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on September 15, 2011
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. In fact, I liked it better than the first one. With Rylie now a werewolf and Seth's family hunters, I couldn't wait to read to the end to find out what would happen. Filled with great suspense and action with just the right dose of a budding romance, I had a blast reading this book. It was an easy read and lots of fun. I was able to finish it in a couple of hours as I was so absorbed in the storyline. I can't wait for the next one!
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I reviewed the first book in this series, Six Moon Summer, a while ago, and I loved it! I was thrilled to hear that there was going to be another book, and since then I've also learned that there are going to be even more books...two, I believe! :D

By my enthusiasm for the next two books you can probably already tell that I liked All Hallows' Moon...actually, I loved it! I thought that it was a fantastic sequel! S.M. Reine did a fabulous job with it! I loved that she didn't reiterate what happened in the first book constantly...honestly, too many series do this. I hate when I read a series and every new book spends at least a third of it telling me what happened in the other makes me feel like the author thinks I'm stupid. Obviously, she did mention some stuff that happened, so that if someone were to pick up All Hallows' Moon without reading Six Moon Summer, they wouldn't be totally lost, but she didn't make it so packed full of reiteration that they would be spoiled for the first book...well maybe a little because they wouldn't have any suspense at the end of the first one if they already knew what would happen...but, I'm getting off topic. What I'm trying to say is that All Hallows' Moon works as a standalone. It's fantastic as a sequel, but I think if you wanted to go straight to this one, you could too....but, I do think you'd enjoy it more if you read Six Moon Summer first. :P

I loved seeing the next stage in Rylie's journey, and experiencing her struggles to come to terms with all of the things that have changed in her life. She's going through a lot...and I'm not just talking about the whole werewolf thing, she went through so many things in Six Moon Summer, and in All Hallows' Eve, and I can't help but admire her strength. She doesn't give up...even when it seems like all is lost and she just keeps getting beaten down. She's one tough girl! :D

Since the description mentions Seth, I don't think I'm spoiling anything by saying that he's in this one, and I'm sure if you already read Six Moon Summer, you did expect him to return. I know I did! And if you haven't read Six Moon Summer, then you don't know who I'm talking about, but let me just say this...I love Seth...I seriously do. He's freaking fantastic! He's tough and mysterious, and in All Hallows' Moon, we finally get to see more about his past...and his family. We see him interact with his mom and his brother, and of course, once again, we see him with Rylie. He isn't as much of a mystery by the end of this one, but he's still awesome. As much as I love seeing Rylie grow in All Hallows' Moon, I love seeing Seth grow too. They both go through so much, together and apart, and I love that the point of views alternate and allow you to see that.

I expected to like All Hallows' Moon, and I did, as I've said, I loved it! This series, and author, is one of the reasons that I enjoy reading self-published books. Trust me, there are some AMAZING self-published books! I'm sorry if you feel like I'm pushing them right now, but I feel like often their work isn't given a chance, so right now I'm trying to open your eyes a bit to a fine example of what can come from self-publishing. I hope that many of you take my advice, and give this series a chance, it is amazing. Please don't let prejudices or negative connotations towards self-published works influence you here. If you like paranormal stories, or want to give them a shot, go for it! This one is fantastic, it's unique, it has fabulous characters, and I can't forget to mention that right now the first book, Six Moon Summer, is only $0.99 on if you want it, go for it now. After all, who doesn't love a deal. ;) haha

**This review was originally posted on my blog, Burning.x.Impossibly.x.Bright.
**I received a review copy of All Hallows' Moon to participate in the book's blog tour and for an honest review. All opinions in this review are my own.
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on July 30, 2014
Wow! Here I thought my mama was a pain in the butt, but she has nothing on Eleanor! This is a great sequel to the first book where Seth has to choose sides between the girl he's falling in love with and his hunter family.

Just like the first book, this is a fast and action packed read. I wasn't able to put it down, reading it in a single sitting. My only complaint is that I wish there was a little bit more lore behind the All Hallows Moon, but even without the lore, it was a great read. I just feel that adding some lore would put these books into an amazing place.

Fun read, definitely recommended.
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on January 28, 2013
I was really skeptical to read this book. I thought the first book was a little slow and young for the YA genre and thought it felt more like a MG book.
This second book was great. All skepticism has been laid to rest. I liked the direction the book took the series.
Riley is trying to adapt to a life she didn't want and now has to live with. On top of it, hunters are after her and she just can't catch a break. Her wolf is out of control and she isn't sure which way is up anymore.
The one thing Riley knows, is that things just got more complicated. Not only are there hunters after her, but they are familiar ones. Seth and his family are there for her.
What happens when your past meets your present? Somethings gotta give.
This book was very satisfying and I'm onto reading book 3 right now. This is becoming a great series.
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on August 5, 2014
This being a sequel, it does work well as a stand alone. There is a recap of the first book which doesn't drone on and bore those who have read them in order, it recaps just enough and no more. This is an outstanding sequel, with the characters developing and growing from book one and we follow Rylie along on the next stage of her journey. She has gone through a lot of changes, and you can tell she has grown up a lot due to them. We also find out a lot more about the mysterious Seth.

I feel the writing has grown with the characters, and it was pretty good to begin with. This is a much more action packed book from the get go, and certainly keeps you reading. Once again, romance is included, but doesn't overshadow the suspense and paranormal aspects of the book.

I had lost track of this series but now I see there are more available, kindle shop here I come!
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on January 14, 2013
This book just show cases how great this series keeps getting. The intro scene let alone rocks!!! Still in creepy details we see how much pain Rylie goes through every full and new moon, all thanks to one summer at a camp.

She's more fierce yet she still holds dear to her human side, which makes her an amazing character. Not only do we get to see her develop we also get to see through her love interest, Seth's, eyes.

At the end of Six Moon Summer, we got to see through him and that's when I started to like his character. Now I get to see who he is and where he comes from. He's a guy that doesn't want what his family wants, instead he actually wants to go to school and get himself an education. But since he's a hunter, traveling and education just don't go together.

Along with his story we get to see how his family runs. His mom, Eleanor, is cruel to the bone. Not only towards Rylie but towards her own son. She doesn't see why he wants to be different which is why she's a little harsher towards him. Plus, it doesn't help she talks to her dead husband.

We also get two other characters, however we don't get to see them in their own point of views. Gwyn is Rylie's aunt that's a tough cookie. She owns a ranch and Rylie thinks it's the best place to take the wolf inside her. I liked Gwyn and I think she'll be good for Rylie. Lastly we get Abel, Seth's older brother, the one who also got bitten once before. He maybe a little creepy as he starts to stalk Rylie around her home and town.

Overall, this was just as great as the first though she doesn't grow through as many moons. There's some humor, action, creepy description of the wolf clawing out, and a romance that truly gets to bloom. Another fun edition to the Season's of the moon series and I can't wait to get to the next one, Long Night Moon. This time I might actually buy a hard copy ^_^.

Totally recommend for the love of things that go bump in the night.
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on October 27, 2012
It doesn't happen very often, but when it does it's amazing. I'm talking about the moment you realize that a sequel in a series is even better than the first book. That's exactly how I felt when I finished All Hallows Moon.

I really liked Six Moon Summer. It was a great YA read that took me by surprise. It had a different take on werewolves and a lot of twists and turns that really qualified it as a true page turner. Things got even more interesting in All Hallows Moon.

This book takes up almost where the first book left off. There is some time loss, but not much. Rylie spent the rest of her summer alone, without Seth or anyone else to help her through her transitions. She was a mess and once she reached her aunt's ranch, things didn't get much better. Not even when Seth arrived.

The family dynamics that are in this series are great, especially in contrast. Even though things aren't perfect for Rylie, she still has support and love. Her aunt may become frustrated and she doesn't give Rylie much slack, but she's fair and she obviously cares. Then the reader is introduced to Seth's family life, although lack of family life would probably describe it better. His situation is heartbreaking and explains so much. S.M. Reine does a great job of pulling the reader into the emotions that they are both going through.

There are twists and turns in All Hallows Moon as well. The descriptions of what Rylie goes through during her change isn't held back on either and there is a lot of raw emotion. These books are not a sweet little wolf story. They are intense, realistic and sometimes heartbreaking. S.M. Reine pretty much nails it.

I can't wait to get my hands on the next book in the series. It promises to be just as intense as the first two. There were a lot of loose ends and some mysteries left at the end of All Hallows Moon. Obviously Rylie and Seth's story is far from over.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon September 17, 2012
ALL HALLOWS MOON (Seasons of the Moon #2) by S.M. Reine

ALL HALLOWS MOON is the second instalment in S.M Reine's young adult Seasons of the Moon series focusing on a young bitten female werewolf and the hunters trying to take her down. This storyline is not your typical werewolf scenario-there are no glittery or easy transitions from human to wolf, but one fraught with pain, suffering, blood and loss of humanity. Rylie is a 15 year old high school student who, while away at summer camp, fought to save the life of a friend, but ended up bitten by a werewolf hoping to repopulate his decimated pack. Rylie must now endure the monthly moon shifts alone knowing that the one person who could take her life, is the one person she was willing to give up her humanity to save.

Rylie was sent to live with her late father's sister, a woman she has not seen in a very long time. Aunt Eleanor owned a working farm, and the family thought it was best if Rylie learned discipline while doing manual labor. Thinking the young teen was acting out rebelliously Rylie would find herself in trouble at school, at home and with friends. But what people did not know was that Rylie was affected by the changes of the moon, and every day life became a challenge when your inner wolf wants nothing more than to sate a need for blood and meat.

Rylie's changes left her with no humanity. Waking up with no memory of the nights events, Rylie would discover that her wolf had devoured local livestock at a frenetic pace. The kills were drawing attention and soon the werewolf hunters would be searching for what could only be described as a killer. Although she has never killed a human, Rylie always worried that she may not be able to control the beast. But when the hunters come calling, her wolf perceives a threat and she fights to protect her life. Only this time, one of the hunters is determined to kill Rylie in human form regardless of the hunter's code.

ALL HALLOWS MOON is an interesting look at a werewolf storyline. The heroine is your typical 15 year old teen, although more rebellious than most, due to her `wolf' acting out aggressively towards perceived threats. One wrong look could produce a growl of displeasure and therefore her number of friends is limited because of her attitude and personality quirks-even her family sent her away because they were unable to handle the mood swings and aggression. Rylie's relationship with one of hunters throws a major wrench into the storyline, when his family is willing to kill the werewolf, knowing he has fallen in love with the girl underneath. I did have a problem with the Rylie's attitude. Yes, I know she was struggling with the assault that left her a werewolf and the painful and gut wrenching monthly changes-but the girl just never let up-the entire story was built on the attitude of a 15 year old who perceived everything as a slight against her. Sometimes it was a little too much.

see all of my reviews at :
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on March 21, 2012
This second book was just so good, I loved it so damn much, you got to learn more about Seth's family, seeing what they did. Again this book ended on a cliffhanger leaving you wanting more, which I'm glad there is not a third book out. You got to see more of Rylie as a werewolf in this book and I seriously do like that fact even though werewolves are blood thirsty killers in this book.

Rylie's personality has changed much more in this book but she still tries to act the same. It's her werewolf that gets her agitated and angry at people who don't mean harm. Her control gets worse when the new moon and full moon come around. I'm surprise she made friends at her new school but they are so cool and high they don't notice the change in Rylie's personality. As I said above you get to learn more about his family and how they work in the hunter feild. Seth is showing more of his feelings towards Rylie but has to hide him and tries to stay away from Rylie because of his mom and brother. You learn that he doesn't really want to be a hunter and that he wants to be able to finish highschool and go to college, which isn't what his mom wants for him. She's kind of rough not acting the way a mom should and that's probably another reason why he didn't want to be with her and stayed with Rylie. Abel is Seth's brother who was bitten by a werewolf and stopped himself from turning. He does have some werewolf personalty and strength but doesn't turn into a werewolf. Seth mentions how the scar on his face makes him look mean when he really wasn't. I really like this character and I wish to see more of him in the future novels.

The romance again was only a little bit, because Seth's family was in town hunting for Rylie he found it best for them to stay apart. Even though he said this Seth got jealous when ever he saw Rylie hang out with her guy friends. Rylie still like Seth so nothing happen with her guy friends. The romance is slow and he can see how much they care for each other by the end of the book. It's really cute their relationship I just wish for more!

The plot is great this time around, it focus again on Rylie and how she turns into a blood thirsty killer every new moon and full moon. She's staying with her aunt on a farm in which she tries to help but has to stay away from animals because of how they sense the wolf in her. She soon learns about Seth being in town with his family and her life gets even more complicated because of that.

This is a great second volume of this series, I loved the first volume and I love the second volume just as much. I can't wait to read the third book I really recommend this series for all werewolf lovers to read.
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on October 13, 2013
And little more gruesome. It's a refreshing change to read a werewolf book, even a YA, that isn't a glorified scenario of changing into a beast. The young girl in this series hates what she changes into, and hates what the beast makes her do.

This book is still plagued with inconsistencies about exactly what she feels, knows, and remembers while she is a werewolf. Some aspects of the book are choppy, but overall it has a nice flow to the writing. A little juvenile sometimes, but there has to be allowances for the target audience.

It's an OK read, and I liked parts of it. The ending was a good stopping point for the series. As an adult, I'd call it 3-Stars, but I'm sure it's a 4-Star for most YA.
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