Customer Reviews: All My Life: A Memoir
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on March 29, 2011
For people who have never watched soap operas the name Susan Lucci and the character she has played for more than 41 years on "All MY Children", Erica Kane, is synonymous with daytime television. Probably the most famous actress to ever grace a continuing afternoon serial, Susan was, at one point, the highest-paid actress on soaps earning a reported $1,000,000 a year.

Now her long-awaited memoir, "All My Life", has hit book stores and she discusses with candor her personal and professional life. Never a celebrity to talk about her personal affairs, "All My Life" is a revealing expose into the woman who created Erica Kane, the highs and lows she has endured, giving the reader an insight to the private life of the most beloved icon from daytime drama.

Susan talks about her early unbringing and her desires to be an actress. However, one fatal day when she was a teenager she was involved in a terrible car accident when her face went through a car windshield almost costing her an eye and her life. Through determination she persevered and made a complete recovery. She would eventually graduate from college and marry her long-time husband Helmet Huber who are still very much married and in love today, something that is very rare giving the life of any actress. In 1970 she tried out for the part of vixen Erica Kane on a new daytime soap "All My Children", created by legendary soap opera writer Agnes Nixon. She was immediately cast in a supporting capacity and was only intended to be on every other Tuesday, but due to her unique acting ability she became the star of the serial as fans couldn't get enough of the antics of Erica, and she would become the most beloved character in the show's history.

In 1973 "All My Children" made history by becoming the first television program, day or night, to dramatize a legal abortion when Erica went through the procedure. In her book Susan discusses that was one of the hardest storylines she ever took on as in real life she had suffered a severe miscarriage and was dealing with both the physical and emotional scars of losing her first child.

She writes about eventually having two beautiful children, Liza and Andreas, who are the apple of their parent's eye, her long-standing career as an 18 time Emmy loser, and how she felt that night in 1999 when it was announced she had finally won the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress. Personally I had watched the Emmy telecast that year and can say I have never seen so much love for any performer winning an award as the audience gave her a long-standing ovation. The camera panned on several celebrities such as Rosie O'Donnell and Kelly Ripa who were in tears, and even Oprah could be heard giving Susan praise from the side of the stage as Susan held her golden statue near the microphone.

A well-written book, "All My Life" is an informative insight into the life of Susan Lucci and the history to the most famous character ever created for soaps.

An A+ read. Thank you Susan for sharing this with your fans. We love you.

UPDATE: On September 13, 2011 "All My Life" will see its softcover edition hit stores and in it Susan writes an entirely new chapter on the abrupt cancellation of "All MY Children" by ABC. On those pages Susan discusses how she was the first actor to learn of the demise of her show when the head of ABC daytime came to the "All My Children" studio in Los Angeles and how Brian frons told her the series was getting axed. Susan spares no time in expressing her true feelings about this man going so far as saying Frons is a man that has "that fatal combination of ignorance and arrogance". She discusses why "All My Children" suffered so badly in the ratings in recent years pointing the finger right where it should be pointed at: Frons. Susan states the fact he hired Charles Pratt to pen the soap, moving the series to L.A. from New York City, and shoving beloved creator and headwriter Agnes Nixon out the door as components in what killed this daytime institution. When Frons told Susan "AMC" was being replaced by a cheap reality show her opinion was and is, "An iconic show was losing out to greed...If Brian frons could show his bosses that he could save the network 40%...he could keep his job even if the rest of us lost ours." I for one say bravo to you Susan for standing up to this miscreant that has helped destroy a genre so dear to our hearts. Susan Lucci...I could not have said it any better!

Also, for fans who don't already know "All My Children" will live on in January, 2012 on the internet and hopefully a cable channel, but Susan has yet to announce her decision on resigning with the series. However, by all indications it does look like our beloved Erica Kane, played by Susan, will BE a part of the new "All My Children" in the coming year.
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Ms. Lucci's book, ALL MY LIFE, is a superb autobiography, unlike so many written by (or for) celebrities, with tell-all (whether truthful or not) salacious stories about other "important" people with whom they are or had been associated. Many of the autobiographies my wife and I have read recently often include page after page of "adult language" ("vulgar" to many), by self-absorbed narcissists.

A couple of exceptions we've enjoyed reading were "One More Time," by Carol Burnett; and the late Janet Leigh's "There Really Was A Hollywood"--both of which were honest, enlightening, and entertaining--in the same gracious manner in which Ms. Lucci wrote the long-awaited story of her life. She is obviously one of the all-too-rare celebrities who have it all: Talent... Dignity... Class... and Beauty (inside and out).

We extend our congratulations and sincere thanks to Susan Lucci for allowing us to know her through her ALL MY LIFE autobiography. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
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on March 29, 2011
I consider myself an uber Susan Lucci fan, having watched her on All My Children for over 25 years. But there are things that I didn't even know about the award winning actress until I read her book.

In reading the memoir, the one thing that I noticed is that she is truly grateful for all her accomplishments and she does not hesitate to acknowledge those who have helped her achieve her goals. It's an inspiring read of a down-to-earth celebrity who takes pride in her work as an actress and a businesswoman and above all values her family and friends. It's no wonder why so many people rooted for her to win the Emmy year after year.
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on April 18, 2011
I am really not a soap opera fan and have never watched All My Children, but I do know who Susan Lucci is. Over the years I have seen her in what they used to call "movies of the week" which are now just movies you can watch 24/7 on LMN. And everyone knows that it took 19 tries for the woman to win and Emmy.

I am always drawn to memoirs of famous people, so I figured I would give this one a try. It is beautifully and honestly written and I found it fascinating. Susan Lucci is really a talented actress who has been through alot in her professional and personal life. I especially liked her "both/and" philosophy and how she has managed to have a successful career and still be a great wife and mother. She really paved the way for alot of TV actresses today. For example, she had clauses put into in her contract to be off work on her children's birthdays, first day of school. etc. In this day and age actresses have these types of clauses all the time, but when Susan did it, it was unheard of and unprecedented.

She also tells alot of charming stories about the behind the scenes goings on at All My children and the character that she made famous, Erica Kane. Even though I have never watched the show, I found the stories funny and revealing, so I am sure fans of the show will relish these stories.

I really enjoyed reading about her heritage, childhood and her close relationship with her parents. Her marriage to her husband and her relationship with her children.

This woman has been through alot and it seems that through it all she has stayed humble, excited about her work and grateful to still be working after 41 years of playing Erica Kane. She is also a very smart business woman.

As I was nearing the end of this book it was announced that ABC was cancelling All My Children after over 40 years of being on the air. I am sure that the fans were shocked and saddened by this news, as was the cast. It is truly the end of an era, but I know for a fact after reading this book that Susan Lucci will go on to be successful in whatever she chooses to do after All My Children is off the air. She truly is a remarkable woman.
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on March 30, 2011
This book is joyful to read. Susan Lucci shows an unwavering focus and passion on following her dream to become an actor. You get the feeling that she is truly an authentic person. In a world of crazy celebrity Sheens it is nice to know that WINNING for Susan is about hard work, honestly and loyalty. Loved this book!
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on August 27, 2013
I am one who became aware of Susan Lucci because of her long string of Daytime Emmy Losses. I never watched All My Children, so I'm not familiar with her acting. However, if the real Susan Lucci is as sugar-sweet as she portrays herself, she must be the greatest actress in the world to pull off playing a bad-girl part for so long. The book is so full of compliments and praise for nearly everyone she knows, is related to or works with, one has to wonder if anything bad ever happened to this girl. Even the tale of her miscarriage, as heart-rending as it must have been, is told with courage-laced-with-grief. Until I got to the final, added chapter about her honest feelings toward the powers that be who allowed All My Children to be cancelled, I kept wondering if this woman was for real.
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VINE VOICEon September 14, 2011
Susan Lucci has spent the last 4 decades playing Erica Kane on the American soap, "All My Children." For starters, she still looks fabulous as she did in the 1980s when I first started watching the soap on my summer breaks and snow days from school.

I would have never believed that ABC would cancel this show until this year along with the first soap I ever turned on which was "One Life to Live." Both were New York based soaps with "One Life to Live" being the last soap in New York City. Hard to believe, New York soaps were dying but it's true. Susan gives her account of life behind the scenes on and offscreen. For starters, Susan is really the opposite of Erica Kane. She's married to the same man for about 4 decades and lives in Garden City, a suburb, in Long Island, New York. She's a New Yorker, a Long Islander, and a Garden City girl.

This autobiographical account details her wonderful fortunate life which she takes in to account including her children, Liza and Andreas, and her marriage, family and friends. She has led a remarkable life and looks better than she did when I first started watching over 30 years. In this book which is updated with the final chapter of "All My Children" since her book was previously published before ABC's announcement, she has added a few words. She doesn't even scathe much at Brian Frons with four letter words. That shows character on her part to maintain her grace and dignity during the tough times.

Susan Lucci is best known for 18 daytime Emmy nominations before landing the Daytime Emmy Award which really marked the beginning of the end for the Daytime Emmys in ratings. Everybody wanted to know if she would win one and when she did, it was over like New Year's Eve after midnight in Times Square.

Susan Lucci's book is really easy but don't expect much bashing against past costars or criticism until the end. The cancelation of the show for a cooking show was planned in the works including moving the show from New York City to Los Angeles for production costs. She writes about the fact that only the cast was moving and not the crew that she knew for 40 years.

Lucci wrote about the people who made "All My Children" including her relationship with David Canary on screen and offscreen of mutual trust and respect towards one another. She writes a little about everybody in a positive way like Eileen Herlie (she misspells her name in the book); Julia Barr; Ruth Warrick; Mary Fickett (who passed away recently); etc.

La Lucci was the nickname that Regis Philbin came up with and they're longtime friends. Unlike her onscreen persona, Susan has a remarkable calm life. She writes about her onscreen mother, Mona (played by her friend Frances Heflin) and their relationship. I grew up with "All My Children" and Susan brings back wonderful memories of laughter, love, craziness, and the joy of soaps.

I am going to miss "All My Children" and Erica Kane. Unlike most actresses who would have left the role after their contracts up for other opportunities, Susan Lucci has blended both a rich character of Erica Kane and a life outside the show. She has done Broadway, played roles in films for television, and other jobs along the way. Susan Lucci's Erica Kane has done more for television than most other characters in other genres. She has lived a fabulous life but I'll always remember the laughter of the show most of all especially Erica.

I liked the fact that Lucci has a sense of humor and hosted Saturday Night Live. She's the only soap star to ever get that honor to this day. Still, she was one of the better hosts. Lucci has a brilliant sense of comedic timing as well as drama in her abilities. I hope that Lucci does a sitcom or perform comedically somewhere. We'll miss you, Susan, and "All My Children."
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on November 16, 2014
I was a fan of All My Children at the very beginning in 1970 & would go home at lunch from work to watch it. Erika Kane was always the girl you talked about, amazed at her self centeredness, but allured by her beauty. Loved getting the inside scoop even though it's been 40 years since I've watched AMC.
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on May 11, 2016
Being a die hard All My Children fan, I'm still not over its cancellation, I enjoyed this book. I think Susan Lucci lit up the screen. She sparkled. In this book, I discovered how easy and joyous her childhood and life has been so then I realized what took so long to win an Emmy. She really had a good life so there wasn't much angst or pain to draw from. This tv show really was a God send when carrying a colicky baby in 1981 when it was impossible to hold a book. I know lots of other women who said that, too. To this day, I refuse to watch 'The Chew.' I think Susan Lucci is a genuinely nice woman. They do exist.
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on April 30, 2016
I enjoyed the book because I enjoyed Susan Lucci on All My Children. She is an interesting lady with a positive outlook on life. If you're looking for "dirt," this isn't the place to find it. She sound like someone I'd like to know. It was a quick read.
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