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on July 13, 2014
I picked up this book as a freebie on Amazon and I really enjoyed it. I’ve not read anything in this type of subgenre yet and Im happy I finally got the chance to. This story has some sexy dancing, hot doctors and gloriously hot sex scenes.

Carrington Hanover has a rich family with high ranking social status. As a young adult Carrington’s father tried to control her life with money. So when she became an adult she turned her back on all of it, went to nursing school, worked hard and earned her own way in life.

Paul Valverde is a successful surgeon working long hours at the hospital, works extra hours developing, distributing and marketing a new experimental pill to screen for colon cancer that he has developed AND he takes care of his elderly grandfather. He doesn’t have time in his life for relationships. Until… Carrington walk through the doors as a new nurse on his staff.

Paul and Carrington have a history together that ended too quickly. Paul wants revenge and Carry has trust issues when it comes to men. When they are forced to work together, will they be able to remain professional? Will they be overcome with lust? Or will their past get in the way of their future?

I cant begin to express enough how impressed I am with this story. It was very well written, the characters are strong and well developed and the chemistry between Paul and Carry feels palpable. The sex is really good and the way the author explains a simple kiss gives me butterflies in my belly. Its sweet, funny, intense and you feel what your characters are feeling.

I loved Paul’s character. I thought he was smart, sweet, has a kind heart and I want him to bang me up against a wall too. Holy molly that was HOT! Carry was also great but she started to get on my nerves. I wanted to reach in my kindle and smack her across the face. She knows what kind of a person her dad is and why she kept letting that get in the way of her and Paul is just baffling. Carrys constant ‘I want him but I don’t want him’ and ‘let’s keep it professional but I want you to pawn after me’ attitude was like a cheese grater on my nerves. However, with that being said… we wouldn’t have a good story if her conflicting feelings were left out and she just jumped into his arms and they lived happily ever after.

My only complaint is that I would have liked for Carry to confront her dad about the accusations. I wanted some sort of satisfaction of letting her father know that no matter what he did or how much he tried to control her, she was going to do what made her happy.

Overall, this is a fantastic read and I would recommend it to all my friends. I really enjoyed the story line and the sex was great. I loved all the characters and I especially loved the dancing part of it. This was smart, funny, sweet and sexy.

“Mi Corazon, mi querida Carrita.”
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on March 21, 2012
An Indiscretion

AN INDISCRETION by author Lynne Marshall is The Wild Rose Press release.

Carrington Hanover turned her back on her rich dad's money and became a nurse. Then she meets Dr. Paul Valverde, who had a crush on the teenage Carry and had invited her to his prom as his date. But back then Carry's dad had other ambitions regarding her and it did not include the working class Spanish boy. After forcing Carrington to decline Paul's invitation, he accused Paul of stealing from his house. Paul ended up in teen detention center.

With this history between them how could Carry feel that Paul was still the most incredible man she'd ever met?

Now Paul was a successful doctor as well as a businessman. But could Carrington trust him? After all he did steal from her dad, didn't he?

Paul wanted to take revenge on Carry yet the attraction between them doesn't seem to abate. So he takes her to meet his grandfather. Is Carrington suitable for him? His grandfather doesn't think so!

This tale is with plenty of heart, flair and sizzle. The chemistry between Carrington and Paul is scorching hot. And the past secrets make it intriguing.

Lynne Marshall has written a first-rate romantic read that will make readers smile as well as shed a tear. Paul had a tumultuous childhood and he had closed his heart to the possibility of love after being betrayed by Carry and her Dad. Could he love again? Could he trust her, and open his heart for her? Paul is a honorable man and darkly tormented while Carrington is idealistic yet fiercely independent and strong.
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on May 23, 2014
When nurse Carrington Hanover transfers to a new hospital, she sees Paul Valverde again for the first time in years - and now he's a doctor! The attraction is still there, but can they overcome the deception that drove them apart when they were high school dance partners and sweethearts?

I enjoyed getting to know the characters in this story. Paul had the responsibility of taking care of his grandfather, in addition to maintaining his medical practice and running a business for his medical invention. Carrie recently dumped her fiancé when she discovered he was more interested in her money than he was in her. She has turned her back on her father’s wealth and has vowed to prove herself by living on her own income. Both hero and heroine are strong- principled, likeable people.

As an added delight, the story includes beautiful dance scenes – not what I expected in a medical romance. They are so romantic and add a dimension to the characters that make them even more interesting. All in all, this was an entertaining book.
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on February 19, 2013
Posted on Romancing the Books blog
Reviewed by Maria
Review Copy from the Publisher

With their family's high social status and impeccable WASP credentials, there was no way in hell that Wesley Hanover was going to allow his daughter Carrington to attend a high school dance with a boy of Hispanic origin. So what if Paul Valverde was of blue blooded Spanish origin.? Hanover not only refused to allow Carrington to attend the function, he accused the boy of stealing his money, ensuring that he was taken away by the police, in order to blacken his name. This type of insult is not easily forgotten.

Carrington turned her back on her controlling father a long time ago, after her mother's tragic, early death from colon cancer. With a strong work ethic instilled into her by her nanny, she trained and worked as a nurse. A twist of fate has made her the assistant of the hotshot doctor and medical researcher/businessman, which Dr. Paul Valverde has now become. Now the shoe is on the other foot. In an even more ironic twist, Carrington would not be acceptable to Paul's family because she's not Hispanic. The couple have so much in common - they both speak the Spanish language and love Spanish food, dance and culture. They seem made for each other. Paul, remembering the insult from Carrington's father, toys with the idea of seducing and dumping her, to avenge himself, yet he cannot deny that the attraction between the two of them burns stronger than ever.

The couple try - and fail - to maintain a strictly business relationship. Can they learn to forget the past and make a future together? Yet as Carrington works alongside Paul to promote a new cancer screening technique (so close to her heart because of the way her mother died), can she be sure that he loves her for herself, or for her financial ability to invest in his business? Does he truly love her or is he just another gold digger?

Lynne Marshall has created a thrilling romance which kept this reader turning the pages to the conclusion. This is a writer who knows how to tell a story. She also knows the medical world thoroughly. She conveys the tension of hospital life, the richness of Hispanic culture and the highs and lows of romantic relationships with tremendous skill. The distinctive personalities of the two main characters emerge strongly. What a power couple! A read which satisfies on many levels.

Favorite Quote: He'd learned early on about the invisible barrier between old society money and people like his mother who aspired to join the club. Carry's father had put a quick and cruel end to their budding puppy love the day Paul had had the audacity to ask her out. He'd been falsely accused of stealing and led off in a squad car.
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on March 31, 2012
Review by Desere :

Lynne Marshall has written one of the most brilliant reads ever,An Indiscretion is filled with loads of delicious heat,secrets and passion.

Carrington is not the average daddy's little rich girl no she decided to turn her back on daddy's money and make her own success. But being a successful nurse is all she really has,a love life is non existing as her previous fiancee was just a money grabbing gold-digger and she deserves love.

So she moves to Los Angeles and tries to focus on starting a new,fresh life. It all goes according to plan until the one man who rocked her world many years ago shows up. Dr Paul Valverde has come along way from the poor Spanish boy he use to be,not only that he is no longer the "bad boy" sent to the detention centre for stealing from her father. No he is now a successful doctor and business man with more than enough money of his own. But just like Carrington he also lacks love in his life,not to mention the rage he holds in his heart for Carrington and what she and her father did to him. Sounds intriguing right ,you bet it is!

In this book the author really knew how to get your attention and hold it right though to the end ! This was a real page turner and I for one could not get enough. The way the author throws hero and heroine back together on each other life path and the many life changing decisions they need to make was truly entertaining. Also the truth as to what really happened all those years ago that destroyed the one innocent crush made for a real scorcher of a read. Well done Lynne !

5/5 review
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on April 8, 2014
This is about a doctor (Paul) and a nurse (Carrington) who years earlier were torn apart by her parents. She was too rich and he was Spanish. They meet up again and he wants revenge on her father. He was acussed of stealing from her father. It was also a story of dance. Both were drawn to the different types of Spanish dancing. Lynne Marshall the author gives quit abit of the history of this type of dance threw the story. I have read several of her books in the past and will continue to do so later.
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on April 1, 2012
I loved this book. Lynne Marshall combined her talent of writing medical romance with her skill of writing longer contemporary romance and produced a work of art. The sexual tension and curiosity between Carrington Hanover and Dr. Paul Valverde when they meet after many years apart is well done. The beginning of their friendship takes many twists and turns as they both withold feelings from the past, secrets, lack of trust, and yet they cannot hold back their admiration for each others work ethic.

Put all of their bottled up emotions into a hot latin dance scene and their is sure to be an explosion.

Well done, and highly recommended.
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on June 9, 2014
Lynne Marshall really knows her subject. Medical, Los Angeles and in matters of the heart. I love the dancing lessons and the descriptions. A very enjoyable read! I look forward to reading more of her.
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on June 7, 2014
Dr. Paul V has a long and checkered history with Carrington. She was the society princess and he was the son of the help, but he was also her dance partner and first crush. Unfortunately Carry's dad refused to have his daughter date the help so he did something awful and they never saw each other again...until she shows up as the newest nurse at Paul's hospital.
It takes awhile but they manage to get past the past...sort of.

I liked The Doctor's Indiscretion...mostly. I just didn't like the motives of Paul and how silly Carrington was to believe anything her uber manipulative father would ever tell her. But after a bunch of drama it all works out so it's worth a read. I will admit that, at times I skimmed pages...
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on August 23, 2015
Not bad, not great, just OK. Nice book when you want a quick read and nothing that keeps you from doing other things. Easy to pick up and then put down. I enjoyed it but probably will not go back someday and re-read.
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