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5.0 out of 5 stars DARKLY WHIMSICAL AND HIGHLY ENJOYABLE, June 19, 2002
"valeska_" (The Pacific Northwest) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Amphigorey Too (Perigee) (Paperback)
This wonderful second collection contains 20 highly enjoyable stories:
THE BEASTLY BABY (a definite Gorey favorite!) about an absolutely abominable baby, you'll be glad to see the end of!
THE NURSERY FRIEZE: Features odd strips of rhino-like animals saying words like "Archipelago" & "Quodlibet" which could very well be used as a frieze for a very unique nursery :-)
THE PIOUS INFANT: About little Henry Clump, who is completely unselfish and charitable, and always concerned about the salvation of everyone elses soul!
THE EVIL GARDEN: About a families visit to an ominous garden, where there is no way out!
THE INANIMATE TRAGEDY: A dramatic tale featuring inanimate objects as the characters, such as pins & needles (who appear to represent the chorus) a penpoint, glass marble, two-holed button, thumbtack, & a piece of knotted string (as the villain)
THE GILDED BAT: About a little girl who grows up to be a very distinguished prima ballerina.
THE IRON TONIC: or "A Winter Afternoon"- "The people at the grey hotel, Are either aged or unwell" "The guests who chose to stay aloof, Lie wrapped in carpets on the roof".
THE OSBICK BIRD: About Emblus Fingby and the osbick bird that chooses one day to live with him, as his loyal friend.
Two versions of THE CHINESE OBELISKS, one version that looks like a sketch or rough draft, and then the better known one in typical Gorey style- All about an author who goes for a walk, and the many things he encounters.
THE DERANGED COUSINS (one of my favorites!): About Rose Marshmary, Mary Rosemarsh & Marsh Maryrose, three cousins who all live together in a rose covered house at the edge of a marsh. "Since they were orphans and there was no one to stop them, they were often merry far into the night"!
THE ELEVENTH EPISODE: Starts when a woman hears a scream apparently coming from a well, when she goes to investigate she falls in and enters a world that changes her life.
[THE UNTITLED BOOK]: Charming piece, that features a little child looking out the window as strange creatures come to play in the garden. Hippity Wippity!
THE LAVENDAR LEOTARD: An early Gorey tale, in which the author introduces two small, distant, ageless, and wholly imaginary relatives to fifty seasons of the New York City Ballet!
THE DISREPECTFUL SUMMONS: A tale of the occult!
THE ABANDONED SOCK: All about the saga of a sock that decides it's life is tedious and unpleasant, and goes for an adventure.
THE LOST LIONS: About a handsome man named Hamish, whose life is suddenly changed when he one day opens the wrong envelope!
STORY FOR SARA: A cute story about a slightly wicked little girl, who captures two little birds in her small bag, and her meeting with a very large prowling cat!
THE SALT HERRING: An odd tale written to make all serious men mad, mad, mad!
LEAVES FROM A MISLAID ALBUM: A wordless collection of interesting pictures.
A LIMERICK: Absolutely cute, very SHORT limerick about poor little Zooks, of whom no one was fond.
Edward Gorey one of my favorites, whose darkly whimsical and macabre tales (that he sometimes writes under pseudonyms) are sure to offend the overly-prudish, luckily I'm not one of them. Should Gorey be classfied as a writer or Illustrator? He so obviously possessed talent in both fields, I cannot imagine his fantastic drawings without the odd amusing little quips. The people in his illustrations usually resemble silent movie stars, the women always look elegant and mysterious, the men dashing and stately. His stories also include lots of fanciful creatures and adorable (but usually hapless) children.
Gorey is strange and wonderful, and I am VERY proud and absolutely happy to be fan!
Get all three collections!
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5.0 out of 5 stars The contents of Gorey's collections, July 23, 2007
This review is from: Amphigorey Too (Perigee) (Paperback)
The contents of Gorey's collections with personal rates for each work:

The Unstrung Harp (1953) ========================= ****1/2
The Listing Attic (1954) ========================= *****
The Doubtful Guest (1957) ======================== ****1/2
The Object-Lesson (1958) ========================= ****
The Bug Book (1959) ============================== ***1/2
The Fatal Lozenge (1960) ========================= *****
The Hapless Child (1961) ========================= *****
The Curious Sofa (1961) ========================== ****1/2
The Willowdale Handcar (1962) ==================== ****1/2
The Gashlycrumb Tinies (1963) ==================== *****
The Insect God (1963) ============================ *****
The West Wing (1963) ============================= ***1/2
The Wuggly Ump (1963) ============================ ****1/2
The Sinking Spell (1964) ========================= ****1/2
The Remembered Visit (1965) ====================== ****

The Beastly Baby (1962) =================== *****
The Nursery Frieza (1964) ================= -
The Pious Infant (1966) =================== ****1/2
The Evil Garden (1966) ==================== ****1/2
The Inanimate Tragedy (1966) ============== ****
The Gilded Bat (1966) ===================== ****
The Iron Tonic (1969) ===================== ****
The Osbick Bird (1970) ==================== ****1/2
The Chinese Obelisks (Sketch) (1970) ====== ***
The Chinese Obelisks (1970) =============== ****
The Deranged Cousins (1970) =============== ****1/2
The Eleventh Episode (1971) =============== ****
The Untitled Book (1971) ================== ***1/2
The Lavander Leotard ===================== ***
Direspecful Sermons ======================= ****1/2
The Abandoned Sock (1972) ================= ****
The Lost Lions (1973) ===================== ****
Story for Sara ============================ ****
The Salt Herring ========================== ***
Leaves for a Mislaid Album (1972) ========= ***
A Limerick (1973) ========================= ****1/2

The Utter Zoo (1967) ======================== *****
The Blue Aspic (1968) ======================= ****1/2
The Epileptic Bicycle (1969) ================ ****
The Sopping Thrusday (1970) ================= ****1/2
The Grand Passion (1976) =================== **1/2
Les Passementeries Horribles ================ ***
The Ecletic Abecedarium ===================== ***
L'eure Bleau ================================ ***
The Broken Spoke (1976) ===================== ****
The Awdrey-Gore Legacy (1972) =============== ****
The Glorious Nosebleed (1975) =============== ****
The Loathsome Couple (1977) ================= ****1/2
The Green Beads (1978) ====================== ****
Les Urnes Utiles ============================ ***
The Stupid Joke (1980-1982) ================ ****1/2
The Prune People (1983) ===================== ****
The Tuning Fork ============================= ****1/2

The Galoshes of Remorse (illustration) ==========
Signs of Spring ================================= ***1/2
Seasonal Confusion ============================== ***1/2
Random Walk ===================================== ***1/2
Category (illustration) =========================
The Other Statue (1968) ========================= ****
10 Impossible Objects =========================== -
The Universal Solvent (1989) ==================== -
Scénes de Ballet ================================ ***1/2
Verse Advice ==================================== ***
The Deadly Blotter (1997) ======================= ***
Creativity ====================================== ***
The Retrieved Locket (1994) ===================== ***
The Water Flowers (1982) ======================== ***1/2
The Haunted The-Cosy (1988) ===================== ***1/2
Christmas Wrap-up (illustration) ================
The Headless Bust (1999) ======================== ****
The Just Dessert (1997) ========================= **1/2
The Admonitory Hippopotamus ===================== ***1/2
Negected Murderesses (1980) ===================== ***1/2
Tragédies Topiaries ============================= ****
The Raging Tide (1987) ========================== ****
The Unknown Vegetable (1995) ==================== ****
Another Random Walk ============================= ***1/2
Serious Life: A Cruise ========================== ***1/2
Figbash Acrobate (Illustrations) ================
La Malle Saignante ============================== ****
The Izzard Book ================================= ***
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5.0 out of 5 stars More Gorey Stories, April 13, 2003
This review is from: Amphigorey Too (Perigee) (Paperback)
Though not quite so wonderful as "Amphigorey" (q.v.) (if nothing else, there is nothing to equal the brillint "Gashleycrumb Tinies" nor "The Unstrung Harp"), the first Gorey omnibus volume, if only because the very best was skimmed off for that volume, this is still very high class whimsey indeed.
Like Gahan Wilson (q.v), Gorey looks at the world in a slightly skewed manner; much of his work consists of showing or telling us something that sounds perfectly rational but does not, in fact, quite compute, leaving our own minds to struggle with the cognitive dissonance he creates.
Probably my favourite bit in this collection is "The Gilded Bat", which is a sadly perceptive story of perception and reality in the life of a prima ballerina -- even after litle Maudy Splaytoe has progressed to being enigmatic star Miriella Splatova, her life is still pretty much the same as it always was, a round of rehearsal, performance and boredom. (In a wonderful example of something or other, there was a ballet based on this work; i have never seen it, but heard an interview on PBS with the choreographer, who had had to create excerpts from three OTHER, fictitious, ballets referred to in the text...)
The two versions of "The Chinese Obelisks" present us with an opportunity to see the author's mind at work, comparing sketch and draft of text to the finished work.
The only reason not to immediately purchase this work would be if you could only afford one of them and hadn't already got the previous volume. If you DO already have "Amphigorey", then you absolutely must have this collection to go with it.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Give Us More!, December 20, 2002
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Amphigorey Too (Perigee) (Paperback)
Edward Gorey is the type of artist who produces very specific reactions from anyone studying his work: one will either love or hate his artwork and/or stories. For those of us who are a little off center ourselves, this book is delightful. His unique drawings remain unmatched to this day, and his tales--well, they are not ordinary by any stretch of the imagination. Even though I am a staunch Gorey fan, I must admit that there are times when some of the endings leave me quite sad but, just as in life, not every tale has a happy ending. The book itself is huge, very heavy and filled to the brim with as much Gorey drawings as any fan can desire. Mr. Gorey deserves more recognition for his unusual but strange depictions of characters whom we don't really know whether to love or hate--a sort of bizarre Alice In Wonderland world of people who run the gamut from the familiar to the insane, and a bestiary of creatures born from the depths of an uncommon imagination. One has to wonder what a cartoon series based on his drawings and story lines would be like--certainly not Saturday morning fodder. At any rate, the book is well worth every penny whether you are a fan of Edward Gorey or have just discovered his works and find yourself fascinated by his bizarre view of a world which existed in his extraordinary imagination.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Playfully Warped, September 20, 2005
This review is from: Amphigorey Too (Perigee) (Paperback)
This second mass-market anthology of Gorey's assorted works holds its own against the first collection, Amphigorey, and presents pieces previously found in a number of his once hard to locate, highly-sought shorter books. This volume concentrates on the more obscure among Edward Gorey's output, and in fact several of the tales here I had never heard of before I acquired Amphigorey Too. The irony in the fact so many of these illustrated tales are humorous (in addition to being ironic, strange and disturbing) is that Gorey balanced their intentional comic value with the concept that he was not trying to provide his readers with unalterated amusement. In fact an editor once challenged Gorey by saying, "Edward, this isn't funny." To which Gorey replied, "Sir, isn't it best that it not be?" Amphigorey Too is a wonderful compiliation and a must-have for any Gorey fan.
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5.0 out of 5 stars WONDERFUL IN EVERY WAY, April 9, 2007
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Amphigorey Too (Perigee) (Paperback)
I don't care if you've never in your life read Edward Gorey, I don't care if "it's not your thing," I don't care about any silly excuse. If you haven't read this book than you are not complete, and there's only one way to fix the problem.

Edward Gorey is satiric genius, and when he isn't being sarcastic and whimsical then he is beautiful and poetic (although come to think of it, he's always poetic, isn't he?). Being an Amphigorey, this book has loads or nonsense stuff crammed together with some of his best work. I can't imagine that anyone with any kind of imagination could read through it without finding at least one thing that they adored.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Another clever compilation to delight you., July 16, 2000
J. Austin "jodylync" (Dublin, OH United States) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Amphigorey Too (Perigee) (Paperback)
This is the 2nd of the Amphigorey series and is just as entertaining as the first. Edward Gorey takes macabre little tales and illustrates them in a delightfully, gothic manner. A literary treasure and a must read for those who enjoy dark humor.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Second time still has its charms., February 6, 2012
Amazon Customer (Bloomington, MN USA) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Amphigorey Too (Perigee) (Paperback)
While not as engaging as Amphigorey (the 1st collection of Gorey's works), there is still plenty to enjoy in Amphigorey Too. My personal favorite is "The Salt Herring", but young parents may find that "The Beastly Baby" rings true at times. Anyone who first became acquainted with Edward Gorey's drawings through the animations on PBS should find something to enjoy in the drawings and stories collected here.

I still re-read this collection at least once a year, and enjoy it each time. In fact, although I received Amphigorey as a gift years ago, and did not buy Amphigorey Too on Amazon, I have just purchased the next two collections here: "Amphigorey Also" and "Amphigorey Again".

For Gorey fans, I think these collections are essential, although Gorey said he not like to present his books in this format. He felt that multiple pages on a single sheet (as these collections have) could hurt the element of surprise compared to turning a page in the original format. However, you can always cover the next portion, and reveal it slowly if this is a problem for you. Though some of Gorey's books have been re-released, the originals were printed in very small editions and can be extremely difficult to find. The "Amphigorey ..." series provides an inexpensive way to get acquainted with a large number of his books. Perhaps you will then, as I have, start looking for personal favorites in their original formats.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Strange, Gothic and highly original, October 23, 2014
sally tarbox (aylesbury bucks uk) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Amphigorey Too (Perigee) (Paperback)
Wonderful collection of twenty Gorey works, most of which I have reviewed individually (qv). With their Gothic art work and strange storylines, these vary - in my opinion - from *5 to *3. Gorey includes a couple of little tales translated from French, with his illustrations.
1) The Beastly Baby: "capable of making only two sorts of noises, both of them nasty" - its owners are forever foiled by officious people, when they attempt to abandon it. Until one day...
2)The Nursery Frieze: Rows of strange, black (cow?)like creatures, interposed with most un-nursery type words - chalcedony; plumbago; wapentake...
3) The Pious Infant: My favourite of the whole book, following a sanctimonious little tot : "He used to go through books and carefully blot out any places where there was a frivolous mention of the Deity." But when he goes out in the snow to give his bread pudding to an unfortunate widow, he meets a sorry end...
4) The Evil Garden (very 'Little Shop of Horrors') - expect scary plants and creatures in this pleasant park: "Alexa watches while her Aunt Is pulled feet first inside a plant."
5) The Inanimate Story : a kind of Greek tragedy where the players include needles, buttons and a pen nib.
6)The Gilded Bat: A ballerina's rise to fame
7)The Iron Tonic : (or A Winter Afternoon in a Lonely Valley) - Very bleak and strange, set near a sanatorium ("It's known the skating pond conceals A family of enormous eels")
8)The Osbick Bird: Very reminiscent of Edward Lear's nonsense verse - tale of Emblus Fingby and his feathered friend ("The years passed by in pressing weeds And making bell-pulls out of beads.)
9) The Chinese Obelisks (printed in both rudimentary sketch form and finished version.) A comic alphabet: "A was an author who went for a walk" (illustration of Gorey himself in fur coat) through to his sticky end; concludes "Z was the zither he left to the maid."
10)The Deranged Cousins: another *5 one - tale of three merry cousins till an accidental murder (the body is laid in a field called "The Rabbit's Restroom"!) leads the remaining cousins to drink and religious mania.
11)The Eleventh Episode: only mildly entertaining story of woman who falls into another world
12) The Untitled Book : Each image shows the same window overlooking same garden - but a little Victorian child appears at window, and great insects and frogs are making merry in garden.
13) The Lavender Leotard: Didn't really grab me; little children engaged in ballet and their comments such as "Other companies merely put on ballets; we dance."
14)The Disrespectful Summons: Very enjoyable tale of respectable Miss Squill, assaulted by the Devil who puts his mark on her breast and sends her a little demon. And a book called "Ninety-Two Entirely Evil Things To Do"....
15) The Abandoned Sock: who "persuaded the clothespin to relinquish its hold" and left its mate for adventure. Not one of his best.
16) The Lost Lions was rather a sad story, telling of Hamish, a rather beautiful young man, who ends up in movies till he becomes "overstrung." He wants to be off raising lions (lovely picture) and writing journals...
17)Story for Sara: By French author Alphonse Allais, this was rather a throwaway little tale
18) The Salt Herring: By French author Charles Cros, left me cold, I'm afraid
19) Leaves from a Mislaid Album: Some quite entertaining, very Gothic images of Gorey's trademark Victorian characters (is that woman brandishing a hatpin?!)
20) A limerick
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5.0 out of 5 stars Gorey's credo and short comments on some works in AT., February 18, 1999
By A Customer
This review is from: Amphigorey Too (Perigee) (Paperback)
Unlike most writers, Gorey does not seek publicity and goes his own way with classic unconcern. His artistic credo scattered about in random interviews is the antithesis of verbosity. "There's a kind of style running through the universe. I think of my books as Victorian novels all scrunched up. I write about everyday life. It's dreadfully hazardous. I never could understand why people feel they have to climb Mt. Everest when you know it's quite dangerous getting out of bed. I think you have to rely on chance an awful lot. I don't believe in free will. I've always been a firm believer in the line from a Patrick White novel. 'Life is full of alternatives, but no choices.' . . . I haven't the slightest idea why my work has taken the tack it has. I just do what occurs to me--if it occurs to me strong enough. My philosophy? I'm a Taoist if I'm anything. They believe this is the way the world runs and you might as well go with it. I stand by the idea that you can't prevent things. The surrealist writers thought the most mysterious thing of all is just everyday life. I agree. Everyday life is very discomfiting. I'm trying to convey that discomfiting texture in my books. THE BEASTLY BABY is an illustrated commentary on the nature-nurture issue. In Gorey's view, some "bad-apples" are such from the beginning. THE NURSERY FRIEZE is an antiquarian's delight. THE PIOUS INFANT showcases religious zealotry. THE EVIL GARDEN might have been inspired by Mirbeau's "le jardin des supplices," Stutthof Concentration Camp or the carbon-nitrogen cycle. THE INANIMATE TRAGEDY is an obvious parody of a classical Greek play complete with chorus, carried out by inanimate objects. THE IRON TONIC could be depictions of some of the inhabitants of Lake Woebegone waiting for Godot. THE OSBICK BIRD is an example of commensalism. THE DERANGED COUSINS is an example of psycho-pathology in every day life. Gorey's work is like an open window on the ID which draws our attention to the ubiquitous dysphemism of human activity. This commentator who is a resident of "Fun City, USA," has known six people who were murdered and three murderers, and the list of personally viewed and experienced disasters is lengthy. Gorey's work makes us think about the human condition as well as covertly laugh at what we see as its stark shortcomings and irrationalities.
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