Customer Reviews: American Standard 2988.101.020 Concealed Trapway Cadet 3 Right Height Round Front Flowise 1.28 gpf Toilet with Seat, White
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on March 20, 2013
OK, it is an above average installation challenge but the result is well worth the extra effort. Read the instruction 3 times and make sure your get the right bolts in the right place the first time because things get tough once it is bolted down. #1 The top is designed to be useful! I have had so many commodes in the last few year where the top was rounded. What a waste of good space. This one is flat AND has a raised edge. Beautiful. #2 The flat sides prevent dirt accumulation. This is one of the nastiest and difficult places in a bathroom to keep clean. Typical design of exposed drain provides excellent spots for dust and when combined with the moisture in a bathroom, is just a recipe for a cleaning load. Not so with the straight sides. No where for the dust to hide (except inside where I can't see it so who cares). #3 I have managed to stop it up about 3 times in 6 months. My fault for a large wad of tp. #4 The flush is fast, powerful, cleans the bowl and is just darn impressive and effective. I want to show all of my house guests but my wife frowns on me flushing a huge load in front of The quiet close lid is right up with sliced bread. My daddy used to tell me to save the pieces...if you know what this means, you will love never having to say that to your kids.

You WILL NOT be disappointed in the sleek design, the fast flush and refill, and overall great design of this commode. If you can afford it, look no more.
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on July 22, 2013
We purchased three of these toilets--American Standard Cadet 3, clean side (concealed trap), round bowl, elevated height, for our home. Living in an older house, these were the first low-water-using toilets we have had. The toilets have all functioned well, better than expected for low-water-using toilets. There was one clog in the first 6 months. We have seen reduced water bills. The clean side (concealed trap) is nice, a cleaner look and easier to clean and keep clean. The major disappointment is the toilet seat that came with these toilets--cheap plastic. The seat is a so-called "quick release", which is a proprietary toilet seat to these toilets. There are limited options for getting better quality ones. But a standard toilet seat fits too. However, once the toilet has been installed, the bolts to disassemble the first toilet seat and replace with a better quality seat are VERY DIFFICULT to access, especially if the toilet is in a small space, with walls or cabinets or bath on either side, but even if not. I was able to do it, but couldn't use pliers to really tighten the new seat's bolts as tight as possible. Mostly happy with the purchase, but if you want better seats, put them on at the start!
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on February 2, 2014
I bought this toilet for it's sleek style. I did not want to clean around mounting bolts and a curvy tramway. This toilet is simple to clean and mounts close to the wall. It amazingly flushes with very little water and I've never had to double flush it. The tank is smaller than you might expect but that fits well in my bathroom.
Note: The top arrived broken so I went on line to find a replacement. I contacted American Standard directly and they sent me a replacement, free of charge, promptly and with no questions. When I advised them that I'd bought it through Amazon, they said that this was not an issue and cheerfully agreed to replace it. This is what good old American customer service. I will buy American Standard again in the future.
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on August 17, 2014
I have not yet had this long enough to form a strong opinion on how well it flushes in the long haul, but given the variety of experiences with installation described in other reviews I thought I'd weight in with my experience installing two of them this weekend. Mine were purchased at a home repair center but had they not been available, the extra cost through Amazon would have amounted only to a reasonable up-charge for shipping.

Package includes all necessary hardware and can be a tool-less install. However, tools may still be needed to remove an existing toilet or install a longer hose.

The included wax ring is excellent, more than thick and wide enough for any reasonable install and better than most you can buy separately.

The back of the bowl is not pictured anywhere I can find, but it is open. If there is any clearance in the rough-in it is possible to reach around for access. In my case the valve just barely clears to the inside and is hidden behind the bowl. This makes for a neat appearance, but will be slightly more difficult to get to when it needs to be shut off.

The bowl is fairly heavy but not much more than others. After marking the drain locations per the instructions it was easy to position and drop in place.

Side holes for installing the plastic nuts on the T-bolts may be small for some hands/fingers. The only problem I had was in being unable to see exactly where the bolt was, I dropped one nut which fell forward just beyond reach. However, since the back is open it was easy to fish it out with some wire. After getting the nuts in place finger-tight, the combination of weight, heavy-duty wax ring and nuts are more than sufficient to keep everything in place.

Two plastic covers are included for the T-bolt access holes. The holes should come with a plastic bushing pre-installed which the covers snap into. Three of mine installed easily, one took convincing. After snapping in place, the covers can be rotated and shifted a bit to eliminate any small gaps and provide a clean appearance.

If replacing a standard height toilet you will likely require a slightly longer hose. In my case a 12-inch flex hose was required.

The hose connection for the tank will be slightly recessed in a hole on the bowl after the tank is installed. I recommend connecting the hose to the tank first, then dropping the hose through the hole in the bowl and connecting to the valve. This is less awkward than the step described in the provided instructions.

The nuts for securing the tank to the bowl have plastic handles which make reaching around to tighten them easier. However, in my case the handles came off after a few turns. They are easily put back on and still useful for tightening, but when I done I removed them. If they fall off and you want to keep them in place, consider using some epoxy.

Tank fill with the lid on is very quiet. Default configuration of the float may be too high, causing water to pour into the overflow tube and/or prevent the fill valve from closing. This is easily adjusted. I adjusted mine so the water stops right at the top of the overflow tube rather than the recommended 3/8" below to maximize flush capacity. In a pinch the overflow tube could be replaced with a taller one for even more capacity.

The lid itself is thankfully flat with a slight lip at the edge. Anything placed on it should stay in place and can't just roll off the side.

While not listed as dual-flush, flushing basically works that way. A short press on the lever empties about half the tank and works well for liquids. A long press empties the entire tank and has so far been able to flush all solid waste.

Flushing is much quieter than my old toilet. From an engineering perspective I know that loudness does not equate to power, but it's taking some time to realize that this quieter flush is probably at least as efficient as my old toilets.

The seat installation is not the problem that some have made it out to be. While unique compared to legacy seats the hardware was very easy to install even after the bowl was in place. Adjustment was easy and everything is very secure once tightened.

The only potential difficulty with using a different seat could be the hardware that comes with it requiring access below the seat surface, if your installation doesn't have much clearance to allow reaching from behind. Even then, the rubber blind nuts and bolts included with this toilet could be re-used with little or no modification to avoid that issue.

The included seat is not heavy-weight like some upgrade seats, but is solid enough and doesn't move about once properly installed. Both seat and lid are slow-close and the lid on mine hides the seat for a clean appearance. The seat angles down slightly from back to front and is not molded to cup your behind like some others. This bothered me a little at first but within a day or two it's no big deal and I see no need to replace it. The "telescoping" lid that hides the seat has smooth edges and should not be a problem unless one is leaning back for long periods of time.

I find the "right height" to be just that - the right height. My wife is not a fan of elevated toilets but will be using a "Squatty Potty" stool to compensate. Fortunately the Squatty Potty slides in around the base of the bowl quite nicely, out of my way but still accessible to her.

I'm a very big fan of the concealed trapway that leaves the sides smooth. I hated having to clean hair and lint from the convoluted trapways of our old toilets. Now just a quick swipe with a cloth will easily take of that.

The only real issues I noted is that each of the toilets I installed had one or two minor glazing issues. One toilet was made in Mexico and the other in China, so this isn't limited to a single manufacturing facility. One toilet has a small 1/4" or so Gray spot in the very bottom of the bowl that is glazed but not White, and the other has a 1/2-inch rough spot on the outside of the bowl, under the front where it is not visible unless one looks up from the floor. To me these are minor flaws. They do not affect performance in the least, neither is noticeable after install (or won't be after a day or two of living with it) and they certainly weren't worth lugging them back to the store for replacement.

Unless we find that the flushing performance isn't up to par (which I find unlikely) I think we will be very happy with this model.

UPDATE: After having these installed for several months I can say we are very happy with their performance. My teenage son hasn't managed to clog it even once, and as long as you keep in mind the short flush for liquids / long flush for solids behavior it does a very good job of flushing what needs to be flushed. Cleaning the outside is a cinch, and I've only really needed to scrub them out once after several months, though I imagine this would be much affected by one's daily cleaning / sprucing up habits. We have not even had to re-tighten the seats, though this would be highly dependent on having installed them properly the first time.

All in all, probably the best upgrade purchase we've made for our house. Shame we have to sell it to move for a new job now... But, I know exactly what's getting installed in our next house!
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on June 11, 2014

My husband and I both have some disabilities. We have to have a taller toilet in order to get up and down, so when we bought our house a new toilet was an immediate necessity. Unfortunately, the size and layout of the bathroom meant that we could not use a toilet with an elongated bowl. We also have no home improvement stores within 50 miles and have trouble getting out and about, so we went online to shop. We checked other web suppliers, but prices were not lower and delivery times were much longer, so Amazon was the best source.

It turns out that there aren't a lot of choices for tall round seat toilets. This one definitely looked like the best choice. We are experienced do it yourself people who now need help, but know what needs to be done.

The Toilet Itself:

The toilet works great. It is almost impossible to clog. There are very few "skid marks" and the bowl is easy to clean. The flush valve is very good quality, and the two stage water saving flush (press quickly for easy flushes, hold down for more difficult) works well and is fairly easy to figure out. The smooth base is fantastically easy to clean and looks good.

The Installation:

Read the directions and keep them handy during the installation. My adult daughter helped us do the install, and among us we had no difficulties related to the actual installation.

Do measure carefully. We had some problems with the supply line coming up through the floor too close to the toilet. Since we don't have any way to get plumbing parts quickly locally, we ended up with the toilet being at a very slight angle and the shut off valve being unusable. This would have been easy to correct if we had had the time and the parts, and we will eventually replace the water supply.

In our case the existing drain location left the back of the toilet right up to the wall, but not tight or too close. This does make it difficult to get at the back of the base, which is a problem for the way the seat installs. Which brings us to the included seat.

The Seat:

The seat is truly awful. The only good thing that I can say is that the soft close function, while completely unnecessary for reasonable courteous adults, does work The seat is difficult to install since you can't get at the bolt assembly easily. The seat that came with the toilet broke at the "easy off" hinges within the first month. We contacted American Standard and they did send a free replacement, but I would expect that from any reputable company. They didn't seem in the least surprised that it broke that quickly. It took over two weeks to arrive.

The seat opening is small, even for a round bowl design. The seat is uncomfortable, especially for a larger person. The bottom of the seat is molded in such a way that if there is any splash it is difficult to clean. This may be common to cheap plastic seats, but I never bought any before.

The design makes it VERY difficult to replace with a different or better seat. The seat comes with inserts that the bolts fit into, and standard seat bolts don't work with the inserts. The inserts are necessary since it is pretty much impossible to reach the area where the nuts would be on a normal seat. This also makes it impossible to install a bidet attachment, something that we had been planning to do.

The Reason Behind the Rating:

So, the Toilet itself is definitely five stars.
The seat is at best two stars.
Since the design means that the seat is not easy to replace with a better one, that brings down the rating so much that I almost gave an even lower overall rating.
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on September 12, 2014
To explain 3 stars when we essentially love this toilet -- now that it is completely installed and in use.

First the positive:

The toilet just about literally cleans itself. If someone has a particularly sticky evacuation and no time to clean the bowl on the spot, no worries, because a short while later, the mess will have peeled itself off the porcelain and the particulate matter will be resting in the bottom of the bowl to just be flushed away.

We also like the gently closing seat and lid, which is easy on the nerves and less likely to cause toilet mishaps than a regular dropping and slamming lid.

And we love the seamless exterior which has smooth planes and no curving pipe outline to catch the dust and dirt that a regular toilet does.

And now for the Negative and the reason we cannot give this toilet a full 5 stars or even 4:

The installation was a bit of a nightmare for a couple of different reasons: The access to the bolts to bolt the toilet down is very tight, cramped and difficult to work and the American Standard directions for installation, so misleading pictures and the supposed technical expert that the customer has to contact, is a little old lady who does not know the difference between the terms "flush" (meaning flat in the surface planes) and "level" (meaning adjusted to an even height).

The pictures of the toilet trap and the floor show it looking to be at least an eighth of an inch above the surface of the floor, but Paul had installed it even closer to being flush with the floor, less than a 16th of an inch in difference... and even though the floor and trap and toilet were level, the floor and trap were not precisely flush with each other because they were not shown to be flush in the diagrams and were said to need to be merely level. Now the terms might be used interchangeably, but the misleading diagram left that wide open to interpretation -- which is a mistake on the part of the company, in our view, and caused a nearly 60 year old man to have to install a heavy toilet twice, once and finding out that it rocked (and not the modern good sense of that word) and have to pull it up and reinstall it.

And American Standard rep (non-techspert) we talked to about all this didn't have nor give an ounce of caring about the difficulties we had due to the faulty diagrams in the directions. Her whole attitude was that's why you spend the money to have a professional install your toilet. But, see, it's not her money, and, therefore, not her decision. And if we'd wanted to spend a lot of money -- and had it to spend -- we wouldn't have bought our toilet from Amazon, we'd have gone to Lowe's and bought it there and had either one of their installers or a local plumber install our toilet.

So the reason for 3 stars for a kind of great toilet is because of the treatment we got from American Standard and the knowledge that if we should ever encounter any problem with the toilet we will get nothing from them but haughty advice and a deaf ear.
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on December 25, 2014
I've had this toilet for several months now and it is working great. I was drawn to it because of the panel siding because I am a sucker for design and clean lines. I did get a different toilet seat due to other reviews on here. My one complaint with this toilet is that the diameter of the bowl is quite small. If I could buy a toilet again, I would get one with a wider diameter (making aiming less of a chore).
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on March 2, 2015
The design of this toilet is excellent. It looks classy, is very easy to clean, has a two stage flush (short push on the lever for a quick flush, or hold the lever for a longer flush), and installation by myself was not a problem.
Read the instructions carefully and don't install the tank and the seat until the bowl is bolted down.
Setting the bowl over the bolts is not as easy as with a standard toilet, since the bolts are inside the skirts and barely visible. This is how I found it easy to accomplish:
Mark the center line of the two floor bolts as described, then lower the bowl (without the wax ring) over the two bolts (I had a helper shining a flashlight into the access hole on the side giving me some directions.)
Once the bowl is in its proper place, put some masking tape on the floor along the sides and the front, to mark the exact position of the toilet. Tilt the bowl forward, keeping the front on the floor and aligned with the masking tape, then practice tilting it back onto the bolts using the masking tape on the floor for the sides as a guide. Once you get this motion down, you can lay it on its side to install the wax ring.
With the wax ring on, align the front of the bowl with the mark on the floor keeping it tipped forward, then carefully tilt it back onto the bolts using the same motion you practiced before.
Once it's on, follow the instructions provided: push the toilet down gradually, careful to not slide it. Install the two plastic nuts, and tighten them alternating between left and right to 'walk' the bowl down onto the wax ring. Once they started to tighten, I used a flat screwdriver to push the nuts around, this was easier than using my hands. Just don’t over-tighten them.
The tank installation was a breeze, using the provided tools to install the nuts.
The seat installed easily - there is no need to reach the seat bolts from under the toilet - the bolts for the seat screw down into rubber plugs.
The seat cover is a bit flimsy, but the seat itself is fine. And because it mounts from above, the seat can be replaced without removing the toilet.
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on December 6, 2015
I really don't know where to start. The toilet is attractive: that's as much as I can say for it. About three months after it was installed, I noticed a tiny dimple on one side of the seat. About four months later, I noticed that the dimple had enlarged. Four months after that, the dimple became a line, and---you guessed it: the seat split all the way through. No, the seat had never been subjected to any unusual use or stresses. The worst part: because of the design, the seat cannot be replaced UNLESS THE ENTIRE TOILET IS REMOVED. We have no intention of removing the toilet, however, until we replace it---no sense throwing good money after bad.

As for why we are replacing it, the flush is not powerful enough to clean the bowl. So I have to clean the toilet---I mean fully clean it---every one to two days. In other words, I'm doing the work that the mechanism is unable to do.

We did a substantial renovation of our home in 2013/2014, and this was by far our worst experience with any product.
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on August 14, 2015
Compared to the toilet I replaced it's wonderful. Compared to another full-size American Standard toilet I installed I cannot recommend it. It's too small. The target area is too small. If you're not a good bombardier, it's flush-brush-flush, so no water savings plus the mess. The seat adjustment is a pain. I would not buy another.
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