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on November 17, 1999
Celine saved the best for last. Not so much for the 9 previous hits, but for the 7 great new songs that capture the totality of Celine's talent from up tempo music to the big ballads to the soft gentle sounds. If you haven't bought a Dion album before, and wonder if she is more than a loud singer, buy this album. There is more to her than you may have heard. Her rendition of the Roberta Flack tune, First Time Ever I Saw Your Face, is soft and memorable. If Walls Could Talk displays the music magic of Shania Twain's husband, Mutt Lange, and even Shania makes a cameo appearance on background vocals. That's the Way It Is is a toe-tappin' hit. When You Look at Me reunites Horner and Dion and it is unforgetable. The song, the title track from the upcoming Chris Columbus movie Bicentennial Man, and starring Robin Williams, is arguably a better song than My Heart will Go On and looks like another Oscar contender for best song from a movie. Live, from the French play Notre Dame de Paris, has the sound of one of the best broadway songs you've ever heard. And All the Way, the duet with Sinatra, and Celine's 1994 wedding song, is a classic. If you like great singing of great songs, this is the album for you.
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on November 19, 1999
Celine Dion never ceases to amaze me. Her singing voice is the best in the business. This album of greatest hits and more is a showcase of that amazing voice and talent. For those of you who missed out on all those great songs of Celine, buy this album. They are beautiful. I would have liked to see a track from her first English language album Unison like Where Does My Heart Beat Now, but still a great record. I specifically bought this album for the new tracks. Without exception, they are great. That's the Way it Is is a great uptempo song with an inspirational message. If Walls Could Talk written by Robert John "Mutt" Lange is a unique song unlike Celine has ever sung. Shania Twain even does some back up here. (Mutt's wife) The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face is a remake of a Roberta Flack classic that I first heard on Celine's tv special last year. I was so pleased she put it on the album. It's a soft, sweet ballad. All the Way is the best of the new songs. It is her duet with Frank Sinatra. You should buy this album solely for that beautiful song. It is amazing. Then You Look at Me is a great power ballad written by My Heart Will Go On writers Will Jennings and James Horner. It has epic qualities like it belongs on the soundtrack for a movie. I Want You to Need Me is another power ballad written by the world's greatest ballad writer, Diane Warren. This should see radio play. Live is a great farewell song from Celine to the world. Celine will be taking a long break soon and will be dearly missed. But she'll be back. We await your return.
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on November 20, 1999
This CD is the best~ From the still amazing "Power Of Love" and "Beauty And The Beast", and all those other wonderful old songs, Mrs. Dion really amazes us all with "That's The Way It Is", "Live", and all of those new songs where she sings her heart out. Go Celine! This CD is a must-buy. AWESOME!
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on November 20, 1999
I tried to put off purchasing this CD just to wait and see how people responded. Then I heard "That's the way it is" and I had to buy it. Listening to this creation makes me realize that she is such a wonderful person and feels every word she sings. The things this woman can do with her voice is amazing! SHe is a true angel who is thankful for every moment of fortune she has been given. We are truly lucky to experience her talent and sincerity to her work. I have been a Celine fan since Unison....and I can say that the new tracks on All the Way rival the old and even her greatest French recording "On Ne Change Pas". Thank you Celine....You are fabulous.
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on November 23, 1999
Another multiplatinum release to-be by the pop Diva. Good job Celine! This compilation of hits reflects her establishment as one of the most sucessful pop acts in the world. Although some of her essential recordings like "Where Does My Heart Beat Now" are not included, this album still shines as it has it all. The 7 new tracks are nothing but masterful production of excellent music. The music and her vocal blend beautifully. Congratulation to Celine. You have never failed to come up with something better each time.
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on January 30, 2000
I have been a fan of Celine's for a long time, so when her newest CD, "All The Way" came out, I had to buy it. It is truly a treasure, as it contains all of her finest songs and then some. The new songs, especially "That's The Way It Is," "All The Way," "Then You Look At Me," and "Live" are songs which showcase Celine's artistry and superb vocal qualities. In addition, Celine sings a hauntingly beautiful version of a Roberta Flack favorite, "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face." Also, inside the CD cover, Celine writes a special message, that none of her fans should miss. I am optimistic that I won't be "missing" one of the greatest female vocalists of all time for long. Vive Celine!
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on March 2, 2003
I love Celine Dion, I bought a cd from her for the first time on 1997, when "Because you loved me" (from "Falling into you")was very strong and I just felt in love with the cd. Then came the success of Titanic and I bought her next cd, "Let's talk about love" and was also great but I have to admit that I like more "Falling into you".
On december 1999 I saw this cd and I bought it, and I discovered great songs from years before that I when heard them when they were new, I didn't know that they were from Celine, I'm talking about songs like: "The power of love", "If you ask me to" or "Beauty and the beast".
If you like Celine Dion I strongly recomment this cd. The songs are great, it also includes "Because you loved me" and my own favorite "It's all coming back to me now" (it's a pitty that they didn't add the long version) and of course one of Celine's best songs, "To love you more".
Celine also add to this production some new songs, such as the 1999 hit "That's the way it is" and "If this walls could talk" and the digitally new version of Frank Sinatra next to Celine "All the way".
Other songs that are in this cd is the Grammy nominated duet with R.Kelly "I'm your angel" and the 1993 smash "Love can move mountains". Another song on this album is one that is very important in Celine's career, the song has beautiful lyrics and is a good song but I can't hear it anymore more because i heard it back in 1998 like one thousand times, the song is "My heart will go on" from Titanic.
There is something that I must say, it's not good when a song is always on air, I mean radio stations or tv music stations.
So I think that this is all I can say about Celine Dion because the rest is history.
By the way if you like this cd, you must but Celine's 2002 cd "A new day has come" for me this is Celine's best with hits such as: "I'm alive", my favorite song and the 2002 smashing #1 hit "A new day has come".
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on December 10, 1999
This album includes seven new songs. Celine's voice is one of the most amazing I have ever heard. The greatest hits portion of the disc could have included more songs but the addition of the new songs makes it very worth while. Those who have been giving this album a bad review seem to do so more out of jealousy of Celine's popularity than from any legitimate critique. You will like this album.
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on December 16, 1999
Ok so you came here to buy a christmas gift. you need some recommendations that are fair and unbiased. You don't want slop from fans but need a real objective view point.
Here goes. I'm not a Celine Dion fan. I bought the c.d. to hear what it had to offer. This I wasn't prepared for. Her voice is especially fine tuned on LIVE, which is possibly the best song on here. Her phrasing and intonation is well-defined. Other experimentations are 'I want you to need me'... dont let the title fool you. It's not all slop. I thought i was listening to Aerosmith in their better days. She does have a rock 'n roll voice. Who would have thought. 'Then you look at me' is probably my favorite. epic sounding and triumphant, there are some words in here that gave me chills when she said it, and joys all at once.
'beauty and the beast and 'because you loved me probably shouldn't be included. But there are enough highs and new artistry in here to keep you engaged and listening.
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on January 29, 2000
Ok I have to admit, there's a whole lot more to Celine than Titanic. And was I ever surprised.
You gotta hand it to her. the woman never used her skin to sell albums, but only pure, raw determination with her voice. That's commendable. She's the last of the "real singers" in our generation. She really has the discipline of the old school, and the smarts of the new school of pop artists.
That's what you think of when you think of Celine Dion. The voice.
I really heard her songs for the first time and I have a new respect for her. I didn't know her songs were so incredible. The huge thunderous voice in a size 1 dress. Isn't that a paradox? :)But she knows when to go understated too, like in "I'm Your Angel". That song is pure genious. I liked the Shanis Twain hook-up in "If Walls Could Talk" and "Live", the english version of the musical, Notre Dame.
I loved all her 7 new songs, especially That's the Way it Is. It's almost like two albums in one.- greatest hits plus a whole other 7 new songs.That was generous of her.
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