Customer Reviews: Amazing Herbs Black Seed Cold-Pressed Oil - 8oz
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon May 27, 2012
I think anyone reading this review is probably already aware of the healthful benefit claims of taking black seed oil so I won't cover the basics but do want to add that as far as I know it is 500% stronger at raising glutathione levels than anything other than intravenous glutathione drip or slow-push.

I am very pleased with the artisan cold-pressed black seed oil I received from Amazing Herbs. I often feel that manufacturers are dishonest in their labeling but not so with Amazing Herbs. I felt the oil was solvent-free and I often taste solvents in other supposedly solvent-free oils by other manufacturers. Also this is artisan cold pressed and you can taste the quality. Also, mine is very fresh and definitely not rancid.

This very clean oil absorbs very well. You can apply to skin and it will absorb and make your skin silky smooth.

Why not add more pleasure to your life by optimizing how you get this black seed oil into your body?

***info from manufacturer's website

FAQ's About Black Seed
What is Black Seed?

Black Seed is a traditional herb that has been in use for thousands of years by people living in the Middle East and some parts of Asia and Africa to promote health and fight disease. It is also known the "Blessed Seed".

What are the essential properties of Black Seed?

Black Seed herb contains over 100 components, many of which still remain to be discovered. It is a rich source of unsaturated fatty acids and contains about 35% oil, 21% protein, and 38% carbohydrates. More than 50% of the oil are essential fatty acids. It's linoleic acid and gamma linolenic acid content help form Prostaglandin E1, which helps the body to inhibit infections, balances the immune system, and regulates allergic reactions. Gamma-linolenic acid also helps stabilize the cell membrane. Black Seed also contains about .5-1.5% volatile oils including Nigellone and Thymoquinone which are responsible for Black Seed's anti-histamine, anti-oxidant, anti-infective, and broncho-dialating effect.

What are some of the traditional uses of Black Seed?

Traditionally, Black Seed has been used for a variety of conditions and treatments related to respiratory health, stomach and intestinal complaints, kidney & liver function, circulatory and immune system support, and to improve general health. Its can be topically used for eczema, psoriasis, arthritis, inflammation, and scalp massage.

What scientific research has there been on Black Seed?

Since 1959, there have been over 200 studies at international universities and articles published in various journals showing remarkable results supporting some of its traditional uses. In 1960, Egyptian researchers confirmed that Nigellone was responsible for Black Seeds broncho-dialating effect. Recently scientists in Europe have confirmed the anti-bacterial and anti-mycotic effects of black seed oil. Scientists at the Cancer and Immuno-Biological Laboratory have found that Black Seed stimulates bone marrow and immune cells and raises the interferon production, protects normal cells against cell destroying effects of viruses, destroys tumor cells and raises the number of anti-bodies producing B cells.

What about the effects of Black Seed and Prostaglandin E1 on the Immune System?

Through the formation of Protaglandin E1, the complete immune system is harmonized and the body's over-reactive allergic reactions are stabilized. By also inhibiting infection, the immune system is able to prevent and control chronic illnesses. Healthy cells are protected from the damaging effects of viruses, inhibiting tumors. As a result Interferon cell protein is formed, inhibiting growth of damaging micro-organisms. Recently independent clinical studies published in the Archives of Aids also established some astonishing effects of Black Seed on the defense system by improving the ratio between helper T-cells and suppressor T-cells by a significant amount while also enhancing the natural killer cell activity.

What are some of the other Effects of Black Seed?

Black Seed helps support metabolism, digestion, and lowers blood sugars levels. It has been useful in the treatment of diabetes melitus. In digestive matters, Black Seed helps to stimulate bile and promote regularity, improve digestion, and has been used to fight worms and parasites of the intestinal tract.

What are the overall benefits of Black Seed?

Black Seed is a excellent herb with many benefits, especially when it comes to maintaining a strong and healthy immune system. It is also very useful to individuals suffering from asthma and respiratory complaints, weakened or over-stimulated Immune system, kidney or liver problems, digestive and stomach problems, arthritis and circulatory complaints, allergies and hay fever, and acne. Black Seed is a safe and excellent herb that can be used by anyone. It has no known side effects and has a long history of use for several thousand years.

What is more effective, Black Seed herb or oil?

Both are effective in their own standards. However, Black Seed oil is 3X more concentrated than the herb itself, but many people prefer using the herb to the oil. Caution should be taken when using black seed oil due the fact that many oil products are imported and may be adulterated or mixed with other oils. Some oils coming from the Middle East are extracted with heat and hexane, a petrolium by-product. Always use a product that is labeled as 100%, cold-pressed, solvent free, and packed and sealed by machine.
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on February 26, 2013
Black Seeds Actions

"Nigella Sativa"

Analgesic: Relieves or dampens sensation of pain.
Anthelmintic: (Also know as vermicide or vermifuge) destroys and expels intestinal worms.
Anti-bacterial: Destroys or inhibits the growth of destructive bacteria.
Anti-Inflammatory: Reduces inflammation.
Anti-Microbial: Destroys or inhibits the growth of destructive microorganisms.
Antioxidant: Prevents or delays the damaging oxidisation of the body's cells - particularly useful against free radicals.
Anti-Pyretic: (Also known as ferbrifuge) - exhibits a 'cooling action', useful in fever reduction.
Anti-spasmodic: Prevents or eases muscle spasms and cramps.
Anti-tumour: Counteracts or prevents the formation of malignant tumours*
Carminative: Stimulates digestion and induces the expulsion of gas from the stomach and the intestines.
Diaphoretic: Induces perspiration during fever to cool and stimulate the release of toxins.
Diuretic: Stimulates urination to relieve bloating and rid the body of any excess water.

Digestive: Stimulates bile and aids in the digestive process.
Emmenagogue: Stimulates menstrual flow and activity.
Galactogogue: Stimulates the action of milk in new mothers.
Hypotensive: Reduces excess blood pressure.
Immunomodulator: Suppresses or strengthens immune system activity as needed for optimum balance.
Laxative: Causes looseness or relaxation of the bowels.

Immune Sytem

Black seed oil has been traditionally used for a vast array of ailments. What gives black seed oil it's apparent ability to have a cure for all diseases is its ability to support a weak immune system. That would be specifically for those of us who are always getting ill, feel run down and have little energy. It gives your defense system the ability to fight.

At the same time it rebalances a hyperactive immune system bringing relief for those who have respiratory problems such as asthma, hay fever and aiding many allergies.


It is also has a cleansing and eliminatory effect on the digestive system (particularly the detoxification of the intestines). Regulation of the immune system and the detoxification of the intestines are foremost in good health since it is these that are the starting point for many health disorders. By maintaining the good order of these systems we can prevent the beginning of many illnesses.

Aromatherapy Massage Oil

What is unique about it's healing components is that it contains between 0.5 - 1.5 % essential oils which make it strong enough to be an aromatherapy massage oil in its own right. While many traditional uses of the oil indicate applying it externally for skin care such as acne and psoriasis, the majority of treatments call for it to be consumed.


Analysis has shown black seed oil to contain 100 components including vitamins A, B1 and B2, 15 amino acids including 9 essential amino acids, proteins, zinc, selenium, omega 3, 6 and 9 and thymoquinone. Thymoquinone has been the centre of study for many of the research papers written about the pharmaceutical properties of the plant.

In 1959 when there were successful studies made in the Islamic world which attracted more attention in Muslim countries. It only attracted the attention of Western countries when Black seed was rediscovered in Germany.


In 1996, Baronesse a famous rachorse was suffering from acute asthma. Unhappy to give it the normal cortisone based therapies (with their awful side affects) their owners turned to a homeopathic vet.

The vet was also at a loss of how to treat the horse when he sort the advice of a Dr in Egypt. "Black seed" was the reply, "it has been used for centuries for treating horses."

Baronesse who by this time was attached to oxygen equipment started eating black seed mixed in her food. To their amazement she could soon start breathing with ease and within weeks was not only super fit but winning medals again.

Her owner happened to be the daughter of a top immunologist in Munich, Dr Peter Schleicher. He had been so impressed by this event that he administered black seed to Dr. Friedrich Carpenter, the former Federal Minister of the Interior in Germany, who was also suffering from asthma.

His asthma was also cured which confirmed to the Dr. that this herb needed serious study. He was the head of 5 major studies on black seed mainly as a therapeutic agent for asthma, neurodermitis and allergies.

70% Cured

In one of the studies black seed was used in a test with over 600 patients. It was found that 70% of patients with allergic conditions, among them being pollen and dust allergies, asthma and neuro-dermitis were cured by Nigella Sativa.


This intriguing seed caught the attention of Dr. Guenter Gerhardt a medical health guru on a German TV channel. The masses were then informed of the wide healing capabilities it contained.
Consequently this product is now available at nearly every chemist in Germany and the German health system are obliged by law to pay for the expense of black seed oil for people suffering from certain ailments.
The most interesting aspect of the oil in Germany is that it is all mild. For black seed oil to be a really high quality it needs to have a certain sharpness. This is a sign of a good content of essential oil.

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on November 26, 2014
I have several auto-immune diseases that have been attacking my body for more than 15 years. Over the years I have gotten progressively worse. I experience severe joint pain, fatigue, muscle pain, depression and other symptoms that have all but stolen my joy, youth, spirit, and will to endure another day. I've grown tired of taking 15- 20 medications that do nothing but financially deplete me, and physically have me incapacitated or in-coherent. I tried Black Seed Oil because I was told by a stranger who came up to me and told me about the oil. The oil does exactly what it says. My pain isn't completely gone, but it is significantly better and not so intense since I started taking the oil. Also, I use the oil on my hair because it was almost bald because of all the biological and immune suppressant drugs that I take. My hair has gotten thicker and it sheds less. I use the oil on my skin, it was so damaged with blemishes and sores, which I tried to hid under makeup. I have seen a dramatic difference in my skin as well, it has improved in its elasticity and it is more supple. I've been taking the oil for approximately 3 weeks. I bought the capsules and for some reason they don't do nothing for me. My body doesn't respond to the capsules. I found out something important about the oil that was most amazing, I forgot to take it one day, and all of my symptoms immediately re-appeared. I was in so much pain, agony, and discomfort I tried taking everything, but found no relief. I had gotten off of most of the prescribed medication and my doctor didn't know it. I have high blood pressure too, and the oil lowered my high blood pressure. Finally, I took a teaspoon of Black Seed Oil and within minutes the pain sub- sided. Now as a daily regiment I take 1 teaspoon in the morning and 1 teaspoon before bedtime. I pray my experience helps someone. I will continue to purchase the oil for as long as I can. All I can say is all praises to the Lord, and the person he sent to tell me about the oil. I was at my wits end battling all these diseases. Lord thank you, thank you, thank you !!!!!!
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on June 15, 2014
I was diagnosed with uterine fibroid tumors and my doctor wanted to do surgery to remove them. I started taking this product and within a couple of months the troubles I had been having went away. I was able to skip the surgery. I take one every day and it's been over a year now.
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on February 26, 2016
this product is said to help eliminate cancer cells. we'll see in April when my daughter has her next MRI. Prayers for all going through this journey. God is Good.... Keep your body alkaline and don't believe the doctors. They are looking for treatment not a cure. Read all you can is a good place to start. Asparagus is not a hoax. and anything the doctors say is quackery is not true. Also look into MMS Hydrogen Peroxide therapy. Keep your immune system boosted. My daughter was given a 3 year sentence 9 1/2 years ago... Natural therapies work.
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on June 2, 2011
I've been having a lot of problems with my digestion and throat and acid reflux. I've spent so much money on probiotics, vitamins, et cetera, and this is by far the best thing i have tried. I am going to use this rest of my life. It really balances out my stomach.
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on May 26, 2014
This the best!!! It healed my open wound of 9 years, in a month and a half, dissolved a small tumor, and stopped an irritating cough. God's miracle in a bottle.
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on May 13, 2015
It has worked well but one thing that is very important to know about this product is that it is high in omega 6. Omega 6 unbalanced can have negative side affects on someone . It needs to be balanced with Omega 3 as well. You will need to add this as a supplement. The Omega 3 needs to equal the same amount as omega 6. All you have to do is research negative side affects of high omega 6 to see the various side effects that could possibly occur. I did not know this before I stated taking it and only found out because I stared noticing my behavior had changed since taking it. I became very short tempered and angry which was not like myself. I found out that this is a side effect of High omega 6 not being balance with omega 3. Its a very good product but I feel that this should be mentioned by the company as a negative side affect if not taken properly.
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on February 22, 2013
I have been taking this product for a week a I am blown away by the results. I read articles about this stuff and how it can cure all these different ailments and I thought, "B.S.!". I have had chronic back pain from a ruptured disk 11 years ago, gone. Chronic knee pain for the last 18 years from a car accident, gone. Chronic pain in my wrists from carpel tunnel for the past 15 years, almost gone. Chronic neck pain from a car accident 30 years ago, minute discomfort now. On top of that my horrible allergy symptoms are the best I can ever remember and my normally high blood pressure is now near perfect. One teaspoon twice a day can change your life. And I've lost weight without changing my diet! Don't just take my word for it. Try it yourself. What do you have to lose?
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on December 29, 2008
If you've done any kind of research at all on Nigella Sativa oil (aka black seed oil, black cumin seed oil, onion seed oil, etc.) then you have to have heard about it's curative and health properties. Well I concur. I mix black seed oil with virgin coconut oil and use it on my skin and hair and it's truly miraculous. As nearly prohibitive as the price is, I'd be a fool NOT to cut it but the black seed oil shines right on through the coconut oil. I put some of my mixture on my son's skin with his eczema and chronic itchy skin and it kept his skin moisturized, healed his scratch marks where he'd scratched his skin up in his sleep and left him with a wonderful glow. I use it on my skin and hair as well and I love it. I also consume the oil on sprouted grain bread. The oil has a peppery/citrusy taste and is quite different from any other oil that I've ever tasted but there is no denying that if you care about your health, you must have this oil.
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