5/2/2013) have a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT filed against them for the advertisement and distribution of this product. Sega and Gearbox Software currently have a class action lawsuit against them for this game, because this game IS THIS review". NOTATION ENDED 5/2/2013 12:15PM PT

A while back I wrote a review which stated "Developers give to professional game reviewing companies a piecemeal display of the actual product to review, and when the final product is sold based on those reviews it is NOT what was advertised".

Randy Pitchford the CEO of Gearbox Software originally worked for EA (Electronic Arts). When he created his own gaming company years after leaving EA, he and Gearbox Software earned credit for their reputation by creating "Borderlands". After earning a reputation in the gamin industry and community, THIS game right here that you are considering buying is the game that will remain in the minds of consumers when ever placing any faith in Randy Pitchford and Gearbox software ever again. Why? Because "if" you purchase this game you need to know "what" you are paying for. ANYTHING you read in this review is something that can be researched on the web, and found repeatedly by example after example.

Horrid. The AI in this game destroys any and all hope of an enjoyable experience. Regularly while playing this game the "aliens" would fall through the floor, disappear through walls, get stuck in loopy animations throughout the environment, and would even (and this is just disgusting development) kill you AFTER they were nowhere near you because the game would try to auto-correct the AI location after the aforementioned and despite not being in the same room as you are the aliens would still do damage to you. In other words the alien that just fell through the floor is now somewhere in the data of the game swinging at you and killing you despite not really being in the same room youre in.

The AI of the good guys in this game has them running into walls, corners, standing in doorways blocking you, firing their guns at you, even got to the point where people who were programmed to help you were trapping you in corners of rooms while the aliens not even located there were killing you blocked in a corner. In one scene in a hanger bay, the aliens are falling from a ceiling all onto the the same spot atop of a dropship. From the dropship they are all jumping to the same location onto the floor... and falling through the floor into god only knows where. All I know is no matter where I was this transpired about 10-12 times before I went online to find out why.

BEFORE the actual product ("Aliens:Colonial Marines") was released Randy Pitchford was SHOWING the GAMEPLAY to everyone everywhere. Randy Pitchford showed the "footage from the actual game" albeit a "work in progress" to advertise this product. The things you see on the web that advertise this game ARE NOT IN THIS GAME. Everything that is a form of advertisement for this game from "Gearbox Software" is a LIE. The "in-game" footage that is all over the web being used to advertise this game is NOT IN THIS GAME. It is NOT WHAT YOU ARE GETTING if you buy this product. The graphics are absolutely the most horrid graphics Ive seen in 20 years of gaming.

The best way to describe the graphics in this game is this.
Imagine watching a low-resolution mpg on a PC from 1996. Only its interactive, and you can explore the environment by moving around. The pixelating, screen fracturing, jumpy environment... it literally appears as if your watching several puzzel pieces being moved if each puzzle piece made up a portion of your TV screen. tHE IMAGE FRAGMENTATION IS so bad that I literally HAD, and I mean HAD to STOP playing it.

Its all sound bites. The actors from the original movie cannot be blamed for what was done to them in this product. Everything you hear in this game appears to be a "sound bite" from the movie "Aliens" minus some additional voice acting. The sound of the pulse rifles, the sound when an alien jumps on you, even the sound of the shotgun from the original movie "Aliens" appear to be recorded from the movie and poorly dubbed into this game. I EVEN found an app on my phone that had the sounds on it from an app that was out before the game and using Sony Vegas recorded the sounds from my phone app, then recorded the sounds from the captured gameplay and lined them up and found them to be... YES, identical.

No. I'm not going to even go there.

**THIS game was advertised using footage from a product that Gearbox Software is not selling you. When you are looking at the actual footage of "what" Randy Pitchford is selling, and receive what he actually gives you, you will discover you have been flat out undeniably lied to. If you chose to give Randy Pitchford and Gearbox Software your money for this game, you are buying a game that was literally made somewhere between 5-9 months. Information has come out that this game was given to gearbox Software from Sega, Sega payed Gearbox Software a huge amount of money to finish this game, and Randy Pitchford took that money and sent the game to Timegate Studios (another company) and told Timegate to finish the game. As of the date of this posting a large group of individuals at Timegate have been fired/let-go that worked on "Aliens:Colonial Marines".***

The bottom line is simple here.

If you are out in the world and you are selling something YOU are responsible for selling it.
Randy Pitchford told us, showed us, and advertised to us what he ISNT SELLING.
If you buy this game you are buying a broken, poorly developed, horridly designed and miserably put together non-functional video game.

This is not a videogame.
This is a lie, and Randy Pitchford was the one out there telling it so he can have your money.

I know, because he took mine.
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on February 12, 2013
Let me start off by saying I'm such a huge Aliens fan. I have one of the designs of the xenomorphs that Giger did tattooed as a sleeve on my arm, I love 'em. This game was something that I've been anxiously awaiting the release of. I woke up on release day to read how horrible this game was, the graphics, etc... but I still said that I'm an Aliens fan so I'll pick up my reserve of it and try to love it the best I can. Yeah...easier said than done. The graphics are beyond laughable. There is this canister on the ground that from a distance looks cool all lit up, something ala Dead Space the stomp containers...but when you get close to it, the lights are so pixelated and blocky that it doesn't even look like a light, it's terrible. Now apply that little detail to the rest of the game. It looks horribly unfinished, the mouths don't even move the right way when the characters talk. The dialogue is very stiff almost like people were held at gunpoint when reading their lines. The action is either predictable or stupid. There's no bullet detection when you shoot the aliens, they just got covered in their blood and fall over. The only redeeming part of this game is that my game stop gave me a full refund on it. Now, I don't hate it....but I wouldn't pay more than 20 dollars for this......WHICH is probably going to be sooner than later it will be that cheap. So I urge people to of course, gather your own opinion on this, but as a hardcore gamer and huge Aliens fan, this missed the mark by a few lightyears.
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on February 13, 2013
I'm wondering what happened to that awesome WIP/Demo of ACM from 2011 E3 ?

Here same video from E3 compared with retail PC footage (Console versions look even worse than retail PC with framerate issues, full screen tearing and muddy low quality textures)

I guess E3 presentation only existed especially prepared for that event because its not the same code Gearbox shipped on February 12th, not even close to it ! If you wanna understand at least fraction what was going on in those 6 years of development you need to read this post by one of Gearbox employes

Basically what happened is complete NOTHING ! Whatever was done, not finished, not ready, not polished at the end Gearbox just "glued" together and probably even without passing any kinda QA just shoved it to the public and fans of the franchise... Shame on you Gearbox !

I am extremely disappointed triple A dev. studio practicing such a shoddy business model lying to its own fans/supporters with gameplay presentations and trailers that apparently never existed or never were intended to be a close to final code, because what I saw +year ago looked a lot better then what was served on a plate. $60 slap to the face !!!

If you support this title with full retail price and those stupid season passes I really feel sorry for you, basically you're sending message across the gaming industry saying it is ok to continue doing what they are doing and in case of Gearbox this is strike no. 2 because same thing happened to Duke Nukem Forever two years ago.

No matter if you are or not hardcore Aliens fan save yourself some money because two months from now this title will be most likely in bargain bin for $19.99
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on March 1, 2013
The worst disappointment I've ever had playing a game. Do yourself a favor and stay far away. I love the alien franchise and this was just a huge slap in the face
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on February 13, 2013
I got lured in for 2 reasons: it's Gearbox and it's Aliens.

Sadly, come to find out, much of the game was not made by Gearbox. There are at least 4 others dev teams listed in the opening credits. It's not unusual for a game to have more than 1 dev team working on it, but rarely are they all listed up front for all to see. What this means to me? Others devs were instrumental in the development process.

As for it being an Aliens game... it's really not. I know some have said they nailed the look and sounds of the films, but in this regard, I say they failed. Other than a few weapons and the titular alien, the game doesn't evoke Aliens at all.

Overall, it's a mediocre to bad shooter with ugly sound and visuals. It's super short with little to no replay value. If you're a hardcore Aliens fan, wait for a massive price drop. If not, pass altogether.
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on February 12, 2013
Aliens: Colonial Marines is cool in concept but very run of the mill in execution. While the game certainly lives up to capturing the look and feel of the movie with the enviroments, gun sounds and music, it still plays like an ordinary FPS.

Graphics: I'm not one to complain much about graphics since I consider them of only second or third rate importance compared to gameplay, but oh man! The graphics in this game are so dated they're almost embarassing to look at. Textures will constantly pop in and out and even when they are all the way in they don't look very detailed. A while ago I was having fun with Doom 3: BFG edition; I'm not sure if it's because that game is still fresh in my memory but I can't help but think this game's graphics look very much the same....worse, actually. Very poor, laughable graphics all around.

Gameplay: Feels a little too much like CoD for my taste. The game comes with the now obligatory XP level up system for unlocking stuff in multi-player (which might be this games only saving grace). It really makes me feel less a part of the Aliens experience when a bar on the top tells me when I've ranked up. There's nothing innovative in the way the game controls, its mostly been ripped from other FPSers. Worst of all, I feel somewhat overpowered when fighting off Xenomorphs and human mercanaries. Yeah, I've died plenty of times but I'm suprised to see how high my kill count is at the end of a level, usually in the sixties. Xenomorphs will run mindlessly around every which way when you're fighting them and occasionally you'll even see a computer controlled fellow marine and an alien run into and clip right through each other. Your comrades aren't very smart either and will sometimes get hung up on a wall or run in the wrong direction. Your comrades also seem to be invincilbe. Not once did I ever worry about them or feel I needed to help, unless the game told me to. The only remotely cool thing is wrestling off a xenomorph when it grabs me and shooting it with my pistol...but even that feels a little silly. Aren't these thing supposed to be strong enough to bust through a steel door?

Level design is a least pretty good. The game has many branching corridors that you can sometimes get lost in. Kind of annoying but It would be even more annoying if the game constantly had arrows pointing your way and thus taking out all thought process. One level of particular note is one in which you're unarmed, helpless, and have to sneak your way through a level of blind, motion traking aliens withouth them noticing. This level had me genuinely scared, but I regret that some of the scare factor was taken away when I saw that these aliens kill you by suicide bombing. Obvious Left 4 Dead elements shamelessly ripped. This bit of survival horror is a nice touch but only a small bit of novelty in an unremarkable game.

Story: Not much story. You're a Marine sent along with several other Marines to investigate the remains of the Sulaco and later LV-426. Throughout, you'll have to fight off waves of xenomorphs and human mercanaries dispatched by the evil Wayland Yutoni Corp. who are, as ever, hell bent on capturing the xenomorphs to use as biological weapons. This is the plot of all the Alien movies thus far and its getting more than a little old.

In all, I'm sorry I went to a midnight opening and bought this game full price. The only thing I can do is try and get as much enjoyment out of it as I can but even then I'll probably still be sorry.
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on February 15, 2013
So, from a hardcore "Aliens" and FPS fan: How is this game---really? Well, that would depend on what you lean towards: gameplay; story; or franchise nostalgia/evolution. 'Aliens: Colonial Marines' does an excellent job on two, and a decent try on one.

Here's the breakdown:

As a fan of the franchise, the game is very cool. In fact, it exceeded all my expectations. However, as a FPS, we're in for some chop. But let's take this one at a time.

Graphics seems to be the biggest gripe, and it does have some issues. The years-long development time shows. For me, I had some cut scenes glitches where there would be a horizontal line that showed up and flickered---like a TV that hiccups, and some frame rate issues were present. As for in-game graphics, some stuff like walls or surfaces are modern 2013 graphics and crystal clear---so much that you can read the airlock warning sticker's fine print by the doors, names on lockers, and uniform nametags. But on the other hand, some things are more blurry and older looking---like reading the numbers or print on missiles, or the various printed things on the dropship. There were even some spots that had the Weyland-Yutani caption print and logo backwards. Those instances obviously looked more dated, like graphics from 2008. Basically you can tell what was done a few years ago, and what was done more recently. The most important thing---the characters and aliens looked for the most part great, and likness of the real actor's faces were very well done. But there was an annoying juxtaposition of older and newer graphics. However it's not as bad as some reviews have claimed. The game's "bad spots" don't look any older than 'Mass Effect 2' or 'Dead Space', but when you have the new contracting against the old, it shows. But then again, most of the game is dark and gritty, so it doesn't matter much when you aren't looking for it.

The next issue is the shooting. It's decent, but not refined. If you want to run and gun xenos in the same frantic style as the film, you have nothing to worry about. But if you want a 'Modern Warfare 3' style of precision and accuracy, you won't find it. On the plus side, there are a ton of weapons in the game, and most of them are based on the film, though there are a few original guns that show up. One is the "Assault Rifle" that was never used in the film, but fans of the movie will remember there is one brief scene at the beginning where Frost walks by a weapons rack full of long-barrel (real life) British L-85 rifles, and the in-game rifle shares a similar shape and bullpup configuration. There's also a new sniper rifle that looks similar to the M42A2 Scope Rifle from the _Aliens: Colonial Marines Technical Manual_ book by Lee Brimmicombe-Wood, but it's not an exact match, so I don't know if it was an inspiration, or mere coincidence. Regardless, there are many other weapons and explosives to choose from, so you'll have enough firepower to kill the xenos---if you wield them properly.

Overall gunplay works and works well, but not to the high standards set by dedicated FPS that have years of experience in the subject and gameplay. At close range there's not too much of an issue, but things do get sloppy when sniping or firing from range, as sometimes even though you have your red dot on a baddie, you'll miss the shot. Repeatedly. That wasn't cool. But again, it's all in context with the Totality of the Circumstances---which I'll explain beow.

Overall, things function fine---but be warned, combat is deadly. You will die. And you will die a lot. They are not kidding with the xenos. With Veteran difficulty settings, the aliens are film-level deadly, so if they get in close and you get hit, you're pretty much dead meat. They also blend with the walls and ceiling like the film, and they are fast, so you're constantly paranoid about when they will attack. Thankfully the motion sensor gives you warning when they move around, but when they are hanging on the walls totally camouflaged and still---then fall on you, it's game over man, game over. Even with the motion tracker, you aren't fully prepared. When that thing starts beeping and you see multiple readings in front and behind---but see nothing, it gets nerve-wracking because will they hit you from the ceiling, or come up through the walls or floor? You can only aim at one place at a time!

There is marked clausterphobia and paranoia that's extremely pervasive of the game that's reminiscent of 'Silent Hill' and 'Dead Space'. If you can suspend your disbelief, you will be on edge and you will get some genuine scares---both pop-up starts, and psychological.

Where the film really shines, is with the voice acting, music, and sound effects. They are superb. It is exactly like the film. All the characters sound realistic and convincing; every very weapon, device, or sound used in the film was painstakingly used in the game; and the music is a seamless fit. The attention to detail is also crazy. (Except the dropship and APC. Those are only about 80% to scale, not 100%, so they look a bit small when next to them.) The sets are dressed and matched very close to the film. Some stuff is almost exact for those areas that overlap. So for instance, remember the floor grates the queen ripped off when she was chasing Newt in the Sulaco's hanger bay? They were properly represented in the game. Even the crates, boxes of ammo, gear, and other stuff that were in the film's background were re-created. (You can even find Bishop's "blood" spatter and lower body half.)

The story is also well crafted---and this is important from a franchise level because this game takes place during "Alien 3", so Ripley is dead---or at least dead until she is cloned 200 years later in the film "Alien: Resurrection", so the story arc pretty much flatlined when "Alien 3" ruined the novels and comics that were written before it came out. In this game however, we get a rebirth of sorts and a new POV takes over that's not from Ripley, so we have new stories that can be told without having to have Ripley present---or alive. Now granted the game story is fairly linear and not overly complicated, but the straightforward plot is welcome because it fits within the greater structure of the simple and straightforward plot of "Aliens". Furthermore, it does offer some surprises, and it successfully works to carry the narrative forward with both combat and political intrigue, as it deals with both the xenos and shady human mercs working for the Weyland-Yutani Company as antagonists. But more than anything else, there is a singular orgasmic geek moment that I won't spoil, but it's a huge plot twist and gift given directly to the fans. For that, I thank Gearbox and the writers very much!

As for Easter eggs and a desire to remain consistent and in-continuity to the film, we also get four "Aliens" cast members who come back to reprise their roles: Michael Beihn as Hicks, Lance Henricksen as Bishop, Al Matthews as Sgt. Apone, and Mark Rolston as Drake. Granted most of this is confined to flashbacks or multi-player play, but still, it was a fantastic touch and hugely appreciated even after 28 years! Thanks guys!

Another thing I personally appreciated, were all the obvious tag lines and famous quotes from the film. The best part, was, here they were used in a clever way: as the titles for the unlockable Achievement titles, not the actual in-game dialogue. So we get all the great one-liners, but it's not as cheesy as it would be if someone had parroted the line in the game.

The game also does a great job making the Marines feel like they are part of the Cameron universe, without using the real film characters as springboards or cut-outs. So while there are tough female Marines, they aren't all clones of Vasquez. And while there are sarcastic guys, they aren't rip-offs of Hudson. I was especially intrigued by Bella, as she looks as if she had Vévés painted on her armor. If so, it would have been cool to know her backstory and if she was practicing Palo, Voodoo, or another hybrid system.

So what's the final verdict? As a FPS, it's average and somewhat forgettable if it wasn't based on the subject matter. So if you're looking for the next best thing in shooters, you will not find it here. You also won't find cutting edge graphics, as I detailed the problems above. But as a canonical continuation from the film, it's excellent. This game was a labor of love for Aliens fans created by Aliens fans. I hate to word it this way because it unfairly shoehorns the game into a smaller box than I'd like, but although cross-marketing is important, it's not necessarily made for the casual or typical 'Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3' fan. Oh, make no mistake it's a FPS, but it is also a survival horror FPS that really concentrates on aesthetic and atmosphere, plus a desire to be authentic to the film; rather than to be "authentic" to the typical mechanics of its FPS contemporaries. And this is where it shines the brightest on one hand, but also dims on another.

I'm not a huge online player, so I don't really know how well that flows, but there are plenty of options to play online including being a xenos hunting down other players, or building a squad with your friends. (Just hope they can shoot straight!)

I only have a few minor gripes about the game that weren't covered above. First off, the game is fairly short. Not ridiculously short like 'CoD: Black Ops 2'; in which I finished in only two sittings, but I bought A:CM Tuesday and finished it Friday. So while I would have liked more, there is at least plenty more to do with replay, like finding legendary weapons from the film, lost dog tags, and things of that sort. My second gripe is, as mentioned above, I sincerely wish the game didn't take into account the "Alien 3" film. Ugh! But to be fair, the game does the best it can from what preceded it, as well as adding something new and profound to the mythos. Finally, my last gripe was the acid for blood. Unless it's used during a cut-scene or you're specifically sprayed with it, it doesn't really play a big role. Yeah, I realize the limitations on hardware and how it had to be limited, but I wish it was a larger threat.

(It would have also have been nice to be able to use the APC or dropship either as gunners or full control, but I get it that this is a Marine infantry squad, so it's not a big deal. But hey, maybe DLC?)

As for final thoughts, this game is a mandatory must have for Aliens fans who want a continuation of the story that was first told in "Aliens". It's that simple. Say again, all after "this game is a": Mandatory must have! Things happen in the game that are extremely important, and these things breathe new life into the aging franchise and help it move forward instead of stagnating in subpar sequel films. I've been waiting 28 years for a true sequel to "Aliens", and I found it in this game. Although I would have done a few things differently, things were done well enough to a degree that it reignited that spark I once had and it makes me excited to want to find out what happens next. However, what about you FPS fans or casual people who don't much care for the Aliens saga per se, but want a sci-fi shooter? I hate to say this, but this might not be your cup of tea. It's mostly fun and challenging---mostly, but it doesn't have the mechanics, infrastructure, or graphics that a truly superb FPS needs, and if you're not in it for story or nostalgia, this is probably more of a rental or skip. Now, that's not to say it doesn't have potential. It does. In fact, this story is far from over and it is rife with potential. Focusing on a personal level, it's this potential that adds some bonus points to the game that brings it up to a 4-star review. Once again, concentrating on the Totality of the Circumstances, while not perfect, it has never-the-less set the stage for something very exciting and new if it continues, and if these baby-steps can materialize in the future and things are cleaned up and refined, it can turn into something very noteworthy.
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on February 14, 2013
I have totally lost my faith in Gearbox, what they have done with Aliens:CM is a crime.
From the "actual footage" shown in the trailers to embargo on the reviews to outsourcing the game in general, they should be ashamed of themselves.

If Amazon were smart they would pull this product from their website for reason of it being defective.

I wish there was an option of rating a product with a sub-star because even giving it a half of one would be far too much.
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on February 18, 2013
Well now that I've had the chance to play through the campaign and do more multiplayer over the weekend, heres the rundown by section.

1. Audio - Surprisingly one of the bright spots of the game. Incorporating the Aliens original soundtrack made it at least "feel" immersive. Even those spots where something crashes in the darkness or moves quickly out of sight and you hear that orchestra pipe up was nice. I played with my turtle beach headphones and it definitely gave it a good feel. Scenes where the music came up got you pumped up for whatever was coming.

2. Graphics - Well... as with alot of us who saw that 11 minute demo stating "Work in Progress" on the screen and saw how sharp the effects were with the Pulse Rifle, fire effects and the level of detail on the aliens themselves made us crave it. I just could not believe how unfinished the levels looked once I got deeper in to the game. The computer consoles that are showing information, although irrelevant, look so blurred and distorted it looks like it was airbrushed. The alien "webbing", that black stuff that is coated all over the walls and ceilings looks more like chocolate fudge was thrown on walls. It looks nothing like the demos we were shown at all. The lights and reflective surfaces look downright awful. Your weapons you wield look sharp and have good detail, but aside from that the rest of the game is unpolished at best. A graphics update (moreso a major overhaul to even update them) is highly needed. Even playing on my 60" 1080P with HDMI the graphics are subpar, thats just not acceptable. The cutscenes while good, are horribly laced with issues like screen tearing and graphics lag. Cutscenes like that are usually rendered 30FPS or more (the human eye only discerns up to 30FPS) and that makes those scenes very smooth. These seem like they were cut together quickly to fill in gaps and would run probably at maybe 18-21FPS. Very bad indeed.

3. AI - At times the teammate AI is helpful, but suffers from bugs like getting caught in doorways, walls and sometimes I had one just get flat out stuck while walking. Usually as you progress the AI will "warp" to your location to fix this which is fine, just not a good thing to see. Enemy AI isn't too bad really. They will try to swarm you, jump away from fire and regroup and come at you or try to use the environment to go around and flank you (although it rarely happens which keeps most of the action right in front of you without having to turn around and watch your back) and takes some of the suspense out of their attacks. An AI update is more than welcome to fix these issues if it ever happens. Gun targeting was shoddy. You could have a Wey-Yu merc or Alien centered on the pulse rifle and have to almost empty a clip to take it down. Seems like the AI hit boxes were never really squared away properly and was very hit or miss on targeting. The smart gun (when you use it) is the only thing that felt on point as when you were locked on and fire it, you decimated the alien into an acid splatter pool.

4. Story - For being marked as "Canon" ... I can't explain this one. I won't go into spoilers but those who've played through probably did a "wtf" like I did at a certain point. It starts out good, but it just gets lost and seems like it couldn't get back on its feet at any point later on. Just to add... fighting Wey-Yu Mercs was painful in that you could unload half a clip with them dead centered in your sights and still not hit them. The marine "bravado" dialogue in this game is horribly filled with non-sensical jargon that doesn't fit with the scene or events taking place at that point in time. Certain parts, yes... most everything else... no. The cast of characters was interesting but they soon became just bit parts of a story lost on itself. I felt no connection to anyone and didn't really care what happened to who as we went along. Thats shameful for any game but moreso for a franchise like Aliens which the films made you feel a connection for those marines trying to survive a desparate situation in the movie.

5. Multiplayer - The part where they got it right. This part of the game feels like a Gearbox title as they did such a great job with BL2 coop. Seems like this is the only part of the game they developed as it felt fleshed out, interesting and creative. Leveling up your Marine or Xeno and using the loadouts was nice and with a ranking system as well. Playing as an alien is alot of fun, just don't go off on your own. I liked to lure marines into areas and since you can walk/crawl on walls and ceilings, make use of them. Drop behind and bam! You can really have alot of fun just with the MP aspect of this title.

In review.. this game had so much going for it yet it really fell apart. The one redeeming part is its MP. Otherwise, this is definitely not a $60 AAA title by any means. If they perhaps issue some patches to update the graphics, AI it would at least be respectable.

I would say this is a $14.99-$19.99 title. Not a full price buy.

(I played this on the Xbox 360, not PC).
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