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on June 23, 2014
I expected a dumbed down tablet type system in a bulky hard case. What I got was a 7" android tablet in a soft slip on silicon type cover. The tablet isn't a "kids edition" type device. It is a fully functional WiFi tablet. It is up to the parent to put the kid apps on it. It has the Google play store like any Android phone or tablet. YouTube, internet explorer, user facing camera,email, and other basic tablet apps. The silicon case stays on the device very well and the buttons are easy to operate through the case. This device is great for anyone, not just a kid. For the price, you can't beat it. My 3 & 7 yr old will be fighting over it for a while. It does get bogged down when trying to do a lot if tasks at once but so does my Samsung tablet. This seems to be a quality item, just be prepared to spend some time adding the kid friendly apps yourself when the item arrives.
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on December 18, 2014
I'm going to take my time and write a honest review for anyone looking to purchase this tablet...... don't make the mistake I did!
i'm a sucker for reading reviews and deciding if I'm going to purchase it based off of them...
I did lots of research on inexpensive tablets that I could purchase for my 2.5 & 4 year olds for Christmas. I wasn't looking for anything too fancy as they're so young, and the quality/speed doesn't matter as much. The Orbo Jr. kept popping up. There were some good & some bad reviews but I decided to go along with it and purchase 2. I bought a blue one and a red one. The price was right, and unfortunately that went against me this time.

I started by opening the blue one and turning it on. It took about 3 minutes to boot up (which is a long time with today's technology)
It turned on and started with 68% battery life. The first thing I noticed was the screen quality just isn't there. It is very pixalated and when looking at the screen, it almost looks maginifed - makes me sort of feel cross eyed, or that my vision is going bad. I didn't know if this was just me, or if it was defective, or this is how it is supposed to be. I had my husband look at it, and he agreed that it looked goofy. When I opened the Red Orbo Jr, it looked the same way.
I decided to continue to set it up since this would be for my kids, and they wouldn't be able to know the difference in quality. I connected to the WIFI and set up the date/time. All of a sudden, I got back to the main screen and the battery life was already down to 49%! It was literally 2 minutes later.
I plugged the Orbo Jr into the charget that comes with (very cheap quality) and continued to set up the tablet. The charger started to smell like it was burning and I realized it wasn't working. It didn't charge the tablet. It works out that the charger was the same as the charger used with my phone {Samsung Galaxy Mega} so I just used that. When the tablet is plugged in, you can go to town downloading things and surfing without the battery draining. When the tablet isn't plugged in, you can literally watch the battery life countdown like a clock!
I then opened the Red Orbo Jr, and began to set that one up. Unbelieveable --- this one dies faster than the blue one!!! It was like minutes and it was dead from a 80% charge. I just couldn't believe it. I did read other reviews that the thing would last a hour or just around a hour - no way! The battery would say at 80% charge that there was 8 hours of life left --- what a joke! Try 8 minutes. I didn't even go ahead and set up the red tablet because I then knew I would be returning the products.
I can't get over how poor the visual quality was on these (like I said what do you really expect from a $60 tablet) and how fast the battery died. I would NOT recommend this item to anyone.
I returned the items and decided to spend a little more money and purchase 2 "NeuTab N9 Pro 9" Quad Core Google Android 4.2 Jelly Bean Tablet 8GB" instead --- which I am VERY happy with my choice.

Reading reviews & purchasing items based off of them is a learning experience - and in this case was a bad experience. I hope I can help someone else make the correct choice in not purchasing this item, unless you're ok with low quality. I am so glad Amazon is so good with returning items and really helping out the buyers in bad situations!
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on July 18, 2014
I'm writing this review as an IT Professional who has a Samsung smartphone and who has an 8 year old with a Nexus 7 tablet. So I'll make some comparisons to those items during this review.

Upon initial purchase with a price tag under $60.00 I didn't have high hopes of getting something that would be usable.... So far we've had the tablet for a few weeks and absolutely LOVE IT. Out of the box, it charged quickly and was easy to get used to using. I LOVE the silcone cover which makes the device easy to handle, less likely to drop and much less likely to break if it is dropped. My son's Nexus 7 has been replaced 3 times in 6 months due to the screen breaking (he has a cover on it but not a silcone one - it's a leather portfolio-type case). Thankfully I purchased the protection plan for the Nexus, so it's been replaced each time - but I've also had to pay more to buy the protection plans each time it's been replaced than I had to pay for this entire tablet! You can use the Play Store on this tablet, which I've found is unavailable on some other lower-end tablets, which is great. I've downloaded Facebook and some of the light games my son and I play (Bingo Blitz, Minecraft, etc.) without issue. Yeah, the tablet's a little slower than the Nexus but I've never had a problem playing these games. The only app I've tried to download thus far that isn't compatible is the ABC News app. However, seeing as this is marketed as a kids tablet.....not sure most kids would be put-off by this.... :) I'm sure there are some other incompatible apps but I've yet to find another that I generally use. The only true disappointment is the lack of a rear facing camera. Now, once again, I'm not expecting some high-quality photos from the device but my kids tried to take a picture of our dog the other day and it was a little cumbersome trying to do that with only a forward facing camera.

I would DEFINITELY buy this again - as a matter of fact, I probably WILL buy another one so that I can use this at home instead of my MUCH smaller smart phone..... OH YEAH, speaking of which....this connects to my home Wifi BETTER than my Samsung smart phone - which was TOTALLY unexpected!

For the money spent, I would highly recommend this tablet as what it is marketed as - a KIDS Tablet. I wish I'd seen this tablet before spending the money to purchase the Nexus 7. The other bonus this tablet offers that the Nexus doesn't is an microSD slot!

Break resistant silcone case
easy to use
Android OS instead of some off the wall OS
Good wireless connection
Charge via power cord OR universal USB charger - which we have at least 7 of - two of which are in the car

Slower than the Nexus and my smart phone
not a multi-tasking device - it'll do it but VERY slowly
No rear-facing camera
low quality images from camera - but what do you really expect from a $60 tablet?
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on June 22, 2014
I'm not sure, really, what I was expecting with this tablet. I figured, something minimal that little ones could play with, What it is - a full featured tablet that is worlds better than my FIRST tablet.

PROS: It is quick and responsive, lightweight, good graphics, expandable storage (microSD slot), runs off of Android (not some off the wall, proprietary OS), the rubber bumper DOES come off, so an adult could easily get one of these for themselves. It will charge off of the USB port, so you don't need a special car adapter, and if you are transferring files from your 'main' computer, it is also charging the battery.

It is about the size of a Kindle Fire (without the rubber bumper) - so the cases made for the Kindle should fit it.

CONS: It can only do one thing at a time - if you are downloading applications, wait until one is completely finished downloading before attempting another download or you are doomed to frustration. WiFi only goes to 'g', not 'n', so you trade off a little speed there, but nothing noticeable The camera is elementary, and the pictures it takes reflect this. Would be fine for Skype, but don't expect good photos from it.

Overall - yes, a good little tablet and worth the price - either for little ones OR an adult.
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on July 4, 2014
Horrible. Only holds a charge for 2-3 hours. And slowwwwww. I saw the other reviews on this but since I was giving to a 4 year old it didn't seem like a big deal. It is! the drag moving through apps is so frustrating. The battery is really ridiculous. You shouldn't have to charge a tablet 3 times a day.
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on January 16, 2015
My three year old son loves his tablet and I love it when he let's me use it!
review image
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on December 26, 2014
This is another review that I wanted to leave almost immediately due to some things that need to be brought to attention. I will leave an updated review if things change, but at most I will say that it is getting a 3 star review at most. We bought this for our daughter for Christmas.

This is an item that "you get what you pay for" obviously. I am going to start with the main issue. The charger power supply. I have attached a picture of what happened when I plugged it in, it is a good thing I plugged it in instead of my daughter, because it immediately arced and tripped the 20A breaker feeding the outlet. The outlet is not the issue, I tested it after this happened and it still works fine, the outlet was fine before this too. It is obvious that the power supply was dead shorted internally from the manufacturer and incorrectly manufactured. I have never had this happen with any power supply like this before, it is obvious that the power supply manufacturer is pathetic and has no regard for quality or safety. I had already contacted Amazon about this issue and they were easy to work with and responded within a few hours to resolve this. Because of this issue though, it is now going to reach 3 stars at best with me. We've been able to charge it on one of our laptop USB ports, so not all is lost.

On to the rest of it. Overall the tablet itself isn't bad, especially for the price. I have never really been impressed in my past experiences with Android anyway, the OS runs ok so far though, but in my past experience with Android, let time tell, after installing some of the updates it found some of the annoying errors with downloading went away. The battery life isn't very impressive, and it seems like it takes a long time to charge, but she is sitting in the chair next to me and has been fiddling around with it for over an hour and there is still over 60% battery remaining. It is also somewhat annoying that I had to remove the rubber case to be able to reliably plug in the USB/charger cable. The screen isn't the most Hi-Res screen in the world either, but it is an el cheapo kids edition tablet, I'm not expecting 1080p and a superior CPU in it. Overall, it really isn't horrible in spite of the negatives I mentioned from what I've seen so far, we don't regret the purchase so far, but the power supply issue is really unacceptable and I would recommend using caution when using the one included. It is still overall good for kid usage.
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on December 4, 2014
11/9/2015 - GO WITH ANOTHER TABLET. We liked it at first because it offered a lot... then as time went on we realized that it wouldn't take our memory cards for extra space. Once you upload 3-5 apps, it's full and you cannot upload anymore. So there's barely any space on thing! Which is very annoying when my 5 (almost 6) year old wants to play all the education apps I have for him. Endless Readers/Numbers/Words/Alphabet takes up A LOT of space but is perfect for that size tablet.

It's lame to have to uninstall EVERY SINGLE TIME to get space to play a few of these. There also is ZERO CUSTOMER NUMBER/INFO ANYWHERE. Not on the box, not online, nowhere. I've had questions since I bought it and no way to get the answers. Very disappointed I spent ANY money on this. I got it for a "Black Friday"/Amazon Lightning Deal and I thought I was seriously saving on this. Nope. It's always around $50 because of the quality.

I was so hoping this would work out. The design and sign is perfect! It has stuck from day one on the screens rotation and a few other features weren't working properly but all those could have been overlooked if it just took the memory card for extra storage.

6/18/2015 - Still cannot find a way to contact company. Tablet is now freezing on occasion and says it's "too hot" when it's barely being used! When it works, it's awesome. But I am still have a major issue with apps and storage. I am not able to add all the things i want on here. Buying a new memory card soon to test it out, but so far, it won't recognize the external storage.

5/7/2015 - I can't seem to find ANY 1800 numbers! I am having a major issue with the memory. The tablet itself doesn't have barely any memory for more than a few games. So I got an external memory card to put it. It refuses to recognize it and it's brand new. Otherwise I would basically have 32G for my son to use. Which is obviously way more space! Otherwise this is a good tablet. We use a kids app, so his apps are on there. He cannot purchase in-app things and he's safe from browsing anything I am not sure of.

I got this on a Lightning Deal around Black Friday. We've only had it a few days but it's a huge hit with my 4 1/2 year old! It seems to be a really great starter tablet for younger kids. After a few hours of use, depending on the apps used, the battery will be dead. But he doesn't need to be on it for hours, so it works for us. We also purchased the Evecase Ultra Portable Handle Carrying Case to store it in. It fights the tablet and charger great.

I know people have concern about this tablet not having a Kid Mode. I had one on my Andriod (through Google Play) and just uploaded that to the tablet. I put all the apps in there and he just uses it in that mode. It works beautifully! He doesn't have access to changing any apps, in-app purchases or the internet! We use Kids Place - Parental Control. It's password protected and has a lot of options in settings.

Overall, so far a really great starter tablet for younger kids. I'll update in a few months. Hopefully I'll still be satisfied with my purchase still.
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on January 22, 2015
I bought a pink one and my mom bought a green one. I notice there are different android system!!! Green one is very poor quality of background compare to pink one. Indeed, on the "about tablet" menu, green one doesn't have "update software"! These two tablet don't have same layout of menu, screen quality etc. everything is different! Almost the green one looks like a fake one! When the package came, green one didn't come with protective plastic cover and screen protect sticker on the tablet as pink one did. Pink one is o.k.ish but green one is terrible! Speed to download apps is too slow compare to pink one too! I am so disappointed! I am going to return it!
review image review image
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on January 16, 2015
I received this for Christmas for my two year old son. He was so excited to have his own tablet (we have phones and tablets that he uses but he has a nasty habit of dropping them). When we took it out of the box, we loved the rubber case that came with it and he loved the blue color. We charged it fully, however, when we turned it on the screen was so hard to see my husband made the comment that it reminded him of a hologram. You had to look at it dead on to be able to read the icons. Setting up the tablet was a not so funny joke. We went through the standard steps to set up an account to be able to download apps, and on the second step (creating a Google account) the tablet crashed. We tried it about 5 more times before I broke down and put in my own information (two year old was losing patience). I then download his favorite apps and gave him his Christmas present. I will say that he loved being able to open all his own apps and do his own thing. Two hours later, the battery was dead. I understand that apps suck battery power like crazy, but two hours is ridiculous. We were so disappointed that we had to ask grandparents to return it and get their money back. Do not purchase this item and waste your money. We will be buying the kindle fire kids edition for his birthday.
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