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on February 3, 2014
Color Name: BlackStyle Name: WR-335
I just received and unboxed the WR-335 ADVENTURER2 and from my initial observations, I am impressed. (Just as an FYI, I have added a number of pictures here to help everyone follow along with this review). The first thing you will notice is that it has a solid build quality, something that is important with any equipment that you may be using in an emergency in my opinion. It seems to be enclosed in a rubberized plastic shell (I'm not positive it's rubberized, but it seems that way), so it seems very durable. It is also light. The company website says it is about 1 pound and that seems accurate. If worst came to worst and you had to leave your home in an emergency, you could throw this in a backpack and it wouldn't be a problem.

The radio has several methods of charging. It has an AC adapter for charging from traditional power outlets and also runs on regular AAA batteries. In addition, it has a USB plug, a hand crank, and a solar charging panel. The manual recommends keeping the radio plugged into a traditional power source at all times if possible so that you are assured it is fully charged in the event of an emergency. Then you can rely on batteries, the hand crank, or the solar charger when traditional power is lost.

As for using the radio to charge other devices, it comes with a very versatile dongle for doing so (again, see pics). I doubt there are any small, commonly owned electronics that this dongle would be incapable of charging. Given that you don't necessarily know what electronics you might need to charge in an emergency, this handy dongle has the versatility to keep you covered. I hooked this up to my iPhone and iPad and was able to charge both with no issues whatsoever.

(Note: In order to begin charging a device, you must hold the power button for 3 seconds until "Phone" appears on the screen. In other words, merely plugging in your phone to the radio will not begin a charge. My assumption is that this is because when the power supply you have is limited, you only want to leach power from the radio intentionally).

One thing to note is that the radio has to be off in order to use the charging function. According to the company, the reason for this is two-fold. First, some devices (think iPhones) need a higher charging current that might be compromised if you were running other operations on the radio while also trying to charge the phone. The other reason is simply one of priority: if you need a charge in an emergency situation, you want it done as quickly as possible. For that reason, ancillary features that might jeopardize the charge can't be used while the radio is charging other devices.

The flashlight is decent for a multi-function device like this. I would consider it more of a backup rather than a primary lighting option though. Nonetheless, good to have.

The radio came in clearly and quickly. You can preset the channels so that in the event of an emergency you aren't trying to find the right channels for the first time.

One thing that is not included, but that I think would be a fantastic addition, is a small carrying case of some sort. Between the radio itself, the AC adapter, and the various included dongles etc., it would be nice to have a small case to keep everything organized and in one place. This would be especially valuable for those who intend to keep one of these in their car.

Lastly, I would like to say that having owned products from this company before, they have fantastic customer service. If you ever have an issue, you can reach out to the company and be confident that they will work with you to rectify it.

Overall, from my initial observations, I am very pleased with this radio. It seems to have the features you need in a small, yet reliable package. The fact that it is made by a company that stands by their product is a bonus. I will update this review down the line as I become more acquainted with the nuances of the product.
review image review image review image review image review image
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Color Name: BlackStyle Name: WR-335Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
First of all the instructions in the manual for putting the radio in standby alert for weather notifications are wrong in the manual. I emailed the company and within ten minutes had an email back with the instructions:

Turn the radio on, then press MODE until you see ALT.

This works, I received an alert. If you have other trouble an updated manual is available on their website.

A couple of notes from the manual and my experiences:

Charging a smartphone is meant for emergency use only, the battery in the radio does not have enough power to fully charge a smartphone. I was able to get a minute of talk time from a fully dead Nexus 4 with 16 minutes of crank time (as per the manual 2 min cranking, 2 min resting so this took half an hour). This is a long time to crank (I had to call in backup teenage son power), but I suppose in an emergency it would be worth it! The Nexus did complain about the compatibility, but it did charge. On my old flip phone I got a minute of talk time off a dead battery much faster (6 min of total crank time)

If you want it on weather alert, you really need to keep it plugged in.

The solar collector will not completely charge up the battery and is meant to keep it "topped up".

There is a reset button if it freezes up.

I copied this info from the manual since it is not provided on the website here. Someone else has listed the devices charged by the usb cable:
Power Specifications:
Dynamo Power: The hand crank generator charges the internal Lithium Ion battery
Solar Power: You can play this Radio with the direct Sun or charge the Lithium Ion battery
USB Power: With the included adapter, you can play or charge with USB power from a computer
Rechargeable Power: 3.7V/2,200 mAh Lithium Ion Battery Included (non-proprietary)
Dry Cell Power:3 x AAA batteries (not included)
Maximum Power Consumption: 0.5W

Radio Bands:

AM: 525 KHz to 1710KHz FM: 88MHz to 108 MHz
Digital 7-Channel Weather Band
Shortwave: 2.300 to 23.000 MHz
Five Programmable preset stations
Weather Alert Mode with audible and visual indication
Other Features:
USB Charging Cable
10-in-1 Charger for multiple phones
USB power output port is compatible with Apple IPhone, Ipad and Ipod devices
Flashlight provides flashing nightlight "beacon" when AC power goes out
Flashlight Intensity: 35 lumens
Siren: 125 db
Retractable Antenna
Headphone Jack for personal listening
Audio input jack for listening to your media players (smart phones, Ipods, mp3 players)
Wrist strap
Dimensions: 6.0" x 3.25" x 2.0"
Weight: about 1 lb.
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on February 26, 2014
Color Name: BlackStyle Name: WR-335
I own several other Ambient Weather emergency radios. The WR-335 has some nice features including AM/FM, shortwave, weather radio, and weather radio alert. Charging via the handle and solar panel as well as the solar panel pouch works well and there is the option for 3 AAA battery backup. Its the perfect radio to leave plugged in near your bed with the radio in weather alert mode so that it will come on and wake you up if there is dangerous weather over night. Check out my video review for full details.
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on February 6, 2014
Color Name: BlackStyle Name: WR-335
Received my Adventurer 2 and immediately put it through its paces.

The included, rechargeable Lithium battery had a bit of a charge out of the box.
It took about 2 hours to fully charge.

Setup of the system was simple for current time and radio presets; intuitive.

I plugged my iPod into the input jack and it worked fine.
FM, AM, and Wx stations come through clear.
Played a bit with the Shortwave band, but didn't find any good signals.
The speaker is mono, but would be nice in a camping or power-outage situation to play music for the masses.
The headphone jack seems to provide stereo from the FM stations.
It won't replace your home entertainment system, but as an emergency radio, it is quite adequate.

The flashlight is good, and would be more than sufficient in a power outage or camping situation.

Power supply options:
This is where, IMHO, the unit really shines.
Power can come from a multitude of sources; three AAA batteries, A/C adapter (included), D/C via USB, rechargeable Lithium battery (included), on-board hand-crank generator, and even solar (per the manual, the solar source helps with battery maintenance, and won't fully recharge the system, but it's a nice touch for increased battery longevity).
I didn't mess with the generator too much, but I've used them on other devices, and expect it would work nicely, if needed.
I think the power supply options were well thought out for many scenarios, making this unit stand out.

The unit also provides power to charge mobile phones and the like.
I put this to the test by plugging my iPhone into it.
The unit was fully charged, and my iPhone was at 70%.
It charged my phone to 100% in about an hour, which was better than I expected.
It then took about an hour to recharge the Lithium battery.
It comes with a USB dongle that has 10 different connectors.
TIP: Put a rubber band or twist tie on the 10 different wires to keep them in check.
If you have a USB capable adapter, as does my iPhone, you can use it as well/instead.
The dongle will allow you great flexibility, and is a really nice feature, should you ever need it.
The ability to charge a phone, or other device, really adds to the utility of the unit.

Construction and materials:
The unit is fairly small and lightweight.
It would fit in a drawer with ease,
It could be used in a backpacking situation, if you've got a bit of extra room.
I intend to take mine camping in my travel trailer.
The unit is well made, with a simple, brightly backlit display and intuitive suite of buttons.
It appears to be reasonably rugged and able to withstand up to moderate abuse.
It has a slightly rubberized finish on the edges of the unit; it's grippy.
It seems as if it would be resistant to moisture, but is not waterproof.
The various charging ports and jacks have a rubber cover that keeps moisture and dirt at bay.
The antennae has a bit of play in it, when disengaged from it's retention clips, but it seems to be ultimately secure.

If you need a small, flexible, capable emergency device, this unit will fit the bill.
review image review image review image
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on August 24, 2014
Color Name: BlackStyle Name: WR-335 with Solar BagVerified Purchase
This is my review of the newest in the line of AW Emergency Radios: The Adventurer2 WR-335 with Solarbag. This is my 3rd Ambient Weather Radio. I have tons of respect for this company. Someone (someones?) uses their head when designing this line. My last purchase was the WR-334-U. I bought it because I wanted a high quality Emergency Radio and, although I lamented the absence of both Shortwave and Pre-Set Station buttons I still preferred the high quality build of the Ambient Weather Radios over any of the competing brands. I loved the design of this Radio, especially the cool handle with it tension clip which allowed easy holding of the Radio along with rapid, sturdy clipping onto any backpack, belt or whatever.
Then, 'Lo and Behond, I notice a year later that those ingenious inventors over at AW realized that many, like me wanted the Shortwave and Pre-Set Station buttons in their Radio and came out with the Adventurer2. It has the same components as my old WR-334U, along with: Shortwave, Pre-Sets and an upgraded, more powerful Battery. Wow. Exactly what I wanted. So I bought the bundled package (Adventurer2 + Solarbag) and put my old WR-334U p for Sale.
Here is my review of my new Radio: I love it. Extraordinarily well thought out design and construction. This is, by far, the most compact, well-made and complete Emergency Radio of this type I have ever seen. With it's all black small presentation it strikes quite a handsome appearance sitting on the counter-top in my kitchen. The reception is excellent: clear and crisp on both AM and FM. Surprisingly good reception at night on the Shortwave. I love the fact that these radios have electronic "seek" tuning, especially when on the Shortwave. The availabe Station Pre-Sets make life easier (I was actually fine without them in the WR-334-U model. I only listen to a few AM/FM stations anyway. With the Shortwave however it makes an enormous difference ((in fact I wouldn't mind having even more available pre-sets here)).
I have only a few complaints (but they do bother me):
1) My previous Radio came with both Wall and Car chargers. For some reason, in this, their new top of the line Unit, which includes every available options present in all the others, there is No Car Charger? You went all this way and created a Fantastic Product. Then, right at the end, you go "cheap" and leave this out? I don't get it. If you needed to go ahead and charge an extra $5 for the radio, at it's already high price, it would barely be noticed. In including a Car Charger you've got a Complete Product Package. It just hits me as...well...a "cheap" move. Surprising and out of line with the Company sentiment I sense.
2) This is more personal: I love the handle on the WR-334-U. Solid feel. Easy to hold while walking. Great tension Spring Clip for use on backpack or belt. I assumed this new Unit would come that way also and was surprised when I opened the box. The Adventurer2 comes with a Lanyard. Far cry from the WR-334U. No way you can hang this on a back pack. What can I say? I miss it. I will admit that the new Radio looks MUCH better sitting on my counter-top. However, after all, this is an Emergency radio and it seems the practicality of the Spring Clip might win out over the Lanyard. As I said, I do realize this is a personal preference.
3) Shortwave Radio reception is skimpy with radios this size at best, One reason is the size and design of the antennae. This is not the Radio's fault. You simply need a large, sophisticated antennae in order to make best use of Shortwave Reception or Transmssion. Along these lines an extended antennae for a small radio can make some difference. There are clip-on extended antennaes that can help some. They are inexpensive, cheap and poorly made but not much else is out there. AW might have included one in the package for minimal cost. I think it would have been a nice gesture and considerate of the situation with a Radio of this type. Also an additional accessory opening might have been included in the body of the radio for the addition of an even better quality accessory Antennae.
4) The Solar Bag: I had thought, when ordering this as a bundle, that I would be getting a soft bag, that held the radio and accessory equipment, that would fold out into a larger Solar Cell Charger. It is not even remotely like this. This is a solid, plastic type device which has a fishnet bag attached to the back to hold the Radio, etc. If you leaned on this Unit it feels as if it would crack right in half. There is no way you could shove this into your pack. It would need to be carefully placed along the back of the frame. In a non-framed Pack I have serious questions how this would make it thru even a minor disturbance without breaking.
I'm glad that I now have a larger, Solar charging Unit. I had given thought to getting one before. This Bundle, however, does not work. It seems as though bruising, while hiking thru even minor rough terrain, could damage this Unit.
My advice: Buy the Radio. It's GREAT. My complaints are all about accessories. The Radio is simply THE BEST of it's type out there. Well-worth the extra money. The Solar-Bag, however I would skip. There are other similar devices out there of various sizes and shapes and you might just find one that does this one's intended job of holding the Radio and Supplies, while being able to be folded into a Pack of varying dimensions with greater security and safety.
My 4-Star rating reflects the above mentioned decisions by Ambient Weather.

The Adventurer2 WR-335 Emergency Radio itself I give it a wholeheartedly 5-STAR rating.
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on November 6, 2014
Color Name: BlackStyle Name: WR-335Verified Purchase
Overall, not a bad little radio, small enough to fit into a car glove box or Bug Out Bag.

Remember - Shortwave only works at night, so if you hear nothing during the day - that's normal.

If you want to increase the run time of this little radio by 50% for only $5, simply upgrade the 2,200 mAh battery for a 3,400 mAh battery from Panasonic (B00CAD6AUE).

I would suggest using your own device's usb cord (iPhone Lightning for example), and not the messy octopus cable that it comes with. They suggest keeping this plugged in all the time. It will also charge via USB using my iPhone's AC adapter and the supplied Mini USB Cable.

If you use a cheap pair of ear buds, you will also extend the life of the battery, because this cuts out the built in speaker, and thus draws a lot less current.

This was recommended on and as part of their emergency survival kit.
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Color Name: BlackStyle Name: WR-335Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Ambient Weather WR-335

This is a very handy emergency/travel radio. The hand crank and solar panel aren’t the most effective at providing a full charge, however they are useful when you have nothing to charge the radio. I used a mini-USB cable to charge the radio, which uses a replaceable Li-Ion rechargeable battery. It comes with an AC adapter that has a mini-USB port. It also has a USB cable that is connected to a wide variety of common smartphone connections. I recognized the 30-pin Apple, micro-USB, mini-USB, old Nokia, and a variety of other connectors that were unfamiliar. Not only is this radio invaluable when traveling and in emergency situations, it provides some emergency charge capability for your other electronics. It does not include a Lightning plug for the iPhone 5, but the instructions state that the Lightning cable can be plugged into the USB port to provide charging. I found that the radio would not charge my iPad Air, possibly because the iPad Air requires a higher capacity charger.

The instructions recommend keeping the radio connected to a charger at all times and that it would not overcharge the battery. It also mentions the solar panel is not capable of fully charging the battery, which makes sense given the small size of the panel. The instructions state not to crank faster than 2 revs per second, and to not crank longer than 2 minutes at a time due to possible overheating of the mechanicals.

The radio also has a LED flashlight, which is pretty weak. The same button can also activate a “siren” which sounds like an old school alarm clock. One can install 3 AAA batteries as backups for the Li-ion battery.

The digital radio tuner is actually quite nice. It picks up AM, FM, and Weatherband without any problems. The Shortwave is a neat feature, but I couldn’t get any crisp signals even from “local” stations. Tuning the shortwave is also tiresome due to the large frequency spectrum and having to hold down the tune buttons to scan. It would have been nice if the scanning was faster, or that it would “auto seek” to the nearest strongest signal.

Overall: 5/5 stars, very nifty setup. It would have been nicer to have a storage compartment for the bundle of cables. Great radio reception, has solar panel and hand crank to provide small bursts of power. Includes rechargeable Li-Ion battery for main power source and has slots for 3x AAA batteries as backup power. Makes for a great travel/emergency radio.
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on May 21, 2014
Color Name: BlackStyle Name: WR-335Verified Purchase
I received my WR-335 radio in good shape and on time yesterday. It is everything I had hoped for.

Last night I was hearing a huge amount of static on all frequencies and modes. Reception was so bad, that it was unusable. I was wondering if my radio was defective or if I might have to send it back. Nothing I tried seemed to help. But today, I *finally* remembered that some plasma TV's can cause a lot of static. Not being a radio hobbyist, I had forgotten this fact until a friend reminded me.

Today, I shut off my plasma TV and tried it again. Magically, I can hear my radio beautifully! Reception is perfect. When I turn the TV back on, the loud static returns. So, that was the source of my static problem.

Just thought I would mention this for anyone who is having extremely bad problems with static. Now, shortwave still has a lot of static, but I didn't expect to have much luck with regard to shortwave reception anyway. I will check again tonight when shortwave reception might improve. Meanwhile, AM/FM/weather modes are clear as a bell so I am happy.

The radio is nicely compact, lightweight, and seems tough. The controls are easy to figure out. It can scan up and down the frequencies to find the next station. All in all, I think this is a nice little radio. I love the fact that it has the hand crank and then can be used to recharge my cell phone and iPad in an emergency. I didn't have a weather band radio until now, and I can hear local weather band information loud and clear.
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on October 6, 2014
Color Name: BlackStyle Name: WR-335Verified Purchase
Wonderful radio with awesome features, however it lacks the protection circuitry to keep it from completely draining the lithium ion battery it comes it.

Please consider purchasing a "protected button top 18650" battery to replace the one that comes with this radio to prevent over-discharge.
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on August 1, 2014
Color Name: BlackStyle Name: WR-335Verified Purchase
In my opinion this is a nice concept product in its alpha or beta design. After following all the directions at best a “small” and I mean small charge might come out of the crank handle or solar charger.

As a true test I took this item into the wilderness of Montana to test.

What works: AM/FM/Shortwave, LWave, Weather Alert, Light - I found the radio to work well in all modes. The SW was fine, AM and FM I tested and verified it worked closer to the trailhead.

What does not work well - Crank handle charging is good exercise for some muscles but as an effective charger I think not. I have an iPhone 5S and my charge was 30% and 20% on the phone when attempting to charge it. Did not work, even the solar after all day did not work. I also had a Steripen, the charge light came on but again no appreciable charge.

When I contacted the vendor since I was in the Wilderness when my return time for this product expired with Amazon I was informed I should buy the solar jacket to improve charging.

Well fool me once, but not twice. I will leave this for one of the boys to dissect and maybe pick up some learning.

I would never purchase this product and expect it to be the difference in a crisis.
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