Customer Reviews: Alvin And The Chipmunks: The Squeakquel [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] (Amazon Exclusive Version)
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on March 6, 2011
The Chipmunks have been in our house since I was too young to remember it. My sister liked it first, but after I got a little older, I realized how cool they really are. So I was shocked in 2007 when I saw the TV advertisement for "Alvin and the Chipmunks". That's whem I started collecting DVDs and CDs from this group. Now, the Squeakquel is different because it has the totally awesome Chipettes in it. The Chipmunks would be nothing without their girls. But I never expected to see the Chipettes come on this strong. They sound GREAT!

However, I feel obligated to tell you that though they did some editing to make the famous songs on their album "kid friendly", they failed in some songs. Here are my opinions for each song:

1. You Really Got Me-The Chipmunks Featuring Honor Society
this song is cute and catchy. Some parts are even a little funny (like when one of the Honor Society guys went "Oh! Oh! Oh!" and he sounded like he was trying to be a chipmunk). It's not one of my favorite songs, though.

2. Hot N Cold-The Chipettes
Like 'You Really Got Me", this one also starts to get old kind of quickly. However, I like the way it is sung, and the initial Chipette sound is great. They also changed the inappropriate content to something really cute: "You change your mind like a girl changes clothes. You always dress like a chick. I would know."

3. So What-The Chipettes
Okay, so I really like the way this is sung. It's really catchy, and the way the squeaky voices fit with the background music is better than the original. But they didn't make it entirely kid friendly. Some things they were smart about, like cutting out the bad word and saying "Somody's gonna cry" instead of "Somebody's gonna die". But they also repeatedly say, "I'm gonna get in trouble, I wanna start a fight" and "you're a tool". The other reviewer who commented on the inappropriateness of this song was wrong about the line "I'm gonna drink my money". They say, "I'm gonna spend my money".
They also changed these things:
"I guess I just lost my BOYFRIEND" intsead of husband
"The waiter just took my table and gave it to David Seville. I guess I'll go sit with Simon. At least he is keepin it real."
"I'm goin to get in trouble, Alvin will start a fight." Intesd of my Ex

4. You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)-The Chipmunks
This song appears to be lyrically okay. My sister and I both love this song. It sounds so techno and bouncy. We love it.

5. Single Ladies (put a Ring on It)-The Chipettes
I like this version better than the original. It sounds fuller and more techno-like. The Chipettes say all the same things as the original artist except that they exchanged the bridge for Brittany singing the main chorus in a synthasizer. Some of the lyrics could be considered inappropriate, but the main meaning is encouraging. It basically means, "I need a commitment from you." Or "If you want ANYTHING from me, you have to marry me first." And I hope you know what I mean by ANYTHING. Now, whether or not little kids should be considering these ideas is something I can't say. Kids are dating younger and younger now-a-days. Maybe this is something that SHOULD ring in their ears.

6. Bring it On-The Chipmunks
Though this isn't my favorite song, it is pretty encouraging. It inspires you to get moving and stop procrastinating. And it is sung very well.

7. Stayin Alive-The Chipmunks
Again, not one of my favorite songs, but it's still good. The Chipmunks did this song in their cartoon years, and this is a nice update. The singing has more personality than the old version. And I'm glad I got a version of this song because it's basically a classic.

8. The Song-The Chipettes Featuring Queensberry
This song has an "out of this world" sound if you know what I mean. The Chipettes have this really nice harmony that echos. And I just love that part where those little voices say "You think I'm crazy Baby?" It's so cute in a professional way.

9. It's OK-The Chipmunks
This song is very fast, but when you listen closely, you realize how encouraging the words are! It basically says, "I know things are hard, just keep pushing through because if you make it through today, tomorrow will be better." It also encourages you to be strong and confident. If you look at this from a Christian perspective, it reminds you of the rewards you'll have in heaven. And it makes me think of having confidence in God.

10. Shake Your Groove Thing-The Chipmunks and Chipettes
Just because I know it's hard to tell the voices apart, the boys sing the first verse and the girls sing the second verse. The Chipmunks did this song on "Undeniable", and that version was more bouncy. They had a more crisp sound. But even though this one is a little slower, I like it because the Chipettes are in it, and Alvin and Brittany do some vocals together without the others. For those thinking about their kids, just know that one of the lines says, "Bad enough to strut our stuff". I don't know if it's a big deal, but I thought I'd let you know.

11. Put Your Records On-The Chipettes
I LOVE this version of the song! Those girls have so much personality to put into it, it's almost enough to make me cry. This is a good song for the Chipettes. I could just imagine Brittany and Eleanor saying all these things to Jeanette. This is 100% awesome.

12. I Want to Know what Love Is-The Chipmunks
I like the feeling in this song. It sounds so cute and innocent. It's just so slow that I don't listen to it as often as the other songs.

13. We Are Family-The Chipmunks and Chipettes
Again, they're hard to tell apart, so I'll tell you that the girls do the first verse and the boys do the second verse. In the chorus, the girls sing the first part that says "I got all my sisters with me." I like that the second time around, it switches to the boys, and they say, "I got all my brothers with me." It's so CUTE! The family values taught in this movie and album are just great.

14. No One-The Chipettes featuring Charice
This isn't my favorite song on the CD. The Chipettes don't really sing much. They're basically singing background (like Kidz Bop). But I still like the sound. Compared to the Kidz Bop version, this is pretty good.

15. I Gotta Feeling-The Chipmunks and Chipettes
This song is so complicated, I don't think I can tell you where the boys sing and where the girls sing. I really like this song. Though it's not actually in the movie, the album says it was inspired by the movie. Though it is really bouncy and fun, I suggest you buy the Kidz Bop version if you're looking for music for a young child. The Kidz Bop Kids changed the words. The Chipmunks repeatedly say "Oh My God" and "Look at her dancing. Just take it off." The Kidz Bop Kids say "Oh My Gosh" and "Look at her dancing. Just dance along."

You can ONLY get track 16 by downloading the mp3 album. It isn't included in the audio CD.

16. In the Family-The Chipmunks and Chipettes
The Chipmunks and Chipettes take turns singing about how they're there for each other. The boys call the girls sisters and the girls call the boys brothers. They talk about how even though they're not related, they became family and will treat each other like family. It's very cute and encouraging.

I'd recommend this CD to:
-People who enjoyed the movie
-Fans of Alvin and the Chipmunks and/or The Chipettes
-Fans of the special guests on this album
-Kids who won't be influenced by the lyrics
-Anyone looking for a fun and more lighthearted take on some very famous songs
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on July 23, 2010
Can't say enough about these furry little musicians. We've rocked to them for the last 40 plus years and are still rocking.

Recently bought several versions for my grand-kids and in the year 2010 they still love them and know the words to the songs, awesome.

Carla J Gardiner
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on March 6, 2013
I accidentally ordered this instead of the "Chipwrecked" one I meant to get. I figured the kids would like it anyhow...they don't. They weren't thrilled with the Chipwrecked one either, which is the one they wanted to begin with.
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on January 20, 2012
I got this for my daughter and was very suprised at how upbeat and awesome it is! I thought it would be rather annoying when she played it, but I have found myself on multiple occasions singing along. Turned out to be a Great buy!!
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on December 5, 2009
I picked this album up for my 4 year old daughter and she loves it. She really likes Alvin and the Chipmunks and was really excited when I told her I bought this for her. We have listened to it several times, and she sings along to most of the songs. I think it's a nice mix of older and newer songs. For kids who like the Chipmunks, this is a great item to pick up/download.
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on June 28, 2010
Let me start off by saying that my 4 year old stepdaughter is in love with this disc. She sings every song and she dances happily as it plays.

Let me continue by saying that it is the ONLY cd she wants to listen to. Right now I want to stab my ears repeatedly with a pen in an effort to make the chipmunk singing STOP!

We have a 3 hour drive when we pick up my stepdaughter and a 3 hour drive back when we drop her off. This cd will be the death of me, mark my words. Remember in the movie "Big Daddy" when the kid is screaming "Kangaroo Song!"!? Well, my stepdaughter shreeks, "Favorite Song, Favorite Song" and her favorite song is "Hot N Cold" by Katy Perry, as covered by the Chipettes. (STAB MY EARS OUT)

Another one of her other favorites is "So What" originally by P!NK, and I have to admit it's really cute to see her dancing around and singing that she is a rock star. However, these happy moments are dulled by my annoyance that a children's cartoon would prompt children to sing, "If you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it" as featured in everyone's favorite Beyonce tune, now 87 octaves higher and sung by chipmunks.

So read this review, and buyer beware....children absolutely love this album. I, on the other hand, wish it did not exist.
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on January 3, 2010
Whether you're a fan of the live-action movies or not, this CD is a must-own for any Chipmunks fan. It has fifteen songs and all of them are good. Hearing the Chippettes sing "Hot N' Cold" brings a big smile to my face, and the Chipmunks' version of "You Spin Me Right Round" is pretty awesome. You also get tracks that pair the Chipmunks with the Chippettes, including the two songs that they sing during the finale of the movie. As was the case with the soundtrack for the first film, this is a surprisingly strong CD, and one that I will probably end up listening to many times.
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on April 9, 2010
I bought this movie for my granddaughter who is 4 1/2. She loved the first movie Alvin and the Chipmunks. She loves the movie not only for the cute characters, but she loves the music in the movie. She really likes the Chipettes. As an adult, I enjoyed the movie also. Fun and entertaining.
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on January 7, 2010
My 2 3/4 and 4 3/4 year old daughters went to see the Sqeakquel movie and LOVED it. They have been bugging me for the soundtrack ever since. I finally got it tonight and they have been listening to it for hours (literally). It might get a little old for parents (LOL) but the kids REALLY enjoy it so... it's definitely worth it!
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on December 15, 2009
My kids and I just love the chipmonks!!!! And my family bought my kids MP3 players, OMG I've had a blast getting all the chipmonks songs. Been a fan since I was a kids and I have multiple ring tones. This is a great album. Getting the rest for them. Love Love Love 'em!!!!!
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