Customer Reviews: Aliens vs Predator - Xbox 360
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on October 25, 2010
AvP was a smash hit comic book back in 1990, pitting the two most ruthless monsters in the universe against each other in a bloody battle to the death, with humans thrown in for good measure (and let's face it, a plot!). Inevitably, the idea was expanded to a toy line, then a video game franchise, then (shudder) a movie franchise. Frankly, of all the "Big 3" spin offs, the video game series proved to be the best. Starting ironically on the ill-fated Atari Jaguar, AvP was first created as a Doom-ish corridor shooter. It was much slower paced than Doom or other FPS games of the time, but it somehow successfully captured the feeling of playing as the Alien, the Predator and the Colonial Marines. Each species had its own unique play style, with arguably the Alien being the most unique of the three. It wasn't until 1999, some 5 years later, that the same team that developed the original (and probably only) Jaguar "killer app" would bring one of the most memorable and awesome FPS shooters since the genre was invented.

Fast forward 11 years, and you have 2010's Aliens vs. Predator for the PC, XBox 360 and PS3. So what's the verdict?

This review pertains solely to the 360 edition, as the PC edition has enough features to set it apart that it would warrant its own separate review. What it boils down to is a re-imagining of the franchise, bringing with it yet again more unique features and gameplay styles across the three separate playable species. Harkening back to its 1999 predecessor and drawing far less inspiration from the 2002 sequel, AvP is an ultra-violent and medium-paced FPS that combines corridor/wide area shooting battles, stealth and assassination techniques. Each species experiences the same story from their own perspective, with each campaign being continuous and not an "alternate outcome". Players piece together the story by playing through the 3 separate campaigns, particularly in the Marine campaign wherein the player learns the most about Weyland-Yutani director Karl Bishop Weyland's goal of unleashing the potential of an ancient Predator temple that was discovered buried deep within a Predator ancestral world, along with utilizing a new breed of controlled Alien.

Each scenario offers up a different play style that may not be accommodating to all players, as the three species are different enough that it requires some practice. Thankfully, each campaign begins with a tutorial mission (except the Marine mission, you simply learn as you go throughout the first mission). It is in the first two missions of the Alien and Predator campaigns that the player will learn the abilities of both species, as well as how to perform executions...ultra-gruesome instant-kill maneuvers that are vicious enough to possibly disturb some players. Once the tutorial ends, the player uses said abilities in a short stint of combat training as part of the plot, and then the actual campaign begins.

The Alien campaign is entirely stealth based...a true expert Alien player can get through most Alien missions without being detected, except for situations that call for direct combat. The stealth-based gameplay may seem slow-paced, as there is much navigational challenges, but the blinding speed of the alien and the sheer brutality of its instant kills make for an exciting experience.

The Predator campaign consists of stealth, maneuverability and occasionally situations with heavy fighting. Like the Alien, the Predator will rely heavily on stealth and ambush tactics (aided by his ability to Cloak and jump great distances), utilizing ghastly execution moves and sophisticated weaponry capable of widespread havoc with the occasional forced firefight.

The Marine campaign is your standard corridor/open area FPS with extra challenge thrown in...Aliens take a LOT of shots to bring down, and all it takes is one screw up to end your mission. It stands out as being the most frightening campaign, since you lack the superhuman abilities of your extraterrestrial enemies and spend a lot of time wandering dimly lit corridors with very little ammo...or none at all.

This game has seen its fair share of criticism, and I understand why. As a HUGE fan of the franchises (I shun the AvP movies however) it was an absolute thrill to play again as my favorite iconic movie monsters. The gameplay has evolved tremendously since the old 1999 predecessor and the game engine is smooth and sweet. However, many ugly problems rear their head early on in the game, but lets break it down:

The Good:
This game is as close to experiencing the species as you will get. Everything about the Predator and Alien is represented faithfully. There is a coherent story attached to the game that, once you play through all 3 campaigns, comes together rather nicely. The graphics are outstanding, and the level of detail is truly amazing. The grace of leaping through trees as the Predator and the primal feeling of stalking prey as the Alien are both rewarding gameplay experiences. The violence is unlike anything I have ever seen, and frankly the execution maneuvers are among the most gruesome video game deaths I have ever borne witness to. How this game got past certain censors is amazing. The marine experience is difficult but rewarding for the sheer terror it invokes. Overall, the single player campaign is a fun, if short, experience.

The Bad:
What you've heard about the control is's pretty awful. While I didn't experience vertigo as many endlessly complained about, I found that the controls for the Alien's wall crawling abilities were terrible. The Alien would get stuck on objects, endless spinning in circles when all you want to do is dismount. Sometimes it would even mount a wall you don't want it to. Predator controls are sensible but confusing in a fast paced fight, and frankly the difficulty and species balance is way off. Marines have superior firepower but the cruddy targeting system (even on the smartgun) results in countless needless deaths, ESPECIALLY in multiplayer. And that's where the game gets...

The Ugly:
Multiplayer is a mess. On the 360, finding a game can take over ten minutes. There are no dedicated servers, and there is tremendous lag at times. What is worse, the game does not revert to a new host if the host player simply ends the match. There goes your hard earned points and your progression towards new skins for your characters. It is plagued with untalented and cheap players who rely on Predator instant kill weapons such as the disc and shoulder cannon. These spammers make the game a chore to play, and it quickly loses its fun. From what I can gather there are only two multiplayer modes: Predator Instant Kill Avoidance or Marine vs. Alien. Apparently they have tried to patch this but these no-talent spammers always find an instant kill weapon to abuse. The executions are also extremely frustrating, taking you out of anything you are doing, even jumping in mid-air. They can sometimes become hysterical, as a chain of 5 or 6 players will all instant kill one another in sequence.

Furthermore, the lack of support this game has received is unbelievable. No Dedicated Servers or patch updates...multiplayer is a mess, and finding a match 8 months into this game's lifespan is now impossible as players have become frustrated with the flaws and moved on to other games. Let's not even get started on the atrocious DLC. $8 FOR TWO $*(#ING MAPS THAT NO ONE PLAYS?!

Also, the single player campaign draws influence from the AvP movies...I think I just threw up in my mouth.

Great but short single player experience. Fun but seriously flawed multiplayer that gets old quick. Poor support. Overpriced and useless DLC.

Franchise fans: Definitely pick it up
Genre fans: Worth a rent
Casual gamers: Barely worth a rent
Hardcore gamers/FPS gurus: Completely Avoid

Graphics: 5/5
Control: 2.5/5
Fun Factor: 3/5
Multiplayer/Online: 1/5
DLC/Patch Support: ZERO

If you want a great AvP experience, go with the PC version. I regret taking the 360 over the PC version, which I did only because I had 8 friends who promised they'd play. They all got sick of it in less than a week. Sad but true.
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on August 3, 2011
Playing as the alien and the marine is a waste of time. You replay the same five or six levels which each of the three campaigns, but they play quite different with each character. The marine is average FPS, while the alien and the predator control alot like the 2 "condemned" games, very Melee heavy, with projectiles there for the predator as well. The game overall feels very bare bones and bland. If you can pick it up cheap, the predator levels are very fun, and worth the value of a downloadable game, but the multiplayer was super boring, and i barely gave it a chance. I did beat the 3 campaigns, and around 400 gamerscore is about 5- 8 hours worth of campaign. Hope this was helpful.
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on March 29, 2010
This game follows the trend of the new AVP movies, good intentions but incomparable to the originals...

I loved Aliens vs Predator 2 on the PC, and played it for years thereafter with the always exciting multiplayer. That game told a story well, and made each race's campaign not only different from each species perspective, but shared the main story always with new cutscenes, which was refreshing.

That said I was very excited when I heard a new Aliens vs Predator was being developed, but now that I have it, it's a letdown. Each campaign is only five chapters long; when I finished the Alien campaign I was a bit taken aback when it cut to the ending cutscene. It was very anti-climatic (the predator 'boss' not so difficult) and left me very unsatisfied. I felt like I was just getting started killing off Marines, and then it ended...Same for the Colonial Marines and Predators.

It was nice that all the campaigns shared the same locale, and was nonetheless exciting from each perspective, but it wasn't new territory; you already know where all the nooks and crannies are. It lacks the trepidation of not knowing your way around that was so perfect in the older games. It might have been better if they just added far more environments that were not shared. Maybe they were just lazy.

And the storytelling, just sucked. I almost want to go play the old boxy graphics of AVP 2 on the PC than replay this rubbish. Don't get me wrong the action is fun, but it gets old, and the game just lacks life. It may have decent graphics, but it seems like they just rushed this game, and gambled on the franchise name.

Oh yah and the flares are just pitiful, they last like 3 seconds. 3 BLOODY SECONDS!!!
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on November 9, 2012
The campaigns are diverse, new, unique, and very fun, but the multiplayer nowadays is full of old veterans and they make it impossible to play without dying every encounter, the multiplayer is fun but too competitive and full of arrogant kids.
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There was a time when an Aliens VS Predator video game meant for a good, horrifying time. This new take on the franchise once again finds three different campaigns to choose from: the Alien, the Predator, and the Marine. While each campaign starts out spectacularly, eventually boredom will rear its ugly head. This is due to the poor level design and disappointing controls, which often come off as quite stiff. Not to mention that what begins as being a quite scary experience in each of the three campaigns, de-evolves into boring tedium. What saves Aliens VS Predator from being a complete clunker however is that the game is filled with some wonderfully violent moments, as well as some nicely designed character models and some great multiplayer modes. Other than all that though, there really isn't enough here to warrant Aliens VS Predator as being as worthwhile as it could have been, which is a crying shame considering the potential here for something special was quite high. It's still worth checking out though, just don't go in expecting any of the past glories that came with the franchise in the past.
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on January 7, 2012
I just recently put the game in my system again and was reminded why i didnt finish this game in the frist place; its borring. This game cant even hold a candle to the many much better shooters out there. I remember playing AVP2, and how tense it was playing the Marines, and the fun with the Predator, and the creativity of the Alien missions. That susspense is all but gone in this one. If you look at Rebelions track record the past couple years, you will notice they are a B grade developer, and im being generous here.

Whats wrong: Marines; its just no susspesful, and the missions and level design is borring. The atmosphere is there, the graphics are supperb honestly, so all teh rights ingridians are there, but the mission gameplay just doesnt hold up at all.

Predator: Its enjoyable actually, but yet again you are reminded on how it could of been better, how better game design could of propelled this game into a 5 star game.

Alien: Enjoyed this one, i loved sneeking up and decapitating or some other sick stuff, running around the hive. This was def my favorite one.

This game is just borring thanks to the game designers lack of creativity. You can see they tried to recapture their original success, but it been 10 years, and the once tallented people at Rebelion moved on to other developers and the developer is nothing but a shell of what it use to be. I bought the game for $8, and i still dont think this game was worth that.
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VINE VOICEon February 19, 2010
I was really looking forward to playing this game and I really enjoyed playing the demo on both the PS3 and the xbox 360. I even went as far as getting a copy for myself and another for the kids that I picked up at my local Gamestop so that I wouldn't have to share. What a disappointment it was when I put it in and started playing the campaign. There's really no maps to guide you along your way, it's basically hit and miss. All 3 campaigns could have been a bit longer and more detailed. Game seemed kinda rushed and not totally put together. In my opinion not worth the $60 being asked.

The only thing that makes up for it is the multi-player mode which even gets bland after a while. I love the fact that you get to be either Marine, Predator or Alien while in multiplayer mode and it's random so you never know who you're going to be in the next game but still could have been better all around.

Edit: Found out the only way you can change your character in multi-player is if there's an open slot, if there isn't the only thing you can change is the skin of your character. I've gone ahead and played the game again to be really fair and I stand firm behind my first review. Make this one a renter unless you're a die-hard AVP fan.
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on February 26, 2010
I *loved* the original PC AvP games... So much atmosphere, and really immersive with good back stories.

So, some things about this game that annoyed me...

1) Apparently, all female marines in the future are spanish/mexican... Tequila?? I mean CMON.. Photocopying Vasquez over and over again is so lame. Oh, and there's also Rodrigez... These guys are alot more creative than that, or they use to be at least...

2) Hearing the same Aliens movie lingo used comes out 25 years after the original movie, sounds lame... Stay frosty still? It felt so contrived..

3) Aliens just arent particularlly scary the way they implemented it. They really didnt set the mood very well in this game, so there's no terror, or sense of suspense. You just dont care when they start running at you the way you did with AvP2.

What I liked

1) Lance Hendrikson's voice... Perfect*

2) They used the original sound effects. The pulse rifle sound to this day are one of the coolest movie weapon sound effects

I just found it to be relatively boring, and a run of the mill shooter.. Could have been SO much better
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on March 1, 2010
Just finished the campaign on xbox360...I don't play online, so I won't mention that.
I had a good time with the "Alien" level; it wasn't a bad time at all creeping up on people and shreddin' em. The "Colonial Marine" campaign was...blah. I couldn't wait for it to be over so I could be a MONSTER.
Then the "Predator" campaign...
In my opinion, this was...well, damned difficult. The controls were clunky, and he seemed one-dimensional and lame, like an annoying, weak Colonial Marine. Everything can see past the cloak, so it was next to useless, and I found myself losing my cool because of it. That's not the way I want to spend time playing games...dissatisfied and frustrated.
I wish I'd rented it first. It's re-playablity is almost non-existent. I'm going back to my Left 4 Dead 2.
Ellis would kick the butt of EVERYONE in AVP.
All he'd need is his paddlebat, too.
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on August 19, 2011
Good graphics, decent story line, intense suspense. What this game lacks is multiplayer. I play PC version, there are only 2 servers that usually have games running. The other 40-some servers are always 0/16 players. Marines need some serious tweaking. Aliens are imba, Preds are OP.
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