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Amazon Instant Video & Google TV I have the Logitech Revue and when I try to purchase Instant Videos through Amazon I am running into a problem with payments.

I have several active & valid credit cards set-up with my Amazon account. When I choose to purchase a movie, I get a "Please select payment method" screen. All of my payment methods are listed but none are clickable.

The only way to actually complete the purchase is to give the same credit card information again. It's getting old! Does anyone know what the issue is?

I am having the problem with Instant Video but it could be with other purchases as well but since I don't buy anything from Amazon while using Google TV, I don't know.

asked by Christy B. on July 1, 2011
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One more vote for a dedicated app. I used to have a Roku box and the Amazon Instant application was wonderful. The Google TV version is really disappointing. Even with Google TV taking you to the movie directly, it's still annoying enough that I'd more likely order on demand. I know I would rent more videos from Amazon if the Google TV integration was better. Also would get a lot more out of my Amazon Prime streaming.
eb answered on December 13, 2011
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When I click "Register" my Revue for Amazon Video, it doesn't come up with a registration screen.

I know this isn't Amazon's fault. Google TV is dead. The Revue is the biggest waste of my money ever. Google should offer full refunds for all of their Google TV products.
MDWALT answered on March 10, 2012
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I am unable to register the Revue as a supported device with Amazon streaming, and there is no application on the Revue device for Amazon streaming. The only way to watch Amazon videos is through the Chrome browser which does not play movies in HD - same restrictions as with a computer. It is also difficult to browse Amazon Prime videos which are free for Prime members. I accidentally purchased an entire season of a TV show that is free for Prime customers when I tried to watch one episode - I had to call Amazon customer service and they reversed the charge. The Review device is supported with Netflix, which is much easier to use does play movies in HD.
A. Bernier answered on September 19, 2011
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I figured out how to fix the original issue.

Enlarge the screen twice and THEN click on the credit card information.

For some reason this works. I can see the correct button is ticked when the screen is smaller but it won't accept it. Who knows why, but I'm happy it works!!
Christy B. answered on September 19, 2011
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Curious if this problem has been corrected with the Honeycomb update.
Anthony answered on December 18, 2011
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Are there any plans to integrate the amazon cloud, mp3 player/store, and the other amazon functions to the revue/gtv? I hate the fact that being a prime member I can stream part of the library for free, and the rest I have to try and figure out whats prime and what isn't! The amazon cloud would be a good fit with gtv, and the fact that we can now access the android market makes the whole thing a better experience!
William J. Rosen answered on December 30, 2011
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My revue is working fine....playon will work by bookmarking the site and having your DLNA server active on your main computer. Go to playon's site and they explain exactly how to connect the Revue to Playon.
A. Mastowski answered on January 8, 2012
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I must have missed that, I should be getting my unit back at the beginning of the week, I'm using tversity as my dlna server, do you know of a better one, or do you use tversity as well? I had tversity omn my stolen pc, I've added it to my new temp pc as well, but waiting for my revue to see if I can et it to work without the wii console! I'll look for the explanation on the playon site, but still am curious as to what others are using as a dlna server. Thanks
William J. Rosen answered on January 8, 2012
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I connected my revue in my room. It works. But when I purchase an instant amazon movie I can not use my surround sound. The surround sound works perfectly for the sat tv. It works perfectly for DVD/CDs but when I purchase a rental movie from amazon..no dice!!! My Revue is connected to my Dish network STB via HDMI cables. From the revue out to the TV with HDMI. The audio is connected from my Sony DVD/CD surround via RCA cable and is connected to my DISH NETWORK STB...Now would I just need to connect the SPDIF cable on the REVUE BOX into the surround??? I do not have a SPDIF connector on my SONY DVD/CD Player...but I do have a GEVIN Digital audio converter that takes digital audio to RCA...I feel like the only way that I get enough RCA female outlets is to get a splitter of some type or get a new Surround Sound all together. Youtube, Amazon movies, and any video online that the revue puts out I can not listen to in surround sound...ANY ADVICE??? HELPP!!!!
M. D. Senter answered on February 21, 2012
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M D Senter, are you using the sony gtv, or the logitech? I had the same problem with my sony gtv, my logitech didn't give me that problem [only it gives me way more problems and more complex problems]! The sony version at least the one built in to the nsx32-GT1 only gives surround sound if hooked up to a receiver with the capability to handle ARC,
"Audio Return Channel], I don't know if the same is true for the set top box version by sony, but if this is happening with the logitech revue I'd call the unpredictable people at logitech and get support! They claim to be committed to continuing support even though they've abandoned making it! I have not had good luck with the help dept, although they were very good about helping on the phone, when it came down to keeping a promise they failed miserably! Maybe you could let us all know in the forums your experience with the support dept. I really hope you have better luck than I have, I will never buy logitech again unless they make good on there failed promise but better luck to you!!!
William J. Rosen answered on March 6, 2012
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