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on October 16, 2011
I read this book because it was compaired to an all time favorite of mine, Beatiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire and I admit that I was a tad bit skeptical but I can honestly say that I was not dissapointed.
Irelyn finds herself in a difficult position when a fling with Lucas, the utterly attractive lead singer of a band spins out of control. The thing is, Ireland has a boyfriend. A perfect, wealthy boyfriend that has the approval of her hard to please grandparents. As much as she tries to squash her growing attraction to Lucas; she can't and she results in creating a secret love affair while continueing her relationship with her boyfriend. When the guilt begins to become to much and when attraction mixes with feelings; Ireland know's she has to make a choice. But, when some things stand in the way the story takes an unexpected twist.
The characters where all beautifully crafted and they all had unique personalities that made the story feel more real and less like the fantasy that most romances tend to create. I personally fell in love with Lucas immediatly and was rooting for him from the beginning. I was constantly laughing about their easy banter but I couldn't help but hate Irelyn a little bit because she honestly didn't know what she wanted most of the time and I knew exactly what I wanted her to want! Despite my frustration, I liked that there was immediate attraction but it wasn't love right away and it took time to get to know the characters personalities before there are any true, deep feelings. Because of it's compelling plot and truly lovable characters, I give this a 5 out of 5 stars and I look forward to reading more by JL Paul!
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on September 13, 2011
I loved the story, the characters you immediately care about, and the plot is fantastic. I stayed up till the wee hours in the morning because I REALLY couldn't put it down. If you love Jamie McGuire's Beautiful Disaster you'll love this one. It's a fantastic heart wrenching and dramatic love story that will leave you wishing there was more! Loved loved loved it!
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on April 28, 2012
After reading the Fifty Shades triology, Beautiful Disaster, Thoughtless and Effortless, and the Providence series - Amazon suggested that All the Wrong Reasons.

Just by reading a few of the reviews, I thought that the plot sounded pretty similar to Thoughtless and Effortless.... The girl's dating a great guy, but meets a guy an attractive guy in a band and starts a purely sexual relationship with him that leads to legitimate feelings. While actually reading All the Wrong Reasons, I saw more than just a few similarities to the book Thoughtless... The storyline pretty much replicated Thoughtless', but in a far more choppy way.

Maybe it's because I read Thoughtless first and was very irked by how parallel the stories were, but I did not enjoy this book. There was nothing unexpected or dramatic. The characters weren't really developed at all. I didn't even find myself attached to any of the characters - not even Irelyn or Lucas... I would not suggest this book to anyone who enjoyed the books I mentioned above... Especially if you've already read Thoughtless and Effortless.
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on July 14, 2012
I am so angry....I have this huge TBR pile and I wasted my entire day on this book. It was so not worth it.
I just can't read this book anymore. I am fed up with all the drama.

My main problem with the book is the female protagonist Irelyn (what is the deal with her name?). She is a selfish, stupid and a big-fat liar. She doesn't think about anyone other than herself. And yet, everyone seems to love her. When you don't like the main character, it is really hard to like the book. I still tried! *sigh*

In short, the plot is that, Irelyn cheats on her boyfriend(Dustin) then feels guilty and then cheats on him again.
And she does this for almost the entire book (Atleast, for as long as I could bear to read it).
Lucas is the guy she's cheating with. He is supposed to be a one-night stand but she can't control herself around him. (Really?) She doesn't even have proper conversation with Lucas. Granted, he is hot with a sexy Australian accent but cheating is never cool and it makes me sad that books like this are trying to justify it.

At one point, when she thinks that she might be pregnant with Lucas's child, she is ready to lie to her boyfriend and tell him that the baby is his.

The book and the characters were really getting on my nerves so I decided to not read it any further.
What surprises me is that the book has such a high rating. It even has a sequel. *breaks down and cries*
Maybe, something is wrong with me.(I knew this day would come!)
I liked thoughtless, so I assumed I would like this book too.(If you haven't guessed, I didn't)

P.S. I don't like giving bad reviews. But I truly hated this book.
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on November 5, 2011
I really really hated this book. From the constant use of "um" in nearly ALL the conversations between the "hero" and heroine, to the horribly boring story line. It didn't grab my attention at all and at times i wondered where the book was even going. I only completed the book because i spent 1.99 on it and was going to finish it whether i wanted to or not, which i definitely DID NOT...if this book was free i would've put it down immediately.

I always like monogamy in a relationship when there IS a relationship and this "heroine" was sleeping with both her boyfriend and the new guy in her life. She was constantly jealous as many other girls also liked new guy too and it droned on and on and on. I just felt unsatisfied with this story. And I'm too bored to continue to ram on about what was wrong with this book...

Just trust me, if you like confusing, at times immature story line, this one is for YOU! I personally detested it.
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on January 4, 2012
***WARNING: this review contains spoilers***

Let me preface this by saying that stories involving cheating are usually a big turn-off for me. I won't even read them if I know cheating is part of the plot. Imagine my surprise when I actually found myself enjoying this book after seeing it recommended so many times on the message boards.

Irelyn is 18 years old and beginning her freshman year of college, moving into a dorm at the urging of her grandparents, even though her house is just 19 minutes from campus. Irelyn's mother was a bit of a wild child and her grandparents are eager to get her out of the house and into the grand world of university life. She has a boyfriend, Dustin, who she has been dating for about 18 months and loves. He has gone off to school a couple of hours away but they meet up each weekend when Irelyn is forced to return home for visits to her grandparents' country club.

One Friday night she visits a bar with her friends she catches the eye of Lucas, the lead singer for the band Out Back, a group including his fraternal twin brother and a cousin. It's lust at first site and Irelyn and Lucas engage in a one-night stand within minutes of meeting. (I was actually shocked at how quickly they "got down to business").

Mortified at what she's done, Irelyn sneaks away while he's sleeping, only to leave her phone at his cousin's place. She meets up with him the following Friday to retrieve her phone and ends up going back to his place...again. Despite huge feelings of guilt for carrying on the affair, Irelyn continues seeing Lucas every Friday and Dustin on the weekends. At times is gets cringe-worthy to read, but the author does a good job of making you root for the main characters despite the affair. Drama ensues when Irelyn's boyfriend Dustin can't take the hint that she's just not that into him anymore. Mix in a butthole of a meddling grandfather and you get much of the angst in the book.

I really enjoyed this book. I was very impressed with the quality I received for the low price of $1.99. I recently paid $6.99 for an e-book by a famous author that had more errors in it than this book did. Bravo to the author/editors.

If I could change one thing about this book, it would be the Hero's lack of possessiveness for his woman. Yes, he was the "other man" at first, but I feel he could have done more to show his feelings. I love a good alpha-male, but sadly Lucas is not one. I did like him, though.
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on June 29, 2012
I bought this book for my Kindle when I saw it compared to Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire. I adored that book and was excited to try something along the same lines. This didn't quite live up to my expectations but was still an enjoyable read.

I really liked the overall plot of the book. Irelyn gets herself into some major trouble when she has a one night stand with the smokin' lead singer of a band. Problem is that she has a boyfriend she's been in a long-term relationship with AND that she can't stop hooking up with band guy, Lucas. I love when characters make bad decisions and ultimately come out on top. I also loved Lucas and his bandmates/family. I read this book super fast to find out how everything was going to turn out, it was hard to put down.

All that being said there were a few things that kept me from rating it higher than I did (3 stars). There was a recurring theme of Irelyn blushing, like all the time. It started to feel contrived. Please keep in mind that I love a well-placed red-cheeked gal. It can add so much to a scene when put in the right place AND used sparingly. My last issue was that in a book like this that promises some angst and sex...I kind of missed the sex :) There was all the build up and then...*play music* cut to landscape shot out of the window. I'm no perv, but I want to know what these people are doing with (to) each other *waggles eyebrows*

I would say that if you like books in this genre that you should go ahead and read it. It was definitely still worth it for me and I'll be reading the second book in this series soon too. I could see room for improvement but was overall satisfied with the story.
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on November 8, 2011

I bought this book based on the recommendations on books like Beautiful Disaster. I had high hopes that there would be some intense relationship going on. I knew there would be a triangle involved but I did not expect the heroine to be cheating on her boyfriend for an extended period of time! I don't remember that happening in BD.

Uh, her passions carried her away, she felt guilty about cheating on her devoted bf whom she claims to love, but instead of staying away from temptation or breaking up with the bf, what does h do? Nothing! She carries on sleeping with the Hero on Fridays & getting it on with the bf on Saturdays, and this continued for a few weeks. Yuck, disgusting! At first, I emphatized with her since I've experienced being torn between the good bf & attracted to another guy, but I would never had carried with a sexual relationship with someone else without breaking off with the bf.

And the bf was not a bad guy at all! Granted, he was a snob towards the end, but she knew what & where he came from, the upscale folks, from the get-go, heck they were together for 4 years! And yet she could not let him go.

The hero was actually a nice guy, but what can you say about a guy who knows he's fooling around with someone's gf? If the h can cheat on her bf, I'm sure down the road she'll be cheating on this dude too.

There is nothing comparable to Beautiful Disaster in this book. It's terrible! I returned the Kindle book, disgusts me whenever I see in my Kindle.
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on January 12, 2012
Irelyn is certain about her future. She wants to be a writer, has a prominent family who's helping pay for her college, a fantastic boyfriend, and she's made some great friends. Then she meets Lucas and everything changes.

My Take:
I really enjoyed this book! It was a very fast read and I immediately picked up and read the next book in the series. As you can see, I am a fan of series. I just can't seem to help my obsession with seeing what happens next! Irelyn's family has such a strong hold and influence on her, that it was so refreshing to see her break free of their hold. Lucas was HOT and oh so sweet! I really can't imagine someone being as understanding in real life, but's a story. I love the supporting characters: Collin, Spencer, Bailey, and Morgan. I look forward to seeing where the series takes them all. If you're looking for a fast, easy romantic, love triangle type of read... this book will work for you!
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on February 10, 2015
I loved this book right from the beginning. I liked Lucas right away, I loved how he talked and listened to Irelyn. I even imagined him talking with an Australian accent and calling her love. Wow, so hot! I never got a good feeling about Dustin, maybe we weren't meant to like him. I thought the book was great, I loved Irelyn' s roommates, Bailey and Morgan. I also liked Lucas' bandages, Collin(his brother) and Spencer(cousin). Her grandfather was awful and controlling. The story was great and the characters were well developed. It was funny and emotional. She struggled with tough decisions, that any 18 year old would be struggling with. I recommend this book.
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