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Ok, let me get this straight. They made a documentary about Al Gore giving a lecture? About global warming? Okay, I'm already asleep. Snore. Yawn. Why don't I just stay home and save the money I would spend to take a nap.

All kidding aside, if you know anything about Al Gore, you know this is a subject he is extremely committed to and passionate about. Very passionate. And after five years of some of the worst, most harmful environmental policy to ever come out of Washington, DC, there is no better time for "An Inconvenient Truth".

I know many consider Gore to be less than a captivating speaker. But in "An Inconvenient Truth" he comes across as a different man because he is so passionate and committed to the subject of global warming, he comes across as a different man. Informed, knowledgeable, conversational and persuasive, if he were like this during the election, there would be no Florida Recount in our history books. Okay, so that didn't happen. But the result is that Gore, much like Clinton and Carter, are trying to do something with their status to help better the world. Gore has long been an environmental advocate and it shows. He knows the facts inside and out; people have provided him with statistics, graphs, charts and more, and he uses them in this presentation.

As Gore states, he has given the lecture more than a thousand times around the globe. Because of this, he is extremely comfortable addressing large audiences, giving them a lot of scientific research to digest. Remarkably, he makes it easy to understand, pointing out key facts, walking us through some of the more difficult to understand ideas and problems. He also knows when the audience needs a break and interjects humor here and there. At one point, he shows a spoof of an educational film animated by the people at "The Simpsons". At others, he makes fun of himself and his political ambitions and woes.

Davis Guggenheim, the filmmaker, has apparently presented Gore's lecture virtually intact. As Gore moves around on a dais, clicking for the next slide, he makes persuasive points. But he also reaches a couple of key points. When this happens, the filmmakers smartly pull back from the lecture, giving us a portrait of a few key moments in Gore's life. The argument he makes in his lecture is persuasive, intelligent and well thought out, but because we learn more about the man making the presentation, these points have even more resonance. Not only do these moments give us more details about Gore, they also provide a respite from the scientific data, allowing us to absorb what we have learned.

At one point, Gore states that the data is irrefutable and it appears to be. Remarkably, the filmmakers show footage of various people attacking Gore, or claiming the data he is presenting is not based in fact. Yet, we can see it for ourselves, right in front of us. And I am sure Gore could easily provide a bibliography of resources for us to check out all of the facts he uses. What would drive some of these people to attack Gore and this data? Some of the clips are from Gore's days as a Senator and Vice President, so some of that can be contributed to political parties trying to one-up each other. But currently, Gore does not hold political office, yet the current administration seems intent on giving every break to the worst polluters in the country, allowing them to make as much money as possible while they pollute and pollute and pollute. Gore shows a slide about this argument. Apparently, there is the thought good environmental policy will impact the economy. How do these same people explain the relationship between Toyota, Honda, Ford and GM? Toyota and Honda manufacture vehicles with far better gas mileage than their competitors and are much more successful because of it. An argument Gore makes very convincingly.

Thankfully, Gore stays away from political bias. More or less. A couple of times, he makes funny remarks about his failed run for the presidency, or he makes a pointed comment about the current administration, but by and large his comments are directed at us and what we should do to save our planet. The film isn't void of bias, but there could certainly have been a lot more. The fact the filmmaker and Gore showed some restraint makes his presentation even more persuasive.

The film ends with a series of `calls to action' as the credits begin. Frankly, these aren't needed because Gore's arguments are so convincing. But they are effective. As one call to action states "Urge everyone you know to see this film." Well, folks, that's what I am doing. Go and see this film. We need to do something before it is too late to do anything. Hopefully, this film will one day be viewed as a historical document of the beginning of a great change and not as a horror film.
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on May 28, 2006
When I was a child, people clapped at the end of movies -- we knew that the filmmakers wouldn't actually hear us, but we showed our appreciation nonetheless. Over the years, it seems that tradition has died out. I don't think I've heard anyone clap at the end of a movie for twenty-odd years. Until, that is, this afternoon.

The entire audience clapped at the end of "An Inconvenient Truth".

It is all too rare to see people act out of idealism and ethics. Those qualities shine throughout this film -- Al Gore has noticed a problem -- a BIG problem -- and he has learned about it, and is trying to solve it. The "news" media gives us little 15-second soundbites instead of news and arguments, believing that we, the American public, are too stupid to comprehend any non-trivial ideas. Gore, on the other hand, clearly has faith in us to UNDERSTAND, to do the right thing, and, above all, to CARE.

See it.
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on March 14, 2012
The film "An Inconvenient Truth" informs viewers of what "Global Warming" really is. It is presented by Al Gore with intelligent, heartfelt honesty, a little humor and a lot of facts in easy to understand graphs, photography and film. Gore covers climate and environmental changes for over six million years to illustrate in real terms how fast the current climate changes are happening. He explains why these changes are so devastating and exactly what is happening in countries all over the planet. he uses and provides evidence of scientific research, which you can find if you are willing to do the work to research his sources. This film should be required viewing in every classroom, regardless of religion, political affiliation, personal opinions, or inconveniences. This film is WELL WORTH the time to watch it. It exposes coverups by former President Bush and others. Get the truth, and realize what you can do about the very necessary changes this planet needs. If noone does anything, this planet will be changed irreversibly within 50 years. Think about it, many of us will still be alive to reap the consequences, our children and grandchildren will inherit the problems that we could have changed. Watch the film. Visit the website [...].
An Inconvenient Truth
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VINE VOICEon February 5, 2007
Discussions about the global warming issue can very quickly take on the tone of religious warfare, as some of the reviews here show. I want to focus on the video as a video, reviewing some of its interesting features-- and some of its limitations.

Those looking for an introduction to global warming should buy the book in addition to-- or maybe instead of-- the DVD. Obviously, the film parallels the book, but it is, after all, a film of Gore giving his presentation. That means that there's no way to look at the charts and graphs closely or to think about them before moving on. In fact, some of them go by so quickly or lose so much detail as the camera pans out that it's not easy to understand what they're showing.

Further, like the book, this is at most a very general introduction to global warming issues. It's best suited to an audience that doesn't have much of a technical background. (Like me; and, for the record, in the last year, I moved from the skeptic's camp to that of the non-fanatic believers.) There certainly is a little Bush-bashing and a generally negative attitude toward Republican policies. That's not too surprising, considering that Gore has spent his life as a Democratic political figure. In any event, they're pretty mild. While Gore's explanations of global warming are pretty convincing, his suggested solutions to the problem (mostly strict adherence to the Kyoto treaty and living a "carbon-neutral" lifestyle) seem to me to be very much open to debate.

In my view, the impact of the film is somewhat reduced by the occasional personal vignettes about Gore's upbringing, his son's serious accident, and his sister's death. I suspect that they were inserted in order to personalize Gore, much the same way that family shots and personal stories are inserted into football games. That's fine, but to me, they were intrusions that were very nearly non sequiturs.

On the other hand, one of the interesting things about the film is that it does indeed personalize Gore. I voted for him in 2000, though with no real enthusiasm, and I've always seen him as an earnest but really boring gasbag. Watching him in this film changed that for me. He's clearly a guy with a passion for this issue; further, he's clearly intelligent and articulate.

The film-as-film is very well done. At first thought, the idea of a video of a guy giving a PowerPoint slide show seems like a very bad one for a film, but the director and camera people pull it off. It's well paced, cleverly staged, well lighted, etc. Lectures can be interesting, and this film demonstrates that.

I thought the film was well worth seeing. There is a lot to think about here, and it's a well-conceived and well-executed film, which probably does deserve its Oscar nomination. It has limitations, but I'm glad I bought it, and I recommend it.
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on July 8, 2014
I thought this documentary was fascinating. This should be required for all high school and college students. Al Gore is a terrific speaker! Who knew?! Lol! His research is very good and his passion enormous. Who can doubt that this is occurring on our Planet ? The evidence is there. I really don't understand the nay-sayers. My main concern is that we won't be able to reverse this warming trend, especially when more people aren't concerned with it. Sure wish he'd won the presidential race instead of G.Dub-ya!
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As I read the past negative reviews, I can see that these people have no concept of science. I'm a conservative republican and never thought I would side with Al Gore on ANY issue. Yes, I'm one of those "right-wingers", love Fox news, Bill O'Reilly and Ann Coulter. But as a scientist, specifically a chemist, this movie explains in layman's terms the Science of global warming. I was most impressed. Yes, he talks negatively about the current Administration, the loss of the 2000 election, as well as personal matters, but this is done to explain his story about how he's trying to change other people's perceptions. Get over political party affiliations and look at the science!

This video goes through the basic science of global warming. He also explains what has happened in the past and makes a persuasive prediction for the future. Mr. Gore demonstrates the cause and effect of altering our atmosphere by changing weather patterns and ocean currents. I experienced 7 of the 10 typhoons that hit Japan in 2004 that Al talks about in the film...that wasn't fun. He provides ways to improve our situation, one person and household at a time. The one thing he doesn't explain is the effect of the massive human population explosion. We are our worst enemy by consuming so many resources. Look in your garbage can after one day to see all the waste and unnecessary packaging.

All Americans need to take their own "political agenda blinders" off and stop seeing what you just want to see. We all need to come together and change the course we're on. Global Warming won't affect us as much as future generations, but some day I don't want my grandson/granddaughter to ask "Why I didn't do anything to stop it."

If my scientifically challenged 14 year daughter can get something out of it, you can too. Just put political bias aside for 90 minutes and then conduct your own literature research from credible scientific sources.

One reviewer said that this is just "theory." Well, to use an old cliché', bears excreting in the woods is a theory until you either step in it or see him doing it. We're "stepping" in global warming now. Do we clean it up or keep stepping in it?

Thank you Al Gore! (I can't tell you how much it hurt for a Republican to say that!)
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on June 16, 2016
An Inconvenient Truth When I saw this movie. I felt that it was extremely interesting . It kept my attention going on the matters and facts of the movie. The movie explained many situations I wasn't aware of that existed and that was happening to our climate. It gave a lot of information . It truly opened my eyes to many things I wasn't aware of regarding climate control and what it does to different parts of our world and our eco system. Kept my attention to the end.
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on June 16, 2015
Someday, those who survive might just-vaguely-look back and remember this intelligent man who tried to make a difference (above and beyond his political ego) through release/publication of this fascinating documentary. What is shown is the truth. How people accepted it...well, that's another story entirely. It rather reminded me of some things folks I knew/know who went through/are going through AA told me...Accepting responsibility for an action is the first step towards solving the problem. This will never happen in present day society! But the DVD is still worth watching...and weeping through! Note: it is not Al Gore's fault the problems exist. Nor is it the fault of corporations trying to make a profit for the devastation of what is being done. So I leave it to the rest of you as to what I am directly saying.
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on October 10, 2014
It is an insightful and thorough examination of the global warming threat. Unfortunately, so many remain unconvinced because they don't believe the science. If this trend continues we'll be getting sunburn in Antarctica and New York will be underwater. Unfortunately the last statement isn't hyperbole.
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on May 24, 2014
I saw this in the theatre when it first came out and I am glad I watched it again 8 years later, because all the information continues to be extremely right on and relevant, and I also appreciated the insights into Al Gore. Clearly this was kind of a two-fold film--one for Gore to present urgent information about our climate crisis and how it will affect humankind, and two as a means of personal vindication for his stunningly baffling defeat for President. I won't go into the political/social ramifications on that score, but it is clear from watching the film that Gore wanted to inform the public of just what a great opportunity they missed by not having him as President. However, perhaps his purpose in life was not to lead the country politically but to lead us in other ways. The striking thing that stands out in 2014 is that the time frame Gore presents for climate changes is MUCH FASTER and SOONER than everyone is telling us now. I think we are being sold a bill of goods and we ought to go back and watch this film again NOW. Changes are happening at a greater speed than the news reports.
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