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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
If you're looking for a good quality, basic gas dryer for doing your laundry, this Amana is a great choice. This is for those who prefer their a dryers with no digital timers that could break and no internal computer that could go haywire. For those looking for simplicity and those wanting to keep laundry from becoming over complicated.

The color is sold white. Not bisque, not white with little sparkle flecks in it, not white with chrome buttons and nobs, just white. So of you're trying to match your new dryer with a washer you already have, and it's all white as well, you'll have a perfect match. There is a single settings nob on the front panel in which you adjust all your dryer settings. Your options are...

~Automatic Dry: High Heat~
More Dry
Energy Preferred
Less Dry
Cool Down
Wrinkle Prevent

~Automatic Dry: Low Heat~
More Dry
Energy Preferred
Less Dry
Cool Down
Wrinkle Prevent

~Timed Dry: High Heat~
60 (minutes)
40 (minutes)
20 (minutes)
Cool Down

~Air Dry: No Heat~
20 (minutes)
10 (minutes)

Other than the drying settings nob, there is just one single other button, the "Start" button. Ultra basic and simple enough for anyone to use. The lint trap is located on the top of the dryer, which I have come to appreciate. The dryer I had prior to this one (Whirlpool) had the dryer vent on the inside by the door. I was often losing lint back into the dryer when pulling it out to clean it. By having the lint trap on the top, no rogue lint tufts find their way back inside after being filtered.

The dryer door opens from left to right (not outward, top to bottom). You can switch the doors hinges to the other side if you would prefer it to open from right to left. The handle for the dryer is like most others, designed to be inside the door itself, not a separate piece attached to the outside. So there's no worry of hitting ones legs on a handle, as everything lays flush against the door.

Performance and conclusion:
This unite drys everything as perfectly, as expected. Small loads and large loads, it handles them all. I can fit large blankets in it with no problems. It tumbles everything well, without any issues of tangling things up into a knot and causing areas of dampness. No damage to any clothing or melting of anything like buttons or zippers. At the same time I find that clothing is getting dry much faster than with my old unit. I notice this with large loads especially. Also, it's definitely quieter than the 10 year old dryer that this one replaced. So if you're looking for a basic white gas (not electric) dryer, this Amana would be a great choice. If you are looking for something like this, but you have electric hook-ups instead of gas ones, you can find this same dryer but with electric hook-ups here : Amana 6.5 cu. ft. Traditional Electric Dryer with Automatic Dryness Control, NED4600YQ, White
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VINE VOICEon June 9, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
There is nothing like the feeling of when a semi-truck pulls up in front of your house to deliver cool stuff like this. The neighbors watching with curiousity and envy and just being plain nosey. Whatta rush!

We received the dryer within three weeks via JB Hunt. Since we are out here in the middle of nowhere land in Hee Haw America, it is expected.

Gary, the driver was nothing but awesome. He even let my boy climb up in the truck and blow the horn a few times. He absolutely loved that and I'm sure the neighbors did too! He laid on that horn pretty good.

This dryer is perfect for our needs. We don't require alot of bells and whistles on our appliances. Just good old fashioned, simplistic and fully functional items for us please. We had the Kenmore Elite HE3 units... what overpriced, overly complexed garbage they were. Lesson learned.

When I say this is a simple dryer, I meant it. It has just 3 temperature settings and 11 different cycles...

1. Air - No Heat
2. Low Heat
3. High Heat

It was completely unexpected, but it came with a dryer vent kit and a gas line kit. That was extra nice.

I did notice that the pricing on this unit fluxuates quite a bit, like the stock market. Since we ordered this unit, the price had dropped and risen again. Just an observation, nothing else.

You can get the mates to this dryer unit Amana 3.4 cu. ft. Top-Load Washer with Sprekle Porcelain wash basket, NTW4600YQ, White or the Amana 3.4 cu. ft. Top-Load Washer with Dual Action Agitator, Amana 3.4 cu. ft. Top-Load Washer with Dual Action Agitator, NTW4700YQ, White which is currently cheaper and contains more options.

This is a very good floor model/side-by-side dryer and definitely worth considering if you just want simplicity in your life, like us.

Overall, I'm just excited about this dryer.
It's New...
It's Simple To Use...
and It's Mine!
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VINE VOICEon May 16, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Delivery and Set Up:

One of the first questions you might ask yourselves about buying such a large appliance from Amazon, is how will they get that thing to my house?

My Dryer was delivered and set up by a company called J.B. Hunt. I'd seen their trucks on the road, but I had never had any previous business with them before this. They emailed me a few days before delivery and then called me promptly when they were in the area wanting to know about gate codes or stairs. They were careful, polite and walked me through the set-up and helped with taking away my old dryer. These guys are 5 Star when it comes to the business of large appliance delivery. Highly recommended.

The Dryer:

For the price, which is pretty much at the lowest level for any gas dryer on the market currently, you're getting pretty much what you pay for here. The drum size is a bit smaller than the industry average of 7.0 cubic ft of dryer space at 6.5 cubic foot. This isn't something to be grossly concerned about, but if you're used to even bigger dryer drums, this might strike you as "a bit smaller." And it is.

The dryer presets or cycles, which apparently their are 11, are incredibly basic and very straight forward. There's the standard 'cool down' cycle which kicks in towards the end of the 60 minute-max cycle, Off/On, energy saving cycles and so on. It's very basic. No buzzer though to let you know it's done, nor is their an option for it to be toggled off/on like a lot of other dryers in the same price bracket.


Again, this is pretty much at the bottom of the rung as far as price, but for a mere fifty dollars more, on average, you can get a larger drum, more settings, a buzzer and perhaps something a tad more attractive. With the compromises the manufacturer has made, this dryer should be about seventy-five to one hundred dollars cheaper in all actuality.

The Look:

This dryer takes up no less space than my larger dryer did, but again has a smaller spinning drum. It's about as basic and dull as any economy dryer could be, so don't hope for style.


This dryer is for the kind of people that buy Ford Taurus's twenty at a time. This isn't a commercial looking dryer, but I might end up seeing a large row of these in the laundry room of any apartment building or College Dorm setting. It's a bit overpriced for what you're getting because it's too close to the other dryers that offer much more for almost the same money.

Three stars -- It is what it is.
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on September 5, 2012
After a bad experience with my "state of the art" Maytag computer-called-a-dryer, I opted for simplicity this time. One knob (replacement cost for whole timer assembly $90) and one start button (replacement cost $8). Nice, clean look, inside and out. Was at first disappointed that there is no interior light, until I realized I don't need it- the "mouth" is very large and it's easy to see all the way inside. The lint filter (on the top) is large and easy to use. Setup/hookup was simple and fast. This dryer is very quiet, and the heat control is excellent. I just dried several king sized sets of linens, following a very large load of bath towels, and the automatic setting on "eco" mode worked as well as it possibly could. Dry time was shorter than with the Maytag, and the items were cool to the touch when I got them out (the cool-down feature really works, and saves gas). With the Maytag, everything was always very hot when I removed them, telling me that the gas was on longer than it needed to be. This dyer is super-easy to use, holds very large loads (you'll never miss that other .5 cubit foot)is economical to buy and operate, and repair (if it ever needs it).

What you have to be willing to give up:
LED telling you how much time is left
light inside the drum
1/2 cu. foot of interior space (compared to 7.0 dryers)

What you don't have to give up:
Quiet, efficient drying
simplicity- all controls are on one dial
multiple automatic drying cycles
three temperatures
timed drying options
a lot of cash- Extra knobs or buttons add $100+
name brand (like other identical models under different brand names, this is a Whirlpool)
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on May 9, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I'm not one to get excited about home appliances but this dryer by Amana has me all twitterpated. After getting it hooked up I couldn't wait to use it. I had been using a dryer that I'm pretty sure came into style during the Eisenhower administration. My previous dryer took forever to dry, the clothes were always wrinkled, and it made loud thumping noises. I was in shock when my new Amana dryer quietly fired up and began instantly drying my clothes. It didn't take long at all for the first load to finish, and myclothes were almost perfectly pressed-looking. No more wrinkled T-shirts for me. I liked how the dryer occasionally started spinning again, albeit with no heat, until I removed my load. That kept the wrinkles from setting in.

At 6.5 cubic feet, I was able to put a lot of wet clothes into it. It held almost twice as much as my previous dryer. I used a fabric sheet, and it made everything smell as if they had been drying outside on a Spring day. There was no burnt or moldy smell like my old dryer. I am just tickled pink with my new dryer, and now I plan on buying the washer to go with it. I like the modern styling of this dryer, and it coordinates well with everything in my utility room. I could not be happier with my Amana dryer. Definitely a 5-Star product.
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on June 28, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I am extremely happy with my new basic Amana Gas Dryer!

(& JB Hunt who delivered it and took care of EVERYTHING! They even brought a new connecting line at no additional charge! I wanted to keep the delivery guys, they were so pleasant!)

I will definitely be looking at future large appliance purchases online at Amazon!

I live waaayyy out in the country & any "local" appliance store would have charged me an additional huge delivery fee as I am quite a way out of their delivery range. So, IF you are rural like me, this is a sweet deal with the first rate delivery included!

It arrived in perfect condition, no dented or caved in box so it was transported with care which gives peace of mind as to not being concerned about having something go wrong later with the dryer.

It is replacing a high end (can we say EXPENSIVE) Maytag that had all the bells & whistles (including that annoying buzzer that I could not turn off!) This high end Maytag had to have the heating element thingy replaced twice in about 5 years among other parts!

I know that this Amana is .5 cubic feet less than my previous dryer but I cannot discern the clothing being any more wrinkled from the smaller (howbeit .5 cubic feet) difference!

It is basic but it still has all the drying options that are needed for today's clothing materials, featuring 11 cycles and 3 temperatures including an Energy Preferred cycle and Air dry option.

The Wrinkle Prevent option kicks in after the load is finished the clothes tumble intermittently without heat to help prevent wrinkles from forming. Plus, if you prefer more control, there are 3 timed dry choices from 20-60 minutes and to me there lies its charm! I can set a load in set the timed drying and go to bed & not be awakened by a blaring buzzer just as I'm drifting off to sleep!

If the clothes are a bit damp in the morning I finish the load with the "wrinkle prevent" option if I have shirts that need ironing if they are not taken right out & "voila!" they are done in minutes! What's not to like?

I also like that the door could be placed to open either right or left and the fact that it is all white makes it "match" my current top loading washing machine. I couldn't be more pleased!
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VINE VOICEon May 21, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The Amana 6.5 cu. Ft. Traditional Gas Dryer is definitely toward the lower end of gas dryers available. I currently own a front loading, higher-end, Amana washer and have been very pleased with it. Amana is a good, reliable brand.

- This dryer is slightly smaller than most standard (higher-end) dryers out there (check out the specs listed under Product Description)
- As I mentioned, I currently own a front loading, Amana washer that holds a good amount of clothes. I was initially concerned that the loads would be too large for the dryer to dry, but I was pleased when all the clothes fit into the dryer.

- I noticed that I struggle with opening the door. I don't know if it's just the luck of the draw or if other people have a problem with the door, but the handle is awkward and small. I can't quite get my hand in the opening to pull so I often have to use both hands. The door is also very stiff, I'm hoping that this is just because it's new and will loosen up over time.
- One thing I did like about the door is that you can change it from opening to the right, to it opening to the left (I had to do this because of the location and position of my washer). The manual came with instructions for changing the side that the door is attached to. It was not difficult to do.
- The dryer is stark white with 2 buttons; one is the dryer setting nob (which has a navy blue color for the different settings) and a button for "start". There is no end-of-cycle chime/notification.
- The lint trap is located on the top right of the dryer. This is also very stiff and I sometimes struggle with pulling it out of the dryer as well as placing it back in however, I'm hoping that this too will become easier with use.

- This dryer comes with 11 different cycles with 3 temperature settings (air-no heat, low heat, and high heat). My favorite setting so far is the Automatic Dry: Low Heat. I found this to be the most accurate and it is very delicate for those clothing items that you'd like to dry slowly and gently as to avoid shrinking. I was not that impressed with the Timed Dry setting. I set a large load of towels for 50 minutes and for some reason, the towels were not dry when I went to get them. I prefer the automatic settings because I feel they do the best job of drying your clothes until they are ready to come out- there's no worry of going to get your clothes and them still being wet.
- I enjoyed how quiet this dryer is. My last dryer was noticeably louder while it ran. Because of this, I sometimes forget to go downstairs and get my clothes!

- I think this is an excellent-basic dryer. It has many options/dry settings, it has a good drum size, it is quiet while drying your clothes, and it has a reversible door that is easy to change/install.
- I wish it did have an end of cycle chime/notification and an outward door (opening top to bottom).

All in all, I recommend this Amana dryer for those looking for a good quality, and above-economy dryer but not wanting to spend too much for a high-end dryer.
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on June 4, 2012
First off I'm not sure why the price is higher right now at $479, it was $383 when I purchased a week ago and was an amazing value at that price.

Shipping company J.B. Hunt delivered the dryer within a week after ordering. When the delivery guy arrived, he asked if we had what was needed to install it. After telling him I did, but wasn't exactly sure how to hook it up as it was my first gas dryer, he actually helped hook it up right there on the spot and ensure it was working. I'd give 6 stars for friendly service and delivery if it was an option.

Don't be afraid to get this on Amazon, was well worth the price for the product and the service. Drys the clothes well, low heat isn't too hot, and has plenty of room for the little smaller drum compared to a standard 7.0 cu ft.
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on May 26, 2015
Bought one of these 1.5yrs ago and it has broken twice and we only do maybe 2 medium loads a week. After the first year (after warranty expired) the flame/gas sensor went bad ($120 repair), then 6months later it had to have a solenoid kit to fix issues with it not releasing gas to burn to dry the clothing ($180 repair). $300 in repairs later, it has almost nearly doubled in cost to own after purchasing brand new. See high ratings but I must of gotten an unlucky dryer....
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on November 24, 2012
Like the washer, the gas dryer doesn't come with a gas hose (or dryer vent hose for that matter). Can't use it until I get a hose. The lint filter is in an odd location and when pulling it out to clean, lint goes everywhere. Not sure I would buy this again, but it does do what it is supposed to do...
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