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on January 22, 2010
I remodeled my bathroom and wanted a toilet that would not clog. I had a colored toliet in my old bathroom and wanted a white one in my new bathroom, so I was forced to buy a new one. I was disappointed in the new toilets because they are all water efficient and there flushes are very poor. I did a little research and watched the videos through American Standard and considered buying this toilet. I went to Home Depot and was looking at toilets to pick which one to buy. While I was looking, a handy man started talking to me and swore up and down by these toliets. He said you pay a little more than some other toilets, but he said these were the best you could buy without buying a pressure assisted toilet which will run you $400+. He had installed a few of them and even had to replace some for some customers after the cheaper ones they bought clogged all the time.

On his advise and seeing the videos I decided to buy this toliet. It installed easily. I had read some reviews about the tank rocking and not being secure to the bowl so I was a little concerned. I took my time and made sure to tighten the nuts evenly when I installed it and I had no problems at all. The tank was very secure to the bowl and I could even lift the entire toliet up with no rocking/movement at all.

I installed the toilet and tested it. I was expecting a large rush of water and the air being sucked out of the room, but that was not the case. The flush was somewhat disappointing and I was a little worried that the toilet could not handle any amount of waste. Later I was able to give it a legitimate test. I did my business and then gave it a try. I even put a little extra toilet paper in the bowl to see if it would clog. Bang! Gone! Worked perfectly.

After using this toilet over the past year I see how works so well. The plunger system in the tank is different than regular tanks. When you hit the lever it lifts the flap up, just like a regular toliet. The difference is this toilet has a round flap and it is lifted straight up allowing the all the water to rush in at the same time. Imagine putting a coffee can under the water and then pulling the cover off in one motion. What happens is the water rushes into the bowl and forces the waste back into the bowl, breaking it up and not allowing it to clog. Other toilets cause suction immediately which cause the clog. I have never had a clog and I have never had to worry where the plunger is.

This is a great toilet and whenever I need a toilet replaced I will be installing one of these.

As an additional note the only concern I have is the flush system in the tank. After years of use the flush system in any toilet usually fails and needs to be replaced. This is not your standard system and I don't think there is a universal system that you can install like a regular toilet. I'm a little worried that I might not be able to find one at that time, but I'll worry about that years from now if it even happens.
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on June 17, 2010
I'm serious about doing research on just about anything that I buy, so when I wanted a new toilet, I started with Consumer Reports and then searched out various internet reviews. After deciding on this model, I checked stores and the internet, and purchased it from Amazon. I've had good luck from there, and the price was very good, especially with free shipping. The Amazon experience was perfect; easy, shipped quickly, no problems whatsoever.

As in other reviews, the toilet tank does rock a bit if you lean against it, which is slightly unnerving. I made sure that I told the plumber about this, and he was extra careful putting it together. Still moves. It doesn't leak though, so I can live with that. The added height of the toilet is definitely not for everyone. DON'T get it if you're short, unless you want to dangle your legs. As advertised, it does not come with a seat (What's up with that?). As the typical seat goes from $20-60, that needs to be taken into account when purchasing. The BIGGEST disappointment is the handle. This is the worst, cheapest piece of plastic garbage that I've ever seen, and needs to be replaced immediately, if not sooner. So, why am I recommending it? Because it CERTAINLY flushes as advertised. A flush takes about 2-3 seconds, there is nothing left, it cleans the bowl well, is pretty quiet, and does not clog. This alone makes up for any negatives.
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on August 29, 2009
Recently remodeled a bathroom and went with this American Standard Right Height Elongated model in BONE from a local plumbing supplier. After installing it DIY I had a small leak that was very perplexing as I figured it was from either the supply line, bolt holes between tank and bowl or the main gasket. After disassembling and reassembling the leak persisted. Was only able to speculate that there was a flaw in the tank. Contacted supplier and they swapped the tank without a hassle other than having to drive an hour roundtrip to return it.

New tank works perfect and no leaks and flush mechanism functions as promised thou I have not attempted to flush a bucket of golf balls. :)

I'm 6'1" with 34" inseem and I wanted the taller toilet as I hate feeling like I'm sitting so low. The RH is great for me and I figured the extra 1.8" height wouldn't be a big deal for the family (wife is 5'7" and my 4yr old) but apparently the girls really dislike "how tall" this potty is. Oh well...there are two other standard height models in the house for them!! Just thought I'd mention that this is a nice product but the RH is not for all.
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on August 17, 2009
If so, then I don't want to be right!

The Champion 4 is by far THE BEST toilet I have ever had the pleasure of using.

Thanks to The Energy Policy Act of 1992, created by the 102nd Congress under George H.W. Bush (41), and signed into law 1994 by Bill Clinton, all toilets made after that date had to flush with only 1.6 gallons of water instead of 3.5 gallons for toilets made in the 80's, 5 gallons for toilets at the end of the 60's, and up to 7 gallons, for toilets made in the 50's, like mine.

The problem is, without also SHOWING toilet makers HOW they could accomplish this feat (now made mandatory by government), toilets manufactured shortly after that date used to clog VERY EASILY. Most manufacturers only decreased the size of the toilet tank to accomplish what the law mandated. This could then mean that users had to flush 3, 4 or more times to move the stuff through the pipes. As you can see, with a clogged bowl you could EASILY surpass the 3.5 gallons for toilets made in the 80's with only 3 flushes. (GOV'T: STAY OUT OF MY BATHROOM!)

Enter American Standard. Technology had FINALLY advanced to a point where American Standard did complete redesign of the inner workings of a toilet. Basically a redirection of the waste pipes within the toilet.

The Champion 4 is quiet, quick, and COMPLETELY FLUSHES ANYTHING with one simple flush! Their marketing department indicates that you can flush an entire bucket of golf balls (for those folks with WHO INSIST on eating a bucket of golf balls!) :-)

I love, Love, LOVE this toilet, and I NEVER have to plunge a toilet again! Also, I will never have to flush more than once. I don't COMPLETELY understand the inner workings of this thing, bottom line: I'm just glad that it DOES WORK!

Thanks, American Standard, for making the Champion 4! I am a LOYAL enthusiast and will recommend your product to anyone I know looking to renovate their bathroom like I did.

P.S. As the poster below indicated, I too, heard about this from Consumer Reports, but I have American Standard to thank for it...
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VINE VOICEon May 12, 2010
I had an old toilet in my house that would occasionally need plunging after it got clogged, especially when my kids used it.

As it was a guest bathroom, I was constantly in fear of the it overflowing or clogging when I wasn't around.

So, I after much research on the internet, we bought one of these Champion toilets from Home Depot.

1. In two years, NOT ONE clogged toilet!!!!

2. It's got a louder flush than a standard toilet, but it's totally worth it. (if it was quieter, i'd give it 5 stars)

3. I had to return the first one I bought because it leaked, but I returned it right away and the second one I got was perfect. I'm slowly going to replace my other toilets with this model.

Conclusion: No more clogged toilets with this one!
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on August 10, 2010
Six months ago we replaced an unfixable leaking pressure assist toilet with the Champion at our plumber's recommendation. My wife and I are both arthritic and he said the added height would make it far easier for us to get on and off it and would make it far more comfortable to use. He also told us it flushes better than any other 1 1/2 gallon flush toilet he has installed. He was definitely correct. The toilet flushes far better than our pressure assist or 3 1/2 gallon flush toilets. It is very quiet flushing and filling. It essentially never needs more than one flush (a great water saver), has never plugged, and the added height makes it far easier to get on and off whether you are arthritic or not.
cons: 1. the bowl is shaped so that it is slightly longer than what was standard length in the past. To fit it to the existing flange in our bathroom (very difficult to move as the floor is tiled and set in concrete) we had to cut away the full thickness of the baseboard directly behind the bowl. I suggest you check the distance from the flange to the wall in your bathroom and compare it to the measurement of that distance on the Champion bowl. 2. Not all toilet seats will fit; if they are thick such as many wood seats, the top will not stay up on its own and needs to be held up. Buy a seat that is made for the Champion. There are several styles of tanks for the Champion, so the seat problem may be tank style dependent. We had to replace our seat. 3. In spite of the height being great for older children and adults, it is too high for our young grandchildren, particularly the boys. We kept one very low toilet in our house just for that reason. If the extended height Champion is the only toilet you have, make sure you have a small pair of steps if it will be used by small children.
In spite of the above cons, I still feel the pros are so overwhelming that I rated the Champion at 5 stars and highly recommend it.
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on November 30, 2009
This toilet has been clog free since purchase as advertised. I also like the increased height.
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I get so absolutely annoyed to find the plunger has been used then set back without being rinsed off - how disgusting to find those rings on the floor! Worse yet is hearing a family member cursing up a storm as the inevitable splash means the supposedly low flush toilet has once again dumped the sewage water all over the floor - so unsanitary, so frustrating, so time consuming, so stressful for the entire household. Well that's a thing of the past!

I went to a local box store where I was planning to get one replacement toilet for the worst offender in our household - a B grade no name low flush toilet; somehow that monster became a 'double flusher', with a tiny tiny bowl, all too often spilling the waste everywhere! We also like the extra height due to a previously broken hip - and found most all of the new toilets are "ADA Compliant". Yeah for us tall people, especially as we age! (am I really aging?? wow.. )

I almost settled for a cheap toilet, but thankfully the store rep quickly diverted me to check out the Champion 4 toilets - which they keep room for about 20 in stock - far more than any other model.. that caught my attention obviously! The rep quickly explained the 4" valve allows for a power flush, while the larger trap size prevents most if not all blockages. The lower water flow combined with the large bowl size also helps to prevent overflows. I was quickly sold... and I quickly bought one for every bathroom!!

WOW! We immediately retired the plungers!! No more sewage mess, no more stress, no more frustration, NO MORE TOILET ISSUES!! Now I'm comfortable having guests over without having to explain how to use the 'double flusher' without an almost guaranteed mess, embarrassing for everyone.

The elongated seat is wider, too. The elongated seat means no more 'track marks' on the back of the seat - no more yuck! The Everclean porcelain means the stains and mold and mildew growth has been cut to nothing.

We are very pleased, we'd rate the Champion 4 Elongated Bowl as 10 stars if possible - there are NO cons in our household, only so many benefits that we wish we had found the Champion 4 sooner. Our Champion 4 toilets came pre-assembled, and with the seat, so be sure to shop around. Ours also came with the bolt kit as well as the wax ring - which wasn't common when purchasing toilets in the past. We chose to replace the water lines as ours were probably 40 years old, otherwise *everything* needed came in the box.

Note: if there is a shorter member in the household, or children, there is a step available that can be left in front of the toilet - this 'step' also allows the feet to be placed for a 'squat' position which allows for healthier evacuations. Not necessary for taller people, but beneficial for all.
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on December 27, 2009
I wanted a toilet that I didn't have to be paranoid about flushing, and this one fits the bill. I do wish it were more stingy with the water. Don't forget the seat is not included.
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on August 31, 2014
I saw the September 2012 Consumer Reports issue in which the American Standard Champion 4 2002.014, Gerber Avalanche 21-818, and Toto Drake CST744S were rated the top 3 toilets. I couldn't find the Gerber Avalanche 21-818 at any reputable stores, so my choice came down to the American Standard Champion 4 2002.014 and Toto Drake CST744S. Amazon sells the American Standard Champion 4 2002.014 as well as 2 different models of the Toto Drake - the CST744SG#01 (with Sanagloss) and the CST744S#01 (without Sanagloss), and none of them come with a toilet seat. Amazon sells the 2002.014 and CST744SG#01 for the same price, and sells the CST744S#01 for about 20% cheaper than those. Then I found out that Lowe's sells the American Standard Champion 4 2793.000NT.020. This is a Lowe's exclusive model with the exact same specs as the 2002.014 (2-piece, 1.6gpf, elongated, comfort height, 4 inch flush valve, 2.375 inch trapway). The only difference between the 2793.000NT.020 and the 2002.014 is that the 2793.000NT.020 comes with a toilet seat. Lowe's had it on sale for 26% cheaper than what Amazon was selling the 2002.014 for, so it was a no-brainer to buy it at Lowe's.

I had a plumber install the toilet, and my tank does not wobble. I had read the reviews and saw a lot of people mention that their tank wobbles, and that has not been an issue for me so far.

There is one disappointing thing about this toilet that I didn't see anyone mention in the reviews. When you flush the toilet, the water bulges and shoots up a few inches before it goes down. I have never seen the water act like this in a toilet, and it happens almost every time I flush. On one occasion, a few drops actually managed to fly over the rim of the toilet and land on the toilet seat. I asked about this in the Q&A section for this product, and a couple people confirmed that the water shoots up in their toilet too. This is a really strange design, and it makes me wish I went with the Toto Drake.

Edit (July 2016): The second disappointing thing is that I'm starting to hear dripping inside the toilet, and the toilet is doing partial flushes every 15-30 minutes. I've read that the flush valve seal gets worn out quickly and leaks easily. I've have to get a replacement from American Standard and see how long that lasts.
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