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on January 1, 2005
I LOVED this movie when I saw it in the theatre over the past summer- so I was pumped to see an "unrated" version come out on DVD.

Whomever was in charge of putting this DVD together yanked a huge chain on this release. I had expected the "unrated" version to be funnier than the theatrical version which I thought was one of the year's funniest movies, because in general, "unrated" cuts have been better than the "regular" release.

This "unrated" version skips a couple really great monents from the theatrical version, one instance is when Carell's character "Brick" utters "I ate a big red candle" during the party hangover sequence and they replace it with a joke that's nowhere near that great non-sequitor. Near the end of the film they edited out Ferrell's lines just before he picks up the phone in the bar (something about "once being an anchorman")which was more in line with the film's plot/angle than the new scene of Burgundy eating cat poop. A TERRIBLY UNFUNNY ADDITION.

The crapper of it is, the unrated DVD has different and admittedly better extras than the theatrical DVD release, so to actually get the theatrical cut(which is a better cut than the unrated version) the customer gets screwed if they want the better extra features. lame.

in all actuality this review would be 4 for the movie, and 1 for the way this fiasco was put out on DVD.
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on September 13, 2004
I for one, unlike many reviewers here, thought this was one of the funniest movies that was made in 2004. People may pass this off as "stupid" slapstick humor, which is true in for the most part, but the basis for this comedy is genius.

The 70s anchor man is funny to begin with. Not to mention they poke fun at all the ignorance that was displayed by most people in the 70s. Such as littering, acceptance of sexual harassment, style of clothing, hair and a number of other corny things that we remember from the 70s, even if you weren't alive then.

This is filled with an incredible cast, and pushes satirical humor to the limits. Don't listen to all your idiot friends who says it sucks, just because they didn't get the satire. If the basis of the movie sounds funny to you, you will probably like it. It's a smart comedy. I know it had me tears.
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on December 24, 2006
This movie's comedy is not everyone's cup of tea because it's very unique. This is a very random film and it takes a real lover of Will Ferrell (and a person with unique sense of humor) to laugh it "ow now brown cow" and "the human torch was denied a bank loan." But if you like that sort of thing, then you will absolutely love this film. I did.

Pairing David Koechner, Steve Carell and Will Ferrell made a great cast, plus the addition of many other fine actors, although I myself don't really care for Fred Armisen. Later on, Ben Stiller and Tim Robbins appear in the Battle of the Newsteams, which is one of the high points of the film. Brick Tamland (Carell) and his absolute stupidity are hilarious, like the times when he is, out of no where, just holding a grenade, when he says the most idiotic things like "I love lamp" and "I'm Brian Fantana", and when he kills the "guy with a trident."

I personally believe that the dialogue and the "Afternoon Delight" song are what made this film. To hear Will Ferrell's take on what "San Diego" means is highly amusing. I love everything about this film, honestly. Ferrell's rendition of "Aqualung" by J-Tull was also pretty nice.

If you don't like random dialogue and you prefer a more intelligent comedy, don't buy or watch this film. If you like Ferrell's work in Talladega Nights (directed by the same man, Adam McKay) and his brand of comedy, then you will love this movie.
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on June 14, 2005
This movie is will Ferrell at his finest. From the opening credits he plays the bumbling anchorman known as Ron Burgundy in perfect form. When you buy this movie it will be for Will Ferrell's genius, he creates a character who is not simply a humorous idiot (that part is played by Steve Carell) but has motivation, sorrow, and even wit at times. The dialog and writing on this movie is brilliant, the lines aren't ridiculously cheesy or over the top stupid for sake of being funny. By the same token it doesn't feel as if every line reads like it took a conglomeration of 10 minds 30 minutes to create it.
Throughout it all Ferrell stays the man with below average IQ who is attempting to win his newfound love Veronica Corningstone and retain his job.
Great cast, great writing, thank you Will Ferrell.
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on March 14, 2015
Typical Will Farrell movie, which to me means he sells buffoonery to the hilt. For the $5 bucks I paid going in blind on this, I knew I'd get my money back in laughs. Farrell movies aren't usually very complicated, he's essentially the frat boy that isn't afraid to acknowledge he's a frat boy once he got older. I'm no lover of frat boys, but I'm glad his brilliance is being put into making me laugh rather than scheming on Wall Street or in the Oval Office on how to create more derivatives or "trickle down" more upon the world. It's no wonder Farrell impersonated George W Bush so well, he knows that works perfectly.

I think Farrell is most awesome as a supporting actor, like nearly all improv comedians he really shines in short bursts but tends to lose momentum when he has to carry an hour and a half show (the GWB "farewell" being a major exception). I think it's because most movies made by improv comedians tend to be clever short and strong skits and characters that have been expanded and padded out with enough "funny stuff" to merit the time required to consume 90+ minutes of film.

Anchorman is basically your basic satire of perceived 1970's living, with a lot of period costuming and sets along with improv actors riffing on things that can be funny about that period from the perspective of a culture 35-40 years removed. The mustaches, the lapels, the colors, the phrases, etc. It's amusing at times, throws in a little political jab or two that can make you aware of how all news is essentially manipulation of perception, and generally gives a fairly enjoyable escape for a few bucks.

Definitely give this movie a viewing sometime, it's amusing and will give many chuckles. But if you want to see the powerful genius of Farrell, watch his brilliant cameos in Eastbound and Down, Wedding Crashers, as well as his George Bush "You're Welcome America" one-man show.
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on November 23, 2008
Anchorman is a film that only comes around once every decade or so and it sets the standard for any comedies to follow. Arguably being Will Ferrells best it's a film with very ridiculous comedy moments brought together in an extremely intelligent way. It's not something where the jokes are reeled off one by one in an in obvious way, in fact some of the more funny jokes you can miss the first time round as they're very subtle. Along with Will Ferrell this film has a very strong supporting cast with people like Paul Rudd, Steve Carell and Christina Applegate. They give us a great blend of serious acting with very, very silly humour. I'm not usually a fan of the silly comedy movies and I'm sure a lot of people will shy away from it because it looks just that, however, it's something that will surpass all expectations and then some.

Anchorman tells the story of 1970s San Diego news Anchor Ron Burgundy and his time as the most respected Anchorman in the San Diego area. Him and his team, Brian Fantana (Rudd), Brick Tamland (Steve Carell) & Champ Kind (David Koechner) are brought into peril when an aspiring woman Anchor is brought into the team. Veronica Corningstone (Christina Applegate) is brought into the news office due to complaints of lack of diversity. This woman is strong and no matter how hard the main news team will try, she's not going to be put off from her goal to be Anchorwoman. Ron manages to use his charm and his ability to play the Jazz Flute (No Inuendo intended) to win over Veronica and they end up dating. She wants to keep it quiet because it will peril her career, but Ron being a mans man tells San Diego live on air that they're sleeping together. Through another series of unfortunate events Ron Burgundys dog baxter is killed leading to him being late for newscast. Seizing her chance, Veronica takes charge and becomes Anchorwoman for the one show to the dismay of Ron. Because she was so successful she is promoted to co-anchor and the relationship is off.

I'm tempted to tell you the entire story but I wont. It is awesome though and is one of the most bizarre, childish and intelligent comedies I've ever seen. People would try to knock this film slightly by saying it's not as funny as his prior film, Old School but it's definitely much much funnier. The over the top acting of Ferrell is worth it alone as I could watch him in his outrageous emotional state after Baxter was killed, all day. Steve Carell is also another shining light in the film as he plays the dumb weather guy who's the over the top idiot that comes out with hysterically stupid things. "I stabbed a guy in the heart" the way he said it has to be witnessed as it's just classic Carell.

One of my favourite lines from the movie which occurred in the opening credits as it was just so unexpected and very very silly. "The human torch was denied a bank loan" is an absolute classic which I think many people will agree with. Also the fight between the different channels news teams is also a classic as it features cameos from one of the greatest comic actors in Ben Stiller as the Spanish language news Anchor. I could honestly go on and on about how crazily funny this film is but I would give everything away. All I can say to wrap this up is you will need to watch it more than once in order to catch all the jokes as some you will miss the first time around.
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Will Ferrell shines in this movie about the old boy's club at a 1970's TV news show being threatened like anything when--of all things--a WOMAN is hired to join the crew. Will Ferrell plays Ron Burgundy; Cristina Applegate plays Veronica Corningstone, the newcomer on the block with a strong willed desire to be an anchor herself. Farrell, especially being the male chauvinist as he is, sees Corningstone's arrival as yet another chance to have himself a conquest. Corningstone, predictably in this type of plot, wants no part in an office romance. Worse yet for Ron Burgundy and his male buddies on the news show: newcomer Veronica Corningstone actually knows something about journalism!

There are numerous funny moments in this movie here on DVD. There's of course the gang warfare between five (count 'em, five) separate news channels that's really well done. Another scene worth mention is the scene with Ron's dog that despite being a bit troubling is actually hysterical. There's Steve Carrell as the weatherman with a questionable IQ level who refers to the state of Iowa as "the Middle East." Moreover, there are some great cameos by such pros as Tim Robbins, Danny Trejo and Ben Stiller.

While watching this movie you get the sense that the actors really wanted to do it to showcase their talents and just plain have fun making a fun movie. My advice is not to go into this comedy expecting it to be literally flawless. Instead, this comedy flick is perfect for the person who wants to enjoy some laughs and funny situations while relaxing their brain and not worrying about following a complicated plot. Yes, I know, there's the subplot theme of the 70's feminist movement, but without any doubt this takes a back seat to the comedy.

The DVD comes with great extras that increase its value. Extras include the "Making of Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy," bloopers and deleted scenes, and (of course) the "Ron Burgundy A&E Biography." Sound and picture quality are very good.

I would encourage you to get this DVD: the movie itself is very good for a fun time! Fans of Farrell and the Saturday Night Live style of comedy are going to be especially pleased with the way they made this DVD! The extras make it all the more worthwhile.
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on November 7, 2010
This limited edition version which is only at sale at a certain retail chain and here evidently features a interesting box with a 'diary' of Ron Burgundy and trading cards. The package has two blu ray discs with a unrated version of the movie and a made for dvd flick as well. I don't know if they will release this modern classic comedy on a regular blu ray without the extra film but certainly the packaging will be different after this edition sells out. Making it a collectors edition. This imo is a modern classic comedy, the movie just does everything right , it's funny and has great acting from everyone involved and it features the golden age of news anchorpeople the seventies, that was the decade when women really made inroads into the field and laid the groundwork for all the top anchors that would follow. The seventies too are always a great decade to have a comedy in, it's the predigital age (1980's-) and things were in someways better than today for sure, others not. but at least they didn't have bad rap music to contend with.
The characters are real enough not be believable too, after all the seventies was THe decade of excess and personal out of control freedom gone amuck. The blu ray looks stunning on all versions in this package. This one sold out at the chain store I got it at so grab this limited edition if you are a fan of great comedy and this one has quite a following because in the last decade it was one of the better comedies out there. And this one is without a doubt Will Ferrels most complete character and best work of his comedy career. He just creates a perfect character here which is more realized than some of his others movies characters.
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on March 11, 2008
You know you're heading for a good movie when you get the first giggle at the very start. Right at the very start. Before the movie starts.

I normally would go out of my way to avoid a movie that not only features Jack Black, Vince Vaughn, Ben Stiller, Steve Carell etc. The latest Hollywood Rat Pack. Sometimes they can be good in movies (Shallow Hal), but mostly, they think they're funny.

This has to be the first movie where they ARE funny. I was initially expecting a movie that was totally sexist. While it is totally sexist, it's cringeworthy (the outfits, the BAD hair, the facial hair), and funny (Baxter talking to Ron among others), and it's superior to all the other movies that feature the main stars. I can't really comment on Will Ferrell, I've only previously seen him in Old School (I think), and don't remember being that fussed about that film. It was something to pass the time.

Unfortunately, the Christina Applegate character is a role any actress could have played. How many actresses could have got away with it though? She manages to pull off a previously stupid sounding role, and make it her own, and make it work against Will Ferrell.

Anchorman is a story about the seventies. And I'm not just talking about bad hair, bad clothes, bad facial hair, bad music. It's a man's world. Women belong in the kitchen, tending to their husband's every need, making babies, while he goes out and earns the money, and eyes up the pretty girls, and regrets getting married. More specifically, it's about a woman, trying to break her way into being the first female anchorwoman on TV news. It was a very man's world apparently. But the lead male anchorman has some fatal flaws, apart from his looks - he falls for a pretty girl in a skirt, he reads ANYTHING on the teleprompter (heaven forbid, don't put a question mark at the end of a sentence that doesn't require one). The rest of his supporting anchorman include sportscaster Champ Kind (David Koechner), feature story guy Brian Fantana (Paul Rudd), and weatherman Brick Tamland (Steven Carell). They yet again manage to hold their own against Will's character, Ron, and pull off memorable performances, especially Steve LOUD NOISES Carell.

Full of funny situations, hilarious lines, funny outfits, and deliberate OTT acting, Anchorman is a film I would have normally avoided, and I totally expected to do an entirely different review. Excellent movie.
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on July 10, 2012
The script may have have the imprateur of Will Ferrell and Adam McKay but I also sense the influence of Judd Apatow, Todd Phillips, and David Wain. Take it a step further Steve Carrell gained prominence on "The Daily Show" and Christina Applegate cut her bones on "Married With Children". This is a terrific Seventies satire capturing the mores and fashion of that time. The film makes a point of highlighting institutionalized sexism but oddly glosses over racism but thats a minor quibble. This may be Ferrell's greatest screen creation with his Burgundy an amalgam of hair, mustache, and pomposity. Thought it was a nice touch naming his dog Baxter, a reference to the idiot news anchor, Ted Baxter, played by the late, great Ted Knight from "The Mary Tyler Moore Show". Equally funny is his rival from another station played by Vince Vaughn is named Wes Mantooth which recalls the bland actor from "Emergency", Randolph Mantooth. I saw this in the theatre in 2004 but it left no impression on me. Watching it now I appreciate it as a milestone in modern comedy. Time has caught up with Ron Burgundy and is very kind.
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