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on September 1, 2011
I documented the scenes to this DVD, but as I completed the practice I realized that listing the poses could not do it justice. I loved this sequence, a combination of strength, balance, core work, but also grace and balance. I did have some problems with my knee during one of the sequences but think it could be easily altered. I might have liked it if the side plank balances were held just a little longer since I have the strength but usually enter into them a bit wobbly before balancing. But all in all, this is an excellent practice. I love Janet's voice, her guidance through the practice. I highly recommend this DVD to those at an intermediate+ level.

Here are the scenes:

Invocation (3:32): A standing meditation

Igniting the Fire (2:20): A pranayama between mountain and forward bend, and then warming up, moving several times between downward dog to plank.

Slow and Low (10:17): The first movement is downward dog, low lunge, half splits, plank (one leg raised with toes against opposite heel), and Chaturanga. Transition poses are forward bend, chair pose variations, and gentle stretches. Returning to the first movement again, this time tucking one leg to chest during plank and adding upward facing dog. Ends repeating the transition poses again including several more variations of chair pose.

Lubrication (10:11): This sequence builds on the main movement in Slow and Low, replacing the half splits with pyramid pose, and the plank variations with side plank/Vasisthasana variations. There is a brief forward bend transition, and then standing poses are added into the sequence - side angle, warrior II, reverse warrior, and triangle. Ends in child pose.

Expanding around the heart (4:44): Dolphin, forearm plank moving hips from side to side, sphinx, cobra. Rest in crocodile, a variation on locust pose, and ends in downward dog.

Balancing Acts (6:51): Continues to build on the previous sequences. Includes downward dog to plank variations, side plank balance variations increasing in challenge, and then building to optional Eka Pada Koundiyanasana. There is also a nice crescent pose sequence that includes stepping out of crescent into a single leg balance with one knee raised and twisted side angle pose. Ends in child's pose.

Metta (loving-kindness) (2:29): Sit in a wide leg kneeling position, spiraling the sacrum/lower back. Ends with a nice wrist/hand stretch.

Dance of Shiva (13:14): Builds on `Balancing Acts', including a variation of Visvamitrasana if you are able and more standing balances. There is a sequence that includes standing splits, moving to a kneeling position with one leg folded under, and then table pose with that same leg angled under. I may have to modify this sequence as it gave a slight tweak to my knee (that hasn't been bothered by yoga for about 2 years). Also includes some seated twists. There are quite a few poses from this sequence that I did not list.

Shoulder expansion (6:50): Mostly shoulder stretches, but also includes a few backbends.

Taking a seat (7:16): Seated twists and stretches. Ends with reverse plank or table pose, and then more seated stretches.

Setting it down (3:30): Supine stretches, plow pose, shoulder stand with leg variations, seated forward bend.

Savasana and Offering
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on July 17, 2011
This is another fun and creative vinyasa yoga from Janet Stone. The focus of this practice is backbends. It is a pretty fast paced vinyasa practice with no long holds of poses that includes a lot of low lunges, half splits and side plank variations. There's also arm balances like Eka Pada Koundiyanasana II and Mayurasana, standing balances like Natarajasana (king dancer) and standing half splits and bow pose, I wish there was a wheel pose too. I like that in between those sweaty vinyasas you get a few moments of rest like a nice wrist stretch. In the end there's some great supine stretches and shoulderstand. The music is great and you might recognize some from Yoga Shakti. The production quality is also exellent. Definitely recommended for intermediate+ vinyasa yogis.
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on November 9, 2011
After doing this DVD the first time, I wanted to write a review, but I simply could remember what the disc was like. Now, after a second time, I kind of felt like, "what happened to me during the last hour?" again. Janet has a lot of original poses or pose cominations(or at least they seem original to my experience!), so that I can't lay my finger down on it and say, "OK, now she is doing this type of thing." She kind of blows my conception of things, of how poses combine or flow. She adds new twists, arm balances, stretches, bends...things which are similar to things I have done, but different.

This is an intermediate disc, sometimes challenging, but not overwhelming. There are a lot of vinyassas, lunge combinations, standing splits, chair pose combinations. As I try to remember (and I just finished the disc now), I can't remember exactly!

You can always tell if a yoga teacher has actually spent time in India, and Janet has. The filming is creative, the stage set artistic and full of plays with light. The music is Eastern, soothing, inspiring, carefully picked. The commentary is mature, interesting, real.

Overall, I would say that Janet has an honest practice. She is honest in what she says, and she is honest in her poses. If a pose wasn't exactly working for her, she changed it. She isn't afraid to do something something slightly unconventional. As I follow her flow, I thing, "Yes, this stretch is really what my body is asking for right now." She charts new ground led by her honesty, where she wants to go in the moment, what she wants to say. For fans of Vinyassa practice who are open to charting new territory, this is a disc not to be missed.
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on November 25, 2011
I bought this DVD almost immediately after purchasing Janet's Radiant Flow. Now I have trouble deciding which is my favorite yoga DVD: Ananda Vinyasa or Radiant Flow. Radiant Flow is better for me on the days when I want something really energizing, and I love Ananda when I am in the mood to be very introspective.

The Instructor: Janet's narration is excellent. The practice is very creative, but her guidance makes it very easy to follow. She is one of the very few instructors who I feel like I can "trust" to take care of me the whole way through. In addition to excellent cuing, her commentary is very inspiring. She reminds you continuously to appreciate your body and what it does for you.
The Practice: As I mentioned above, the sequence is excellent. She does a lot of backbending in this one. Usually this is troublesome for me because it seems like most DVDs don't counterpose the backbends adequately, but that's not the case here. Everything flows beautifully as if she can anticipate exactly what my body is going to need at each moment in the practice.
The Music: Absolutely perfect. It adjusts throughout the practice so it complements what you are doing very well.

Before buying Radiant Flow I was a bit unsure because the DVDs are relatively expensive. But there is a reason you can't find anything from Janet Stone used. This practice is worth every penny and more; I'm even debating buying an extra copy in case I "need" this practice some day and for whatever reason my current DVD won't play. I've been practicing yoga for 7 years and have worked with a lot of instructors and DVDs. Janet is the best I have come across: better in my opinion than Shiva Rea, Baron Baptiste, Bryan Kest, Seane Corn, Rodney Yee, and the list goes on. Her practice has clear Shiva Rea influences, but I really like the way her DVDs are put together more than Shiva's.
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on June 29, 2012
I'm an advanced beginner so there are sections of this sequence that certainly won't be accessible to me for quite some time. That being said, I still get tremendous value and enjoyment from this DVD. I just stay in the more basic pose until the more advanced extension of the sequence is complete and then rejoin where I can. I like seeing the more advanced poses though. They give me something to work towards someday. The music is great and I really enjoy the smooth way Janet choreographs her flows. She also has a subtle humor and a great presence that comes through even on video.
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on June 16, 2012
This DVD is just wonderful. I'd consider my practice to be beginner to intermediate. I was able to keep up. Janet offered some nice modifications and demonstrated a few floats that blew my mind. The flow slowly built the "fire," and brought you through a calming cooldown. It's long, so I doubt I'll get it in more than once a week, but it felt comfortable and right.
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on August 6, 2011
Since discovering Janet Stone yoga it's practically the only yoga I want to do. Ananda, however, is a tough practice. As opposed to its companion dvd of Ganesha, Ananda is performed practically all standing. There are lots of warrior lunge variations and some seriously challenging shoulder stretches, but when I am finished I feel stretched out, exhausted and happy. The setting is gorgeous, just Janet on an elevated platform in a sunny room with some candles and a Ganesh figure. The music is great, and Janet's voice is pleasant. If you want a challenging but unique flow, don't pass this one up.
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on July 7, 2013
I now have the complete collection of Janet's DVD's and wish I lived in her area so that I could attend her classes! I can't even go back to other routines because I love her flows so much. They are physically challenging and spiritual bliss at the same time!
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on February 17, 2012
I really enjoyed this. This is definately not for beginners. Janet has a unique way of flowing the movements together and creating new ways of doing and being in yoga postures. It runs about and hour and a half so make sure you have the time to devote to it. The only thing I did not like was the very short savasana time, but you could lie longer if you like.
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on October 3, 2011
Bliss in motion is right. Every Janet Stone DVD to date regardless of the intensity level makes me feel invigorated. The Ananda Vinyasa is no exception. Janet's sequence, impeccable instruction and soothing voice makes me feel so powerful yet graceful. I feel alive in a calm way. Even though I enjoy going to class I love these DVDs because I notice something different within my body each and every time. Thanks for your dedication Janet and thanks for these 3 new amazing DVDs.
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