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on July 24, 2013
In a word, WOW!!! I've had this recording since I first discovered KISS back in the mid-70's and I have always loved it. After reading the comments about the recording in Peter Criss's book, I felt compelled to get a new copy. The new remastering of this album is amazing, finally unleashing the "full throttle" effect that KISS concerts are famous for. From deep throaty bass lines, to cymbal crashes that ride, to the soaring guitar leads and vocals, everything is finally here.

This album, this live recording, is THE concert that kicked everything off for KISS and invigorated legions of fans, and none of that is lost here. If you're even thinking about purchasing this recording, stop hesitating and get clicking. You won't be disappointed.
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VINE VOICEon October 25, 2004
Being originally released in 1975,I still own my vinyl copy as well as the CD reissue.Tend to agree with MOST fans that say this is simply one of the best live hard rock albums ever made.The tunes like "Hotter Than Hell/Firehouse","Parasite","100,000 Years"(w/it's killer drum solo),"Black Diamond","Cold Gin" and "Rock And Roll All Nite" never really do grow old,do they?That photo on the back with two young girls holding up a home-made Kiss banner MORE than brings back several pleasant memories.A possible suggestion for the next label that reissues this title:ever consider maybe putting the entire 2-CD/record on just one disc?I figured the total of both CD's at 79 minutes.Maybe edit out,say a minute of the encore crowd noise.It's just that we're busy people and some of us don't like having to take our 'valuable' time to step over to the stereo to change discs.A true keeper.
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KISS pulled off one of the greatest fetes in rock and roll history, by becoming the biggest live act of the 70s! This is amazing, especially considering the band's actual musical ability. Ridiculed mercilessly by purists of the day, for their juvenile face paint and mediocre talent, they conquered the world anyway! KISS ALIVE! is a great example of KISS' knack for crowd appeal, as they put on their smoking / blood-drooling / pyrotechnic extravaganza. Anyone who's seen these guys live can attest to their visual power. Their stage show was truly a feast for the eyes, covering up any gaps in KISS' playing skills. What makes ALIVE! so memorable, is that it captures their energy, even without the visuals. 12-14 year old's went nuts for them! ROCK AND ROLL ALL NIGHT exploded into the stratosphere! KISS became an industry! Of course, years later we found out that most of this album was created in a studio, making it not so ALIVE! after all. Still, it adds to the overall mythology of the band to think of them adding fake crowd sounds! The legend grows. It all started here...
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on June 13, 2002
I got this CD a few months ago and let me tell you, there is nothing better. Every song has great vocals, exelant drums, extrordinarry guitar solos, and awesome bass. Some favorites of mine are "let me go rock and roll" "100,000 years" "black diamond" "duece" and "strutter". Reading other peoples reviews ive noticed the debate over how much was studio recorded and reworked. I have the answer. Very little was redone. One or two guitar solos had to have small sections rerecorded because it was to quite to notice and some problems with background vocals. As Gene Simmons puts it, "We really didn't have the time or the money to rework the whole album and make it perfect and besides, this is a live album.".
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on November 13, 2013
This is an amazing album, I have been a KISS fan for almost two decades. Although this album was truly pro formed and recorded live it still is great. KISS, Gene, Paul, Peter & Ace, the only version of KISS I will be loyal to. 4 stars, because it was not recorded or pro formed live.
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on February 19, 2013
This is the reissue and it is on 180g vinyl. But the sound is just ok to me. I do not have the greatest turntable at the moment so maybe that has something to do it, as well as it was originally recorded in the 70's. Nonetheless I have always been a huge Kiss fan and it's a must have if you like them.
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on November 26, 2005
While Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons teamed up to form Kiss in 1972, they had early struggles in bringing their sound out to the public. Ace Frehley and Peter Criss joined to complete the group, and they would tour relentlessy in order to gain popularity. Yet despite the hype they were able to create with their mass live appeal, their studio albums ultimately sold quite poorly. Finally, after the release of "Dressed To Kill", the crew decided to compile a set of live songs from shows and put them to an album. When Alive! hit the market, it changed the face of rock n' roll. It went 4 times platinum, and Kiss became a worldwide sensation. So what was it that made this Double album so special? Read on for my review.

Although they were very appealing for their creative, distinguished imagery, on an album, there are no visuals, so obviously fans took to the music. This is very understandable, since the sound built in a live Kiss show is thrilling, energetic, heavy, and powerful. While Simmons would spit fire and blood at shows, the crunching guitars, growly vocals, and drum solos all come together to form classic rock n' roll. "Deuce" opens this set as fiery as ever, with energetic vocal deliveries, producing an all-in-all strong rock cut. "Strutter" maybe doesn't pose much of a variation to the original studio recording, except Paul Stanley often delivers the lyrics at shows more intensely for effect. The guitar riff to "Got To Choose" perfectly begins the classic track, and is well performed by the crew. "Hotter Than Hell" boasts a great deal energy and is a highlight. "Firehouse" is a live standard for any Kiss show, and this a good take of the track. "C'mon and Love Me" is the best performance of any "Dressed To Kill" song, and "Nothin' To Lose" and "Parasite" are solid cuts too. "She", a track recovered from the old band Wicked Lester is an extended cut, performed well and closing the first side well.

Side 2 seems to display the talents of the band in there instrumentation, with a fierce drum solo from Criss in "100 000 years", and some impressive vocal cuts and guitar solos from Frehley. "Watchin' You" is actually my favourite cut on the album, with its sensational guitar riff and Simmons powerful vocal. "Black Diamond" has a balladic intro which effectively segues into the raw rocker. "Cold Gin" illustrates the most crowd involvement of any track, with Paul Stanley pumping up the audience for the Frehley-penned rock song. "Rock Bottom" is best in its introduction, with a solid electric guitar strum from Frehley. The album ends on "Let Me Go Rock n' Roll", strongly.

In conclusion, this album took the media and public by storm, and deservedly so, since it enraptures the mass appeal of the genre of rock n' roll. Kiss were at the center of rock n' roll in the 70s, and this double live album was their shining moment. It is considered by critics to be one of the best live rock releases in the history of the genre, and rightfully so. Therefore, if you're a fan of Kiss, this is a must buy, and for non fans, it wouldn't be a bad idea to go and explore as to why Kiss were considered rock legends, and buying this album. Highly recommended.
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on January 10, 2005
This album is one of the best from KISS. I think this one is pretty amazing and original. This album is a must for every KISS fan around the world:

Disc One.-

1.- "Deuce".- Always a great introduction and always a classic song from KISS.- 5/5.

2.- "Strutter".- One of my favorite song from KISS. A true rock song.- 5/5.

3.- "Got To Choose".- Another KISS classical song. I adore this one.- 5/5.

4.- "Hotter Than Hell".- Yet another KISS classic indeed. I love this one as much as "Deuce".- 5/5.

5.- "Firehouse".- I think this one is not much of a KISS classic, but for me it is.- 5/5.

6.- "Nothin' To Lose".- One of my favorite KISS song EVER. This gives a great enthusiasm.- 5/5.

7.- "C'mon And Love Me".- I think this one is a KISS classic too. I like this one as much as "Strutter".- 5/5.

8.- "Parasite".- A great rock and roll song.- 4/5.

9.- "She".- One of my favorite's from KISS. A classic if you'd ask me. It has mini-solo from Ace at the end of the song and a great way to end the first disc.- 5/5.

Disc Two.-

1.- "Watchin' You".- I like this one as much as "Deuce", but not a great version.- 4/5.

2.- "100,000 Years".- I always liked this song. But, from the normal version from the album "KISS" there is a five-second solo from Peter Criss, some people don't even think it is a drum solo, put it is. Well, in this live version, there is about a ten-minute drum solo from Peter!! .- 5/5.

3.- "Black Diamond".- I love this song. For me: a real classic. Now LIVE! .- 5/5.

4.- "Rock Bottom".- I like this one too. It has the best intro ever! .- 5/5.

5.- "Cold Gin".- Never too crazy about this one, but I like it overall.- 4/5.

6.- "Rock And Roll All Nite".- Allways one of my favorite's. A classic from KISS.- 5/5.

7.- "Let Me Go, Rock 'N' Roll".- A classic from KISS, if you'd ask me. One of the best KISS songs EVER! (the live version, obviously). This version is very similar to the "KISS: SYMPHONY" version. A great way to end up a mindblowing performance from KISS.- 5/5.

That's it. Enough reasons to buy this KISS album. Go and buy this NOW if you're a true KISS fan.

KISS RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!
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on June 29, 2012
If you love the energy and rawness of live albums as I do, this 1975, sixteen-song masterpiece just might hold a special place in your heart. If it doesn't, it OUGHT to! "KISS Alive!" is simply a flawlesss CHUNK of hard rock perfection that still sounds as fresh, energetic and bombastic today as it did that wonderful spring day some 30 years ago when I first heard it. Their ARE NO WEAK SONGS ON THIS RECORD- only catchy, fist pumping, foot-stomping, ass-kicking hard rock gems that will pound any 1980's power ballad into oblivion (including KISS' OWN 1980's power ballads- which I'd rather forget)!! The band steps on the gas with the bombastic "Deuce" and never lets up. One hard and heavy track follows the next- from the ballsy, "Strutter" to the blistering "Hotter Than Hell", through to the snarling "Watchin' You" and the epic "Black Diamond", and concluding with the one-two punch of "Rock and Roll All Night" and the rollicking "Let Me Go Rock n Roll", This is KISS at their VERY best- young, hungry, and ready to conquer the world!
Eddie Kramer's production on this record is almost as good as Peter Criss' thunderous drumming, Ace Frehley's blistering lead guitar work, Paul Stanley's vocal gymnastics, and Gene Simmons in-your-face bass playing! Originally thought to be recorded entirely in Detroit, parts of this album were actually recorded in Davenport, Iowa and Cleveland, Ohio. For those who would insist that this isn't a true "live" document, I own a bootleg recording of the Cleveland show from which several of "Alive's" songs were taken and the versions are pretty much identical. Sure the recording was "touched up"- the band ADMITS it and so was virtually EVERY OTHER LIVE RECORD that's ever been released. So what! This record sizzles with an energy that no "studio" trick could ever reproduce. As Paul Stanley himself said- "It's as live as it needs to be"!
"Frampton Comes Alive" may be the biggest selling live album of all time (and it IS a GREAT record), But "Kiss-Alive!" is the BEST live album of all time! If I was to be left on a deserted island and could only own ONE cd/record, "KISS-ALIVE!" would be it. It is THE definition of everything that makes great rock and roll, and a lasting testament to an era of music whose quality and and legacy will live forever. If you do not own this record, GET IT!!!
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on August 8, 2004
After spending years being acknowledged for their live shows, KISS signed with Casablanca records. Sales were slow. Their record company was on the verge of dropping them, when they decided that without any hit songs, airplay or exposure on TV, they'd release ALIVE! What it did, was capture the band as "live" as it could, and exposed the world to the songs they had ignored on the studio albums.

There is no stopping the force of ALIVE! Deuce, Strutter, C'mon And Love Me, Firehouse, Cold Gin, Rock Bottom, Rock n' Roll All Night...they're all there! All with flashpots and crowds going wild.

Considerable debate has gone on as to how "live" ALIVE! was. Truth be known, there were a lot of overdubs. But, the rumours that the ENTIRE album was recorded in studio are false. When Ed Kramer tried to capture KISS live with 1970's technology, he found that due to the nature of their show, it was impossible. The theatrical nature caused band members to miss cues, not hit notes, klunk chords. Paul Stanley had a habit of not getting close enough to the microphone. The crowd could hear him, but on the recording, you could hear ambient sound through the mic. So, they fixed it.

ALIVE! is 75% live and 25% studio. But it's still the best document of the excitement a band can produce live. Get it!
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