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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
To help put my review in context, I was very fortunate and received this as part of the Vine program. I have, however, been considering getting a new dishwasher for quite some time and have been looking at washers both online and in the stores. My ~14-year-old Whirlpool dishwasher still cleaned well, but I thought that it was excessively loud and I wanted to get a quieter washer. Overall, I've been happy with this Amana and recommend that you consider it if you're looking in this price range. I've tried to detail out some areas for you below, and I've mentioned some tips at the bottom if you have this installed for you.

Very good, IMO. Okay, I'm not the ultimate tester for this, as I tend to rinse off my dishes before I put them in the washer based on old habits. I haven't tried any baked-on lasagna :) I certainly don't "clean" dishes before putting them in the washer, though, so hopefully my results will represent what you'd see - and the results are excellent. I thought that my Whirlpool got dishes clean, but dishes come out of this washer looking even better. They seem smoother and have a better shine. I'm using the same detergent (Cascade Complete Pacs) as I've used for years. I have been using a new rinse aid (Cascade that came with the unit versus Jet-Dry that I've used for years), but I honestly think that it's the washer doing a better job. My Whirlpool only had a washer arm on the bottom, whereas this tall tub unit has washer arms underneath of both racks. Plastic dishes, ceramic bowls, glasses, cups, and stainless steel utensils have all come out looking great. I'm a fan of air drying, but I did use the heated dry once to try it out. The heated option certainly dried the dishes (although coffee cups with recessed bottoms still had some water pooled in them), but my utensils get water marks where they are touching the utensil holder (just like in my old washer), so I choose to air dry and take them out a bit early.

* COSMETICS - 3.5 to 4 Stars
Of course, aesthetics is all personal choice, so I'll discuss the quality of the materials used on the door. I think that Amana did a good job with this unit overall. The upper plastic section on the front panel that houses the vent, handle, and controls has a good feel to it and seems well made. The front metal door panel has a good paint coating and looks quite nice.

The one minor downside to me is the lower plastic panel that closes the gap between the door and the floor. It's just a thin piece of plastic that is kind of flimsy and doesn't give a really polished look to the installation.

* NOISE - 3 Stars overall, 4-5 Stars at this price
Whether you'll be happy or not with this comes down to your expectations. Also, how much noise it makes will depend on your surrounding cabinets and home acoustics. If you want whisper quiet, you'll need to look elsewhere and spend more. If you want relatively quiet, this is definitely worth considering.

This Amana is quieter than my old one, so I'm pleased. It's only about 4 dB quieter, but it doesn't makes the same rattling noises, so it's a lot more enjoyable to be in the house while it's running as compared to the old one. It measures around 66 dB at a distance of about three feet away in my kitchen. That's not exceptionally quiet, but for the price, that's not bad at all. The closer that you get to silent in dishwashers, the more they cost because of the added expense of the sound insulation. I've looked at the Bosch units with ratings around 40 dB, but those cost significantly more. I do think that Amana could have insulated the lower plastic piece underneath of the door better for little extra cost, though, and helped with sound from the motor and water flowing through the hoses.

Also, mine has a constant high pitched whine that comes from the electronic control panel. I only notice it if my head is about a foot away, but I wanted to mention it in case you are sensitive to those noises. I decided to connect mine to an outlet under my sink controlled by a wall switch (like a disposal is), so I can shut it off and get rid of that noise when I'm not using it.

Overall, it seems good to me. The internal washer area is sturdy, and the racks are just as good if not better than those on my Whirlpool. The front panel materials are also good. The top of the metal door where it mates with the upper plastic section is a bit loose on mine (only noticeable when I push on it, but I mention it because it might add to noise), and the lower plastic panel near the floor is a bit flimsy, but those are the only two things that I can think to point out. In the ~$300 range, I think that this is a good unit. Only time will tell if moving parts and water connections hold up, but I've inspected under the unit a number of times as I was adjusting the back feet, and nothing looks or feels sub-par to me.

* SUMMARY - 4 Stars
Things that I like:
- Tall tub, allowing larger items and/or easier access for regular items. For example, wine glasses that always had to be at an angle in my Whirlpool (and consequently often fell over during washing) fit on the top rack of this Amana just great.
- Washer arms underneath both racks, so there's no cylinder taking up room in the center of the racks for water to flow through allowing you to fit in more items
- Nice, clean look on the outside
- Utensil holders can be placed on the sides or front of the lower rack
- Overall good build quality and noise rating for this price

Things to consider:
- Lower plastic front panel doesn't give a really polished look, but you might not really ever notice it because it's near the floor
- Not whisper quiet (again, it's good for the price, but it's not exceptionally quiet in general)

The installation instructions that come with the machine are good. Follow those, and you should be set. Mine was delivered and installed for me, and based on some issues that I had after the installers left, I have some hints for preparation and things to make sure that the installers do before they leave.
- Have some towels ready if you have a dishwasher already installed, because there will be water that leaks out when the hoses are disconnected and when the dishwasher is pulled out and moved. The guys that delivered mine were very nice, but they weren't used to removing dishwashers and didn't have any towels. If I would have had towels ready, that would have been prevented a mess.
- Make sure that the installers fit the insulation blanket on properly and keep it in place when they push the dishwasher into place. As a tip for them or you, you can use some tape to secure the front edge of the insulation in place - that worked great for me when I repositioned it.
- Inspect the location of the washer before the installers screw in the two tabs above the door. As I was writing this review and noting a cosmetic gap on each side, I noticed that the gaps were there because my installers had pushed the unit about 0.5-0.75" too far in. Because of that, the sides of the unit were recessed compared to the edges of the cabinet, and there was a large visual gap on each side. I just now corrected it by pulling the unit out and making sure that it was lined up on both sides, but I had to put two new holes into the wood brace above the washer for the screws (easy in my case, but maybe not for everyone). It wasn't difficult, but it took a while, and it will be easier for you if you check before they secure it.
- Make sure that they check that all four feet are on the ground and that the dishwasher is level. My installers never checked the back feet, and they weren't touching the floor - so the machine would slide in and out at the bottom when I opened/closed the door. Those feet are pretty easy to adjust, but you'll have to fit your arm past the hoses underneath to reach one of them - so it's best if the installers do it and make sure that all connections are still secure afterwards.
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VINE VOICEon May 13, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have had the pleasure of using this Amana Dishwasher for the past week and I love it! I ordered it because of the Tall Tub feature. I use Fiestaware dinnerware (Made in USA) which is heavy and the chop/buffet platters are large. In the older model d/w this replaced, they would only fit on the very outside edge of the bottom rack. Not very convenient. I could put all of them in this Amana! That alone makes it a keeper for me!

I have tried the different cycle features and the 1 hour works best for me. I timed it (because it runs so quietly I couldn't tell when the cycle was finished!) and it is exactly 1 hr! I called customer service (excellent, fast response) because I did not see an Air Dry feature which is what I prefer to use. If you want to air dry - don't depress either heat option button - that is your air dry. When both lights show black, not green. When the cycle finishes you can just leave the d/w alone (which is what I do) or you can crack the door a little bit for the air dry. Be prepared - if you crack the door, lots of hot air/condensation/steam will come out and if you are in a warmer climate as I am, you might want to avoid that which is why I rarely use a heated dry cycle. I don't need additional heat in the kitchen!

The cutlery/flatware baskets are unique! Instead of just dropping the pieces of flatware into the baskets - keep the tops closed and place each piece individually in a slot to avoid pitting/scratching the finish. Especially nice if you are using new stainless steel or 'company flatware' - or, if like mine and it's older flatware, just open the tops and put them in together :) The closed tops are also nice for small items such as measuring cups, etc.

Because of the depth of the inside of the tub, the door opens quite low to the floor, BUT the lower rack smoothly glides out and when it is full of heavy dinnerware, etc., that is so nice! The bottom rack in the d/w the Amana replaced had to be lifted up before sliding out of the d/w and for an older gal like me or someone with back issues, that was a bit of a strain at times.

This Amana is a very nice looking dishwasher. Clean finish. Stylish without extra whistles and bells that require a manual in hand in order to figure out how to use it. I would call it an off-white with a textured finish - not the old shiny finish that was a real pain to keep clean. The top is easy to read and use.

As for installation - excellent. The company who installed it was on-time, professional, friendly, worked quickly and hauled off the old d/w. The two installers actually made it look easy! Very pleased with everything!

I would highly recommend this Amana Tall Tub Dishwasher!

UPDATE 5/20/12 I have always used powdered Cascade (or whatever brand you prefer) and had great luck. That's what I have been using in the new Amana and I was getting frustrated because sometimes I would put too much in and I couldn't close the dispenser door and I would have to get a spoon and take some out, etc. I couldn't understand why the container was so shallow that holds the Cascade.........well, big duh for me....I received a sample of the new Cascade Action Pac Sachets when the d/w was installed, but hadn't used them until this morning. Wow! So easy! Just pop one in the container - the dispenser door shuts so easily :) Absolutely no mess!! I can't honestly say if the pac cleaned better than using powder or gel. I think the cost would determine if I continue to use them.

The 2 sample pacs I received are in an un-resealable plastic bag. I do not know what they are in when bought directly from a store, but on the back of the package it says enough that I would not leave them loose under the sink - for safety reasons, if there are children and/or pets in the home. We have cats - I will be putting the pacs in a Lock n Lock plastic container specifically for that purpose!

UPDATE 6/16/12: The top basket is approx 6-1/2" deep. The bottom basket is approx 6" deep. I placed a 16-1/2"L x 12-1/2"W cookie sheet on the bottom rack and there was approx 1-1/2" to 2" space between it and the washer arm under the top rack so this might give you an idea of what will fit on the bottom rack.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This Amana Tall Tub Dishwasher is an excellent basic unit. It has few settings, but they are more than able to get the job done, no matter how badly or lightly soiled your dishes are. The settings/controls are super user friendly - very straight forward - no need to read the manual to figure it out. Quite honestly, the fewer selections, the better because it is less to malfunction or go faulty.

It is super quiet! The most I hear of it is when the water is running through it. You do not actually hear the motor etc while it is running - just the water.

A tall tub dishwasher will fit the same as a standard dishwasher. It does not mean the dishwasher itself is taller. The inside is just more spacious/taller. You can fit ALOT of dishes/pots and pans in this dishwasher! We are a family of 5 and I am able to fit 2 days worth of dishes in, including pots and pans. I found this out by accident actually - I loaded up the dishwasher one night before bed, but forgot to start it. So the next night, I just rearranged the dishes a bit and added all of the dirty stuff from that day as well. I was surprised it all fit and that it all came out perfectly clean.

My old dishwasher was a GE. This Amana cleans pots, pans and dishes thoroughly clean. I have even put the sheets from my toaster oven in and they come out so clean. Normally I have to scrub them to death in the sink, but this dishwasher did an excellent job on them! I do not have to rewash anything and I do not do alot of prewashing or rinsing - I just make sure any large "chunks" or pieces of food are not on any of the dishes/pans. Even plastic items come out clean, with no film or residue on them. With our old dishwasher, the clear plastic storage containers (like the Glad or Ziploc type) would come out with a nasty white residue or film on them. I always thought it was because our water is well/hard water, but I was wrong because they come out perfectly clean with this Amana.

The silverware trays are great. They have slotted "lids" on them that you drop the silverware into. At first I thought it wouldn't hold as much as the old ones, but I think it actually holds more. You can of course flip the lids up as well and not use the slots. The silverware comes out with no spots. I do not use a rinse aid either.

A very nice little feature is the clips in the top rack that hold lighter items in place - for example those clear plastic storage containers/bowls I mentioned earlier - they will not go loose inside or flip upside down. There are also 2 other flaps along the side of the top rack that you can use to help keep smaller or lightweight items in place.

The door does not go all the way down to the floor, it does have the kickplate at the bottom (as you can see in the pictures above). It is a standard - about 4 inch - kickplate. This is not a drawback by any means, just pointing it out as another review had stated that it does not have the kickplate. It definitely does.

This unit performs wonderfully all the way around and it is in an affordable price range when compared to other units.

My only tiny dislike is that the top of the unit where the controls are is finely textured (similar to some refridgerator door handles) and so since the unit is white, I see it getting dirty over time and needing a scrubbing. Our old refridgerator had a handle that was textured like this and after years of use, it was impossible to get it completely clean. I imagine eventually the control panel on this dishwasher will end up the same way. It may take longer though since the dishwasher doesn't get as much hands on traffic as the fridge handle does.

I would definitely recommend this dishwasher. It is super quiet, super easy to use, and extremely efficient. It is also energy star rated, so it's power use is minimal and in most areas of the country it will qualify you for a rebate from your electric company.

5 Star unit!
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VINE VOICEon May 10, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is the first Amana appliance I have owned, but it won't be my last. I got this dishwasher to replace a fifteen year-old model of another brand. Even though the old one got the job done, it required a lengthy process of scraping, rinsing, and sometimes scrubbing to make sure the dishes came out clean. That is not necessary with this one, especially the scrubbing part. My dishes come out clean every time, and after multiple uses, I have not had to re-run one dish because of debris.
I really like having the tall model basket. I can stack my biggest colander and even my gallon pitcher into the bottom rack. It fits into the same space under the counter as my old standard height model. This one has no metal kickplate at the bottom, but the door goes all the way down.
The construction feels quality made and substantial. The door latch has a solid click to it.
I also appreciate the fact that the buttons are labeled large enough to read easily.
This model is much quieter than my old dishwasher. In fact, I found myself double checking at first whether I had actually forgotten to start it. Our utility bill was much lower this month too, and after running an average of a load a day, I have to believe the cost efficiency of this dishwasher contributes to the savings.
I was hesitant about getting an appliance I had ordered online delivered, but the folks at the delivery service could not have been nicer. They called to arrange a convenient day, gave me a five hour window for delivery time, called to confirm the day before, and also called about thirty minutes before arriving that they were on their way. They installed it quickly, tested everything out, and demonstrated the settings. I would feel comfortable with ordering by this process again. Best price I have seen for such a well built appliance. Five stars for sure.
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I've had this for a couple of months now. I bought it based on the reviews here on amazon. I have an Amana fridge and really like it, so I thought I'd give it a try.

Let me get right to the point-- even if you practically wash the dishes before putting them into the dishwasher and run it on heavy duty, they still aren't particularly clean. If there is a ring in the cup from coffee you'd better scour it off before putting it into the dishwasher. If silverware have been used and have anything left on them it will still be there when you take them out.

As I bought this online and live in the sticks I'm not about to rip it out of the wall after paying $275 to install it and pay to ship it back. It was a cheap dishwasher, and now I know why. The dishwasher I replaced was a Kitchen Aid and had served me well for 4 years. The fact that I have EXTREMELY hard water here meant I had to take it apart every 4 months and scape off a nasty mix of calcium and residual grease, and then it would wash great for another 4-5 months. This unit hasn't even been here that long. I ran several loads with nothing but vinegar thinking maybe the water jets were already jammed with calcium, but that doesn't seem to help, either.

I'm giving it a couple stars because the compartment is nice and roomy (better than the kitchen Aid) and the front of it is pretty easy to keep clean, with few places for dirt and grime to collect. The silverware baskets are easily moveable, but they do have really irritating flaps that hinge (badly) on the side and get stuck on everything. I just pulled them off and that makes the baskets much more convenient.

I know that many Americans practically wash their dishes prior to loading them, so maybe that's why this machine got okay reviews. I live in the high desert and prefer not to waste gallons and gallons of water double washing dishes (not to mention the waste of my time).

If you are water conscious and want clean dishes I'd avoid buying this unit. Spring the extra cash and buy a Kitchen Aid, or Bosch, both of which I've had and have been workhorses.

In spite of my desire to NOT waste my time I sent my product information to Amana and began the (ultimately) pointless process of the "customer service" dance.

Why is it so hard to communicate the fact to "customer service" people that the product just doesn't work? I noticed that fact mere weeks after installation-- which cost me close to $300.

Take back a product that does not function as it should.

Well, the very polite and friendly and quick to respond to my email woman at Amana told me that they could do one of two things:

1. Nothing (well, she didn't put it in such unpalatable terms, but there it is)

2. send out a service tech. If the service tech determined that it was functioning fine, but that our water or the temperature of the water that was heated by the machine was insufficient, it would be my bill.

She also told me to run vinegar or citric acid through it. She concluded by saying that the unit wouldn't be covered under warranty in any case because I was using it in my bed and breakfast.

None of this came as a surprise to me. I'm more frustrated with myself for wasting time and energy trying to extract some value from a poor purchasing decision.

The moral of this story? I should have stuck with my kitchenaid, which was considerably more expensive but could have cleaned the underside of my car if I could have shoved it inside.

I'm aware that I wash 2 to 3 more loads of dishes per day than the average citizen. I feel like 3 or 4 years of good cleaning was all I could really expect from my last unit. I think that less than 6 months is pretty much unacceptable for any dishwasher, no matter how often it is used. And, if the unit is not constructed to handle "hard" water, that should be clearly stated. The "customer service" person's response, citing Federal guidelines as the culprit in the machine's inability to clean (something about water heating and the limitations of the current units)means nothing to me. I'm stuck with a $329 dishwasher, $275 installation bill, and the need to buy another dishwasher soon.
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on August 27, 2012
I like to wait (unlike many others) to write a review until I have some solid experience with a product. I have had this DW for a couple of months now so I have been able to give it a nice test!

The shipping service set up by Amazon is great, and I have used it for other large appliances with excellent results as well.

As for installation my 10 year old and I installed this unit ourselves. I am NOT a "handy" person, so this says something. I did need to purchase an installation kit with a new hose, so be sure you get that if you are installing this yourself.

I have used it for a variety of levels of dirty dishes and they all seem to come out very clean. That is really the job of a dishwasher, so on that issue it is a 5 star appliance. There is plenty of room for the larger items and you can move around the silverware tray to where you like it.

I like the simple, clean look of this DW. I find there is no issue with the bottom panel as it it recessed way under the unit.

It does have all the features I need. Of top importance to me is the fact that it is fairly quiet, especially when compared to my old one. If you want to pay $700 or more, I am sure you can get one a little quieter, and perhaps more "stylish". But I can find better uses for the $$.

UPDATE: 2/13: Still having great results with this dishwasher...couldn't be happier.

Bottom line: a solid value.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
My dishwasher was my oldest appliance, but the time had come for a new one and I love everything about this Amana Dishwasher.

Installation was a breeze, old one out, new one in, quick and easy hook up. First impression, it is so quiet. My old one could shake the house, but this one is whisper quiet. It has a couple of settings; Normal wash does a great job at getting everything clean, but the Heavy Duty wash really cleans. I used my outside pet bowls for a test, they are actually old pressure cooker pots, and since they are outside all the time, they get a little dirty. But it took off everything; hard water stains, algae, and about a year's work of dirt and grime. The dishwasher also has a high heat drying feature that can sterilize everything, so when everyone in your house is sick and you can protect yourself.

The tall tub design is great too. You can put tall tea jugs or stew pots in the bottom tray because there is nothing for them to get in the way of. The silverware baskets can be placed in several different locations to your liking and have removable hinged lids that can be used to secure small objects. The top tray has a high fence so if something comes loose in the wash it will not bounce around the tub. There are also clips to hold objects and a couple hinged pieces that can hold down objects and they are slotted so they can hold extra silverware if needed.

Now it did come with different accessories than are listed above, but that included Finish Jet Dry drying agent and Finish powerball cleaning tablets. I should note the dispenser in the door works better with the tablets and pacs than powdered detergent.

Overall, this is a great dishwasher for the price. Easy to instal, easy to use and very quiet in operation.
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on June 4, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Most of the appliances in our kitchen are over 10 years old, and a lot of strides in energy efficiency has been introduced into the market place since the early part of the millennium. Enter the new Amana Dishwasher. The dishwasher uses 20% less water than our old dishwasher, and has actually lowered our electric bill by about $10 a month. The dishes comes out spotless, and I had to check the first time I ran it to even see if it was turned on since it was so quite. This is one purchase you will not regret getting!
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on April 21, 2013
We have had this dishwasher for just less than a year. I'm not sure that I can list all of the things I hate about it in this review, but I will try. 1. The prong pattern does not fit regular dishes very well. The prongs are straight up and down, not bent, so it doesn't hold your plastics in place 2. The prongs are too close together and not adjustable on the bottom rack so you can't fit big dishes in very well, and even though it is taller the water spinner is below the top rack so if you have a large pot handle or something you still can't put it in because it will keep the water spinner from turning. 3. It has never gotten our dishes as clean as I would like. I kept telling the kids you have to rinse better, you have to rinse better! but when I load it myself (and rinse the dishes) it still doesn't get them clean, (and I'm not that picky!) 4. It has a stupid filter system that you have to manually clean about once a month and it is gross. 5. With the rinse aid dispenser on my old dishwasher we only had to fill it about once a month. With this dishwasher it's about once every 2 weeks and it doesn't rinse very well even at that. 6. The last few weeks the dishes haven't come out clean AT ALL. We had to rewash everything. It turns out that the heating element has broken. I Haven't contacted Amana about the warranty yet so I don't know if they will replace the heating element or not yet. If they do It will save me money on buying a new dishwasher but I don't look forward to suffering for a few more miserable years with this dissatisfying, poor performaing dishwasher. Now I know why my husband refuses to buy less expensive brands on tools. I'll consider this dishwasher a lesson learned.
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on July 24, 2013
This looked like what we needed: Not a lot of different settings, just a basic, good, well made product made from quality materials. But it is made of plastic or a similar material throughout, very flimsy. The top rack and bottom rack are not adjustable at all and do not accommodate our cups and glasses without bending the wire holders. Even then, glasses & cups do not fit in right. It's the same way with the bottom rack. Seems like when someone designed it, they just put all of the spokes the same distance apart, and it doesn't easily allow for plates, saucers, and bowl sizes. The silverware holders were covered with slots to stand the silverware in individually, but ours have nice thick handles, and do not even fit into the slots. When I took the top slot things off the silverware holder, it allowed all of the silverware to fall over because there were no space dividers in the holder. I ended up throwing out the silverware holder that came with it, and keeping the racks out of my old dishwasher! This certainly taught me the lesson to inspect appliances in brick and mortar stores before ordering online, sight unseen. I thought a company like Amana would make a good, well tested and researched product, and trusted the name Amana more than I should have!! Of course I didn't know all of this until it had already been installed, and sending it back after the fact was out of the question , so I'm stuck with it.
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