Customer Reviews: Amana : NFW7200TW 27 Front-Load Washer
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on March 26, 2013
F.Y.I. Having had a problem with the door lock on my washer, I thought I'd post the fix here.

*** NOTES ***
A. When assembled, there is a "white plastic tab" at the bottom of the door latch assembly. This is evidently/presumably to get the door open if it is in the "locked"/door shut position. This did not apply/work as a fix for mine, since the was in the open position, so I am guessing at this. Give it a try if your door will not come open.
B. The Model & Serial numbers are on a decal BEHIND the door. Bad news if you can't get it open, huh? College graduate decided where to put it. D-U-H! Record it someplace else for future reference.

On to the "FIX"!

FIRST of all, It's probably NOT broken/bad.

My locking mechanism "tripped" shut WITH THE DOOR OPEN (unknown how it happened). This made the task a little bit easier to fix, door was open. No "repair/replacement" is needed.

1. Unplug washer from outlet.
2. Remove the two (2) screws in the rear/top corners from the top cover. Pull toward the rear and up to remove it. No need to even move the washer!
3. Remove the two (2) screws from the front panel securing the door latch (behind the door).
4. Remove the one (1) screw from the front panel securing the safety switch (behind the door).
5. Disconnect the three (3) wiring disconnects from the switch.
6. Remove entire assembly.
7. CAREFULLY remove the black cover from the white body, so you do not positionally disturb anything inside.
8. There is a metal "teter-totter" mechanism on the opposite end from the solenoid. To "trip" the lock back to the OPEN position, so the door can be closed: Push down on the furtherest end of the "teter-totter" mechanism from the solenoid. The lock will snap open. FIXED !
9. I re-greased it where there was evidence of grease applied at the factory
10. Re-assemble.

Hope this helps. Good Luck
Any ???,
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on October 17, 2009
This washer has a FATAL defect in its design: if the washer fails to drain, there is NO WAY to override the door lock. So Amana warranty service will tell you, wait 4+ days for service or force the door. Then the service people will tell you they don't preorder parts, so won't come with a new lock when they do show up. So wait again. Otherwise, let clothes sit in dirty water for days. DO NOT buy this machine: first time it goes wrong the door is locked and can't be released. Plus the serial # and model # are, you guessed it, inside the locked door that can't be overriden. FATAL DESIGN FLAW. DO NOT BUY THIS WASHER.
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on October 10, 2011
DO NOT BUY. Customer support for this unit is non existent!! We have had our washer since January of 2008. Last week the washer failed to drain and the door would not unlock. Finally after playing with the control panel repeatedly and unplugging the unit and then plugging it in, the door unlocked but the clothes were sitting in a pool of dirty water which stained our white shirts and the remaining dirty water would not drain. We noticed that the only time it seemed to lock up and display a "nd" code on the display for no drain was if the washer had a couple pieces of clothes in it. Our home consist of two adults and a teenager so it is not overworked! Sometimes with one or two articles of clothes in the drum it will run all the way through completing the entire wash but NEVER with a regular load. Everytime a medium or normal load of wash is put in, it locks during the spin cycle, displays a "nd" on the electronic display, We explained this thoroughly over the phone to Amana's customer service dept and to the tech that came for the repar visit. The Service repair man came and said pump was bad and replaced it for $280, checking it by running an empty cycle through spin even though we told him it only does it when loaded. That same evening we tried to wash a load of clothes and the exact same problem occurred. We called Amana back and they said that depending on what the tech finds wrong on the repair visit Oct 10, they might charge us again for more parts!! Unbelievaable lack of service for a barely over 3 and a half year old product!! Amana's customer service department took the approach that it was out of warranty, we did not purchase an extended warranty and therefore there was nothing they would/could do. Working in Customer service myself for 28 years, I know that is not the truth as every major company that I know of has the ability to assist their customers with out of warranty repairs on a customer goodwill basis. In addition, when my GE Profile Fridge (came with the house we bought)had issues, GE agreed to pay for half the parts and labor for the repairs and they even sent a $100 check for loss of the food that spoiled DESPITE being out of warranty and that unit is older than my Amana washer. Amana simply chose to not assist a customer that has purchased a new Amana Fridge, washer and dryer in recent years.
Product is one thing, service after the sale and making an attempt to assist your loyal customers is equally important. Amana failed at both.
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VINE VOICEon May 6, 2009
This washer is pretty good for the price; I got mine at Home Depot for under $500. Both it and the matching dryer are quirky, though, and you won't see that reflected in the carefully culled reviews posted on Home Depot's web site. I'm accustomed to setting my washer and dryer to operate at bedtime and then waking up the next morning and folding the dry clothes and moving the washed clothes to the dryer. However, in these appliances, they stay on until you manually turn them off, so they are still on in the morning--not a very energy-saving feature for an Energy Star appliance. I didn't pay much attention to the fact that there is no console on top of these, but now that I have them installed in my very narrow little laundry room, that is a problem. Every time you walk past them, they turn on because you're brushing the knobs. If you lean down to put in or take out clothes, you inadvertently hit the knobs as well. In addition, although there is a place in the pull-out detergent drawer for powdered or liquid detergent, fabric softener, and bleach, if you pour a granular product into the drawer from a box, it will be all over your floor because the drawer is narrow. Instead, you need to carefully scoop it in. I finally resorted to just throwing the powder into the machine, which I'm sure is not the best way to do it, but the powder never dissolves completely in the drawer anyway.

I would say that the washer does a pretty good job of getting the clothes clean, but I'm not in love with it. For the money, it will do until I can get a better one. If you can afford a nicer machine without all the quirks, I would say get it. The delivery men that brought my washer said they don't sell too many of these (I can see why); they told me that most customers are buying LGs. My sister has an LG and loves it, but of course, her dryer alone cost more than both my washer and dryer together.

If all you want is a machine to wash things in and you really don't care about the convenience of using it, you'll probably like it. I like it a lot better than I like the matching dryer, which has a lot of issues.
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on August 12, 2011
DO NOT PURCHASE THIS AT ALL. I have spent the last hour on the phone with HOME DEPOT AND AMANA..
The story is I purchased this model on 3-23-2010 a year warranty (back to this later). I completely understand how a warranty works. However, this year during the same month mysteriously the machine stopped working. Would not do anything such as unlocking the door, pumping the water out, absolutely nothing. The machine decided to take my clothes hostage. Ok I called for service they understood the issue already to the fact that their (preorder the part)...Telepathy maybe? Anyways the service person arrived knew what it was (that is was a piece of ****) and says hey we will fix it however, you will have to wait another week for the part...Oh and BTW you're going to have this issue again.. Really? at this point should have been a red flag but no. However ,there was no talk of you should take this piece of junk back to Home Depot and let them know this product sucks. The washing machine finally got fixed...Three days away from the expiration from the warranty. Now yes I had the opportunity to buy an extended one.. Here is the thing, why keep purchasing an extended warranty on a product ? "They" meaning the technician, Amana and HD on something that came out of the box with a DEFECT... I don't need to purchase washing machine security I need one that will work passed a year. Well it's down again with the same issue. Ok I called and let Amana know hey your product is again being moody and will not work again. What could be done... NOTHING! after 30 minutes on the phone with them they push the issue off on someone else. So I call Homedepot and did the big hey I am going to transfer you to another department. Well eureka here is someone I can speak to. After 30 minutes on this call the person gets Amana Maytag, (whatever they call themselves) on the phone.. THEY ACKNOWLEDGE THERE IS AN ISSUE!!!!HELLO?????.. However they refuse to do anything and homedepot states their hands are tied but of course we will record your sexy voice complaining for later reference. No offering of a ten percent off coupon,or 5 bucks off since I did spent quite a few hundred dollars on my order lol... So my results are a washing machine full of water, sour towels and a new shelf to place things on since it won't do anything else... A thank kiss my A&&& you're stuck from Amana & Homedepot..... ( Note there are some other minor details left out for the simple fact I am tired of typing. Just know they knew before the warranty expired it was going to stop working with no resolution....
******! with no Vaseline.
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on November 15, 2010
My husband and I bought the set in Jan. 2009. When we first got them we absolutely loved them. Of course, we were stupid and didn't purchase the extended warrenty. Since we've had so many problems with the washer and dryer we have purchased warrenties on everything haha. Less than 2 years after we bought the set the lock on the washer malfunctioned. The lock was stuck and my husband yanked the door open (like an idiot) but the lock is stuff locked to this day. I am actually getting ready to try to take it apart myself. Then a year and a half after we bought the dryer one of the heating sensors went out. Luckily we have a friend that does everything and he got the part at a discounted rate and didn't charge us for his labor. You really just get what you pay for with this set. It's cheap because it was probably made cheap. Next time around, we will spend a little more money and get something better.
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on August 29, 2014
We will never buy another Amana product. Ever. This washing machine has a defect that should have been recalled. Ours lasted only a couple years before a fatal electronics flaw in the control knob. Horrible engineering and customer service
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on April 10, 2013
I bought the set three years ago. I have never been able to balance the washer. It lurches around like a drunken sailor whewn on spin cycle no matter how big or small the load is. It slides across the floor, crashes into the washer, vibrates/wobbles from the top. I bought anti vibration pads. No change. I spent a $150 on a plumber to try to level it and no matter what he did it would read level with the leveling tool but would still go off across the room on spin. He suggested as a last resort that I buy a heavy duty rubber floor mat thinking that perhaps the tile floor was too slick so I spent another $40 bucks on one of those. No change. At this point both my tenant and I have concluded that the machine was built wrong and I'll have to trash it and get a new one. I'll never buy another amana or front loader again.
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on May 7, 2011
We purchased this washer approximately 4 or 5 years ago. It washed the clothes well however I would not purchase one again. I hate how it smells -- frontloader syndrom --. You cannot use Fabric Softener with it so the clothes come out smelling bad. I use dryer sheets and dryer bar to attempt to make the clothes smell better.
The numbers and writing came off the front when it was being cleaned with 409 spray - that sucks -

The water pump went out due to a coin being left in my wifes jeans. We were lucky in that the local Maytag dealership replaced it for free as we had not owned it long. Now the brain has gone out on it and the part alone is $250.
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on July 13, 2012
I have had this machine almost exactly 3 years. All the sudden the digital numbers didn't make legible numbers . Then the next day all the lights on the panel came on so I couldn't make out what option I was picking. All the while it did wash. I called my Appliance dealer that sold this to me and they said no Amana does not cover what they think is the Board. In fact it is this model they do not cover.. Oh and by the way it costs $300. To fix plus labor and service call. It's frigin three years old!!!!!!
That would be $30 shy of what I paid for it. Reading all these reviews gives me no hope of getting anywhere with Amana. We should take all these models and dump them at their door!
We can all afford to throw away over $500. These days. Well thanks for nothing.
Never buy Amana now bought buy Whirlpool by the way.

Ticked off

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