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on July 17, 2012
First off, let me just say that I began following Mark after discovering Creed back in my college days. Since then, I've followed him to Alter Bridge, and now his solo project. This guy is incredible - he really is one with his guitar. You've never seen wrists/fingers move so fast. He is very precise in his playing and makes sure to have plenty of melodic runs in every song he writes, as opposed to in your face head-banging on a single note for an entire song like some other bands. One final note on Mark, after meeting him back in '09 after a Creed concert, I can say that he is a very down to earth, stand-up guy. He presents himself very well in person, as well as on stage - in contrast with some other dudes out there who feel they have to smash a guitar or flip off the crowd to get a reaction. His talent speaks for itself.

As I mentioned in the subject, "All I Was" is what Mark Tremonti fans, such as myself, have been waiting for. With Creed, Mark must tame down his hard metal roots to fit the musical style of the band. With Alter Bridge, he is able to incorporate a lot more since he is the founder. With his solo project, he obviously pulled out all the stops and put everything he is into it. (Who knew he had such sick vocals to boot?!) In my own personal opinion, a single catchy riff can really make a track stand out. Mark has mentioned in interviews that his head is full of riffs that may or may not materialize into a track that makes an album. "All I Was" contains several such tracks. Some tracks with brilliant riffs that stand out in my mind include "Brains", "You Waste Your Time", "Giving Up", and "Proof". In addition to great riffs, Mark's solos in practically every song rip will your face off and leave your mouth wide-open in disbelief that it is even humanly possible to do what he does. Aside from Mark, I must give credit to Eric for the amazing backups and Garrett for the insane drum work. Finally, for others out there like myself - lyrically, Mark is always high-class. I, for one, appreciate a talented hard-rock musician who doesn't feel the need to add unnecessary profanity to his lyrics.

Bottom line - you should buy this album now. You will not regret it. Mark Tremonti has definitely delivered!
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on July 17, 2012
Tremonti is creed and alterbridge on steroids....mark has really outdone himself on this one.the album is great from beginning to end and is full of power...speed...and energy.if youre a fan of his other 2 bands ...youll like this album too.Job well done.
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on July 30, 2012
Tremonti delivers BIG TIME on this CD. The other reviews get it right in the song breakdowns and the vibe of this so i will keep this somewhat short and focus on my minor blemishes. 'Tremonti' nearly got 5 stars, but i have a couple of small factors that bring it slightly down to earth. BUT, I emphasize, I am very happy and blown away with 80% of this CD. It is heavy (heavier than expected), has slightly melodic choruses (not overbearing cheese), absolutely incredible fretwork in the solo's and a very strong Vocal performance from the man himself.

This disc has some excellent tracks. Very HEAVY moments. My only 2 small issues are almost the same issues I have with the Alter Bridge discs. There are a couple tracks that are 'ok'. Not quite filler but not top of the line. Only problem with that is many would see the tracks I find marginal as great, so it is an opinion, but holds me back from a 5 star. There are many tracks to choose from so a couple 'not so perfect' ones is to be expected I suppose. This is not a negative in reality. The great songs are REALLY great so it would be hard, if not impossible, to keep that momentum on the whole disc.

Also, Tremonti has a great, soulful Voice, but towards the end of the disc it starts to fall flat to the ears as he doesn't have a ton of range. BUT I have the same issue with Alter Bridge CD's in the other direction as Myles Kennedy's voice starts to be overbearing to me, in terms of pitch, towards the end of the CD's. In a perfect world, Alter Bridge would be a 2 man vocalist band. 2 or 3 tracks with Tremonti singing on those CD's would work well and make the discs flow better IMO. Not to say they are not excellent as is because they all are.

These are minor issues to me though and this disc is an essential purchase for not only AB fans, but also many other Rock/Metal/Shredders would like it if they gave it an honest chance. Its a shredders paradise and all guitarists should give this a spin and at least give the man credit for owning his craft, even if you aren't into the bands AB and Creed this deserves a listen. An excellent debut Solo-band CD that will get many plays from me. One of the best of 2012. BUY IT!
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on July 18, 2012
Those familiar with Mark Tremonti know his history of being one of the best guitar players around today. He is a founding member of 2 bands, Creed and Alter Bridge. He is an award winning guitar player and songwriter. It was finally time, though, for Tremonti to go out on his own for a solo album. All I Was showcases not only his amazing guitar work, but also his really solid vocal talent. Tremonti has masterfully created an album that sounds great not only upon the first listen, but one that will sound just as good when you listen to it years from now. Not many times can a debut album be as perfect as this one. In a world where music is manufactured to all sound the same, Tremonti stands head and shoulders above it all. For good old fashioned speed metal at it's finest, pick up this album!
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on August 27, 2012
Mark Tremonti is undoubtedly my favorite guitarist to emerge from the '90s. Even if you don't like his music, you can't deny the man's talent. I was excited to hear that he was working on something that he considered too fast and heavy for his work in Creed or even Alter Bridge. I like his ballads too, but I certainly don't have anything against the heavy stuff! My only concern is how Mark would do as a vocalist. I can say that he does just fine as a singer, though it goes without saying that he doesn't have the range or ability of Myles Kennedy (of Alter Bridge). The music is great too! There's plenty of heavy riffs, face-melting solos, and the melodies have a catchy punch even on the slower tunes. I could break down a review of this album song by song, but I think a lot of my descriptions would sound too similar. I'll just say that the music is heavy and at times very fast, but it doesn't sound angsty. Mark's vocals and lyrics sound more like a man who is strong, independent, and noble, and he's just putting different aspects of his life into perspective. While this album offers some of the heaviest moments we've ever heard from Tremonti, I honestly don't see why these couldn't have been Alter Bridge songs. Sometimes it's even very easy to imagine Myles singing these tunes. Perhaps he has something else in mind for the future of his other bands. This album has its melodic moments too, so all in all it's not incredibly different than what we're used to hearing from this guitar god. I think this is a solid release, but I denied the album a 5th star simply because I think it could have done just as well (if not better) as an Alter Bridge album. Either way, I think the fans won't be disappointed!
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on July 19, 2012
I've been an Alter Bridge fan for a long, long time now and have proclaimed them my absolute favorite band almost from the get-go. Myles' voice is absolutely incredible and his work with Slash is a lot of fun. Scott Phillips also has his side projects, most recently with Projected (with a few guys from Sevendust), which I think has produced some really good sound as well. That said, All I Was is probably the greatest "side project" to come from one of AB's members. Myles' collaborations are just that, collaborations. As I said, they're fun to listen to, but for all intents and purposes, they feel like filler until he comes back to where he truly belongs in my eyes, Alter Bridge. The same can be said of Scott Phillips whose extra curricular activities are (unjustifiably) less publicized than Myles' or Mark's. Don't quote me on this, but I'm pretty sure Brian Marshall is attached to Tremonti's band, which is great. Anyway, as opposed to Myles and Scott, Tremonti's All I Was feels fully fleshed out, cared for. It is most certainly not a collaboration thrown together for fan service or experimentation. All 12 tracks leave a lasting impression and you'll be humming or downright singing his masterful riffs to yourself long after you've turned off the music. This is pure rock from a pure guitar god, and no AB or Creed or just plain rock fan should go without hearing it. This is the best thing to come out of any of the members of Alter Bridge since AB III came out.
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on August 26, 2012
I was not a huge Creed fan, but Alter Bridge got my attention when I happened to catch "Live in Amsterdam" on cable and I was hooked. The only thing I listened to for a long time was one of the three AB albums, and then I tried Mayfield Four and anything Miles Kennedy. But nothing compares to the Tremonti Project. This album is proof of Mark's genius. Every track is good, but a few rise above, including "All I Was" "The Things I've Seen" and "You Waste Your Time." This is really good stuff. It's a real shame that radio stations around here don't give it, or those like it, airplay, because this album really deserves raves.
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on July 20, 2012
Been thinking about getting this ever since I heard Mark was recording it. I don't make a review unless I at least heard the album a couple of time. You know the old days where an album has a feel and just goes well together. They still happen but not like they used too. Now it's all about MP3 singles...My verdict on this you ask? Great Album! Flows great! All the musicians bring something to the table. I've been a fan of Mark since the first Creed album. I'm also a fan of Troy Stetina (guitar instructor and teacher). Mark is also a fan of his too but that's another story. Get this album (the whole album). These guys are good and hope they keep this group rolling when their other projects are down.
Great Job!!!!!
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on September 10, 2014
hope tremonte will continue making more self titled cd etc. this cd is a 10 plus !
Mark Tremonti has been a great guitar player for a long time, and those rockers
out there that knows his work with the band (creed)should know his powerful guitar
work ! when i first heard (alter bridge) and did some checking, and found out
that the unbelieveable guitar was done by (mark tremonti) i was blown away !!
i own every (alter bridge) cd! tremontis guitar work along with the vocals of
myles kennedy from {alter bridge} is a master piece ! when i found out about
about- (mark tremontis)new self titled cd called (tremonti-all i was, i had to
check it out- his guitar work on every is unbelievable and powerfull !!!
for those hard rockers out there that has not heard the new cd (tremonti-
all i was) i highly advise all metal heads to pick up a copy of it.
you wont be dissapointed ! i rate the new cd a 10 plus, keep up the good work
mark !!!!! thank you !
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on September 16, 2012
Mark Tremonti has started his career as a solo artist with the release of a very solid and enjoyable METAL album. I emphasise the word METAL because so much of rock these days is marginalised into pop-rock bands or hardcore bands (not to diminish fans of those genres)so it's good to hear a bunch of guys playing good metal music without committed to a polar opposite.

The obvious question from a lot of people would be how Mark holds up as a lead vocalist. I have got to say that he definitely does a good job. It goes without saying that he doesn't have the skill or range of Myles Kennedy (but then again - who does?), he's not a FANTASTIC singer, but he does a good job and his vocal style definitely suits this kind of work.

Now, more importantly, his guitar work: Mark's rhythm guitar work is - as always - great. His riffs are a lot more aggressive on this album than with either Creed or Alter Bridge. They are very tight on a technical level and probably have more dynamics going to them then his metal-sounding riffs with Alter Bridge. His talents are definitely very suited to this more speed/thrash metal style, while still retaining the melodies we know he is capable of from his other bands.

As for his solos, to be honest, I've got to say that these were probably the biggest let down for me. That is not to say that they are not good: he showcases a new level of shredding that we have not heard from him on a studio record before. The solos are fantastic on a technical level and his talent is undeniable. The ONLY gripe though is that - well - they are way too short for what you would expect from a *MARK TREMONTI SOLO ALBUM*. A few instrumental tracks would have been great, but I can completely understand his desire to steer away from that and challenge and promote himself more as a frontman and songwriter. But he has limited himself by making the solos so short for the most part - and because of that we are missing the long, emotional solos of Alter Bridge songs like Blackbird or Brand New Start, or ones that have the wow-factor of something like Open Your Eyes.

Once again, not denying that his lead guitar work is anything short of brilliant, I just think it is a bit limited and unfortunately leaves us without any incredibly memorable solos.

His lyrics and vocal melodies are also both solid - and meld well with the style of music. One could perhaps argue that his lyrics are a bit simplistic, or that a lot of the melodies are quite generic, but I don't think that the result is a negative one. For the most part it works on a lot of the songs. Yes, it does sound like a SAFE album. But it's a good one to listen to.

I found 'You Waste Your Time' to be a stand out track, with some great thrash metal riffs in the beginning and strong vocal melodies. Ballads such as 'The Things I've Seen' and 'New Way Out' also showcased his ability to write softer - but yet still very good - songs.

I would also like to give an honourable mention to Garrett Whitlock, who has some really great drumming work on this record - and most importantly - keeps up with Mark's famous machine-gun speed right hand!

All in all - a very solid album without any weak tracks. Good from an instrumental and vocal standpoint. A little on the safe side at times and a bit limited in the solos to what we would expect from a man of such talent, but the music is all very enjoyable - which is the most important thing! The result is a good METAL sound from a very talented musician and songwriter.
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