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Color: Stainless Steel|Size: 12-Inch|Change
Price:$82.49+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on December 6, 2015
Amazing. You'll be set for life with this thing. To anyone saying it sticks too much, you just need to read up a bit about how to cook with stainless steel. Start with low flame, get the pan hot, THEN coat the pan with the oil before you slowly lay your chicken/steak/etc. in it. If I get it too hot, it might stick a tiny bit, but I've never torn anything up in it by any means.

Basically what I'm saying is unless your product came damaged, any problems with sticking/cooking is your fault, and you just need to spend maybe 20 minutes reading about it.

EDIT: There is ONE picky thing I dislike about the pan. The way the handle is designed. It's very skinny and this makes it extremely difficult to hold on to if you're scooping anything out directly into a mixing bowl.
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on April 5, 2013
I'm a fan of All Clad. It's taken awhile, but I now have the 14", 12", 10" and 8" All Clad stainless steel fry pans. I started with the 10" and had such good results/cooking experiences I had to buy more. Yes, it's expensive but I expect to use these pans a very long time. To my surprise, lately I use the the 14" and 12" pans the most. For instance, when sauteing thin veal or dover sole fillets or even french toast I want to cook one round and be done with it. That's when I use the 14" and 12" together on my gas stove. Yes, the pans do look like a mess after cooking. However, I sprinkle on Bar Keepers Friend (powder version) and some warm water and use a scrubbie and scrub and they look brand new again. For really stubborn stains I put the pan back on the stove on really really low heat for a few minutes and sprinkle on some baking soda and add water so it's like a thick paste. Then I scrub again and so far every time all the cooking stains have come off the stainless steel. One other thought to share: When I use the 14" pan to de-glaze some yummy bits I find the helper handle invaluable when I'm ready to pour out the sauce.
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on September 27, 2015
Excellent quality stainless all clad pan.
Cooks evenly.
Helper handle is a must.
Food rarely sticks badly, easy to clean up. (i use the "barkeepers friend" cleaner to get the haze off that seems to accumulate on SS pans.)
Nice riveted handle, very strong there.
Holds a LOT of food. This is a bigger 14" than I've seen in the stores. You will not find one like this in Walmart LOL. It measures 14 5/8" at the top, and almost 12" at the base. I had so-called 12" pans before and I was always having to do two batches of everything when I would fry something.
The main con for me is it does not have a lid. I would have loved to have a lid, and am improvising with aluminum foil now.
Another is it is heavy for me. I am 60+ with a muscle problem, and I can't hold it without the helper handle. So I need to always have both hands free when lifting it. I did not take off a star for this though, because many people would not find it a problem.
Another is that it does not fit in my sink to wash, I have to have it on an angle the whole time, and move the faucet out of the way when flipping it over. Again, not that big a deal, but I mention it for others who may have a small sink.

I went ahead and gave it the whole 5 stars but because of the no lid it should have been 4 1/2. (Still, I could have spent more money to find one with a lid I guess.)
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on June 12, 2014
I bought this on a chance as I heard the cooking is more even, and with my, 'good quality long lasting' non-stick 12" pan, and my next size down was a 8", I really needed a 10", so I dove right in and got this, even though it is more than I have paid for any pan, including all my Calphalon cookware. I have to admit, I am glad I did purchase it. It really does cook more evenly, and my omelets are coming out better, not a burn area to be seen, my burgers, my steaks, veggies, all cook more evenly, and this fact alone makes it worth the cost. I was hoping it had a lid, and you can get one separately, but my Calphalon lids work perfectly with this one, so no need to get another. I use lids on these fry pans almost all the time. One it helps keep splatters off my stove, and also helps cook the food quicker as the heat stays inside. All my Calphalon pans came with lids, and again, I was surprised this didn't come with it. That would be my only criticism, and I am not going to pay 45 bucks for a lid that matches. So if you want a great pan...this would be the one to get.
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on December 30, 2012
I bought this on a lightning deal because I always wanted to know whether all-clad is worthy of the hype and great reviews. This 10 inch pan is a size that I use frequently so it is a good one to evaluate.

It distributes heat evenly, the hande stays cool, and it has a great workmanship/ finish. Overall the quality seems to be there so I guess you get what you pay for with this cookware. I only wish it had come with a cover. After a bit more time I plan to get a big set of all-clad if ever I can snag a great deal on them.
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on September 28, 2015
Great pan. It's a true professional workhorse. Not a pan for those that don't know how to cook with and care for stainless. The handle could have been made better. I feel like it's not as solid feeling as my Emril pans (also made by All-Clad).
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on June 9, 2015
I love All-Clad cookware. It is built to last a lifetime. This small pan has an 8" outer diameter and perhaps 5" flat interior surface so it works well for smaller cuts of meat, etc. Just understand if you embark on using cookware such as this, you have to go at it a bit differently than cast iron or non-stick. Just get some Bar Keeper's Friend or some other such stainless cleaner, learn the cooking techniques, and you are set for a lifetime of cooking pleasure. If you are more of a non-stick, convenience sort of person, this is probably not for you.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon October 23, 2014
I have two 8-inch and one 12-inch fry pans. Like the rest of the Stainless line by All-Clad, these fry pans are among the finest examples of cookware ever made, with a heat transfer that is unmatched, a fit & finish that is crazy consistent, and a ridiculously durable construction. All-Clad makes cookware that you buy once and never buy again because these will withstand a lifetime of the hardest imaginable usage.

I do want to note my experience and resulting personal preference between the larger fry pans versus the larger saute pans, if that is of interest to anyone. Over time, I have found that I strongly prefer the 3 Qt. and 4 Qt. Saute pans over the 12 or 14 inch fry pans. Part of the reason is having the lid for the Saute pans, as well as a higher lip to reduce grease splatter, and how the Saute pans have two handles. I also find that the Saute pans seem to excel with reflective heat in which the sides/lid cook the food. I find that my 3 Qt. Saute pan can do everything my 12 inch fry pan can, but also a lot of things that I could not do with a fry pan. I own a ton of different All-Clad pieces but my 3 Qt. Saute pan is without question my workhorse that I use daily. So I just wanted to note on this in case anyone was interested.

I use my 8 inch fry pans for things like eggs, a small piece of meat, if I want to make one really big pancake, and browning onions prior to putting them into a larger dish.

I initially used the 12 inch fry pan for bacon, searing steak, and other meats. However, I now use my 3 Qt. Saute pan for these tasks almost exclusively, as I find having the lid and the higher walls makes cleanup much easier.

I want to admit that I am biased towards clad cookware so you know up-front my biases based on my preferences. I think clad gives the best performance, best durability, and best practicality overall (usually at the expensive of higher initial price). Like other All-Clad products, the usage of clad gives you numerous advantages...
--excellent heat transfer thanks to the aluminum core…even if your stove has hot or cold spots, All-Clads will account for this and still produce a surface with an even and constant temp. Other than cast iron or copper, nothing does this as well. I find this makes a HUGE difference in how well the food turns out because even distribution of heat results in even cooking of food.
--lack of reactivity thanks to the outer steel (you can use any food, acidic or basic, without worry or a need to season)
--durability thanks to the steel (I’ve dropped these more than I want to admit)
--the ability to throw these in a dishwasher, or clean them with an abrasive or acidic compound
--lighter weight than cast iron (but they are still rather heavy)
--no coatings to progressively flake or fail
--no health concerns over the materials regardless of how hot the heat is used (non-stick + super high-heat = bad idea)
--the ability to function like a boss whether it is on an electric, gas, induction stove, an oven, a commercial broiler, or over an open pit flame
--you can use stainless utensils and copper cleaning pads on this without worry
--a service life that will outlast 99.9% of the people on the planet

Yes, the initial price is high, but I call it an investment from a financial and a health perspective. If you like your cooking tools, you will cook more, most likely, and I think clad cookware makes better food, further encouraging you to cook more. Given eating out for a family of 4 can easily exceed $100 for a single meal, having tools that allows you to eat more of food you, yourself, prepare can save you money and simultaneously improve health. I usually cook the week’s worth of lunches in this sauté pan on Sunday, freeze them, eat them during the week, and save about $50 a week over eating out just during work hours alone!

My friends often cringe when they see how hard I am on my All-Clad Stainless pieces. But while expensive and pretty, All-Clad products are designed to be used hard and are made to withstand usage that would wreck many others. If I am spending big bucks on a high-end product, I want my money’s worth and so I am not going to baby them if being a little harder on them saves time. I also use quite a few stainless utensils with these.

I clean these with an acidic cleaner or Bar Keeper's Friend using a copper scrubber (sometimes before putting it in a dishwasher), and I constantly use this for high-heat cooking, and in ovens when seeing in the ballpark of 500+ degrees (the temp where Teflon becomes potentially toxic, hence one of the reasons I like uncoated clad cookware.) If I polish it with a little polishing compound like Bar Keeper's Friend, it looks brand new in 5 minutes. That's some serious longevity and good build-quality!

Two issues I hear from new All-Clad owners are often: 1) the cookware quickly loses its pretty finish, and 2) food sticks to the surface. While I am by no means the authority here, my solutions are:
1) clean with Bar Keeper's Friend or an even more aggressive abrasive polishing compound. It is safe to use as much as you want on the pan, and it will restore the look to new.
2) PRE-HEAT--you WANT that "sizzle" the moment food makes contact with the surface. In addition to giving food dynamic flavor (sear=different flavor), it creates a natural non-stick barrier. Using medium or medium-low heat can also help, but this initial contact sear makes a huge difference.

So my bottom line is, while there is a lot of good cookware on the market, my preference is strongly for All-Clad. Buy one of these fry pans and never buy that size fry pan again because it will never wear out (plus it had a lifetime guarantee). Buy a full All-Clad set and never buy another piece of cookware again. If you are debating on going to All-Clad (in which I did for a long time given it is certainly a sizable investment), I highly recommend taking the plunge. I've spent a few grand on All-Clad over the past decade and the only thing I regret is not buying my All-Clads sooner. All-Clad is simply fantastic cookware.
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on June 16, 2015
After looking for a healthy alternative to the nonstick options, which I had to replace every other year, I chose this All-Clad. After using it only four times for various foods, I can say that I really like it. I did, however, before using it watch two videos on how to use the stainless steel pan so things will not stick in it. A teaspoon of butter is not much, and it works amazingly. Heat the frypan first, add the butter, cook an egg, over-easy or scramble– nothing stuck. Making refried rice left a little residue on the bottom, but a simple wipe with a dish rag, it came right off– no scrubbing. It appears that the secret is heat the pan first, add the butter (I have yet to try olive oil), and cook on medium high heat or lower. The pan heats up evenly, no hot spots.
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on June 6, 2014
I use this Fry Pan quit often. As stated above it is perfect for grilling a cheese sandwich or eggs & bacon for one. As with all of the All-Clad SS line, it heats quickly and evenly. I find that the low temp on the burner for my purposes, is high enough on my smooth top stove, and think going higher, even to medium, would burn the food or require undivided attention.
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