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on October 13, 2003
The first thing I did with this was watch the "making of" bonus documentary. I had only recently re-watched the film, and wasn't sure I wanted to see it again, so soon. But when I realized how much extra footage was there, I got curious. With all the formerly excised bits put in, the flow of the narrative becomes clearer. Salieri becomes more pathetically wicked, and Mozart becomes more worthy of our empathy; especially from the standpoint of "the plight of the artist". We more fully understand their motivations.
Even Mozart's wife's character is complexified, as well as their marriage (a short spat scene). Thus it takes on a character unlike the original. It's just a bit less "easy", as most Hollywood productions are these days.
But I'm still not sure I prefer this. This is because, although, as I say, this "psuedo biography" makes more sense in its narrative, the scenes that were added are sometimes questionable from a qualitative standpoint. There is an American actor who plays a patron, for example, who hires Mozart to teach his young daughter music; but the scene is so over the top, that it's easy to see why it got cut. Though, you'll understand (and it speaks volumes about how Mozart is portrayed), why Mozart is so smugly sucking on a wine bottle as he walks through the busy streets afterward.
But the scene in which I always thought Salieri's final reaction to Frau Mozart's ploy to get him to help them--wherein he drops the portfolio and leaves the room--makes a lot more sense here. So some of the revived scenes fix small annoyances like this one.
So, as I say, if, like me, this is one of your favorite films, you won't be disappointed by this version, but you will begin to think, perhaps, that the film would have seemed a bit flawed if all of this had been released in the first place. And even wonder if it would have been so popular. So buy the original theatrical version, and rent this--you may like it, but it's left me conflicted--and thus you may decide for yourself before plonking down the loot, how you feel.
Some movies are like old friends, and it's a little difficult to adjust, if say, for instance they show up with a nose job....same deal here.
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on July 17, 2010
I am a huge fan of Amadeus. It breathes intense emotion to the heart through supreme acting, an amazing drama, great costumes and music ... supreme, divine music.

Yet, this Director's Cut version disappointed me deeply.

Please note that my review contains spoilers.

While the picture and the sound quality are great, mind you, it is now obvious that the deleted (in the theatrical version) scenes were deleted for a reason. First, and foremost, is the scene with Constanze and Salieri. This scene *almost* ruins the film because it removes any sort of sympathy we may have for the *devil* Salieri. He acts so crude and cruel it's difficult to sympathize with his cause from there on.

The second scene that troubled me was the one were Salieri tells the Emperor that Mozart basically rapes his students. It amazes me that hearing such accusations, (albeit, outright lies) the Emperor doesn't take any steps to discipline Mozart, prosecute him, throw him out of his circle of noble composers (it could also be said that this scene also demotes the Emperor to an uncaring jerk). He simply doesn't asign him the post.

The third scene(s) concern Mozart trying to teach a guy's daugher, but ends up being frustrated by his dogs and leaves. This scene is continued to the horrifying second part, where a near-wasted Mozart asks him if he can now teach his daughter (as if there was any chance for that, looking and talking like THAT). These scenes make Mozart look so low, one might wonder why Salieri was so obsessed with him.

All these scenes, in my humble opinion, may clear out a few minor holes ("I hear you have debts.") but they also demote all the characters that are included in them, from Mozart and Salieri, to Constanze, the emperor and the diva.

Besides that, the rest of the film remains one of my favourite classics of all time, and the reason I started listening to classical music.
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on January 8, 2010
This is not a review of the film. If it were, I would give it a 5 star rating. But there are so many releases, I am confused which to own. I currently own the single disc DVD 160 minute release but purchased a BD player for Christmas. So I want to upgrade to the Blu-ray version, but which one? Yes, I am confused. There is a 2009 release of the directors cut of Amadeus with a run time of 180 minutes in an aspect ratio of 2.40:1 and the two disc version which comes with a book and now a 2010 release coming in February that is also listed as a directors cut but only 160 minutes in length. The newer release is in aspect ratio 1.77:1 which I believe is more of a wide screen tv friendly size but I'm not sure. Other than the aspect ratio and the different run time which I find confusing since they are all listed as "directors cuts", I don't see what justifies the release. If anyone can explain the difference, I would really appreciate it. Will the newer 2010 release be worth waiting for or buying over the 2009 release and is it actually a 160 minute run time or is that a typo? I sort of doubt that the IQ will be better or have there been improvements made there as well? The price is within a dollar or two of each other so cost at this time is not much of a factor.

The 2010 release can be seen here;Amadeus (Director's Cut) [Blu-ray]
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on November 22, 2005
When I heard that the Amadeus Director's Cut with deleted scenes reinserted back into the movie was coming out, I couldn't have been more excited. This is a great movie, and one of my favorite movies of all time.

Let's start with the extras. There was a "making-of" documentary that is interesting, and not a whole lot else really. Pretty standard Director's Cut stuff - not bad, but could have really been souped up even more than this. The packaging is okay, but again, nothing fantastic. Just the usual slim case with 2 discs inside with the easily-damaged thin cardboard slip sleeve for the dvd case.

But the worst part was, when I watched this edition with the extra scenes back in the movie, I quickly realized why they were cut in the first place. The extra scenes are not that great, and they make certain parts of the movie much less effective and less dramatic. The extra scene with Salieri and Constanze Mozart with regards to "the price" was okay, but honestly this scene did not change the relationship between the two characters, and really didn't do anything besides add run time to the movie and increase the rating to 'R'. The deleted scenes in movies are removed for a reason, usually to make the movie flow better, and the Amadeus Director's Cut is no exception to that rule. Trust me my friends, stick with the plain Jane theatrical version of Amadeus - the version of the movie that won all of the awards. Although there are barely any extras, and you have to flip the disc mid-way through the movie, this version of the movie is far superior.

After watching the Director's Cut, I promptly sold it on ebay and hung on to my bare bones version of Amadeus. To quote the emperor: "There are simply too many notes. Just cut a few, and it will be perfect." Apply this to the extra scenes in the Director's Cut - cut a few, and it will be perfect. Extra scenes or no, still a great movie, but the theatrical version is definitely superior.

What we really need is a definitive version of Amadeus in a collector's tin, with documentaries, trailers, booklets, etc. etc. etc., with the extra scenes available if you want to watch them, but SEPARATE from the movie.
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on February 2, 2011
The original theater version of Amadeus was very entertaining, as was its release on DVD. Many times so-called "director's cuts" do add something worthwhile (Blade Runner comes to mind). However, in my opinion, this Amadeus director's cut is simply an exercise in bloat and gratuitous, boring excess; to use an apropos phrase, "too many notes". The original released on Blu-Ray would have been much more enjoyable.
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on October 17, 2011
Amadeus the original release version is superior. It won Best Picture the year it came out, and was a big hit. It also happened to PG, not un-rated with an exploitative nude scene reinserted which messes with the fine dramatic balance of the award winning big screen version. I much prefer the original cut released in the theater. It's not a matter of being a prude, but rather the original is superior in it's pacing and story telling. That the Hollywood corporations release special editions, and director's cuts is fine, but please keep the originals available. George Lucas infamous mucking with Star Wars; Enter the Dragon adding some fortune cookie wisdom, with Bruce Lee looking oh so uncool, and goofy as he pauses and looks to the ceiling remembering in corny voice over insert his Master's advice; and the PG-13 version of The King's Speech editing out the story based profanity necessary to make a point about the King's therapy. These are on the short list of video versions inferior to the original films seen in the theaters.

In short Director's cuts, and special editions often suck. Not only that the originals tend to disappear. That these classics suffer with tinkering is a dis-service to some great classic films, and the movie lovers who would like to purchase them.
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on August 1, 2014
There's a reason most directors don't have final cut & this is good example. Theatre release would earn 5*. Additional scenes completely change characters, making virtually all unlikeable - Salieri, vicious & cruel. Mozart a drunken fool. Mozart's wife a whore. Opera singer a female dog. Potential patrons of Mozart's just morons. If you've seen theatre release, you'll hate added scenes. If you never saw it, & you watch this version, you'll wonder why it won Oscars & critical acclaim
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on December 1, 2013
I bought this as a gift for my father who loves the movie. Unfortunately, this is a director's cut...and ONLY a director's cut and it expands the movie in a way that doesn't serve the film. I think my father watched it once and will likely not watch it again. I wish they had seen fit to include the theatrical version as well to give viewers the option which version to watch. If you love the film and a curious, go for it, but you may feel, as I do, that you should have waited for the definitive presentation...with the theatrical version intact.
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on March 15, 2015
Was a little disappointed because it became like watching a completely different movie part way through. I won't go into detail so as not to mess it up for people that want to watch this different version but please understand that it WAS a different version (and not for the better IMO) than the original movie. I think they edited it quite well the first time out.
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on May 3, 2015
I was underwhelmed! I've seen it before perhaps two other times. This time, I found apart from the glorious music and exquisite performance from Abraham, that it was tedious and I felt so little connection to the Mozart character. It is a marvelous movie though and to be honest it may have been my mood. If you haven't seen this film, it is a must-see if only once.
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