Customer Reviews: America: Imagine the World Without Her
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on July 4, 2014
Dinesh explains one angle of the why and how America is being brought down - because of national self-suicide and national refusal of We The People to defend uniquely American ideals. The primary tool of those engendering the self-suicide is distorted information to produce national shame. Dinesh identifies just a few of the most common and most potent arguments of national political shame taught in the classroom, mainstream media and even churches today. Then he provides a conceptual counter answer coupled with a specific counter facts and a historical personality. He paints in broad strokes and will not convince or undo years of school indoctrination in the closed minded, but he gives enough to the open minded to question the dominant paradigm.

I was moved to tears several times because I know we are in fight of ideals and ideologies, and much that I love and value has been injured and is in grave danger. Despite what Dinesh did not do and did not cover, he did do more to open political debate and awareness in a broad way in a few hours than the prior decades of mainstream movie making. Michael Moore was never this balanced (not saying Dinesh is balanced) nor did Michael Moore achieve this level of honesty or really even break new ground as Dinesh is doing in exposing ideological roots. We are in an idealogical war now, but in the end there is hope. This movie is part of that hope. But we have no great national leaders today, so its up to us, each of us individually, to fight as if the outcome does depend on us since it may. Dinesh did his part in this great war by producing this movie; what have you done? One step is supporting Dinesh by buying or seeing his film.
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on July 2, 2014
My family just saw this movie for the second time. It is so packed with emotion and information it really should be seen more than once. This movie is perfect for ALL Americans to see. Those who disagree with the filmmaker, Dinesh D'Souza, will appreciate the voices of criticism included, even highlighted, in the film. Those more friendly to his message, will be very emotionally moved, and intellectually inspired.

Dinesh D’Souza has created a tribute and defense of our nation unique to his perspective as an immigrant, an intellectual, and a sincerely spiritual man. It is common knowledge that our citizens are sharply divided along political and cultural lines. Have you ever wondered why? Is there a group of people who benefit from this polarization and division? Do we have influential people in America who want to tear down America? Who embrace national suicide? Mr. D’Souza interviews many of these people, and you will be shocked by what they say! This movie is scary, funny, inspiring, and thought-provoking.

Like the picturesque aerial footage shown in a memorable section of the film (as Dinesh flies over parts of our county), the mental tour he takes of America’s worldview landscape is a wild ride. Only we can write the rest of the story. Where are we going next? Definitively worth seeing with the whole family!
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on July 3, 2014
Great Movie and Great Points made. Say what you want but he puts history straight up in front of your face. Go check your facts if you need too. Brings you to tears what Bono has to say about America.
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on July 2, 2014
I thoroughly enjoyed America: Imagine a World without Her. It was very well done. It points out the groups in America that would like to see her fail and examines each complaint to show the negative belief is not valid. He showed the war and what if Washington did not survive. He talked about the slaves - both white and black. How they got here and how some rose above their situation and became successful. D'Souza showed how beautiful America is and how we got to where we are and those that are currently playing a significant part in trying to tear her down. We must be forever diligent and stand up for what we believe. There is still hope.
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on July 7, 2014
Finally someone tackles of a few of the most common lies, repeated over and over in the media and the schools that bash the very soul of America and the core of its identity. The dramatizations and emotional appeals won't sway the liberals, but if they are open minded and curious they can verify and follow up on the factual hints. But this movie isn't for them, its to rally the disheartened loyal remnant of true Americans tired of watching America decline.

The Bono speech "America is an idea" was key. If you want to save America from its decline, this battle isn't on some far away beach, its in the schools, media, and culture here at home. Its a battle of ideas and the anti-Americans are winning by preventing alternative views from even appearing to be discussed. Alternative ideas are shut down by Alinsky tactics and that's why Alinksy is a key point in the film also. Dinesh just hinted at the depth of the corruption in our politics, but you can only go so far on what the people are prepared to accept. In the end, Dinesh admits we have no Lincolns, no Washington's, no great leaders to lead us today from our crises. Its up to each of us, that's all there is. The battle is on and the country is at stake. Do Something. Rise. Resist. Restore.
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on July 5, 2014
Great Movie! Brings out MUCH information that WE THE PEOPLE need
to hear again! Our children need to know about their history!
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on July 7, 2014
We clapped at the end. It felt good to be proud of our country again!

Excellent subject. Excellent cinematography.
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on July 12, 2014
I have already reviewed the book (see below) giving it "5-stars", and the movie (saw it last night at a theatre) is even better. The book has more details and should be taught in HS. The movie is excellent. It has a greater graphic and emotional impact, and it is good to see the actual author interviews with people who figure in both the movie and book.

Powerful people are working to erase the Old America that we love, and this work helps to explain who is doing it and why.

"I intend to show that the American Era is ending... BECAUSE a powerful group of Americans want it to end. This book simply points out the two conflicting visions of America."

"One side loves the America of Columbus and the Fourth of July, of innovation and work and the 'animal spirit' of capitalism, of the Boy Scouts and parochial schools, of traditional families and flag-saluting veterans. The other side loves the America of tolerance and social entitlements, of income and wealth redistribution, of affirmative action and abortion, of feminism and gay marriage."

John D. Trudel writes Award Winning Thrillers, including Soft Target, Privacy Wars, and God's House.
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on July 17, 2014
I saw this docudrama at the theater, and all in attendance were quiet until the end of the film and then applauded. I won't repeat what other reviewers have said about the detail and interviews Dinesh D'Souza used in making this docudrama, although it was done with completeness and a deep respect for our founding fathers and the principles our country were built upon. In my opinion, we as Americans are lucky to have Dinesh D'Souza to make such a film who put much time and energy into this visually stunning historical docudrama that is both educational and a celebration of independence and hard work of individuals who lived in this great country long before us and their achievements to build their own lives including the story of Madame C.J. Walker, a historically noted female entrepreneur. There is much to glean from this patriotic docudrama. It is a film to be enjoyed again and again.
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on July 14, 2014
"America" is a love letter in film to freedom. Having seen the documentary twice, the prospect of getting the book simply is now irresistible since books invariably are superior to film.

If you haven't seen the film, don't miss it. If you have, don't miss reading the book. {Finished and reviewed book.}

Well done, Mr. D'Souza, from one American Christian to another.

Till the Shout!

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TL Farley,

Blast Off Rapiemur - The imminent Rapture. {I Thess. 4:17}
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