Customer Reviews: Anatomy of a Joke
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I love THE GOOD WIFE. Season One is one of the best seasons of television, period. And the best thing about this show has always been the relationship between Alicia Florrick (Julianna Margulies) and Kalinda Sharma (Archie Panjabi). Unfortunately, two decisions made by the writers have irreparably damaged this relationship, and consequently the series. First, at the end of Season Two the writers decided to reveal that Kalinda slept with Alicia's husband during her stint at the State's Attorney's office two years before the show began. This undermined the friendship that had grown between these two very different women. And second, in Season Four, they brought in new character Nick (Marc Warren), Kalinda's long-lost abusive husband. This guy shows up in the first episode of Season Four as a thug with a criminal record attempting to use Lockhart Gardner to help him get a towing contract from the State. But his real motive is to move in on Kalinda again and get his hands on some money he believes she stole from him.

The problem here is that Kalinda has always been portrayed as a strong and self-sufficient woman. Yes, she was "mysterious," and it was obvious from the start that she had secrets she was hiding, but it seems totally against character to portray her locked in a love-hate battle with an abusive lunatic. While things are left a bit murky as to what Kalinda's relationship with Nick really is, they are shown punching each other, going full-on martial arts with each other, pulling guns on each other, and having what can only be called sadomasochistic sex with each other. In fact, their first "sex scene" looks very much like rape, although it is left up in the air as to whether or not Kalinda was into the whole rape scenario.

This storyline permeates the first half of Season Four, and the first ten episodes are undeniably marred by its presence. By mid-season, however, the writers seemed to get it (fans were not happy), and Nick was abruptly written out (although his story was left open-ended).

I didn't really begin enjoying Season Four until episode 11 ("Boom De Yah Da"), which is the first without Nick's appearance. There's also a great scene in that episode between Alicia and Kalinda that recalls their relationship in the first two seasons. Julianna Margulies has said that she herself could never forgive a friend who had done what Kalinda did (sleeping with Peter), and I think the writers have been influenced by her feelings about the storyline. That's unfortunate, since I've missed the Alicia/Kalinda friendship and hope to see it get back on track in Season Five.

There are some good characters in Season Four, including the return of Louis Canning (Michael J. Fox), Elsbeth Tascioni (Carrie Preston), and Mike Kresteva (Mathew Perry). Notable new additions include Clarke Hayden (Nathan Lane), a trustee appointed to help Lockhart Gardner avoid bankruptcy, and Maddie Haywood (Maura Tierney), a wealthy woman who befriends Alicia and then becomes competition for Peter. THE GOOD WIFE has always been adept at using guest stars to great advantage, and Season Four is no exception.

Overall, if you're a fan of the series (and I most definitely am), you won't want to miss Season Four. There's plenty of drama as Lockhart Gardner tries to survive an impending financial crisis, and Peter's run for the governorship is equally compelling. Just be aware of the weak first half. I'm also disappointed in the writers' decision to continue with the on-again-off-again Alicia/Will romance. While believable, a romantic relationship between these two characters makes Alicia seem weaker, and more vulnerable to the same kinds of things she dealt with in her marriage to Peter. That said, the conflict in Alicia's mind between her very understandable sexual attraction to Will and her commitment to her husband and children is compelling. The final moments of Season Four set up a scenario for Season Five that may or may not mean she has finally chosen one path over the other - but the writers leave it brilliantly inscrutable. Will Alicia jump back into a passionate liaison with Will, or will she recommit to Peter and her family? It's a delicious dilemma, and I, for one, can't wait!

First half of Season Four: 2 stars
Second half of Season Four: 4 stars
Overall: 3 stars
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on October 15, 2013
Thanks to Amazon, I became a Good Wife fan a few months ago and binge-watched the first 3 seasons. The actors are appealing and the script is frequently delicious, especially when Peter runs for office or has to do a deal with a devil (Wendy Scott-Carr?) in order to buy credibility. The relationship between Alicia and Peter seems real and complex and just as fraught as you might expect. As a lawyer, the legal bits of this show are almost unwatchable. From the very first season it was ridiculous, but it gets ever more so as time goes on and in this 4th season it's downright laughable. It's like a pointillist version of the law -- if you stay very far away it looks plausible, but as you get closer it looks more and more like nothing. The basics of the cases are interesting, but the timeframes and behavior of lawyers are just insane and unrealistic. Kalinda the magical "law firm investigator" does not have a job found at most law firms and since she transgresses the law regularly, LG would constantly be in trouble. Honestly, no big firm is doing that much criminal work, and especially it's not doing blood and guts criminal work. Still, I watch because although the courtroom drama is terrible, the relationships between and among people do feel real. Law firms do have partners like David Lee, and Diane, and (to a lesser extent) Will and they react in more or less real ways. The personalities of the various judges feel right also. All in all, it's an entertaining show.
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on January 24, 2016
I commented on another reviewer's statements regarding the unfortunate decision to take Kalinda's character down the wrong path. The addition of an abusive husband who has some type of sick hold over an otherwise strong character did nothing to enhance the mystery of Kalinda. In fact, it diminished her character. I don't think the writers really understood the strength of the character they had created. Whatever they intended her to be, Archie Panjabi took her beyond that scope and created a truly unique and memorable woman. It's no wonder Panjabi left the series after Josh Charles, and now, Julianna Margulies appears to be leaving as well. Even the Kings are leaving. In my opinion, the problems start with not fully appreciating the complexity of Kalenda's character. The decision to portray her as just another of Peter's conquests to damage her friendship with Alicia was the first of several miscalculations in developing the character of Kalinda Sharma. The writers took the easy way out with Kalinda and focused on superficial sexual encounters rather than providing more substantive character development. There are still many fine episodes in The Good Wife. But the heart has gone out of it.
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on January 11, 2013
fabulous script writers make art, or rather meaningful TV fare, out of crime, the economy, corporate maneuvering, and edgy intimacy. The outstanding cinematography and ensemble acting have turned these great scripts into an epic with a precise economy: everyone is held accountable for their sins, great and small, and paybacks are excruciatingly interesting. It's probably the only show that could have withstood its perilous Sunday night schedule.
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on September 16, 2013
This series is one of the best, most intelligent and thoroughly entertaining series on television. It centers on Alicia Florrick, a lawyer working her way in a top law firm after being out of the workforce for many years. She's married to Peter Florrick, a man driven by political ambition, who was caught with his pants down literally, after having had extra-marital affairs, including frequenting prostitutes. He's in the process of resurrecting his tarnished reputation and realizing his desire to be Governor. Alicia does an incredible balancing act between moving up in her own career, with all of its pitfalls and victories, while being the wronged wife who stands by her man in an attempt to salvage her badly damaged marriage. She is, however, her own woman, bright, intuitive and total class. I love this series. Can hardly wait for the new season to begin!
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on January 14, 2013
Wow, I am so hooked. I have been playing catchup via the Amazon Season purchases and I have had the most entertaining moments this past holiday season just viewing the first 3 seasons and season 4 is just as good as the first three.
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on March 11, 2013
I really enjoy The Good Wife. The acting is consistently good and the plot lines keep me watching. There are often some interesting surprises. I find the recurring guest cast skilled and amusing. It is not high-adrenaline excitement, but it is a solid drama.
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on January 2, 2016
This just isn't the best season of this otherwise great show. We were left at the end of the last season wondering if Alicia would reconcile with Peter and move back into their old home. There's no mention of it. Peter is running for office an there are many scenes of the 2 of them having sex in his tour bus. The Will/ Alicia thing is becoming silly. And Kalindas husband shows up, terrorizes her then just disappears. We've always seen Kalinda as a strong/take no crap kind of lady-enduring this abuse is so out of character. There are great cases and court scenes to keep you hooked but the back stories are just not so strong. The whole premise of the show was Alicia's evolution of the wronged woman to the independent force to be reckoned with. The multiple scenes with Peter in his bus make no sense in this regard. It appeared in the previous season that she was done with him and now she comes across as desperate for contact with him! What's going on? I'm reluctant to keep following what was a great series
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on January 31, 2016
This is an amazing season. There were so many great cases and a lot of growth was seen here. I don't want to spoil the season but I truly think that this was one of the most amazing seasons I've seen thus far. Each season previously has built momentum for what occurs in this season. As an avid binge-watcher I would recommend this season and all other seasons of this show to be watched thoroughly. This is truly one of my favorite shows ever. I love the characters, I love the plot twists, and I love how much I'm learning while watching. As corny as it sounds, I really feel connected to this show and its characters. Overall, really amazing things happen on this show.
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on March 20, 2013
Great entertainment, writing and acting are top notch,This show is very smart. It's funny, dramatic,The characters are engaging.The episodes just get better and better as more of each character's back-story comes out.
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