Customer Reviews: Amprobe BAT-200 Battery Tester
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on January 20, 2013
This is a pretty simple but effective little product. It does exactly as it's supposed to do, telling you if your batter is good, low, or needs to be replaced. It works with all kinds of regular household batteries. I can already tell Im going to save money because many times when my smoke alarm is beeping or I think other things aren't working correctly because of the battery being dead so I throw it out and replace it, with this battery tester Ive already saved myself from throwing out several batteries just by testing them first to see if the battery is the issue and it turns out it isn't. For the price this is a household must have and I am very happy I purchased this.
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on June 16, 2013
Plain and simple it works and is well worth the price. A must for anyone who uses regular or rechargeable batteries on a regular basis. Why is this not sold where batteries are sold is a mystery. Can be used for button type batteries, meaning CR2032 and CR2025 types.
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on June 30, 2013
Very often batteries at near the end of their life will build up a surface charge that will trick a good quality high impedance volt meter into showing them to have more charge than they really do. This meter solves this problem by having a "working load" built in.

The gauge isn't calibrated for easy reading. The yellow and green are tiny. They should have had the red small at the left end so you could tell exactly how well (yellow) or good (green) the meter was showing the battery to be.

You have to be pretty coordinated to use this meter. If you hold the battery at even a slight misalignment, it will shoot off to the side and you have to catch it in the air.
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on February 2, 2013
It does what I purchased it for at an affordable price. And unlike the Radio Shack battery tester I used before, there is an obvious place where the meter should point without a battery attached, so you know if a fall or other rough handling causes the meter to be improperly "zeroed" (which leads to faulty measurements).
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on January 24, 2013
The tester works as advertised, but the construction could be a little better. The red slider is a little flimsy. All of the batteries I tested were easy to check and the results were reliable.
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on December 5, 2014
I bought four BAT-200s for Christmas Stocking Stuffers.

Like the one-star ratings, this is only good for finding DEAD batteries My RadioShack Enercell battery tester – with a similar “replace/good” display -- was superior to the Amprobe when it came to batteries in the questionable range.

Using a digital multimeter to compare readings on the Amprobe BAT-200, I can report these findings while testing AA alkalines:
0.94 V registered “Replace”
1.22V to 1.26V registered in the Green with the needle below the “G” in “Good”
1.3V registered Green with the needle on the “G”
1.45 and 1.46 registered Green with the needle on the second “O” of “Good”

Note that I also tested those same batteries in each of the four Amprobes and they each registered the same display reading.

Those AAs that were 1.22V to 1.3V registered between “replace” and “good” on the RadioShack tester i.e., the “questionable range” but were in the “Green” on the Amprobe. Clearly, Amprobe got it wrong; moreover, those AA batteries no longer worked in my electronics and were batteries I’d replace. Definitely not “Good” as Amprobe displayed.

Bottom line: buy a different battery tester. I’m sending these back.
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on September 6, 2014
After receiving the BAT-200, I decided to set up a test to compare it with a digital volt meter (DVM). Using an assortment of old batteries, I found that batteries that gave good readings on the BAT-200 were no longer useful according to the DVM. A 9 volt battery that tested good on the BAT-200, read only 7.5 volts on the DVM. From my experience this battery would no longer operate most electronics at this low a voltage. Only batteries that were completely dead would show up in the red on the BAT-200. Since Amprobe is a well known name in the electrical measurement industry, I was quite surprised by these results. It was packaged for return immediately.
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on January 4, 2014
This tester is not accurate. Unless the battery is TOTALLY drained, it shows it to be in the green. I tested it on batteries I know from use are dead and it showed them good.
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on April 13, 2014
I had some old AAA batteries in an old universal TV remote control, and put one of them in the tester. The tester said it was good, so I put it in the remote control starter to my truck. The remote control has a thermometer looking symbol that shows how much juice is left in the battery. It showed that the battery was close to dead, and then gave me 4 beeps which means time to change the battery. I took the battery to work and put it in the tester there, and it showed that it was bad.

I bought some new AAA batteries and put one in the tester. It showed that it was "really good". So, "Good" means bad, and "Really Good" means it will work. Very disappointing.
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on March 31, 2013
My son has an X-Box 360 and he seems to go through batteries at a pretty fast rate. I started to collect the ones he discards when his controller loses connection due to low battery and in the past month have collect about 30 AA batteries (and a few others from other devices). So I was looking forward to testing the "old" batteries to see if in fact they were all truly low and ready to toss.

The day this device arrived I found 8 batteries still showing "full" power that I would have thrown away if it were not for this unit. I also found 6 that had some life in them and could be used for a few more days. As a result it sure looks like I'll recoup the cost of the Amprobe in a short time. Testing these AA and some other AAA alkaline batteries was very simple and quick. I have also tried some of the smaller "coin" batteries like those used in watches and pedometers, but they require a bit more dexterity to hold the battery in place while applying the connectors, I noticed for those style battery, you may have to also wiggle the battery a bit to get a good reading. I have not had an opportunity to test 9 volt batteries yet, but it appears very simple - just touch the leads to the side of the unit.

So the unit does what it was designed to do, which is to check the power left in the batteries and identify spent batteries form those that still are useable. Overall I like the size of the unit and the ease of use (the testing of the "coin" style was a little frustrating, but not impossible), and the fact that I'll likely save buying batteries before I need to. I would recommend this device to others as an inexpensive way to check used batteries or batteries that have been in the "junk drawer" for some time. You'll not only be sure that when you go to use a battery that it has full power rather than putting in one you'll need to soon replace, and you'll also save some money by not throwing away potentially good batteries.

I was very disappointed in how long it took to receive this after ordering. I submitted an order on 02/22/2013 for this tester along with several other items. All the other items arrived long before this did - which was delivered on 03/28/2013. Just wanted to mention this frustration and let you know I did NOT lower the rating based on lengthy time it took to receive. I'm not sure what the delay was caused by, but if you need one of these in a hurry you may want to order from another source.
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