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on December 30, 2006
I liked this movie, and I immediately watched some of the tracks (scenes) several times...such as the Naked Mile race and the underwear party. There was more nudity than I expected throughout the movie, and that alone made the dvd worth watching. And I plan on watching the dvd a couple more times. The comedy of the movie was OK (not top-notch...but OK), and some of the subplots were OK...such as the romance between the young Stifler and his girlfriend. And the young Stifler's girlfriend was cute and innocent...which was a nice contrast with other girls that were wilder. College girl nudity in this dvd includes: girl's locker room, stripping naked before the Naked Mile race and standing around waiting for the race to start, running naked and bouncing along for the Naked Mile race, and sex in several frat rooms. I can't remember the last time that I saw this many naked bouncing breasts...bouncing...bouncing (most were natural). But even after all the nudity, the girls at the underwear party were sexy too. There is some full frontal nudity for females during the movie, but not male full frontal.

I own some movies of the actual annual Naked Mile races in Michigan, but those movies were filmed with poor lighting and the picture is "grainy"...lacking in picture sharpness....because the Naked Mile race takes place at night (its dark...there's not enough light). But for this American Pie movie, they used proper lighting and equipment to show their version of the Naked Mile race with sharp picture detail...very watchable.

Overall, this American Pie movie was better than I expected. If you like college comedies with T&A, I expect that you will like it.
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on December 19, 2006
American Pie: Naked Mile is surprisingly a more entertainng made for video movie than the Band Camp one. It's more funny than the last one as well. Erik Stiffler "yes yet another Stiffler but this one is a cousin" who's the only virgin of the family. His g/f wants to wait to have sex and he was with her for 2 years so it's holding him back from having sex. She gives him a guilt free pass to have sex for a weekend when he goes on a trip to check out a college with friends.

The result is a surprisingly good time and it's of course raunchy since it's an American Pie movie. I do admit that some of it's perverted jokes go on a little too long though. Still it's smarter and more watchable than the last made for video movie. Plus Steve Talley is better as one of Stiffler's brothers than the one from the Band Camp movie. I mean the one from Band Camp tried way too hard to be Sean William Scott. Talley just gives his own performance and is one of the funnier people in the movie. It's funny how he has a little feud "no pun intended" going on with midgets.
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on December 21, 2006
Released straight to DVD, The Naked Mile is the 5th movie in the american pie series. The last two, Band Camp and this one, concentrate on the Family of Stiffler. This one has a cousing of The original Stiffler, Erik, who visits another cousin at Michigan for their annual Naked Mile party. The original stiffler family is gone. Erik is a different Stiffler, he has a concience and a brain other than the one down below. But, the movie line is the same, High School Kids wanting to have sex. And hopefully they don't create any more stifflers, it getting old. But, the movie has its funny parts, but its no classic like the first three. How much teenage Angst can you squeeze out of a series, this one is testing the limit. Also, this unrated version pushes the nudity up to an all new level for the series. So, an entertaining rental, but not a must have.
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VINE VOICEon December 24, 2007
Ok class, time for a review --
The first American Pie movie? outrageously funny. Rude, crude, surprising, shocking and absolutely hilarious.
The second American Pie movie? uh, take the rude and crude and basically toss it out and leave behind a movie that was ok, but not nearly as good as the predecessor.
Third movie? (American Pie Wedding) was too much love story and not so much humor. Ok, but again, didn't hold a candle to the original.
Fourth movie? (Band Camp) went in the wrong direction completely. Drop it from the collection please.
Fifth movie -- American Pie Presents The Naked Mile. Now THAT IS WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT! Back to the rude, crude, immoral, outrageous and laugh out long and loud funny movie formula that made the first movie so entertaining. Too much Stiffler? Not at all.

Plenty of hot babes showing plenty of skin. A humorous 'little' war between fraternities both big and uh, small. And a story of a guy trying to be true to his girl while facing enough temptation to distract all but the most dedicated.

Most definitely not academy award or golden globe material (Heh, he said globe ;-) ) but funny none the less. Go into it with the right attitude and laugh your rear off. Look for high brow material elsewhere if you must.
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on March 25, 2009
At first there was Steve. Then there was Matt. Now... there is Erik. Stiflers. And we all know how the Stiflers are. Or do we? Actually Erik is more of a normal guy than any of them. He's so normal that no one even calls him Stifler like his cousins Steve, Matt, and even Dwight. It's just plain old Erik. Who by the way is a senior AND a virgin. BLASPHEMY for the Stifler name. But it's ok for Erik, sort of. He's in love with his girlfriend of 2 years who is also a virgin, so he does what he can to help relieve the stress...if you get my drift. As time goes on though, it gets even worse for him because he is constantly getting made fun of, and as we all know, standards are black and white different for being a virgin guy or a virgin girl. After some failed attempts, Tracy (his girl) decides she still isn't ready. Though to try and make him happy, she lets him have a guilt free weekend, which is basically letting him do anything he wants. Just so happens though he's going to visit his other cousin at college... Dwight Stifler, the king of his frat house and a campus legend.

The first time I viewed this, I thought it was decent addition to the series, but now after seeing it a second time, I actually liked it a lot more the second time through. The jokes were pretty funny, but I think I just really liked the characters more than anything. Sure it can be unbelievable, but it's an American Pie movie. Erik was a little more interesting as a Stifler this time around, because it was nice to see just a normal Stifler compared to all the crazy ones we see. Of course he's still trying to get laid, but at least it's with his girlfriend instead of the whole world. And Dwight Stifler, to me, was a really cool Stifler. A lot less insane than Steve, and much cooler than Matt. He's exactly what I think of when I think of a frat house legend. Everyone wants to party with him, they basically cheer at anything he says, and he's always got some crazy sayings or ideas.

And boy is there a lot of nekidness. Lots. As for the jokes, there were plenty for sure. Not all were funny (like a certain money shot scene that involved two guys), but I did laugh quite a bit. And the midgets...oh man. Talk about stealing the scenes. They had some of the best parts. I loved how they were the arch enemies of Dwight's frat. The football game was ridiculous (it was also like 10 minutes of the film...crazy) between those two. When the main midget dude bites Dwight, and even when you KNOW it's coming, I still laughed pretty hard.

In the end, definitely give it a try. It's not that bad at all. I'm glad I own it.

P.S. - I reviewed Beta House (part 6) already in the past so give it a looky loo if you'd like.
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on July 16, 2008
American Pie- The Naked Mile
Usually I am not one that truly enjoys American Pie movies too much. I especially wasn't a fan of the first spin-off in American Pie Presents: Band Camp. This movie is pretty decent though. It has its comedic spots and a good main character.

Erik Stifler is a member of the notorious Stifler family. The Stifler family is known for having no problems getting "action". This being said, Erik is a virgin and is entering his final years in high school. His girlfriend just isn't ready for that type of commitment. Erik waits patiently but tells her he can't wait forever. Erik and two of his friends are making plans to go to the Naked Mile. The Naked Mile is where hundreds of college students run naked through the streets to enjoy themselves after exams. Erik is given a guilt-free pass for the weekend, meaning he can do whatever he wants without her saying anything. His girlfriend soon wants to revoke the pass, but is convinced to trust her boyfriend to not do anything wrong. Erik soon begins his adventures at the Naked Mile, which includes fighting little people.

Erik is your common loser who is worried that if he doesn't get "action" soon he will be laughed at forever. This is a great change from the past Stifler characters that have all been idiots. Idiots just don't work as compelling main characters.

The story is somewhat predictable. You know pretty much that he's going to run back to his girlfriend. I didn't want to spoil the movie, but it really is that obvious. Still, the comedy in between is fairly good. You'll see things like little people destroying normal sized people in football, which is very entertaining.

Another good thing about this DVD is the extras. You get your usual behind the scenes and commentary stuff. On this DVD you will get a guide on how to pick up women at Yoga. You also get to see the actors getting their butts waxed, which is very entertaining.

I wouldn't say that this is a movie you need to go out and pick up. It's a decent movie with some decent extras. Maybe worth a rental.
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The second entry in the American Pie Presents series introduces two more Stiflers. After getting a free weekend pass from his girlfriend, Erik Stifler, along with his two friends, head to college to visit his cousin, Dwight. Their mostly there to attend the famous Naked Mile, plus Erik hopes to lose his virginity.

Just like the other American Pie films, there are few crude scenes, nudity, and language. Of course there is a cameo by Eugene Levy.

I only paid a $1.96 for the movie at a Black Friday sale, so I'm mostly satisfied with my purchase. The movie is raunchy, but funny.
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on August 5, 2007
The movie itself was alright, lots of gratuitis boob shots as promised. However, I'm just slightly annoyed that the movie was again about a member of the Stiffler family. I understand that it was the most versatile direction for the directors to go with, but still, could have done with something a little more in depth than that. Wait, did I just say "in depth" in the same conversation as an American Pie movie? Nevermind, ignore me. Great movie if you want boobs and midgets.
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on May 21, 2010
The American Pie series is dead to me now. It's not funny, just pathetic. The story line is very predictable. If you're looking for nude girls, this movie has plenty. But why even get this then? If that's what you're looking for, get that because this movie's basically a soft porno with a weak story line.
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on July 19, 2014
American Pie Presents: The Naked Mile (2006). Unrated. Running Time: One hour, 41 mins. Direct-to DVD Spin-off. Widescreen.
Directed by Joe Nussbaum. Written by Erik Lindsay.
Fifth movie in the series, but second spin-off.

Returning: Eugene Levy as "Mr. Levenstein".

Erick (John White) is playing sick. His mother (Maria Ricossa) checks in on him and says he doesn't have to go to the brunch. He can see his grandmother (Jessica Booker) later. His mom leaves the house. Great! Now Erik can watch that porno movie he has been hiding to see. He goes down to the living room in only his boxers. Puts in the DVD. An interruption. The neighbor is at the window wanting to know if his father still has the clippers. That's done, now back to the movie. Another interruption. The neighbors lawn mower is so loud, he can't her the lady in the movie. He puts on the headphones. Erik removes his boxer shorts for self-pleasure.

That is all I'm going to tell you. You will have to watch the movie to find out what happens next.

The midgets on the college campus get even in this one.

Also in the cast: Christopher McDonald, Jessy Schram, Steve Tally, Jake Siegel, Ross Thomas, Jordan Prentice, Dan Petronijevic, Laurene Boutet, Jaclyn A. Smith, Michelle Suppa, Stepany Sexton, Shomari Downer, Chris Rutte, Colin Moult, Ricky Frederick, Stevie Lee Richardson, Stewart Downs, Brad Kingston.

Contains full frontal female nudity and male nudity. Sexual situations.

Filmed in Toronto, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Option of language and subtitles: English, Spanish, French.

Feature Commentary with Joe Nussbaum, Erik Lindsay, Steve Tally, John White, Ross Thomas.

Bonus Features: The Yoga Guide To Getting The Girls.
The Bare Essentials (2 actors getting butt waxed for the nude scenes).
Deleted and Extended scenes. Outtakes.
Little people, Big Stunts.

American Pie (Unrated) [HD] (1999).
American Pie 2 (Unrated) [HD] (2001).
American Wedding (Unrated) [HD] (2003).
American Pie Presents: Band Camp (Unrated) [HD] (2005). Direct-To-DVD spin-off.
American Pie Presents: The Naked Pie (2006). Direct-to-DVD spin-off.
American Pie Presents: Beta House (Unrated) [HD] (2007). Direct-to-DVD spin-off.
American Pie Presents: The Book of Love (Unrated) [HD] (2009). Direct-to-DVD spin-off.
American Reunion '12 (Unrated) [HD] (2012).
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