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on October 3, 2005
This is the debut album by a very young band from Tennessee. Singer Hayley Williams is only 16 years old, and, judging from the band's website forum, most of its fans so far are teenagers. But this album should significantly broaden the band's appeal; it's earnest emo in the vein of Jimmy Eat World or Armor for Sleep, but less dark and more poppy. The production is clean, the choruses are memorable, and hooks are aplenty. Williams' confident vocals belie her youth, and, having already scored a slot on this year's Warped Tour, the band looks set for bigger and better things ahead.
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on August 3, 2006
First off, I have to say that I think giving this album anything less than a five is something to be ashamed of. Now that I've got that covered, let's get to the review.

Paramore is a young and extremely talented quintet out of Tennessee. Their music is heartfelt, honest, epic, and super catchy. There is so much to say about the record, and I could probably fill up pages talking about how great it is, but I won't. I'll tell you these things: the musicianship on this record is extraordinary. The guitarwork from both Hunter and Josh is technical and intricate, all while remaining tasteful and appealing. Zac, their drummer, presently 15 years old, has a sense of rhythm that very few drummers possess. Hayley (16 when the album was made) flawlessly steers through winding melodies and elaborate harmonies. Their bassist Jeremy has active and precise bass lines that carry the songs perfectly.

Paramore is quickly on the rise to becoming one of the biggest bands of '06 and "All We Know Is Falling" is definitely one of the best albums I've heard in a long time. Every song on the record is a gem and has something different to offer, but my favorite is "Conspiracy". This album has not left my CD player or my head for a very, very long time.

This record will have you singing, thinking, rocking, dancing, and begging for more. I caught some of their set at Warped Tour and they did an amazing job. I'm going to see them again in less than a month and I'm stoked! Go see them live if you get the chance!! And of course, buy this ingenious album. You won't be disappointed.
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on October 16, 2005
Paramore is not the first to go down the road that Fueled by Ramen offers to other pop-punk/emo acts succh as the hugely successful fallout boy and The widely acclaimed "The academy is..." Lately this label has been introducing to us a slew of new bands in that genre. The list goes on and on: Panic at the disco, Days Away, Gym Class Heros, and more. Paramore finds itself among these bands. Sure, they might become the next Fallout Boy if they play their cards right, and they Female singer might have as many guys looking at her as there are girls swooning over "the acedemy is'... Singer. But the real question here is: Do these kids sound good?

The CD opens up with the strong "all we know" The chorus makes for a very catchy opener that instantly delivers. It's already evident at this point of the recording that this band has a great Rythm section. There's also a nice solo in this song.

Pressure, the second track is another great song. Probably better than "all We know" The riffs on this song rock.

Probably one of my favorite tracks is "brighter" It's got the slow sad verse and then a dynamic chorus that's just executed well. Hayley's amazing vocal range is well showcased in this song. The remainder of the CD has some pretty diverse tracks. There are a lot of mixed emotions on this CD, ranging from homesickness to heartbreak and conspiracy. There are only a couple of tracks here that I don't care for. Other than that, this CD rocks pretty good, with a vibe that says clearly: a am pop rock...with some punk here and there.

I can't help thinking though, this band has a lot of growing to do. First off, the guitarist sings well, but not enough. They need to find more parts for him to dual with hayley. Also, the lyrics are a bit shallow. They do touch on deeper moods here, but nothing too deep. I say if they can fix these things up, and a few sound tweaks, they'd be much better.

So in a nutshell, this is a pop-punk band with rock elements mixed in. The production is great, they are quite catchy, and they have a girl singer, which is far too rare in this genre. So what are you waiting for... Buy it!
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VINE VOICEon August 22, 2007
Excellent. From start to finish each and every song is listen worthy and shouldnt really be skipped at all. I found myself humming along in no time and loving each minute of it. It took me more than awhile to get this cd because i hadnt really heard of them. If i hadnt checked the FBR site. I might have missed them altogether. Just goes show perservance kinda pays off. No real favorites here because All We Know is Falling flows from song to song and before you know it the cd is done. But thats beauty of it because you just start it all over again like a new experience. Hot debut from a band on its way up and have nothing but talent to carry them there.

It is a tad bit on the short side with 10 songs to it and just over 30 minutes plus a few. But like i said that's just a minor flaw (very minor) that i saw and doesnt detract from this fine debut from Paramore..take a few minutes and listen. I certainly believe you will enjoy what you hear.
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on January 3, 2006
I am a little shocked to hear that their singer (Hayley)is 16 years old. I assumed early 20s. Anyway...This CD is fresh. That is the best way I can describe it. It sounds minty. It is being advertized as sounding like Acceptance, Fall Out Boy, or Jimmy Eat World with a girl singer, but it sounds nothing like fallout boy. The comparison with Acceptance might be the best one. I believe that there will be haters trying to shoot this one down based on the fact that it is an optomistic "feel good" CD and most people who enjoy bashing bands are cynical depressed people. I definately recommend this album to anyone who wants to be refreshed and uplifted. If you really don't like it at first listen to it a few times. The more I listen to it the more I like it. Wow...She is really 16?!
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on October 15, 2005
There is just something enticing about witnessing a band during the initial stages of their musical careers, especially when they have all the trimmings to be the next big thing and trust me, Paramore, a little rock band from Franklin, Tennessee are just that.

As such, it's easy to take a band like Paramore to heart; you want them to succeed as much as you want that backstage pass for Warped Tour and its' great to know them now when they are still approachable without tons of bodyguards sheltering them. I ask this question, how could you not like a good rock/pop album full of well-timed anthems all fronted by a cute girl vocalist.

Again how could you not like it? All We Know Is Falling is the most refined rock infused pop/punk album you're ever likely to find...with a lead vocalist (Hayley Williams) aged only sixteen years. But don't let this discrepancy fool you, she is well beyond her years. Williams has formed her entire life around fine-tuning her voice for just the right moment such as this. "Brighter" and "Conspiracy", a collection of songs that let Williams soar with poise allowing her to convey every note with that exact and tuneful precision on both the low and high ends of the scale. She truly does have a voice and her lyrical messages are both clear and direct.

Don't begin doubting the backing band either. The remaining members of Paramore (bassist, John Hembree; guitarists, Josh Farro and Jason Bynum; and drummer, Zac Farro) pack enough punch on "Emergency" alone to thrust them into the limelight of pop/rock where they certainly won't be overlooked with strong instrumentation. One listen to their first single and you'll think twice about classifying them as another band trying to deceive listeners into a false sense of talent. It's also apparent that after a few listens, they are anything but marketable material derived from the mind of some corporate executive waiting to get rich quick, they do their music from the heart.

Sure, they stuff All We Know Is Falling with a hell of a lot of poppy choruses, but I'll be the first to admit, I'm just a sucker for a catchy hook, all it takes for me to get reeled in is a good 15 seconds. And when that's backed by sophisticated riffs and skillfully contorted picking that most bands could only dream to create on a debut album, especially again at this very young age. Still don't trust me? Think I'm only jumping on an early bandwagon? Williams' own classification for the band claims "it's high energy, and it's pretty aggressive and intense...and it's cool that we aren't being looked down on because we're a girl fronted band. I don't think that just because we're different in that area it's going to limit us."

While Paramore's struggle to find balance and normalcy amongst continual touring and recognition becomes evident on "Franklin", the slowest song on the album. All We Know Is Falling makes a strong cover story suggesting otherwise; successfully drawing off of real life experiences that prove Paramore can overcome the loss of a band member (Jeremy) in the crucial stages and still come out strong. If you didn't know any better, you'd think Paramore are veterans to the scene, not just entering it for the first time. And with the help of other bands such as Fall Out Boy, The Academy Is..., Copeland and Straylight Run, it won't be long before we all start hearing of them.

I guess what I love so much about this album is its' honesty, sincerity and most importantly in today's music world, simplicit nature.
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on September 22, 2005
All We Know Is Falling is a great album to purchase. Hayley Williams has a magnificent voice, especially for a 16-year-old. However, her voice isn't for everyone, because I know that I myself can get tired of her voice at times.

Some critics remark that Williams' vocals sound like pop solo artist Avril Lavigne except with a punk band. Paramore is no where near punk if one compares the band to punk legends such as Rancid, Bad Religion, and Operation Ivy. Paramore's label would be indie rock or rock alternative. Also, Lavigne's voice doesn't even compare to the great timbre and quality of Williams' vocal chords. This frontwoman succeeds at sustaining notes for long periods of time, which she seizes a myriad of times on All We Know Is Falling, especially "Conspiracy."

Lasting only around 35 minutes, all ten songs on this album are as eclectic as youth and freshness can get without stepping too outside their box's genre. For example, track seven, entitled "Whoa," has very mellow and soft verses while its choruses are upbeat. The exact opposite occurs in "Here We Go Again," which is probably deemed as the poppiest song on the entire record. The transition between each slow and fast part lies solely in the hands of Paramore's drummer, 15-year-old Zach Farro, and he does it well. Another way this Tennessee band proves they are different from other bands is by getting guitarists Jason Bynum and Josh Farro, Zack's brother, to sing back up to Williams in the last two tracks of All We Know Is Falling, "Franklin" and "My Heart." In "My Heart," Paramore proves how they can also record a decent screamo song.

Most of Paramore's lyrics aren't a Godsend or anything, but they are above average. "Never Let This Go" has such amazing lyrics that I used transfer paper to iron-on the opening line on a tee shirt. However, "Whoa" and "Here We Go Again" have a poppy, childish feel that I can see myself getting tired of soon because of its repetition of unmoving lyrics.

"Pressure" and "All You Need are one of the more major reasons to listen to this album. "Pressure" is as addicting as a coffee lover's addiction to their favorite mug; its powerful choruses can make a person want to listen to the song on repeat. "All You Need" has beautiful guitar riffs and outstanding vocals.

All We Know Is Falling has an indie/rock feel with just an inkling of pop. Despite their high school ages, Paramore proves that these far from mediocre teenagers can indeed make a successful record.
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on August 14, 2005
Paramore's debut record, "All We Know Is Falling," which is distributed by Fueled By Ramen Records, is a solid release. Not many bands in this genre of music have accomplished what Paramore has. This band has fused pop-punk with heart felt lyrics all sung by Hayley Williams.

Not being a fan of many female lead singers, I was skeptical when I first heard this album. However, her voice and the melodies from the other band members will have you won over on the first listen.

This album opens up strong with the track "All We Know," which is also the first single. The track starts with a drum hit and in come the guitars at full force. From the first time the listener hears Hayley's voice to the end of the album, the listener will be amazed at her range of vocals and how well the band harmonizes with her. The video for this song, directed and edited by Dan Dobi, showcases the raw energy Paramore puts into their live show. With various clips of the band performing, the viewer sees how passionate they are towards their music and how much fun they have together.

The third track on the album, "Emergency," is by far the strongest track on the album. This is hard to say, since 90% of the album contains radio singles. The tracks starts stating, "I think we have an emergency, I think we have an emergency." This song is one that hits hard with the listener. It talks about seeing someone suffer during a tough break up. The lyrics, "I've seen love die way too many times, when it deserves to be alive, I've seen you cry way too many times, when you deserve to be alive," are one of the more profound lines sung on the album. Some albums contain lyrics that just make one think, and this is one of theme. How many times has someone close been affected by heartache and shut down?

Halfway through the album, there is the one song that will have you trying to sing the chorus after the first time it is heard. "Here We Go Again" opens with a thumping guitar line that runs throughout the song. There is not a weak moment in this entire track. When Haley belts out, "I'll write you just to let you know that I'm alright, can't say I'm sad to see you go," one wonders if she has been screwed over by someone. Even though the lyrics to this track may be those of heartache, this track is a perfect song to drive along to and just lose yourself in.

The next track, "Whoa," will leave you in awe. This track is the poppiest track on the album, which is not a bad thing at all. You will be singing along due to its catchiness. The chorus will smack you, due to the fact that the verses are a little more serious. "We've got every one singin' whoa, whoa." Even the band knows everyone will be singing along with their album, as well as this track. With the poppy music and sing-a-long lyrics, the band has outdone themselves with a song that will be stuck in your head for days.

"Franklin" seems to be the most emotional track on the record. This song is one of the slowest paced tracks on the album and showcases the true talent of the band. With lyrics about missing their hometown and feeling out of place, anyone that has moved can truly relate. Due to the dual vocal track on this song, the listener can hear both Hayley and Josh singing different lines over each other. The layered effect really adds to the track. The raw emotion makes this track stand out from the others.

Finally comes the closing song, "My Heart." On this track, one thing stands out that will blow the listeners mind. The song opens very mellow like many of the other tracks. During parts of this song however, the band's love for metal and screamo is shown. There is screaming during parts of the song, which may catch people off guard due to the mellowness of the rest of the album. This screaming actually adds to the dynamics of the record, once again showcasing the talent that these teenagers have.

"All We Know Is Falling" is a solid record, considering half the band is under age 17. They write lyrics better than some of the emo bands out there now and the sound of the instruments is stunning. Fueled By Ramen has picked up a band that will be huge. If you are looking for one CD to buy before the summer is over, this is it. There is nothing else on the market that has the passion and talent that this record contains. Once you begin to listen, it will be an album that will not come out of the CD player.
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on October 5, 2006
Ok, lets get past the fact that this girl will turn out to be the next gwen stafani - she's smoking hot. The music rocks too, the lyrics are heartfelt, they are not as cheesey as they appear to be, this is a solid release. 16-years-old, right at the prime of the suffring years - perfect for songs that tug at your heart strings. The whole band is talented. The song structures may be basic, but damn they get stuck in your head. And they sound just as good live - this girl can sing!!
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on October 21, 2014
The debut album by Paramore is surprising polished considering the ages of the band members in 2005 and the fact that at the time they were dealing with abrupt departure of Jeremy Davis during the recording of material for this album. Even with the departure of Davis, all five original and three current members of Paramore are present on the album in some form which allows the listener to discover the band's evolution to the present.

Of the three singles off this album, "Emergency" is best all around song in vocals, lyrics, and music. However, "All We Know" as both a single and the opening track of the album gives an emotional punch to the listener given it was how the band dealt with the sudden departure of Davis. Of the seven other tracks on the disc, "Conspiracy" is not only the best song but also see Taylor York join Hayley Williams and Josh Farro in writing the music. The second-best non-single track happens to be "Whoa" the only song that features Davis on bass and the difference is telling comparing to the rest of the tracks. Throughout the entire album, one can not tell that Williams is only 16 years old while on vocals and can definitely carry every song, however the inclusion of Josh Farro on "Franklin" was a stroke of genius.

I hesitate to include any negatives in the review, however of all the tracks "My Heart" at the very end of the album is the worst. Josh Farro's screaming vocals are so jarring and sound so out of place that it ruins the song and gives the album a disappointing finish.

Even with that one complaint, I don't regret purchasing All We Know is Falling. For late arriving fans of the band like myself, it gives us an fascinating insight about how Paramore introduced themselves. Definitely Recommended.
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