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on January 17, 2014
O.K. boys and girls. This is my honest opinion of this very fine product.
I have been to a lot of my friends houses and it seems that they all have some sort of small bluetooth speaker ranging in prices from $40 bucks up to $200 bucks. In comparison, I love what I got for such a good price. For one thing when compared to the $40 dollar speaker, the Amazon Basics seem to have more bass and the $40 dollar speaker didn't have the ability to answer a cell phone. When compared to the $120 dollar speakers, I'd have to say they sound about the same for half the price. They both had speaker phone capabilities. The $200 dollar speaker did sound better and had more bass but the Amazon Basics is half the price, and, it is a lot more smaller and is more easy to move around from location to location in my book bag. It paired with ease to my iPhone and my computer. The buttons are good sized and placed well for me. It feels very solid in hand. Not a brick with large magnets on the speakers. Just solid like it won't fall apart. I ran several types of music through it. Some with a lot of bass and at full volume on both my iPhone and the speaker. It did not distort the music at all for me. It seemed like the manufacture capped the volume so it would sound clean at full volume. Also, at full volume on both my iPhone and the speaker, there was no noticeable sound or his when the music was not playing. Nice and quiet. All this testing was done with the charge that came with the speaker out of the box. All in all I love it. The packaging that the speaker came in is very nice too. Easy to open and yet protects nicely.
Now for what I don't like.
Amazon! Why put out a awesome product and then drop the ball by only giving you a USB charging cable that is only 20" inches long? Seems to short for me to charge it from the most usual places. I have a AC/USB adapter that I can use but this short cord wont reach it from my desk. How many people have there computer on the floor? While charging, would you want to use the speaker down there? Now I have to purchase a longer cable and toss this one in the junk pile. Nothing big but it would have been nice for it to come with a standard sized cable.
Why not add a AC/USB adapter? Would have been nice but not needed for me.
Now just a pet peeve of mine.
It would have been nice to have a stereo jack out so you can daisy-chain a few of these speakers together for a larger get together.
Other than the USB cable, it is a very good speaker for its size with good sound that I think anyone would love without spending a lot of cash! I'll update this review about the battery life once I have had some more time using it.
Hope this review helps someone with there decision.

***One more suggestion Amazon. Design a inexpensive travel case so it won't get scratched up in my book bag.

- Quick Update 01-18-14 - I decided to take it apart to find out what was inside and how it was made.
Both the screens were inserted with a rubberized glue around the edges to hold them in and keep them from vibrating and making noises. The inside of the speaker box along with the wires and electronics are all lined with a foam material. The box is sealed! Where the plastic plate that holds the speakers in and attaches to the speaker box, it is screwed in and looks to be glued or hot glued to keep it air tight. The rest of my observations are from what I could see through the speaker openings after I took out the speakers. The speakers are of good make. Not the best but good. I don't think that the rear sub is an actual sub. From what I could see, nothing was hooked up to it. No metal frame and no magnet or wires. There was no visible battery but it may be housed in one of the switch housings. All in all it looks like it was very nicely made and not just cheeply thrown together. I like what I did see. I'll try to post some pics if I can.

- Update 01-25-14 - After a week in the office of use for up to 8 hours per day with the our digital printers running, I can safely say that the volume for such a small speaker is very good. I did get a little distortion at full volume from the bass on a few songs but I never seem to run it at full volume all that much. Yes. I have to agree with others that the sound is a little muddy but I believe that if it wasn't, the bass sound wouldn't be as good. Seems like a compromise to me that I don't mind. I do like the sound. Several times I did have a phone call while out at the machines and I was able to receive the call, talk and hang up with no problem. I asked the caller how I sounded and they all told me fine. There was no echo like you sometimes get on Skype. Several employees that I work with came in and listened and they liked it too. Two of them stated that they were going to order one too.
My printers were 17' and 25' away from my desk where my cell phone was. There is one wall that the signal had to pass through and I had no dropouts in the music and phone calls.
All in all it is a $60.00 dollar bluetooth speaker that does what it supposed to do and does it well. You shouldn't expect it to sound like a larger, more expensive system but I am very impressed with what I got.
One more note. The battery lasts for a long time. I charged it every other day with my workstations USB port and in about 4 hours it was done. That was while I was still using it at the same time.
Enjoy and have fun with your new bluetooth speaker :-)
I love mine.
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on December 25, 2013
I've heard some other more expensive bluetooth speakers such as the Jambox. I like the jambox actually, i think it sounds good and has decent volume. I ordered the Photive CYREN but returned it because it sounded terrible to me. And i'm sure it work working fine, it was just a really disappointing sound.

So i took a chance on this because it seemed like a strange product for Amazon to be making and there are so many other options out there, why would they get into this space and risk their reputation unless they had something that was a great value? Bingo! I feel like if this was marketed by another company this would be roughly a $100 product. At $60 i think this is a steal. I don't feel like I want the Jambox anymore.

As far as the sound goes, its all pretty subjective, but to my ear, its pretty well balanced. It doesn't kick out the same bass that the jambox does, but the bass does sound a bit tighter and more true to the source. The highs are VERY crisp if you are listening on-axis to the speaker. It won't get as loud as the jambox, however it seems like maybe they capped it where they did to avoid distortion. I don't think i need this to be a lot louder but i could see some others complaining.

Anyway, i would recommend this to pretty much anyone.
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on March 6, 2014
I bought my wife a Jawbone Jambox for Christmas. While I was researching that, I spotted this and ordered it for myself. So i get to compare the side by side.

Really they don't compare. The Jambox comes in an incredibly fancy package; the 'Basics speaker comes in cardboard. Under the Jambox there is a divider that reads "Wait, there's more", under which is a charger and aux cables; under the 'Basics speaker is the bottom of the cardboard box. The Jambox is half the size of the 'Basics speaker. When you turn on the Jambox it gives a throaty bass "thump" that makes you almost drop the thing, and then starts talking to you; the 'Basics speaker beeps.

But you know what, the AmazonBasics speaker costs less than 1/2 as much as the Jambox, and the sound is very comparable. It also has the speaker phone feature (but I'm not sure why you'd do that). I don't mind the lack of a charger, I've got a bunch of those things laying around. For the price, this thing hits the spot.
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on January 6, 2014
As a college student I don't necessarily have the money for the $200 versions of this brand (Beats Pill, Jawbone Jambox), many of which are marketed for people like me (see the beats pill in the new Britney Spears video, and the Jambox ads in young-adult magazines). The fact is that if I spent $200 on any speaker it might never leave its box... or at least it would be confined to one room. The affordability of this item allows me to use it as a "portable speaker" without having to worry about a speaker the price of a small laptop breaking at a park.

The sound quality is amazing for the price (I have no complaints). Could it be better? Sure... But is it worth paying so much extra that it will be like walking on eggshells when you are using this item? Absolutely not. The battery life is also impressive. I have been using it for a few days now, of and on and had no need to recharge it. Before I bought the product I was concerned with the "beeping" noise all the reviews talked about. To be entirely honest I hardly notice it, and it only happens when you disconnect your phone from the device or turn off the device. I also have had no issues connecting to or from the device. The set-up is simple and it has never had trouble connecting despite me using it from a distance. This item fulfills its purpose. It is portable, easy to use, it works, and the sound quality makes you want to use it. It also isn't obnoxious or flashy. It is simple, purposeful and I would recommend it to anyone who wants a portable Bluetooth speaker. You also always have Amazon customer service should anything go incredibly wrong with your item, so its even more low risk.

Worthwhile purchase. Glad I bought it.
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on April 4, 2014
This is not a comment on quality from an audio purest, but from someone who wanted a practical way to play music in a hospital room. I cannot tell the difference between this and the JAMBOX. So from a normal listener's perspective, the price is awesome. The device is easy to use and syncing to my HTC Inspire was dead simple. The sound feedback (e.g. synced, charged, etc.) is appropriate and there are only a few buttons. In listening to Pandora, the forward button on the unit skipped to the next song on the phone.

Bear in mind the device only comes with a very short usb to micro usb cord. I have plenty of longer cords and wall adapters, so this isn't an issue for me. I'd rather pay less and get what I asked for rather than paying for more and getting a hodgepodge of useless accessories.

This is a good product at a great price. And I'll certainly update if I see any issues.
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on February 4, 2014
-Battery Life is great. I have had it last more than 10 hours a few times.
-Sound quality is good. You might be surprised for something this size to get good sound quality.
-Can get pretty loud. Have no issue turning it up and moving across a 50 foot room and still hearing clearly.
-Range. It can work through walls and I have gotten it to go over 50 feet from device.

-I wish the bass was a little deeper but it is not something that you would expect from mostly any mini speakers.
-When turned up to the max volume and right next to it, the sound will be slightly distorted from close(but not from far).
-THE NAME! I wish it had a hipper name!

Review: I was in a debate on wether to get the Bose Soundlink mini(Something my buddy has and I know is a great product), the jambox mini(something that was cheaper than Bose but still pricey) and this Amazon Basics Portable Bluetooth Speaker. I mainly tried this one first due to price and if I was disappointed I would move up the price chain. Well there was no need! The sound on this one is solid. While I wish the bass was deeper, it is not something I would pay double or triple the price to get more bass. The sound quality is good, it is easy to use, and it is a great overall buy. The only thing I wish it had was a wall plug in the box.
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VINE VOICEon December 2, 2013
Color: Black|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I've only previously used a Bluetooth speaker in my car for hands free talking on my cell and this AmazonBasics Portable Bluetooth Speaker works the same.

With this, I can answer the phone and then click on the speaker in mid-conversation. Usually, if I put my phone on speaker, I'd have had to move it around with me to continue to hear clearly. With this speaker, I was able to put my phone down and move all around the kitchen without any deterioration in sound quality. For that bit of freedom alone, I thought it was worth the price.

I also paired this AmazonBasics Portable Bluetooth Speaker to my Kindle. Compared to the earbuds I use to watch shows or listen to music privately, the earbuds give better sound. On the other hand, this portable speaker provided much higher quality sound than the Kindle's little speakers.

I was concerned by the lack of a wall charger. The manual doesn't reference whether or not it's okay to use one or if you have to use the USB type charger provided. As it turns out, I have been using my Kindle wall charger to charge the speaker and have encountered no issues.

As for recharging, the specs say it can run eight hours on one charge. So far, I haven't had occasion to max out the time to the stated limit, but can say it goes for at least a solid five hours. Plugged in, obviously, it can go indefinitely.

If I could change one thing, it would be to have the ability to adjust tonal quality. The settings are static, so I can't play with the treble and / or base as I'd like to when playing different types of music.

Whether or not this speaker would enhance your listening depends. If you have Bluetooth in your car and would like the same ability elsewhere, this speaker fits the bill, as it probably also will if you're looking for better sound from your tablet or laptop.

If you primarily use headphones / earbuds, you won't find the same depth of sound range to which you're accustomed and probably need to look at the more expensive portable speaker options available.

All in all, I'm very happy with this speaker and already know that I'll be using if for a long time to come.
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on June 27, 2015
I've tried. So, so hard to love this speaker. Batteries went quickly? No problem, I'll just charge it more often. Randomly shut off? No worries, I'll just turn it off and on again. Poor range on Bluetooth? No biggie, I'll just keep the phone right next to the speaker. Sound quality just mediocre? No big deal, I paid $60 for it, right? But now, the phone shuts off every time I'm streaming music and get a text. So, I had to shut of cell service to keep playing music and could only use music on my phone. At parties, when people see me taking out the speaker, they start yelling at me. Friends are starting a "fund me" campaign to get me to buy a new speaker. The cost of this speaker is great, and it looks solid, but save yourself a lot of frustration and just get the best Bluetooth speaker you can afford.
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VINE VOICEon December 26, 2013
Color: Black|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The number of portable Bluetooth speakers seems to have exploded in the past year. They range from cheap low powered little cubes that do little more than an iPhone's speaker up to very expensive box style ones similar in shape to this one. This speaker is great if you want to fill a room with ambient holiday/working/cleaning music or share your music while on the road. It isn't going to replace a shelf system where you can absorb the fidelity of each and every note, but at this price you wouldn't expect to. To be fair though, the sound is loud and clear enough to be your primary sound system if you're on a budget. It's mostly noise free, and only when I had both the phone and the speaker on max did i feel I needed to back one off by a notch to prevent distortion. It also paired easily and the battery life is longer than I've needed, although I usually keep it plugged in. The only "problem" I could find was that when it's not plugged in it goes into a disconnected battery saving mode even if it's on, when there hasn't been any audio for awhile. This is a good feature to save battery life, but it does mean I have to wake it up and reconnect after a long interruption. Other than that I'm very pleased with it.
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on December 9, 2013
If you are looking for a cheaper Jambox then I wouldn't recommend this speaker. If you are looking for a good portable speaker to use in a small office, kitchen, bathroom, etc then it's a great speaker for the size and price. Most of my complaints could be settled if there were a way to make settings changes to the speaker.


- Price
- Size
- Reasonable battery
- Reasonable sound quality


- Turning the speaker on activates a series of really loud beeps. Even if I have the volume tuned down really low this series of beeps is always moderately loud.
- The power management shuts off way too quickly. (see loud beeps which are worse because this shuts half a dozen times a day).
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