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on December 21, 2000
When my 3-vol. book "A Course in Miracles" arrived, I eagerly began reading the Text, and after finishing the first chapter, was also sampling parts of the Workbook for Students as well as the Manual for Teachers. Seeing great promise in all of this and wanting it all immediately would provide much more frustration than I was already feeling because "A Course in Miracles" is long, and presented in small methodical steps which also induces much soul-searching. All very wonderful, but time consuming, and when one is hungering for a "quick fix" or wondering where it'll all lead to, it gets your head spinning. So two days later when my copy of "An Introduction to A Course in Miracles" arrived, I read it cover to cover and now feel very satisfied! This short book could stand on it's own, giving a very readable and easily understandable synopsis of the Course which made me feel more in tune with what I had already read, and more ready to be able to start applying its' ideas now. I know that I'll be keeping the "Introduction to ..." right with the "Course ..." because I'll want to reread it periodically to take a break from the more intense work of the text, and to keep a lighter overview of it in mind! It already has been, and I'm sure will be a 'sanity saver' for me!
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on June 12, 2003
I have given out dozens of copies of this book over the last few years and the book has always been gratefully received. A Course says there is no order of difficulty in miracles. This brief book is the best simple introductory work on A Course available and a bridge to those of my friends who want to know what I am studying (I am a student of A Course) but who do not feel they have the time for an in depth treatment of the subject. A "must read" for any student of A Course and for inquirers at all levels. Buy several copies to have available to give to your friends. You'll be glad you did. Highly recommended.
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on March 30, 2011
As you may be aware 'A Course in Miracles' is not an easy read but well, well worth reading. The definition of words within the 'Course' do not always have the same definition that we associate with our normal use of language or indeed with some of the usual Christian definitions. 'A Course in Miracles' is a 1200 page work in three parts. The text, the theory of the Course, is in the region of 666 pages of challenging reading so, this little book is a friend well worth consulting. This 'Introduction' book is a very easy to understand overview of the 'Course' theory and therefore, in my opinion, it would help to read it before venturing further. It is an enlightening read and I definitely recommend it. Another recommendation, would be to read a very good book 'A Return to Love' Reflections on the Principles of A Course in Miracles; by Marianne Williamson who is incidently, if you do not know, a well known international lecturer on 'The Course' and has written a number of other related books. The 'Introduction to A course in Miracles' is an ideal starter, well worth reading.
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on February 16, 2006
I first "discovered" the voluminous ACIM and the slim "An Introduction to A Course in Miracles" in 1996 when "Introduction to ACIM" was still published as "by Robert Perry", the author.

For anyone who wants a broad overview of ACIM, "An Introduction" is the place to begin. In the last 10 years I have read many books, pamphlets, web pages and more dealing with ACIM. "An Introduction" still remains No.1 on my list of ACIM primers.

I usually purchase several (even a dozen) copies at a time to have on hand to give to friends or others who express interest (positive, negative or betwixt) in ACIM. "Introduction" is well and simply written, addresses a variety of topics about ACIM (including it's primary principles and provenance), and is a relatively easy read (great for airplane trips--as long as you're not the pilot).

ACIM is not everyone's "cup of char". "An Introduction" will probably help you decide if the tea of ACIM is suitable for your humble clay cup.

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on September 15, 2005
This intro book to A Course in Miracles is such an excellent first step into the main book. It's an overview which is the most accurately reflective summary I've read. I highly recommend it. At last mankind's ancient call for the way home has been answered by A Course In Miracles. It is a step-by-step pathway to healing and knowing one's Self through forgiveness of others. There never has been a book like it.
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on May 21, 2004
The above reviews reflect the fear that pervades Christian and religious dogma throughout time. These are NOT real reviews of this book. This book is wonderful and for the INEVITABLE students of the course.

What those reviews do not realize is that the course is EXACTLY what the original writings of Chrisitianity say. They have just misconstrued Jesus' words and now their fear is speaking.

When you know the truth of your own religion then you should state your belief...until then do not speak from positions of ignorance.

I recommend this book highly to anyone (Including & especially) all Chrisitian denominations for relief from an inacurate account of a dualistic God who spouts nothing but fear. The Bible is corrected in the course by the author the Bible should have been written by in the first place. Not the apostiles but Jesus himself. He is not spouting dogma as the fear of the apostles in the bible, he is speaking love.

This fears many Chrisitians (it doesn't have to) who do not understand the course at all. In fact, if they would go back and read their own reviews they could see the obvious fear, dogma and hate in them. Jesus promoted love, compassion and understanding for ALL people and beliefs even within the bible. So what happened to it here on Amazon? I will ask them "How is your life...good or filled with judgement and grief? your reviews state the judgement. Another small reflection of the crusades and the inquisition. Traditional fear-filled Chrisitianity has failed many of us (and growing immensely) because it is skewed and filled with innacuracies. THIS IS A FACT. There are people who study in detail, Jesus, Buddha and all religions of the world through time who know WHAT WAS REALLY said.

Little children, do not defend the parables of the Bible, open your hearts and use your minds. Learn, not from some TV evangelist or some minister (they ALL say different things about different parts of the bible. This was something we had to research while in school). Learn from your heart, not from your fear. It is obvious those earlier reviews are coming from a place of fear.
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VINE VOICEon September 28, 2005
While I have read the entire Course, Workbook for Students and Manual for Teachers, I feel that this book is an excellent primer to get the gist of what the text is all about, and being a much shorter read, you'll still get a LOT out of it.

It gives you the gist of it all, and is perhaps perfect for people without a lot of time in their schedule to do a lot of reading.

I highly recommend it for its purity, truth, and the inner peace it can bring into your life.

Barbara Rose, author of Stop Being the String Along: A Relationship Guide to Being THE ONE

Editor, inspire! magazine
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on January 4, 2007
Upon becoming a student in The Course, I have found this to be an excellent gift to people who express an interest in this journey. I have been able to provide this for them, instead of my nterpretation, and for some it spoke the right words for them to investigate further.
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on November 18, 2013
This is the cornerstone of a major faith movement within the self-help/green/spiritual contemporary worlds. I wanted this book as a supplement to reading and more deeply experiencing the work of Marianne Williamson, one of our great thought leaders, and I've not been disappointed. The story of this text's transmission has several historical precedents, and it holds its own thanks to the grace and humility with which its presented. Appealing and thought-provoking.
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on November 28, 2006
I have just read the numerous reviews on this book and see two sides, the extreme christian view who sees everying as a threat to faith and the extreme liberal new agie side who believes most everything that the other side does not. I find the book well written (and this audio book well done) and coming from a psychology and theology background can see the attempt to marry them up. The author is obviously knolwedgeable about his subject matter and it peaks some interest in me to read some more of his works when I get the time. If this book causes you to fear for your religion you must have a sheltered life somewhere or some insecurities. You do not have to believe everything you read. This book does appear to have a taste of Freud, a smudge of Hinduism and a few other eastern thought ideas. So for those who like this sort of mix, enjoy. The rest of us can look, read and move on.
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