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on September 27, 2010
I do most of my reading while sitting in a recliner or in bed. This stand is perfect for holding my Kindle in both locations.
It is very light weight. A great companion for any e-reader.
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on November 20, 2010
I took the risk of thinking this stand would work fine with my Kindle 3 (Next Generation), and it does! I have a leather cover from OberonDesign,com. It is a traditional book-style cover with the spine on the left. I am able to use the stand with the Kindle 3 in its cover. It works with the cover both open, or folded all the way back behind the Kindle3.

It is light weight and sturdy. It is not adjustable, but that is not a feature that was required for my use.
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on March 15, 2011
I tried using copy stands and book stands that were around my home and office. The copy stands I had or saw in stores were all for letter or legal size paper and were too big for a Kindle 3. The Kindle 3 is pretty small and the extra space on each side made the buttons to turn pages inconvenient to get to and they were unnecessarily big and awkward. The book stands were better suited for hard back books and put pressure on places I thought might damage the Kindle. But I also didn't want to spend $40 on a stand for something that could be purchased for $140. All I wanted was something to hold it up during an extended reading session.

For $6.99 I didn't expect much. It's pretty simple, just a piece of plastic bent into the right shape. The plastic is indeed a bit thin, but the Kindle 3 is light. It seems to work best sitting on a pad of some sort because even together they are so light they want to move around when the buttons are pushed. A neoprene mouse pad might be good (that's what I use). Sitting on the pad also keeps it from flexing or rocking and makes it easier to reposition because the pad can be slid around.

The lip on the bottom is a little big but that leaves plenty of space so the Kindle can be in a sleeve or what ever. It does make the buttons on the lower part hard to reach, but they would be awkward to reach with many stands because the buttons are close to the table surface (which was the case with the stands I mentioned above). When I want to use those buttons I just pick it up and because the stand is the right size and the Kindle just lays in the stand the Kindle is easy to pick up and replace.

For just holding my Kindle while I'm reading where I only need to reach the page turning buttons with the stand resting on a pad it works sufficiently for $6.99. Because it's "Fulfilled by Amazon" it's eligible for Super Saver Shipping if it's combined with another item or items that total $25. A burger combo, a magazine or a couple greeting cards can cost more than $7.
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on January 12, 2011
This is a solid, plexi stand for Kindles. I bought one for use with my Kindle 3. However, when the Kindle 3 is placed in the older, it is very difficult (but not impossible) to use the 4 way navigator or any of the lower buttons on the kindle because they are partially obscured by the lip that holds the Kindle in place. However, some other Kindle holders have such a slight lip, that the Kindle can slip easily. My advice is that if you do a lot of straightforward reading, for which you just turn pages, then this holder is great for you. If you use the navigation controller a lot, then you may be less satisfied. I also have Kindle DX, and this holder works better for it because the navigation buttons are higher up. However, the stand is a little too small and isn't very stable when holding a DX.

Another thing to keep in mind is that this Kindle holder is deep enough to accommodate a Kindle while the Kindle is still fastened in a case. Some other holders require you to remove the case in order to use the holder. It's all a trade off. You know how you use your Kindle. Would it bother you to remove it from its case to use a holder? Then this one will be perfect and appreciated by you (just don't plan to use the navigator buttons easily on a Kindle 3).

This Kindle holder might be perfect for you. Or not. But you could say that about every single one of them.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon September 22, 2011
I actually bought this because I wanted a stand to display books in my library, not to support an e-reader. So, my review is based on this purpose. The stand is just about perfect for my purpose. I have tried metal book display stand/easels like 9" Tall Black Iron Display Stand Holds Cook Books, Plates, Pictures & More!, and Stationary Display Stand; 6 Packs - N4 - White. The problem with these is that they put uneven pressure along the bottom edge of the book. In a couple cases, it caused gouges in the board covers. and the back support of the second stand type is not high enough. This stand provides even support along the bottom edge with about the same pressure as the book would get sitting on the shelf. Also, it is unobtrusive - the easels sometimes detract from the book. This could hold a variety of book sizes.

My only minor quibbles are: 1) since this is for an e-reader, it is tilted further back than I would prefer, and 2) the lip is not deep enough, nor the stand sturdy enough, for thicker/larger hardcover books. But overall, I am very pleased. I am using it to display Island of the Blue Dolphins (Illustrated), and it looks great!
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on February 28, 2011
I have an iPad. iPad stands are REALLY expensive, and wall mounts are twice as ridiculous. I was given a padbracket brand iPad wall mount, and it was garbage. But I still wanted a kitchen wall mount for my iPad, and decided to try modifying this nifty little stand.

First I tested it in it's original form, seeing if it worked as a general iPad stand. It does! If you want an inexpensive solution for placing your iPad on a counter around the house, this is a good one.

But I wanted a wall mount in the kitchen, so that I could use epicurious while cooking. To accomplish this, I made some minor mods to the stand. Using my household drill, I removed the back flap of the product - sawed it straight off. The plastic is malleable enough to do this without shattering, helped by two protective layers the stand comes with. Once this was done, two one- inch screws were used to mount it, creating a sturdy, usable wall mount for the iPad. I tested it, making sure it would safely hold the iPad, and I'm happy to say that it would be very hard to knock the iPad off, even with the most frenzied and careless screen tapping.

It should be noted that in both forms - orig and modified - the stand is capable of holding the iPad in both portrait and landscape. The ledge that it sits on is deep enough that the iPad tilts back slightly, so that you don't have to worry about it tipping forward and toppling off. The lip on the shelf is the perfect size too - keeping the iPad in place but not obstructing any of the screen in either orientation.
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on November 14, 2010
I have an Easi-Reader stand that I've used for years and years and years, but it's just not quite right for holding a Kindle. I figured that an Amazon holder would be just the ticket, and I ponied up my $6.99, along with the same day delivery fee, and felt that I'd done the right thing. Um, no...I didn't.

The form factor of the holder is generally what I was expecting. The execution of the implementation of that form factor was woefully inadequate. Take a piece of clear plastic (Lucite?) and bend it this way and that way, and a Kindle holder should result. Sounds simple.

First off, the bends are not square. The holder has two bends that serve as the support area for the holder. These two bends are not parallel to each other, so it's like a four-legged table with one leg too short. I took a paper towel and folded it twice and stuck it under one edge of the holder to stop the rocking. Also, this caused the Kindle to sit crookedly, and not straight up and down, So the paper towel had the secondary function of squaring up the Kindle.

Next, the plastic is so thin and flimsy that if you try to slide the holder forward or backward, the plastic bends and distorts during the process. This leaves the holder in a stressed position, and extra steps must be taken to restore the holder to a more natural, unstressed position.

Then there's the front well that supports the bottom of the Kindle. All this area needs is a very short base that supports the Kindle and a small front lip to ensure the Kindle's bottom can't slide forward and slip off the holder. The base is something like an inch long, and the Kindle is, what, 30% of that? so there's all this extra room on the base for no good reason. Then the front lip extends way higher than it needs to, and serves no good purpose. It appears that the holder was not actually designed for a Kindle, but was some convenient design that was in the ballpark and hence adopted for the use with no further thought.

As an aside, the holder is okay if you don't want to transport it, but if you wanted a portable holder, this isn't it because there's no hinge at the top of the holder so that it may be collapsed.

I'm not returning it because it would be too much trouble for the $6.99 cost. However, I expected better of Amazon, given that this is an accessory that supports their flagship product.
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on April 24, 2011
I purchased two stands for my Kindle. One of the stands is fine but the other can't hold the book. It falls down and I can't use it. If you buy it, be careful when you try it out. Do not take the paper off!!
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on March 6, 2011
I love that someone came up with a cheap nifty life helper! This stand frees up your hands so you can see your kindle at the right angle and still have free hands. Love it!
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on February 29, 2012
Love the book stand. I can eat and read at the same time. No worries about holding a book or turning pages. No worries about getting book sticky.
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