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84 of 85 people found the following review helpful
on July 26, 2000
Although the movie's sensuality wouldn't raise an eyebrow nowadays, it's easy to see how audiences from the 50's would have been affected by Brigitte Bardot's sensuous form and how this movie revolutionized the foreign film market. A real delight to watch, wild-child Brigitte teases with her bouncy walk and her tight sweaters. And, yes, she can even act! In the role of Juliette, an incredibly beautiful orphaned young woman living in a seaside village, Brigitte keeps the delicate balance between the constant flirt (who's misunderstood as being the loosest girl in town) and the woman who yearns to have a "normal" married life despite her attraction to her brother-in-law. Contrary to popular belief and despite Juliette's regrettable infidelity, there's really no sex in this movie, unless you consider a one-time tush shot to be overly sexual. The DVD booklet mentions how some audiences originally misperceived this film's sexuality to be so bold that rampant gossip soon generated complaints about scenes that weren't even in the movie! The cinematography is breathtaking, with the Riviera beckoning you to move there...or at least visit for an extended period of time. The only aspect of the movie that is dated and very much out-of-sync with modern times is the attitude that men are superior to women and that, with proper discipline and control, women can be kept in line and "forced" to love their husbands.
The Criterion edition is, as always, fantastic. With director Vadim's approval prior to his passing away, the movie was restored to its original uncut version in a beautiful widescreen format. The digital tranfer is impressive and one of the extras on the disc illustrates the clean-up process and provides before-and-after comparisons. The colors are now bold and vibrant, and the print is crisp and clear. Excellent restoration and clean-up! The original US theatrical trailer is included and is hilarious as it makes the movie seem so cheap, sleazy and lurid.
Now here comes the downer: this movie deserves better English subtitles and infinitely better English dubbing. If you're trying to learn French, you don't want to do it with these subtitles. I found them to be quite inaccurate during a few scenes and, with no rapid-fire dialog in this film to justify it, not as expansive as they should have been. These inaccuracies don't detract from the story as a whole, but given that this is a Criterion release, I feel more attention should have been paid to this aspect of the film. As far as the dubbing is concerned, don't even bother. After a minute or so of listening to the dubbed version, it's apparent why the dubbed feature isn't listed on the DVD case. The actors' readings are flat and lifeless. Criterion has proved repeatedly they can do much better than that, so what happened here?
I still give the movie itself 5 stars for it is an interesting time capsule into 50's psychology, and it's a good story as well. And how can you not give 5 stars to Brigitte Bardot! I did subtract one star for the quite imperfect subtitles. Still, for around $20, you can get a fun romp with Brigitte in the Riviera of the 1950's. Sounds good to me. Worth owning.
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97 of 106 people found the following review helpful
on August 7, 2000
After having seen so many movies during the last 25 years, I'm beginning to understand two or three things about cinema. For example, it's impossible to profess a passion for cinema if the movies you see are only masterpieces. Believe me or not, but I'm not able to watch three Fellini or Bergman's movies in a row without feeling a bit bored. I MUST cool down and refresh my neurones by watching a bad sci-fi movie or a John Wayne movie of the 50's ( he starred in a lot of very cheap films...).
Director Roger Vadim's AND GOD CREATED WOMAN is, in my opinion, one of these movies you cannot neglect if you truly love cinema. Not because Roger Vadim is an unknown genius but because of the actress who plays the main character : Brigitte Bardot. You simply have to possess one of her movies in your library and since only three or four movies starring BB have passed with success the test of time, AND GOD CREATED WOMAN could be your first choice.
But remember that Roger Vadim was not Billy Wilder and that the french Marilyn Monroe had to count solely on her sex-appeal to attract the audience. And it still works. Brigitte Bardot shot a lot of terrible movies, she was not, in my opinion, a good actress but she ignited the screen. She was a real Star. And I'm not ashamed to have this DVD in my library.
The copy presented by Criterion is simply perfect, a trailer and a restoration demonstration as bonus features, the choice between the standard and the widescreen version, and english subtitles.
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25 of 26 people found the following review helpful
on February 24, 2009
From what I understand, Amazon insists that reviews include information about the PRODUCT. But some of these reviews gush on about the movie, slapping a 5-star rating on their review while going nowhere near what we really need to know about the quality of the disc itself. Details about the DVD are even more important now that Amazon has decided to stick all reviews for very different editions by both reputable and disreputable manufacturers, on the same page. So right now, reviews for the superior Criterion edition are mixed in with the Triad edition, which is an overpriced copy of something they've downloaded from public domain. How confusing. The reviews for the Triad edition are awash with giddy information -- click on the see-all-my-reviews links next to each review to see why -- while telling you nothing you really need to know about the DVD itself. Yes, we know Brigette Bardot is hot. Yes, we know this movie showcases the assets for which she is renowned. But what we're hunting for at this juncture is information about the quality of the DVD. How good of a transfer is it? What are the extra features? What's the source for the transfer? What does "enhanced" mean?

The glaring fact is, the Triad edition of this DVD is in the incorrect format for this movie. The original format is WIDESCREEN. You can check that out at IMDb. The Triad edition is the NTSC version for American TV broadcast, which means its source image, from wherever they got it, is a VIDEO TAPE. Aside from those shortcomings, it's dubbed, and this manufacturer provides no option to access multiple audio tracks for the original French. Whatever the program is they're using to "enhance" it, the process has the built-in limitations dictated by the source tape. With Triad's edition priced close to what you'd pay for a full-featured Blu-ray edition, you deserve a pristine copy. But the Blu-ray isn't available yet, so Criterion's ...And God Created Woman is your best bet. It provides the original audio track, along with a brand-new digitally restored transfer -- from a PRINT. In other words, to score each according to its real value, the Criterion edition is a 5-star release; the Triad edition is a 1-star gewgaw.

Yeah, yeah, Criterion's release is a few dollars more, but check out the extra features. This "Foreign Classics" edition has NONE.
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14 of 15 people found the following review helpful
on September 7, 2004
I have seen this movie many times and think it's very entertaining. Brigitte Bardot is absolutly beautiful, and she has a free sprited bohemian style that makes her unlike anyone in movies, yet she can be as vulnerable & innocent as Marilyn Monroe .. I can see how this movie caused a uproar in 1956, But it's nothing compared with movies today. The opening scene with BB nude sun bathing wouldn't cause any commotion today, In fact, some parts are really funny to watch. The plot was loosely based on Marilyn Monroe's life as an orphan who is forced to marry so she doesn't have to go back to the orphanage. The problem is she is in love with two brothers, when she is married to one. There is also a older rich man offering her a life with him. It all leads to a wild erotic dance with BB in a sexy opened skirt, bare feet, and hair flying.. "This woman needs to be tamed" lol! I think Juliette was just a misunderstood, lost, lonely, girl, who's only power seemed to be her beauty and the attention she got from her many male admirers.. I would love to see the restored copy of the film, but I don't think it has any "English Dub" and I don't like reading sub titles. I hope they release another dvd with a dub option on it. This is one of the great classics of the era.It's easy to see how BB inspired the hippy generation with her bare feet and untamed hair. The Beatles said she was their favorite pin up girl! This was the movie that made her a internation star..
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7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on December 22, 2005
This is the film that made Brigitte Bardot a legend. I have to admit: I have tried to look at this film objectively and I find it alternately demeaning, silly, and just plain dumb. So how come I'm giving it five stars? One word: Bardot. If you were to assemble a dictionary that would use visuals to illustrate the various words, Bardot's mambo sequence would authoritatively define the word "sensual." With the pulsating sound of the bongos in the background punctuated by blaring horns, Brigitte is larger than life dancing from room to room like a woman possessed. This may not be acting but it sure holds your attention - kind of like watching a human being transform into a wild animal. This sequence tells you all you need to know about why Bardot is a legend even in her senior years. And no, I don't believe And God Created Woman's silly ending in which we are expected to believe that a few slaps from Jean Louis Trintignant are enough to turn Bardot into a submissive French housewife. On the other hand, I don't think audiences in the 1950's were ready to deal with the reality of a sexually liberated woman like Brigitte.
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6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on February 23, 2014
It doesn't matter what she is wearing or not; she looks fabulous and sexy. A realistic portrayal of the choices that a beautiful woman would have in real life. I would rather see it in blu-ray but the criterion remaster is satisfactory. I was only planning to see the first ten minutes of the movie once I first got it but once Bardot made her entrance my eyes were glued to the screen, what a woman! second to none, incomparable!
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on December 26, 2005
If you've never watched any of Bardot's movies, I'd say this would be the best place to start. It displays Brigitte at the height of her beauty and is the perfect vehicle to show case her unbridled, breathtaking sensuality. Though the plot is thin and the sex scenes and nudity(which are actually more in the viewers imagination than on screen),are very tame and modest by today's standards, you can see why Bardot would have been ahead of her time and why she became a screen icon and legend.In a sense she was the original example of the sexually liberated woman,living by her own laws of sensuality and freedom. Along with that you can't take your eyes of her, she is a goddess incarnate and what she lacks in acting ability, she makes up for in charm and natural screen presence. Brigitte's 'Juliette' character, a teenaged orphan forced into a marriage of convenience, is childishly irresponsible,sulky,untamed and larger than life. But then I find a lot of French movies like to portray their woman as pouting, rebellious, reckless man eaters. Bardot was the original sex kitten however, with her tousled mane, luscious pout, gorgeous shapely figure, and careless sexy walk, she spawned a generation of imitators; her style still evident more than ever in today's starlets, who can't hold a candle to her. Director Roger Vadim makes good use of beautiful and unspoiled St Tropez as a backdrop, but it is his stunning,shapely young 'Mrs' who carries this film.I doubt if it would have got a second look without her presence.
Athough Curt Jurgens adds a little class and Christian Marquand is good to look at, the male characters in the film are quite dull and unlikeable, and Bardot outshines all of them as she continued to do through her 20 or so year career of mediocre movies.
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on March 4, 2003
From a time when movies were more about character development and less about explosions and effects. I purchased this DVD out of curiosity and now I adore this movie_ especially Brigitte Bardot's character_ wow, what a babe! This is way cool retro cinema_it's funny, it's witty, it's shocking, it's roguish and it's definitely unpredictable. Reminds me of the movies by Radley Metzger, set in Europe. The restoration of the negatives are flawless, and the colors of the film have been revitalized, but nevermind that, if you've never seen this film before, or even Brigitte Bardot, prepare to fall inlove.
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15 of 19 people found the following review helpful
on January 17, 2000
It is preciously rare to see raw human truths portrayed in a work of art -this film succeeds. Brigitte Bardot plays the young orphan Juliette trying to come to terms with the power and curse of being a beautiful woman. She wants to have fun, she wants to be loved, but few are able to see past her beautiful body and irreverent behavior. One man tries to buy her love and another uses raw male sexual appeal. Both men fail to completely win her affection primarily because of their own inability to admit how completely they love and desire her. A third, most unlikely man, wins her affection by treating her with kindness and love, rescuing her when the world turn against her and defending her honor even against his own mother. When she betrays him, he responds physically, expressing outrage, and than offers forgiveness. It is at the moment of his physical expression of outrage that he wins her love completely. This film expresses the profundity of feminine attractiveness and provides a glimpse at the answer to the Freudian question, "what do women want?". Expressing the answer in words risks oversimplification; however, one might say that women want the freedom to express their femininity and sexuality within the confines of a loving, supportive and respectful relationship.
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13 of 16 people found the following review helpful
on January 13, 1999
Only those who were teenages or adults back in 1957 can remember the impact that this often banned movie had at this time! It had an unabashedly bare Brigette Bardot playing Juliette, a youthful temptress who drew the attentions of a rich widower and her husband's older brother, cuckolding her naive and unsuspecting husband. The scenery of St. Tropez is delightful; but seeing so much of Bardot is even more so. This is one not to miss!
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