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on April 13, 2012
Bought in December 2011.
began using in January 2012.
began losing suction by February 2012.
Stopped working completely in April 2012.

Need I say more?


WOW! I wrote the above review the day the pump broke (April 14 - a Saturday) and first chance I got on the following Monday (today) I checked their website and called their clear, easy-to-find number for defective products. They picked up immediately (no robotic answering machine) and Veronica on the other end was extremely sympathetic and helpful. After determining that our unit was, in fact, on the fritz, she offered us a replacement, no more questions asked. We have moved overseas since purchasing the original, and so she arranged to have a replacement sent overnight to a family member who will bring the new unit when he visits in a couple of weeks (this seems to me the simplest and safest way. really). She then helped us find a local distributor we can rent a pump from temporarily and arranged to reimburse us for the cost. Very impressed with this prompt, personal and decisive response. Thanks Veronica!

Really. A little bit of empathy goes a LONG way.

For this I am upgrading the initial review from a 1 to a 3, taking in account the 5 star response.

The Purely Yours is an impressive unit when it works. My guess is they must have changed the manufacturing in some way and probably have some major bugs to work out. They seem prepared to handle the defective units, which tells me they are serious about getting this right over the long run. Let's hope so.
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on March 29, 2011
Updated review, 2013
I own both the medela pump in style advanced and ameda's purely yours pump. Ameda's pump is better than medela. I have no idea why so many people own Medela pumps, I hated my Medela pump, Medela customer service was bad, and Medela pump grew MOLD.

And durability and reliability with my Ameda pump are great. I am a working mom so I pumped a lot with baby #1 and baby #2. This pump has lasted since 2008 with pumping daily 5 days/week for 3.5 years and counting (I breastfed baby #1 for 18 months and #2 for 2 years).

It is now 2013, 5 YEARS later, and we are on baby #3 and this pump is STILL WORKING GREAT!!! I used it every day for 3.5 years, and am using it every day now.

Why ameda is superior to medela:
1) NO MOLD growth - milk cannot get into tubes. See below. After I found mold on my medela pump I went out and bought an ameda pump right away.
2) NO MILK in the tubes like with medela (that prevents you from using your pump until the tubes dry out and is a huge PIA)
3) about half the price as medela if you just buy the pump and not the bag etc.
4) the ameda pump is easily freestanding, also has nice slots on the pump to hold your pumped milk in bottles. NO SPLIT MILK because the bottle tipped over!!
If you remove the medela pump from the backpack or bag you'll see the pump casing - the medela pump has holes in the casing around the pump so you don't really want to take it out of the bag - and nowhere to put your pumped bottles so they don't fall over.
5) Bad customer service from Medela. There was a recall on the Medela PIS advanced. I contacted medela but couldn't find my AC adapter with the # medela customer service wanted and they never sent me the recall fix.
6) If you like the medela bottles - the nipples and rings, etc fit perfectly on the Ameda bottles. Thanks to another Amazon reviewer for that tip. I use the Ameda pump and have put the medela nipples and rings on the Ameda bottles w/o any leaks or problems (unless the medela rings crack, a known issue).
7) This pump sucked out As MUCH MILK as the HOSPITAL GRADE PUMP I rented for 1 month. If you read A.H.'s review, it unfairly compares this pump to a HOSPITAL GRADE pump which costs over $700. For the savings, I'll deal with the noise this pump makes. It works great.

Medela knows about the milk in the tubes problem - in fact there are instructions about this in the booklet that comes with their pump. Well, I got milk backed up in the tubes more than once despite following the instructions in the manual. Then I had to stop pumping and dry the tubes out. No more pumping that day. And, to my horror, despite running the MEDELA pump for a couple of minutes after every pumping as per instructions, and drying out the tubes if they got milk in them, I opened the faceplate of the medela pump one day and found MOLD growing on my medela pump. That was it, I bought an ameda pump and have never gone back.
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on August 5, 2011
It took me about two months before I decided to purchase the Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump. I used a manual medela pump for the first 8 weeks after my daughter was born, which was fine until I went back to work. Then it became much harder to step away and pump manually. I hemmed and hawed over spending big bucks for the Medela electric pumps, even though all of my friends swore by it. I spoke with lactation consultants who said to try the Ameda pump, so I finally took the plunge. I am so happy that I did! This pump does the job perfectly, and at a fraction of the cost. I only bought the pump, which came with two 4-oz bottles. I didn't really need a cooler (I already had two), and I use a small tote bag to haul the pump back and forth from work and home. Also, the pump works with Medela bottles and Dr. Brown's bottles.

This pump is affordable, and it's does a great job. I'm glad that I didn't waste money on the Medela pump!
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on December 23, 2013
I have never be so impressed with customer service but so (very) disappointed in the product.

When I was doing my research leading up to getting a pump, I chose Ameda because of the glowing reviews on Amazon, and dreamed of short, fruitful pumping sessions as described by all the mom's that had their own Purely Yours pump. 10 oz in 15 minutes?! (said one review) That sounded wonderful.

So I received my Ameda Purely Yours pump through Edgepark medical suppliers, cleaned it, and had it all set up at my "pumping station" in the living room for my next workday (luckily I only work 3 half days a week so I don't have to pump at work, just in the morning). When I got all settled down the next morning and "hooked up" to the pump, I was surprised to notice how little the pump was was getting even though I felt engorged. I never even felt my milk let down. Reluctantly, I detached one flange and just tried one side at a time thinking the suction just wasn't enough divided. I sat there for 40 minutes and only got 4 oz from one side (which I know should be a good amount, but I've dealt with oversupply since my son was born and I could literally feel milk still in my breasts) before frustrated, I had to quit so as not to be late for work. I told my husband he'd need to dip into my stash in the freezer because I hadn't been able to pump enough for 2 or 3 feedings.

I tried a few more times with similar results before contacting parent care. They were very helpful and friendly, and sent me reducing inserts (as I though maybe that was the problem), and then, when the green light on my pump started flashing and then dying after being on for 20 minutes, she sent me a new AC adaptor,

I thought these two changes would improve my situation, but they did not. It still took 40-60 minutes just to pump 2 feedings worth of milk (8oz total). Frustrated and sleepier than I wanted to be (because of a son who at 6 months still won't sleep through the night and being forced to get up an hour earlier just to pump), I called the Ameda support line and spoke with a lactation consultant, who helped me troubleshoot and narrowed down the problem to perhaps the valves. She sent me more, but that didn't help much more than anything else had. I tried some troubleshooting of my own and finally figured out that the real reason I'm having problems is that the diaphragms start great, but after about 15 contractions, they stop fully relaxing before the next contraction. This affects the power of the suction and the pump's ability to draw milk out.

I told this to parent care, and they then sent me new flanges, new diaphragms, new caps, and more valves just for good measure. She mentioned the manufacturers had cut a bad batch of flanges and that must have been my problem.

FINALLY I thought I had my solution. I washed all my new pieces, put them together, and the next morning sat down with optimism.


The diaphragms were the still the issue. I had to constantly uncap the flange as I was pumping so it would relax all the way, which means I could only pump one side at a time. Parent care suggested the tube adaptor was pushed too far in, so I tried adjusting that to some improvement, but still not enough to be worth the effort.

At this point I gave up. It amazes me how excellent the customer service was for such a poor product. I contacted Edgepark and will be receiving a Medela in the mail soon. For your convenience, I will update this review to compare the two products.
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on October 1, 2013
I was renting an Ameda Elite and it helped establishing my supply. After achieving a balanced supply I returned it and bought the Purely Yours brand new on Craigslist ( the seller got it through her insurance but she prefers the Medela). The first time I used it, I got absolutely nothing and I freaked out. Since I couldn't return it and I had to pump, I started to research it, and here's my findings:

1) it sounds "out of breath". The Ameda Elite sounds like "ah---oh---ah---oh---" while the Purely Yours sounds like "ah-, oh- , ah- , oh- ".
2) the soft cup thing, or I think it's called the membrane, which is being squeezed and released, never gets a full release, unlike the Elite which is always full squeeze and full release.
3) if I pull out the tube from the pump, and reattach it, I get a strong suck, like the pump finally gets to take a deep breath, and the membrane gets a full release, but it soon fades out and the membrane gets squeezed tighter and tighter but releases less and less.

so my conclusion is: the pump doesn't have enough strength to suck and you have to let it breathe more freely...I don't know if it makes sense but here's the solution:

The whole system can't be too airtight, which means you have to let it leak a little bit of air, but not too much or you have no suction at all. To achieve this, while pumping, you carefully pull out the connector to the pump so it's only loosely attached to it. How loose? You will know it when you hear the pump making the comfortable breathing "ah---oh---ah---oh---" and you see the membrane being fully released and almost fully squeezed. And in the mean time, you should feel the suction getting stronger. And if you want more suction, push in the connector but if you start to notice the "out of breath" signs, you know you are overdoing it and you should start to pull it out. It will take some time for you to reach a wonderful balance, but once you get it, you should be able to sit back and relax and finish your pumping.

I'm able to achieve almost the same result compared to when I was using the Elite. If I had the money, I would still be renting the Elite, or even buy one. But the Elite costs almost 10 times of the Purely Yours and I think the Purely Yours is a lot more cost effective, and it's small and light. It is noisy though, but still, it's cheap, so no complaint.
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on July 9, 2013
I have now owned 4 of these pumps, all the same model. My plan was to have 2 pumps: one for home and one for office. I chose this pump to replace an aging Medela Pump In Style (that I had gotten as a hand me down from a friend). I chose the Ameda for several reasons. First, it's a closed system, so no worries about milk in the pump, contamination, mold, etc., (such problems have been reported with Medelas, which have an open pump system). Second, this pump is a lot smaller & more portable. I knew I'd need to take it on travel. The Medela PIS is such a pain, since it's embedded in a bag or backpack, and it's just huge and cumbersome. This pump has been great to just put in a suitcase. I also like the design, with the two bottle holders on the top. So, I had 2 pumps. One worked perfectly from the get-go, though I found the suction to not be as powerful as the Medela PIS. The second pump, however, worked terribly. It did not produce enough suction for a letdown, or if it did, it would lose suction and not pump milk out. I called Ameda, they did a little phone troubleshooting, and sent me another pump ASAP, no hassle. I think I got it by Fed Ex the next day. They also arranged to have the defective pump picked up by Fed Ex. However, the new pump was also defective. It would start out with good suction, and then would lose suction. I was using all the same pump parts as with my "good" Ameda, so it wasn't that. The motor also sounded different. Again, I called Ameda, they troubleshot, and sent me a new pump ASAP. Finally, this fourth one works fine, just as well as the first one that I purchased. So, overall pros: closed system, small, portable size, adequate suction for most people (when pump works properly), more affordable than Medela, excellent customer service from Ameda. Overall cons: suction is not quite as strong as Medela- I have to turn the speed & suction all the way up, it takes a bit longer to empty both boobs, and it's not as variable or able to be fine-tuned as much as a Medela PIS, and the obvious problem with getting two defective pumps in a row. Because of the 2 defective pumps, and the not-as-strong suction, I just can't give more than 3 stars for the product. If this 4th pump didn't work, I planned to buy a new Medela PIS.
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on January 26, 2014
Yes, the Medela pumps have a clear design flaw (purposeful so they can't be transferred between users?) in that the tubing comes in contact with milk, leaving the parts vulnerable to mold. This Ameda pump has a closed design so milk does not get into the tubing. However the advantages end there. I have this pump, the Medela Advanced Pump in Style (in fact, have used two different models- an older one and the brand new one), and a Medela Harmony manual pump. All three of the Medelas beat this one hands down, including the manual one. I work full time and an efficient pump is absolutely essential. In order to maintain my milk supply, I pump 4 x a day on weekdays in addition to nursing, and the last thing I want to do in my limited time is to spent 30 minutes attached to a breast pump. With the Medela pumps, I get 2-4 oz from each breast in 10 minutes or fewer. With the Ameda, I'm lucky if I get 1.5 oz in 20 minutes. In addition, the Ameda's performance is really inconsistent. As another reviewer stated, you need to loosen the tubing from the connector to the pump a little so the system isn't completely closed, otherwise it loses suction entirely. I had to constantly fiddle with it to get it to work properly. And even with good suction, I still don't get much of a yield with the Ameda. Even having to pump manually with the Medela Harmony on one side at a time gives me better and faster yield!

The difference in price between this and the Pump In Style pays off in a month of not having to buy formula. If you're planning to exclusively breastfeed, just skip this and buy a Medela. I love the idea of a closed system and hope that Ameda finds a better way to implement it, but this one just doesn't cut it. This was a complete waste of money for me.
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on December 1, 2013
This pump makes me want to hurt someone. Breastfeeding is hard enough without having to end my day fighting with this piece of crap. It does not pump evenly, I've had to get Ameda to replace flanges twice when they wouldn't screw onto bottles properly, and now the little plastic cup things that fit in the top are getting crumpled up with the suction and not un-crumpling. I have to pop the tops off every 4 or five pulls if I'm going to get any milk. The pump was free through my insurance, so I guess this is the quality I should expect from an American insurance company. Ugh. SPEND YOUR MONEY ON SOMETHING BETTER!
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on December 2, 2012
Six months ago, I had my baby boy, and I began using the Ameda Purely Yours. I was torn between the Medela PIS and the Ameda PY--but after reading countless positive reviews on here, I decided to buy Ameda. I bought it for the closed system and the low price.

From the beginning I was slightly disappointed with the PY; having used a Medela Symphony with my first child, I knew it would be a downgrade to go with this machine. It is very, very noisy. It's hard to read the reviews on here and understand what is meant by "noisy," so I will try to be really descriptive. You hear the motor churning, like a growl or grinding, as the machine pulls in air. You also hear a loud beep with every suction. Together, you are a noisy little milker. I shrugged off the others who warned about the loud noise--and it wouldn't have been a big deal--until I walked into my work's new lactation room, which has four stations only separated by a curtain. The other machines in the room only make a small click. (All Medela, by the way.)

But you know, noise alone was not enough to deter me from buying this machine, or from continuing to use it. I used the machine infrequently while on my maternity leave, but once I went back to work, I started using it about once a day, every once in a while I used it twice a day. At first, it was fine. Not amazing--I've never pumped as much in this as I pumped using the Symphony--but I could get a decent amount from a 20 to 30 minute pumping. I'd say it was in this working condition for about two months of solid use. Now, as I've ended month three, I've watched the machine decline.

In the third month of daily use, I started yielding less and less milk. I considered that it was me, and not the pump, but on closer inspection, I can tell that the suction is weaker. I have to work very hard to position the nipple in the exact right spot to get enough suction to begin the process. Even when I can get the suction to catch, the suction is so weak that yield is very low. Also, the suction speed is disappointing. It feels like there are really only two speeds that I can get out of the machine, and I never yield well when I go to slower speed (unlike when I use a Medela).

I am very disappointed with this pump. I thought I was buying a product on par with Medela, but I can tell both from my prior experience with the Symphony and with the compared experience with the Pump In Style, this machine is weaker and noisier. My yield is less, and my comfort is less. And while I bought this to save money, I am going to the Pump In Style, and so it would have been cheaper if I just bought a nice pump in the beginning.

I had a hospital grade pump with my first, and this grade pump with my second. If you are also a working mom who is looking at this for its budget-friendly appeal, I urge you to skip some baby gear and spend the money on a nicer pump.
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on January 17, 2014
closed system = good and something i wanted
this pump is loud, it's true
i haven't had any trouble with suction level. it's not as great as the hospital grade pump, but it seems like nothing is. all the other moms in my moms group used medela products, and across the board no one was having a great experience with their pump. it was a little bit of an aha moment - we all thought we'd chosen the wrong product, but everyone was annoyed with something, no matter what make and model they'd chosen.
but what's really ticking me off right now is that the white triangular flanges just wore out on me AGAIN. i've only been using this steadily for about four months. i called customer service, and the rep told me that you can expect for the valves to wear out every two to three months. i think that's unreasonable and stupid that you have to keep shelling out and that the pieces are so flimsy that they can't last til you're done with it. i will probably go through five sets of valves at this rate! the rep agreed to send me one free set, somewhat begrudgingly. but here i am with days on my hands unable to pump properly with this pump bc the parts broke again. not cool, not good service, not a good design.
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