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on June 30, 2009
Brad's new album is very solid, and it features a wide variety of great music. Brad co-wrote every song here, on what is probably his most personal CD ever. There is still a good amount of his classic light humor, but in general, the material here is a little bit more serious than some of his previous "Ticks" type songs -- although that isn't necessarily a bad thing at all. It starts out with a feel-good summer type song, "American Saturday Night", and ends with "Back To The Future" -- a short guitar laden instrumental song, which is similar to some of the music on his last album, 'Play'.

Scattered between are 13 other great songs, including Brad's #1 smash love song, "Then". "Welcome To The Future" is another gem, just waiting in line to become Brad's next #1 single. It's one of the best songs on the album, quite catchy, and has very strong lyrics that really make you think about how far we have come in such a short amount of time. The reprise (track #7) is also a very nice short little acoustic clip. "Water" is another fun catchy summer song, as is "Catch All the Fish", which has a real bluegrass feel to it - sort of in a way similar to one of his previous songs, "Mr. Policeman".

One of my personal favorites on the album is track #10, "No", which is an extremely powerful song. It's a nice traditional sounding tune, with steel guitars and simple laid back production. The song is very well written, and if you listen closely to the lyrics, it carries out a very important life lesson. Overall, I think this album has a little something for everyone, and I highly recommend it!!!!!
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on June 30, 2009
This is one of those career changing albums. If it's done wrong it can ruin a career. Done right and you can become immortal. Its clear that Brad Paisley is growing up. And he shows it on this one. Gone are the days of Ticks, I'm Gonna Miss Her, and Celebrity. Honestly, I think its a welcome change. This album wont sell as much nor will it recieve the type of acclaim from fans that he recieved on his previous two....Time Well Wasted and 5th Gear. But in my opinion, this is by far his best album in regards to his music and his writing. I think its a welcomed change and it shows just how talented this man really is.
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I'll be the first to say that I am no 'country' guru; it is the slimmest genre in my excessive collection of CD's. I certainly don't abhor it, but I am very particular about who it is that I purchase when I go and buy a country CD. Brad Paisley is one of those artists that makes me want to embrace more country music than I do. Paisley has mad guitar skills and is one of the most creative artists of our time, country or not. He has a knack for humor that he conveys well within his lyrics. Furthermore, Paisley manages to 'crossover' enough that even though his albums are 'country', they appeal across the board to anyone who wants to hear prodigious guitar playing and a solid vocal performance. I'm not saying that Paisley's 2009 follow-up to 2007's 5th Gear is the 'second-coming', but I think it is one of 2009's strongest and most enjoyable albums. American Saturday Night never misses a beat in my eyes and if there is one 'sour note', it is atoned for within seconds. Paisley remains on top of his game throughout with not one iota of filler material lurking anywhere.

The album opens strongly with title track "American Saturday Night" which finds the country-singer dabbling in Billy Joel vocal harmonies ala "Uptown Girl". The result turns out to be phenomenal. The songwriting is top-rate by all means and the chorus is incredibly memorable. Lines referencing 'toga parties', 'Canadian bacon on pizza pie', 'Coronas', and 'margaritas' make "American Saturday Night" a fun-loving opener. "Everybody's Here" has a soulful, pop sensibility to it. It's still country, but it's as if Paisley wanted to go outside of the constrictions of country. I could hear John Mayer singing this (without the twang mind you!)

"Welcome To The Future" turns out to be one of the best of American Saturday Night. It opens with what sounds like video game sounds (produced by synthesizer I would assume). Of course, Paisley goes on to reference 'Pac Man' and 'phones'. Greatest about the lyrics are the fact that Paisley contrasts the past (his 'grandfather writing letters to his grandmother in WWII') with the future ('video chat to Tokyo'). It's reprise appears later (track 7). The production is top-notch, further making "Welcome To The Future" quite the stimulating listen.

"Then" opens up with melodious piano, contrasting the energetic mood set by "Welcome To the Future". "Then" serves to be a sensitive ballad which finds Paisley sounding among his best of the entire album. "Water" then flips the mood completely by making the lyrics once again light and humorous. Sure, the lyrics are a bit absurd, but never in a bad or overly 'tongue-in-cheek' way. "Water" is incredibly fun to listen to without ever being annoyed.

"She's Her Own Woman" finds Paisley at his most soulful the entire album. With swirling organ, bluesy guitar work, and a six-feel, "She's Her Own Woman" is easily one of my very favorites. Vocally, Paisley is spot-on. Lyrically, near-perfection is definitely achieved. If there is no other five star performance on American Saturday Night, "She's Her Own Woman" is definitely that track.

Following a reprise of "Welcome To the Future" (track 7), "Anything Like Me" lays well with a slightly lighter, acoustic timbre. "You Do The Math" follows-up with a driving, ultra-countrified sound. Again, the guitar playing is phenomenal. On the first verse, Paisley's voice is understated, via some sort microphone stimulation/vocal effect. Again, nothing to quibble about - solid. "No" is sensitive and somber, throwing out Paisley's normal humor. While it should seem too heavy for an album as light and fun as American Saturday Night, it has the opposite effect; it proves to be a great addition and asset. It is great to hear that Paisley so well balances the 'serious' with the 'humor'; few people could pull off this feat.

"Catch All The Fish" is as addictive as Paisley's previous "Ticks" or "Online". Uptempo and 'feisty', for lack of a better adjective, "Catch All The Fish" is a novelty cut that you just can't stop listening to. "Oh Yeah, You're Gone" follows the showstopping "Catch All The Fish" and while it doesn't usurp it, it is as potent as everything else on American Saturday Night.

"The Pants" again showcases Paisley affinity for humorous songwriting. No, it isn't necessarily outright laughable, but Paisley's references to things (i.e. 36 X 32) is 'comic relief'. A hilarious chorus aids in making "The Pants" easily shine within the track list of American Saturday Night. "I Hope That's Me" is as solid as the rest while closing track "Back to the Future" revives the ideals and ideas of "Welcome To The Future". This time however, it is completely instrumental.

Overall, American Saturday Night is easily one of 2009's best and most consistent efforts. Unfortunately, the numbers don't reflect the overall quality of this album, but what numbers do these days, especially in the music business? If you want a great country album, you should definitely check out American Saturday Night. 4 solid stars Brad Paisley!
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on July 4, 2009
"American Saturday Night" is a great release by country artist Brad Paisley. I don't know how else to describe it. Okay, maybe fun, heartfelt and amazing.

His latest single, `Then' is included on here. But let me tell you, it is far from being his only good song. The album starts out with `American Saturday Night,' an energetic song about what Paisley likes to do on a Saturday night. My favorite song however is `Everybody's Here' because it's just mellow and nice to listen to.

Brad Paisley is one of the most talented country singer-songwriters I have come across. His voice is perfect for his music style, which ranges from traditional country to country/rock. His guitar-playing skills are displayed often on this CD, which just adds more to his greatness. For non-Country music fans, please don't dismiss this album just because it's Country music. You may just find it to your liking. And to Country fans: you'll most definitely enjoy "American Saturday Night." It's one of the best albums I've had the pleasure to listen to. I highly recommend it to all.
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on July 9, 2009
After 5 albums and an instrumental,Brad decides to change direction a little bit with his latest offering American Saturday Night.And all I can say is,boy does it pay off!
Brad Paisley is one of the most talented singers, songwriters, and guitar players in all of country music and he proves that over and over again with this pure gem.
This album seems to be a walk down memory lane. Brad has many songs about his past including,'No' 'Welcome to The Future' 'Water' and the beautiful no.1 hit ballad 'Then',one of his best ballads to date. It's songs like these that show how Brad really wants to make a special connection with his audience by letting them inside his head.
Other standouts is the sweet and witty Anything Like Me,which will having every parent relating to this,the stunning gospel style song that has a similar vain to Garth Brooks song Unanswered Prayers and the fantastic single Welcome To The Future,which Brad himself has said he is the most proud of.
He still has some of his famous trademark witty/tongue in cheek songs such as The Pants(every woman will love this) and Catch All The Fish.
The production on this album is second to none,which has Brad sounding better than ever.This album will stand the test of time as not only one of Brad's best cds but also as one of country musics must have albums that you need to have in your cd collection.
I can't speak highly enough of this album.All I can tell you is that you need to buy this album so you can just sit back and enjoy some country music at its finest!
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on December 31, 2014
This is one of my favorite albums by Brad Paisley. Brad is All-American. He represents everything that America should be...his songs are so uplifting because many of them are about unity, accepting differing opinions. American Saturday Night is no different. It's about celebrating what makes this country, and Country Music so great. This album represents every reason why he is my favorite artist of all time.
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on September 5, 2011
What can I say? I have everything he has published and he never disappoints. The tradition of Country music is a songwriter having the ability to play with phrases and keeping it clean (G-rated). He doesn't push the twang in his voice. And I still can't get use to his guitar skills.
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on March 5, 2011
This album may become the defining album that shows the evolution of Brad Paisley. This album that shows Brad leaving his youth behind as he becomes a more reflective man and show more maturity in his music. I say GREAT! Since '5th Gear', I have wanted Brad to move on to the next level and become more risky with his work. Maybe this album is the beginning point. While songs like "American Saturday Night", "Welcome to the Future" and "You Do the Math" shows Brad at his mainstream best.

The songs that really stand out for me are "Everybody's Here", "Oh Yeah, You're Gone", "Then" and "Anything Like Me" because they are all clever and different from his previous work, while showing Brad being reflective and personal. "Then", which is a tribute to his wife, shows love between two people can continue to grow even after years of being together. "Anything Like Me" shows Brad reflecting on his youth while wondering about his son's future. "Everybody's Here" shows Brad mixing some blues into his country. However, the highlight of this great album are "Water" and "The Pants". "Water" is two years old, but the song never gets old to me because the lyrics are so on point. "The Pants" is funny and I challenge anyone to listen to that song and not laugh!

Brad is a superstar and he is on his way to becoming a legend. This album will cement his destiny! Buy it and crank it won't regret it!
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For this album, Brad avoided the nonsensical sketches that were a part of his earlier albums, and I'm glad about that, although this album moved his music from the more traditional sound that he started with. Actually, apart from the lyrical content of the songs, which are about the kind of things country songs are supposed to be about, this is more of a rock album. However, I like some rock music too, and I find this to be a most enjoyable listen.

Having bought this some years after its original release, I was surprised when I eventually checked what the hits had been to find that the first single was Then. It's a good song and justified its single release by becoming a #1 country hit. Three further singles ( Welcome to the future, American Saturday night, Water) were all top 2 country hits, and I like all of them better than Then.

Those hits are four of the first five tracks on the album, but I particularly like the later tracks beginning with You do the math. (No tricky calculations are involved - everybody can work out the answer,)

This is a fantastic album from start to finish. It has to be if one of the #1 hits doesn't stand out from the rest of the album, doesn't it?
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on July 25, 2009
This is a truly great album in every sense of the word. It rocks, it cries, and it looks deeper than the surface. It looks at society, at emotions, at relationships, at God and it does it with a minimum of cliches. No one makes me feel less like an idiot for crying at country songs than Brad Paisley.

He's also taken country to a new level musically. The songs are country, but not the same old country we get from so many others. It's mixed up with all different kinds of genres, like Play was.

I probably should mention that the guitar, but what can I say? Brad Paisley's first love is guitar, and it shows. He's amazing on every track.
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