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VINE VOICEon March 28, 2005
There is a scientific principle called entrainment. If two items are vibrating side by side at different speeds then the item that vibrates at the lower speed will adjust to vibrate at the same frequency as the other object.

Examples of this are swings in a playground that are swinging out of sync and adjust. Also, in a clock store you may notice the pendulum clocks of the same size swinging back and forth in unison.

Research has been done into the brainwaves of people in relaxed meditative states, such as yogis, swamis and creative people. Dr T has incorporated these brainwave patterns into his music to entrain your mind to reach the Alpha state, which is a light meditative and relaxing state.

So, if you were to be subjected to these Alpha waves which are embedded in the relaxing sounds, your mind will reattune itself, so you can reach a similar state. This change is not permanent. Yet, the more you listen to it the more you will learn to attain these states yourself, effortlessly, when you need to.

Dr Jeffrey Thompson has done extensive research into stress and the power of relaxing music and entrainment and has used that research to create pulses, chord patterns, sounds from nature. This cd contains many sounds such as flowing water, jungle, rainfall, bird songs, whales and dolphins. Sometimes these sounds are electronically changed to accelerate the mental response.

Alpha is a state of mind associated with relaxation, and light meditation. Often, you are in this state when you close your eyes, or are on the verge of sleep. As you listen you may notice the 3D sound effects, so you can hear and feel these sounds coming from all directions around, above and through you. Mentally, this is like listening to these sounds in reality, and enhances the experience.

I have most of Dr T's systems. This one is probably the most interesting to listen to. I do strongly recommend the Awakened Mind System, which does stimulate your imagination to the point where you are floating flying in that inner world. With me, I feel like I am flying above the sea the with many different colors of sea and and sky at my disposal.

If you have never used this type of music before, don't you think you should give it a go. This program helps with problem solving, stress reduction, and relaxation.

I highly recommend another of Dr T's products Awakened Mind system, which I find very good for creativity.

I hope you find this review helpful.
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on February 21, 2003
I absolutely love this CD! I used to find it very hard to get in a peaceful mood to sleep. I live in an apartment where our paper thin walls make it very hard for me to shut out distractions but with headphones and the 3-D music surrounding me like a cocoon,it pushes the everyday world back a little. The waterfall sounds and the sounds of birds make me feel like I'm in a rainforest, a place seperate from the everyday world filled with the jolting sounds of horns, people, and stress stress stress! I find I am very sensitive to harsh sounds and this CD is like a balm for my ears. This is a great CD!
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on April 5, 2003
I really enjoy listening to this CD. It's fairly relaxing, but it doesn't put me to sleep by any means. What surprised me is that it is musically very imaginative (even intriguing). It combines music and sounds in a way that I can't say it's a music CD or a natural sounds CD; it doesn't fall neatly into any category.
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This really works. Scientifically proven tones that stimulate brain waves in such a way as to coerce relaxation and calmness. Not only that the music itself is actually great sounding. Great for background music, or for massage and yoga.
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on August 9, 2005
I don't think I've heard this entire CD through to the end yet. The first night I tried it, I was really wound up - thinking about my day at work and the upcoming day, and other issues that normally keep me from falling asleep. When I first started the CD, I said to myself "yeah, right, this works - NOT"... I don't even remember falling asleep!! I slept nearly through the nite, and turned it on again when I awoke and slept the rest of the nite through. My only suggestion is once your alarm clock goes off, don't hit the snooze and listen to this CD!! You're sure to not want to get up!
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on March 13, 2013
He loves it and gets upset if this music is not playing on his Kindle Fire while he sleeps. Now my wife and I sleep with it every night too (we bought it digitally so that we can steam it to multiple Amazon MP3 players or Kindles).
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on January 6, 2013
This is one of my favorites of Dr. Thompson's recordings. Listening does modify and lessen feelings of stress, anxiety, and tension for me. Track one seems even better than track two, but both are very soothing.

There are no strange jarring sounds in this recording. Everything flows. Another reviewer described the sounds that have been blended, and I find that accurate. For me the recording is useful either for straight meditation or as background music while I'm doing other things. (For sleep, I prefer his Sleepy Ocean disc.) This one allows me to relax, without going so far as to get drowsy. It's a good feeling.

Now - about my title - noting that the sales description isn't accurate: this is Alpha Relaxation System release number 1. It contains ONE disc. There is an Alpha Relaxation System 2.0 - which I BELIEVE may have 2 discs. This product, however, contains ONE disc. That's not the Docs fault, but whoever did the description here slipped. (Maybe it will be corrected at some point - and then you'll wonder what I'm talking about in my review.)

I hope this will work at least as well for you as it does for me. (We're all different though, of course.)
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on March 14, 2014
I have been using this CD at bedtime, or sometimes at the onset of a migraine. Not only does it help me relax, but I have noticed an increase in my ability to focus on detailed paperwork, and in general throughout the day. If I catch the migraine at the beginning, the relaxation I get from the CD gets me through to recovery more quickly! Love it! I have also tried the alpha-theta CD for naps, and wake up 45 minutes later feeling refreshed, without that yucky after-nap daze that often happens. Thank you Jeffrey!
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on November 22, 2007
I use this CD while medatating and love to listen to it. It is very relaxing. It has sounds of nature, ocean, raindrops ... with calming music in the background.
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on November 29, 2009
I have used the Delta Deep Sleep CD at night for several years now. I turn the volume to where I can barely hear it. It serves as white noise. I wake much more rested in the morning. I suffer from chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. This CD relaxes my mind and body. If I forget to turn it on, I wake up after a couple of hours of sleep. I use a CD player with a repeat function so that it plays continuously all night. Since I sleep about 10 hours, that's a lot of wear and tear and it's still sounds like new. In fact, I've worn out a CD player already. By keeping the volume so low, anyone in bed with you won't be bothered by it...maybe it will even help their sleep! If my CD ever breaks, I'm rushing out to get another immediately.
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