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on November 16, 2010
When I opened the envelope and pulled out the product I was thinking ALL.ETT was not kidding, when they said the wallet was thin. It's thin. Really thin.

The biggest complaint I have with the "All-ETT Leather Inside ID Wallet" is that it did not hold 12 cards. If you have a lot of cards you may want to go with "The Original World's Thinnest Wallet."

My husband had to place some cards in the sections meant for bills. Also with just one card in the slot, the cards don't stay put. Hubby had to put two cards to a slot. It also makes a crinkling sound when you open it. It's not really that noisy, it just sounds like someone crumpling paper.
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on November 16, 2011
First off, this wallet paper thin. The material is the same stuff used to make sails for boats. It's a very strong nylon, and also water resistant. When you open the wallet it has the same crackling sound a sail makes. The thread used is also very strong, though I only know this because there were loose ends on my wallet. It's put together with a just single stitch around the edges and pockets. Mine included a number of loose untrimmed knots that don't look to last. Also, I could not get my credit card in one of the pockets because there was a flap from a bad cut. With a little effort I fixed it so the card now fits. Overall, the wallet is not "bad" craftsmanship, just mediocre at best. If the thread does not unravel it should last a long time.

As far as the design of the wallet, it's not much different than a standard leather wallet. There are 4 pockets for cards, one with a window, and a place for bills with a separator. You could easily fit 5 or 6 credit cards in each pocket (20+ cards total) and bunch bills and receipts. However, that would defeat the purpose. This wallet is only as thin as what is inside it. To trim down, I now carry only my day-to-day critical items such as my DL, bank card, one credit card, two insurance cards, and a very thin stack of business cards. With that barebones combination it's about a ¼" thick, roughly the same thickness as my leather wallet when empty. If I were to add 4 more plastic cards, it would be about ½" thick.

Overall, I like the wallet. If I forget to take it out when driving or sitting a long time, the side effects are minimal. My "brick" wallet was causing nerve pain in my leg.
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VINE VOICEon March 5, 2012
My wallet was like that old 50s monster, The Blob. It kept getting bigger and bigger. If I recall correctly, Steve McQueen defeated The Blob by freezing it, but that wasn't a viable option with my wallet. It needed to be replaced. I needed something thinner, much thinner, before the bulky bulge in my pocket threatened to take over the world.

Enter, the All-Ett. I did a lot of research on the options, including many money clips, but this was the winner of the sifting process. Putting this wallet next to my old one (both empty) was a shocker. The All-Ett is as thin as a folded sheet of paper. My old wallet, a tri-fold, was about a half inch thick when empty. The next step was to decide which cards absolutely needed to make a new home in the All-Ett, and which could get tossed in a drawer. This was an agonizing process, but I managed to reduce some of the bulk a little.

Then came the moment of truth. I folded it up and put it in my front pocket. It's less than half the thickness of my old wallet. Success! I'm very happy I bought it.

One final note. Many reviews note the crinkly sound it makes. I was truly expecting something that would register on the Richter scale the way it was coming up all the time. But really, it's a big nothing. It makes a slight crinkly sound when you open and close it, but it doesn't bother me and I don't think anyone else would notice unless you're in a completely silent room.

In short, it is an excellent choice if you want the very thinnest wallet possible. I keep 12 credit/debit/ID cards in there, plus a few business cards, money (of course) and have room to add more if I wanted to. Here's hoping I don't. Keep it thin!
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on February 25, 2014
I hated how whenever I went somewhere and went to sat down (car, restaurant, work, theatre, etc) the first thing I'd do is take out my wallet and tuck it between my legs or put it on the table - just because I couldn't stand sitting on it. Finally I don't need to! This wallet is so thin, I can sit on it at work, out to eat, and it not really bother me. I still occasionally do remove it, but I think that's more of habit. I find myself VERY frequently not realizing it's still in my back pocket, where that NEVER happened to me with my previous leather.

This wallet empty and not compressed at the end is less than 0.25" thick. My old Dockers "small" leather bifold - 0.75" thick. Fully packed with about the same contents, my leather wallet was about 1-1.25" thick, where this is about 0.5". That 0.5" is a fully stocked wallet, everything I need.

In my wallet I usually carry :
4x credit cards
Drivers License
Work ID
Student ID
picture of the kids
Mitsubishi Roadside assistance card
3x Insurance cards
1x Check
5-10x Bills

All can easy and very comfortably be fit into this wallet. This wallet has 4x card slots, one with a window for a license. In each card slot you can easily fit 3, perhaps 4 cards that allow easy removal. The billfold section has a divider (that to be honest they could probably loose and shave off another mm in the size). The quality and stitching of this wallet seems to be well done. After 6 months of assaulting it, there's no sign of wear, fading, stitching coming undone, or any foreseen problems.

My "slim" Dockers leather wallet did have more storage potential. It could hold about 18x cards, plus had 3 slots behind the card flaps. The problem with it is in between every card slot was a thick piece of leather end. Thick leather binding and stitching everywhere just made it unnecessarily obese (like most leather wallets). This is all nylon construction, seems to be just as durable, and at a significant size reduction!

I definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a good thin wallet they can actually carry around and sit on without feeling like there's a brick in your back pocket.
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on October 8, 2013
First off I noticed no noise with this wallet, nor did I see any kind of poor construction like others mentioned. You either got a dud or you are picky beyond comprehension. If the former, send it back to Amazon for free and get a replacement and then write a real review. If the latter, tell us how picky you are in your review or don't write a review in the first place.

The wallet is made out of the same or similar stuff that golf bags are made out of, so if you play golf you can go feel your bag and know kind of what this wallet will be like when it comes in. I like the color, looks kind of like a dark denim.

It is extremely thin, in fact full of my 7 total cards (including ID, credit, and insurance) it is thinner than my old leather wallet was when that one was empty! Sometimes I admit it may seem too thin because I have freaked out thinking I lost it. Considering the back problems mainstream wallets have proven to cause over time, I think those occasional concerns are worth it.

I'm very pleased with the product and would in fact buy another one in the future.
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on September 7, 2013
The wallet looked a LOT better than I thought it would, especially for a wallet that it is made of nylon.

Judging from the reviews, I imagined opening the wallet for the first time only to hear a sound so loud that it sends earth-shattering shockwaves, all the way through Seattle; causing volcanic eruptions and magma to explode from beneath my house, killing thousands of people. But that was not the case, it actually made less sound than my nylon jacket; simply opening and closing wallet produces no sound.

So the quality, the quality is somewhere between good and excellent but not perfect. The stitching looks good! But the material was not cut evenly, one side of the wallet is just slightly higher. The separator does not seem to be stitched but glued in, which was a slight let down. Credit card slots are easy to use but if you put only one card in for each slot, like me, they will fall out if you drop your wallet. Besides those details, the material itself looks very durable and with my wallet fully loaded it is less than a quarter-inch thick!

In conclusion, for the price and durability; there is nothing better than the All-Ett!
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on October 24, 2013
I had an original All-Ett for several years, but the nylon started fraying and it became more and more unusable. My lovely kids got me a standard leather wallet to replace it, and I just couldn't stand the bulk. I felt like I was walking around with a diaper in my pocket.
So I ordered this version, and am happy again. It is a little thicker than my previous All-Ett, but seems of a tighter, denser weave. Time will tell. But at this price point, I don't have a problem replacing it every few years either. Maybe I'll tell the kids the dog ate the leather one...
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on January 15, 2014
now granted, I got rid of all of my club cards at the same time that I switched to this wallet, but this wallet with 12 cards and 5-10 bills of cash is thinner full then my old leather wallet is completely empty!!! I can't say enough good things about this wallet and everyone I show it too wants to know where I got it. I really like the woven look of the Nylon personally, and it is more of dark gray then black, which I actually prefer. Love it.
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on July 8, 2012
I bought this to replace my giant Costanza wallet that was just about worn out. I wanted something a lot thinner, because otherwise I end up getting leg pain from sitting on a huge wallet.

This wallet fit the bill perfectly. It is crazy thin, even with 10 or so cards in it. My only gripe is that the nylon construction makes it sound a little crinkly, but it seems to be very well put together. I put the durability to the test yesterday -- I got into a pool and was in there for ten minutes when I realized I had my wallet in my swim trunks. Pulled all my cards out of the wallet, let it sit in the sun, and it was good as new.

I would totally recommend this to anyone looking to get rid of a huge wallet.
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on January 28, 2015
Purchased July 2014. I really liked it at first. Thin and good functionality as others have mentioned. Everything held together very well. As it has "worn" a bit, I'm finding that the cards are now falling out of their slots more and more. I got this wallet to carry in a front pocket so it's more likely to move around a bit than the rear pocket. Pulling it out now I find cards half out or askew so to speak. Planning to look some more and see what else might be avail now in a similar vein. Perhaps a "thin" leather bi-fold.
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