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on July 14, 2014
Thank you Dr. Wasdin, for writing such an important autobiography.
After all, there are only a few hundred people who hold positions as this country's best special operations soldiers, for whom their military can always count on for brave, impossible assignments. Special Operations soldiers are rarely seen and until recent years, rarely heard of.

You wrote one of the best described books on how it is to make a Special Op's. warrior... by living it.
I am very proud, and feel safer to be on American soil after reading all that you and your brothers are willing to strive for, in the name of our county. So am I grateful for your opening up as candidly as you could, with your life in this genre. I agree too, that the way you were raised, physiologically enhanced your character when you needed to strive most--in SEAL training, in the Special Forces, and in your life once leaving the field.

It was interesting to find that your team works with other USA Special Ops., like Delta Force, Rangers and especially those greatly over looked, yet much needed
'pilots' in the skies! They showed themselves as heroic by working as flying, moving, living targets in the course to free our guys on the ground from a locked-in situation during one of your missions. Those pilots were incredible!

I have seen BUDS on the Military Channel, and recognized different faces of fear, exhaustion and failure. I wish I had seen yours along with the few making it to the end with you graduating--only to train for the rest of your careers and specialize in a particular field as a Special Forces soldier of which ever division.

I conclude that your mission in Mogadishu was compromised by communications delay in it's timing, as it was passed on seconds too late from each operator being told what to do and pass on. And unfortunately no one knew of this soon enough.
(Those interested in Mogadishu will find it interesting in the role that the U.N. took
being there too.)
Then due to the unexpected, drugged-up Somali non-military groups with weapons, yes, those 'extra' bad guys, were not what you were there for in your mission. If they had been your mission, your special military equipment and weapons would have been fully enhanced and available to you in fighting urban warfare.
Their violent response to your entrance is also a true-to-form testament reveling that your mission was not to fight them. Your original mission was planned to take less than an hour when devised, thus making this hostile environment of humans on drugs while carrying lethal weapons, an impossible task for your mix of guys as you were all taken by surprise.

I know that your future book readers will gasp when they read your personal turning point as you exit the area, as well as Somalia, as that situation became it's own story changer for you.

I recommend this book to everyone due to the subject matter, while discovering more about the person whom you can become...a self-assured person once you find your drive and apply it to your own interest(s). Besides this memoir, that is also what I got from this book. And I'm thankful Dr. Wasdin told his story in the way that he did...executed brilliantly!
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on April 30, 2012
What another reviewer said is incorrect. It's not written "down." It's shorter and condensed, but has the full story and all of the impact of the original version, a deserved bestseller. Mr. Wasdin's story is fascinating. Highly recommended.
(For some reason there's no "Verified Purchase" label, but it was.)
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on March 16, 2015
I bought this book for my husband as a gift, i did not know that this book was written for CHILDREN. It says somewhere in fine print for ages 12 and up if this was a re-write it should say in bold letters in the title so you know that you are getting a book for kids or adults. Now i wasted my money giving my husband a gift that he cannot enjoy reading as it is for kids. It would be a waste to return this...bait and switch.
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on January 13, 2015
I am a SEAL Team Six Warrior written by Howard E. Easton and Stephen Templin is overall a very good book. The book is a biography about Howard Wasdin's life starting at a young age to becoming a SEAL Team Six warrior, the elite of the elite and the most skilled group of soldiers in America. Wasdin throughout the story overcame obsticals in his childhood and through out the rest of his life that most people will never have to endure. During his child hood, Wasdind felt with an abusive step father that never showed him the love that most fathers and sons share with one another. Wasdin didn't know it at the time but this unfortunate childhood built him up to become a determined, strong, and perisistant human being to complete and over come any goal or obsticals put in his way. This attitude towards his life really helped and assisted Wasdin to become a Navy SEAL. One of the many steps to become a Navy SEAL is Hell Week. The name isn't surger coated, except the complete opposite, its hell. Anybody who wants to complete it needs the highest amount of perserverence and determination. Wasdin, from his challenging childhood, realized that pain is only temporary and the accomplishment of completing a goal completely out weighs the pain and suffering one must go through when completing a goal. Wasdins goal was to become a Navy SEAL and going through hell was worth the pain of becoming one of the most elite soldiers America has to offer. The rest of the book tells Wasdin's life as a SEAL Team Six warrior. It tells stories that many people cannot rap their heasd around. Readers are left mind boggled and a state of disbelief of what soldiers and especially the most skilled and elite of the soldiers endure and accomplish to keep America safe and free. I am a SEAL Team Six Warrior is a highly regarded book that not only tells the story of Howard Wasdin but inner meanings such as what is needed to complete goals and get rewarded in life.
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I have been fortunate to have read a reviewed numerous books about SEAL Training, as well as some fantastic memoirs of SEAL warriors who related their incredible experiences so that we may all learn some valuable life lessons from them. I was in the U.S. Navy (1959-1963) but did not have an opportunity to attend BUD/S because of my medical problems at that time. However, I have always had enormous respect and admiration for the UDT/SEALS and other Special Ops units in the Navy, Army, Marines and Air force.

This excellent book relates the experiences of Howard E. Wasdin, a former U.S. Navy SEAL Sniper. The text is organized into two parts. Part one he relates his sad home and family challenges, but the interesting part is that he puts a positive spin on his bad home life. He was able to endure the hard and brutal SEAL training because of his tragic home life at the time. He is not bitter but actually shows enormous humanity in his story. The first part also covers his joining the Navy and of course, the difficult SEAL training program, as well as his entry into SEAL Team Two, where he served in Desert Storm.

The second part explains his slection into the legendary SEAL Team Six and his Sniper school training. This section also has the most tense and exciting story of the Battle of Mogadishu. If you saw the movie Black Hawk Down, the author was there when the fighting was most intense. He was wounded seriously in the leg in that battle. He has some harsh, but true criticism for the political decisions made which he blames for so many Americans who died during that engagement. He does not hold anything back in his evaluation of the Mogadishu battle and the mistakes that were made at that time.

In conclusion, this is a book that should be read by all Americans in order to understand what these American heros endured fighting for this country. There are also many photographs in the middle of the book showing SEAL training exercises as well as photos of the author. A must read book.

Rating: 5 Stars. Joseph J. Truncale (Predator Hunter: A warrior's memoir)
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on June 16, 2013
I bought this for my 13 year old boy. It is actually a little below him. The story is good, but he felt like it was an elementary school book. That was probably its intended audience, but I didn't realize it when I bought it for him.
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on May 17, 2012
Many aspects of this book were absolutely fascinating. I enjoyed (in a better-you-than-me-but-holy-cow-that's-impressive kind of way) reading about all the training that Howard went through, from joining the Navy through becoming a SEAL and then later a sniper. Learning some of the history of the SEALs was neat too. Seeing the events of the movie Black Hawk Down (yes, I'm sure the book was better and more accurate--I'm planning on reading it too--soon) from another perspective was really interesting as well. And I just can't get past the fact that the author met Rudy from Survivor; I had no idea that Rudy Boesch was such a well-known individual in the military world. I shared quite a bit of this book with others while I was reading it; I just couldn't help myself. There were many times that I didn't want to put this book down, and I'd already purchased a print copy for my classroom library before I was even halfway done with my digital one.

The authors did a decent job of taking what must be a challenging adult book and making it more accessible to a younger audience. At times narrative transitions were less than smooth, because it appeared that a larger chunk of information must have been pared out of this version. The end result was a bit of choppiness in the tale, but overall it doesn't really detract from the narrative. I think readers from middle school on up can find a lot to relate to in many parts of this memoir, and in fact I have read parts of it out loud to my classes already. If the grown up version happened to cross my path, I definitely wouldn't be adverse to reading it as well.
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on January 6, 2013
My 11-year old loves this book! Very inspirational and a great story. REcommended for any age. Certainly not the way you want to become a SEAL but inspiration for kids that have that drive.
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on July 10, 2013
The best book I have ever read I'm a 14 year old boy and it is my dream to become a Marine sniper or anything that my country needs me to do to help keep them/US safe
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on July 29, 2014
this book is simply incredibly (sorry im still looking for a better word to describe) fabouesly fascinating and wonderfully written, definetly one of them best military books out there, the book is basically about how Howard (the author) overcomes a rough childhood to fullfill his dreams of becoming a elite sniper for seal team six this book also shows us that nothing should hold us back from completing are dreams, anyway Howard is later found in the battle of Mogadishu which is supposed to take a quick half hour but takes a whole lot longer,after the battle he struggles with stress and depression and even has suicidle thoughts,( now dont get me wrong he is a great man but the stress from war isnt fun )later he learns to get over his depression and to think about his future which makes him become a fabouleous chiropractor. overall he has put his life to great use first helping america in the military then later helping patients. we should be like him and serve our country in whatever ways we can. (off topic: to learn more about the brave men who risked thier lives in the battle of mogadishue watch "Black Hawk Down" by ridley scott) finally God bless brave people like howard wasdin who risk thier lives for our country. GOD BLESS
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