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on October 17, 2002
Have you ever wondered what your little brother or sister was thinking? Well, if you have, then All About Sam is a good book for you.
The book is about a family told from a baby's point of view. The baby's name is Sam. He has one big sister named Anastasia. His father's name is Myron and his mom's name is Katherine.
This book is very humorous. Sam is curious about everything. He takes a smoking pipe and lighter off his dad's desk and brings it to school for Show and Tell. He also goes into his mom and dad's bathroom and gives himself a punk haircut. He goes to his older sister's room and takes her pet fish Frank and flushes him down the toilet. He expects it to rain pet fish because his mom once told him that whatever is flushed down the toilet will come down as rain a couple of days later.
I understand this book because I have two younger sisters and a younger brother . If you like to laugh, you'll enjoy what this funny baby does, and I suggest you read All About Sam.
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on October 12, 1997
As a 29 year veteran of 2nd grade, I know how important it is to read aloud to children. All About Sam is, hands down, my class's favorite book of the year. The giggling starts on the first page, and by chapter 2 they are begging me every day to read "just one more chapter." As we finish the book, it is my delight to tell them that Lois Lowry has written a follow-up, Attaboy Sam. I would highly recommend this book as a read aloud to the age 7 and up crowd!
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on March 20, 2012
This is a great book to choose as a first read allowed chapter book for a young child. My not quite 4 year old son begged me every night to keep reading when I put the book down at the end of a chapter. My 2 year old son will even stop what he is doing to pay attention to some of the funny parts. The book follows the life of Sam from birth to about 4 years old. My older son obviously related to a lot of Sam's experiences. This is the first chapter book I have attempted reading to him that was a success.

There were a few concepts introduced in the book that I didn't necessarily want my sons exposed too, but they were all minor and were all things that would be fine for the age range the book is intended for (thus I didn't take any stars off). Still, if you are reading this to a young child you may want to read it on your own first so you can either skip over parts you don't want your child exposed to, or at least so you can be prepared for a discussion about certain topics if need be. I did not actually skip anything when reading the book to my son, but here are a few of the possibly touchy issues in the book for a young child.

1. Sam's mischievous toddler behavior is regularly described. All of the things he does are things that an older child may find funny and would not be at all influenced to try on their own. My boys are young enough that they just saw some of Sam's behaviors as a good idea of things they may want to try. For example, at age 2 Sam enjoys unrolling the toilet paper. The day after I read that chapter I caught my 2 year old son in the bathroom unrolling the toilet paper, which is something he had never done before hearing the book (I didn't even realize he had been paying attention while I read).

That said, the book also gave me the chance to discuss some big issues with my 4 year old, such as why it is wrong to take candy from a store without paying for it.

2. The book mentions kids pretending to play with bombs and guns, which my boys have very little exposure to at this point in time and I tried to rush over those parts without making it obvious.

3. There was a minor scene where Anastasia (Sam's much older sister) was telling him about the cat she used to have that was hit by a car.

4. The book is a bit dated, Sam likes Popeye, and He-man. I had to spend some time explaining to my son who those characters are.

5. The book talks about Sam using his diaper several times. Both of my boys found those parts hilarious, but I know it is something some parents may not feel comfortable reading allowed to a child.
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on May 5, 2014
I bought this because I knew Lois Lowry is a fine writer and I happen to have a grandson named Sam and I thought he'd like a book about a boy who shared his name. He loves the books, so much that I sent him the rest of the set. His mommy and big brother liked it too.
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on January 21, 2015
All About Sam was the best book I've read with primary grade students in eight years of teaching. Sam Krupnik, from birth to nursery school, is thoughtful and FUNNY! Lois Lowry does an amazing job of creating perspective with Sam's character. For the first time, my students felt they could really relate to the character in a book in a very personal way. They understood his thought processes and the actions that resulted from them. Just watch out. All About Sam will become everyone's favorite and your kids may not want to read anything else!
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on August 27, 2002
My son is a reluctant reader and his teacher began the school year by reading this book aloud. He LOVED it and has his own copy now. Lois Lowery has done it again!
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on April 1, 2011
Lowry adds another dimension to her stories about the Krupnik family with this first volume in a series about Anastasia's extremely precocious younger brother, Sam. The story is told from Sam's point of view which is especially fascinating because it begins with Sam's birth. Sam is remarkably self-aware for a newborn, which does not come off as terribly unrealistic, but rather an unique and fun. Readers of the Anastasia books will notice events and conversations becoming much more clear from Sam's very literal and logical point of view. (For instance, when Anastasia tells Sam they are moving, he holds very still and says, "I'm not moving!" which Anastasia interprets as him taking her side in not wanting to go live in the suburbs.)
I would recommend this book to any young person. It holds up remarkably well upon reading it as an adult, but that might not be true if it weren't for the nostalgia value in having read it as a kid as well. I have no way of knowing, though.
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on March 3, 2000
"Who am I?" the newborn wonders as loving faces peer around him. He's Sam! Anastasia Krupnik's mischeivious and hilarious little brother. Follow Sam from birth and life in the "pan tree" through toddlerhood and nursery school (where Sam can't wait to give someone a shot!). Unravel the mysteries of life with precocious little Sam. Adults and primary students (ages 7-12) will roll in the aisles with this wonderful book by Lois Lowry.
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on January 10, 2006
This book is about Sam who gets into all this trouble like flushing frank the gold fish down the toilet. Sam is a little kid who is very cuirass, funny, and misunderstanding. Sam enters a pet contest and enters a worm but lost his worm. He learns mores code too.
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on January 23, 2006
This book is a good book that I will read again. Sam is nice and he has a sister that is crazy, she does this thing with a code that I think is weird and so did Sam in the book. You should be sure to read this book!

Maggie H. 4th grader
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