Customer Reviews: Creative Rhythm Metronome
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on October 26, 2013
With all the other recent reviews about getting the free instead of the paid version, I wanted to see for myself what's going on. I just downloaded the app and it appears to be the paid version (no "free" in the app title, and the metronome plays for longer than two measures which seems to be limitation imposed on the free version). I am guessing it was a glitch in Amazon's system and they fixed it. If you got the free version by error, I'd suggest going into your Amazon app cloud and delete this app, then try downloading it again. Hopefully that'll do it. Worst case, email Amazon and I am sure they'll fix it.

Now, onto the app! Creative Metronome (CM) does its job as a virtual metronome pretty well. My biggest complaint about the app is its user interface. Upon opening, CM goes to the landscape view - this appears to be hard coded, as I didn't find a way to force it into portrait orientation. The graphics, font and animation do their job, but they look a bit dated and just don't quite come together aesthetically wise. The purple and yellow color scheme is an acquired taste. Some of the color choices make the elements hard to see (for ex, the small "play" in black against the dark purple background). Aesthetics aside, I thought there was one more major issue with the UI. There are two "settings" pages, and both are somewhat hidden from the user. The first one allows you to change the animation and sounds. I accidentally stumbled upon it when I clicked on "Presets", which made me realize you can actually swipe the bottom section left-right. I had to swipe twice to get to the Settings page. Looking at the default home screen, you would never know it existed. The second settings is accessed if you press the menu/overflow button on your phone. Here, there's a flowchart on practice strategy, links to help and more apps from the developer, and an exit button to close the app. Again, there's nothing on the home screen that would suggest that there's another settings section.

On the main screen, two yellow bars dominate the screen - one on top controls the tempo while the one below controls the volume. At first I thought the volume bar, which takes up essentially the width of the screen, is a bit redundant since we can just use our phones' physical volume rockers to control volume. But after playing my guitar and piano a bit with this app, I realize the developer's reason for the bar design - it's so much easier to adjust the volume on the fly with a simple on-screen touch rather than reach to the side of the phone for the volume rocker. There's also a button at the top right corner that hides the volume control bar if you don't need it.

The app does play stereo sound clips as promised. On my HTC One, the stereo effect was present playing through the phone's stereo speakers. For all other phones, you can simply hook up to external stereo speakers via the headphone jack, and you'll get the stereo effect.

Overall, the app isn't too bad. It does its job as a virtual metronome, with a lot of ways to customize the beat to your specific needs. If the developer can polish up the user interface a bit, it would be even better. I am not sure if I would have bought it at the normal $1.99 price, but as a free app of the day, it's not a bad addition to your app tool kit.

The app only has one permission requirement (to read phone state). The installed footprint is 2.37MB on my phone - nothing too excessive.
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on October 26, 2013
No permissions, intrusions or ads! It stops sound right away if a call comes on.

This is actually a fantastic little app. It is a metronome, which if you're a musician or a student is an invaluable tool to learn your passion. This is a nice one because it's in stereo, you don't just get a mono beat. The left is traditional the right plays rhythms. This is really important as you start to advance musically.

This goes up to 600 beats per minute and allows you to load some pre-sets. This is an awesome deal for 1.99 and an even better deal today as the FAOTD.

*originally this installed the free version, I deleted it, then repurchased and it fixed it self- for people looking for a work around.
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on October 26, 2013
Like many others, I downloaded this app and noticed when I installed it that it said Creative Metronome Free. After calling Amazon, I downloaded the actual free version to see if I had the real thing or not. The free version actually has a notification that appears after the metronome has sounded for a couple of measures. The notification says that the free version will only play the first two measures. The paid app doesn't do that, so I can assure anyone who wants to know that the fact that the app installation (and even the app itself), although it does say Creative Metronome Free, it is in actuality the paid app. Just thought I tell you all that.
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on October 26, 2013
Overall this is a pretty nice metronome. Very customizable as far as rhythm goes; it is good for new and experienced musicians.

+ Customizable Rythms
+ Few Permissions
+ Takes Up Little Storage Space
+ No Advertisements
+ Stereo Sound Clips
+ Customizable Animation and Sound
+ Can Run in the Background
+ Cuts Off If a Phone Call Comes In

- Rough UI
- Hard to Find/Access Settings
- For Some the Free Version Loads Initially

Help: For those who had the issue of the free version loading instead of the paid version, delete the app and redownload it. If this still doesn't work, contact Amazon Customer Support.

Bottom Line: This app is a pretty nice metronome, one of the best I've used (especially because of the stereo sound clips). Musicians, especially if your current virtual metronome is a free version, give this app a try. A great FAOTD, though I am not sure if I would pay $1.99 for it.
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on October 26, 2013
Comes with several preset 4/4 rhythms. To change time signature, swipe the 'accent every # beats' number at upper left, and that will change the number of note sections before repeat. The tempo can be changed with the slider, or by long pressing the BPM number and entering numbers. The rhythm of each beat can be changed by long pressing its note. There are 9 slots in the presets (Empty 12 thru Empty 20) to create your own rhythms. The other presets can also be edited, but I wouldn't. The choice to accent or not accent a specific note group doesn't seem to work correctly. An interesting and useful app with room for improvement, especially in the visibility of various options, such as 'play' and stop (tap upper right large blank area).
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on October 26, 2013
Downloaded the app, got the full version..problem seems to be solved. This is a great metronome app. Strongly suggest watching the demo video. if you do, and the interface is still a mystery, you might want to consider buying a mechanical metronome. The app has some great features that should help you take your playing to a new level. As one who's been a professional musician for longer than most of the readers have been around, I heartily recommend this app!
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on October 26, 2013
As others have mentioned, this installs the free version, not the paid. I tried deleting and reinstalling as another reviewer mentioned, and still ended up with the everyday free version. Hope this was just an unintentional slip-up, or I won't be using anything from this dev.

Update 11/8/13 - The FAOTD was indeed the full version with "free" left in the title by mistake. Now that I've had time to play with the app, I can say that it's thoroughly useful. My one suggestion was to make the accent every X beats changeable with a touch, but lo and behold, there was an update waiting for me which did just that. Think app is great as is; can't say I noticed the purple background, as I'm too busy reading my music to look at the metronome!
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on August 21, 2015
Absolutely, bar none, the most innovative and coolest metronome application I have ever owned. It has all the bells and whistles you'd come to expect from a top notch app. One of the sweetest things it has is a chops builder, helping you to build speed as the tempos which you program yourself gradually goes from slow to the fastest setting that you set up too. Grateful for Amazon s app store.
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on October 26, 2013
Better than a straight metronome because it does some rhythms, not just straight time. It's a great little app for musicians and yes, this is the paid version. Thanks to other reviewers for pointing this out.

I would like to see some instructions (or easier to find instructions) for putting settings into the intentionally blank presets, or more rhythms to choose from. It would be nice to have a simple way to enter some of the odder time signatures like 7/8, 9/8 etc. This might be there but I haven't found it yet. Other than that it's a welcome addition to my app library. I do not know what the alternatives are because I've never researched it but I'm enjoying this.

If I can figure out how to set the presets with ease I'll upgrade it to five stars.
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on November 6, 2013
Great metronome app. Has nice loud, piercing sounds to cut through an in-ears mix. It has presets that can be used for practicing purposes (as well as helpful tips for beginner musicians - very nicely done), but I use them for setting a metronome setting for each song in a setlist. You choose the meter / tempo and save the preset under a custom name, then just select it. It was very easy to do so in the middle of a performance. The only thing I wish there was included is a portrait mode. The landscape mode is fine, but being able to view a longer list of the presets would be nice.
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