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Before addressing the hardware and functionality of this phone, let's address quickly the five-part equation that makes up your overall smart phone user experience:
(1) the hardware...the phone itself
(2) operating system software
(3) installed applications
(4) the network (overall, and where you happen to be using the phone at a particular time)
(5) the service provider

In some cases, there are serial dependencies on the factors above, as many phones are tied to specific operating systems or service providers. Or perhaps you spend a lot of time in an area without 4G service. Just remember that even if you make a great phone choice, deficiencies in the other areas can diminish your overall user experience.

Don't move to a smart phone without some research into these choices. Which provider? Which mobile operating system? Who can offer me the best service, or the best combination of value and service? The rest of this review assumes you've already figured out why a phone with the Android operating system might be a better choice for you than an iPhone, a Blackberry or a Windows-based smart phone solution...

Bottom line for the HTC EVO 4G: feature loaded, user-friendly and a hard choice to go wrong with in a crowded smart phone market.

The phone ships with an impressive array of capability and apps, and finding and installing new ones from the Android marketplace is easy even for non-techies.

Two very strong performers in the pre-installed applications are Google-powered Voice Search and Navigate: both are eerily good at delivering search results and driving/walking directions. This phone's voice-to-text interface is also very good, and can be used for both composing text messages and delivering search results without typing. Surprisingly, a voice-based dialing app that is part of the operating system's collection of widgets seldom gets one right. The Evo's on-screen keyboard is adaptive to your compositions over time, and will suggest auto-completes for words you frequently type.

The phone includes two cameras: an outward facing high resolution (8 megapixel) still/video camera, and a front facing 1.3 megapixel camera for video applications. It ships with an 8 GB microSD card. One surprising oversight of this phone is the placement of the microSD card inside the battery compartment. Although you can move files to an from it via the USB port, this phone would be improved if the card were accessible without removing the back cover.

In addition to the USB port, the phone has a 3.5mm aux audio jack and an HDMI port.

The rear of the phone includes a "kickstand", allowing you to stand the phone on a horizontal surface when viewing the display in landscape mode (great for using the speakerphone or watching videos).

Customization of the scrolling display screens is intuitive. In our house, even less technically savvy users were re-arranging icons and applications in no time.

Each of phone, video and still image quality are satisfactory.

The overall finish of this phone is --literally-- quite slick. It can go sliding easily on leather car seat, and both the screen and frame will attract and display fingerprints. Whether or not you opted in to the damage/loss insurance that most providers offer, I'd strongly recommend both a screen protector and some case or holster to offer a modicum of protection to the phone.

Mnay options exist for protection, but for our multiple Evo phones we've found the following to provide a good mix of protection and price:
--"Fishbone" protective case (red linked here; other colors are available)
--SGP STEINHEIL Anti FingerprintSprint Screen Protector (Anti Fingerprint)

Let these protective devices soak up the wear and tear instead of your phone and display.

Other reviews have discussed battery life, and it's worth addressing. This phone has five separate radio transmit/receive devices:
-the standard cellular (3G/CDMA) transceiver
-the 4G transceiver
-Bluetooth (for short-range use of hands-free devices and data exchange)
-GPS receiver
-Wifi transceiver
Each of these devices will exert its own demand on the battery. Selectively turning them off when not needed, along with setting a shorter time to turn off the display (2 minutes or 1 minute) will go a long way to mitigate the battery issue. Additionally, there are extended life aftermarket batteries (usually with an accompanying modified case cover to accommodate their their additional bulk) that will easily get you through your work day away from external power.

A note about apps:
Android is a Google operating system, and access to the Android marketplace for additional apps requires entry through a Google/Gmail account (either existing or one you create when setting up the phone). In return for the apps, be aware that you surrender significant personal information on your phone, your location (at minumum the nearest cell tower, and in some cases your GPS-derived location) and details of how you used the phone and applications. Providing this information is the cost of admission for functionality of the apps. I'm not offering a value judgement on this...just pointing it out for your information.

Finally, a note about pricing:
Comparison shop and pay attention when you're ready to make the move to a smart phone. For the hardware purchase, you can expect to find considerable differences in the prices (even when upgrade discount and rebates are included) from different vendors. Be sure to check out each each of your provider's "store" (brick and mortar, by phone and online), big box stores and even Amazon's new wireless store. It's worth investing a couple minutes in this research to save a considerable amount on the purchase price.

Becoming a smart phone user begins with shopping smartly! )
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VINE VOICEon September 13, 2011
My Samsung phone Android experience was slightly different than my HTC Android phone experience. HTC is definitely better, more stable, browsing is better, battery life is worse but the overall quality and the sturdiness of the phone in question is penultimate. Let me try to tell you why I am so enamored by this phone.

1. The browsing is excellent, the downloading is quick, the web pages load in seconds and even on 3G the phone is super fast, I have never switched on the 4G for more than an hour and feel it should only be done when you're downloading a very big file. You may wonder what the purpose of 4G is, so well, although the 4G function is there, this phone is faster than any 3G phones available on the network by a mile (Hero, Moment, Optimus S to name a few) So the browsing is excellent.

2. I used GPS once while trying to locate a bar a friend of mine was at in downtown. Anyone who's been to downtown manhattan knows what a headache directions are there but using this I got there just in time. Yes, it takes a bit of getting used to and yes if you forget to switch the GPS off, the phone is going to complain and be really hot.

3. Of maybe the seven or eight phones I've used in my life time, this one has the loudest speaker when using Pandora. It is very clear at the same time. While the EPIC may have a louder speaker, the Evo has the clear one, for hours at a time I let it play at volume level 2 with the screen switched off and it is the most delightful jukebox. There are several applications for music and the phone's customization and level of speed and concentration is nothing short of excellent. It never confuses between two running apps and multi-tasking is the best on any phone. Credit to Android and HTC Sense developers.

4. The kickstand is a unique feature which can be helpful once in a way, the back of the black EVO is smooth and a pleasure to hold in your hands. The QWERTY touchscreen is really good and I have almost mastered it. When I was using the Nexus S, the touchscreen keyboard was awful. The touchscreen on this phone is the best i have seen on any phone. It is maybe better than my ipod touch too which now is a device i never touch. I don't need to use SWYPE cause I'm fast enough holding the phone vertically.

5. The alarm feature is just awesome and I had to make a point about it because even if you're listening to music it will give two sounds, one for the music, the other for the alarm, functionality and customization again get a big score here. The NOTIFICATION bar is the best I've seen on any Android phone.

6. The BATTERY life is horrid. Worse than Samsung phones. I have a solution that will cost you money. There is a Seidio battery which goes into your phone but doesn't require an extended back. Get that and you will get a day with your phone. With the STOCK BATTERY, there is no use using your phone.

7. One of my BIGGEST COMPLAINTS with this phone is the earphone speaker being way too low. When I'm in a busy room full of people, I always have to get up and go out. With my Blackberry or Samsung I never had to this. So yes, this is not the best phone in the world to talk with. It's a very big flaw and makes me dislike the phone immensely. When you plug in headphones, it is loud enough of course but who does that everyday or all the time? not me i guess.

8. Ships with 8GB memory, the touchscreen is flawless and never skips a single beat, the phone never freezes and yes, it has restarted itself once or twice since I have had it but I have never had a phone that doesn't ever reboot once in a way so can't complain. I don't use any app killer, at night i keep my brightness to the lowest level, I restart my phone daily to kill any apps running in the background. I use Winamp for playing music. There are several shortcut and widget options. The phone has a beautiful time display, weather display and quite a sense of humor too. The four capacitive buttons always work.
The GREEN NOTIFICATION light is friendly and not too urgent like the Blackberry's RED. I know it is silly to compare but I am silly. The camera is just awful to be honest. Though better than the Blackberry, it is still very difficult to take pictures in the night. The flash is too flashy and washes out the face. Netflix runs smooth, I haven't cracked the screen yet but I've seen several cracked Evo's. I didn't bother rooting it or any of that nonsense.

Overall, a solid phone with 2 flaws I can live with. I am not going to deduct any marks because the phone has several stand outs.
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on September 17, 2012
Good: The phone seems to work okay.

Bad: I purchased this phone from Amazon, thinking I would get a new phone... it isn't. Upon my activation, I typed the MSID from inside my phone and Sprint couldn't activate it. Upon talking with customer service, she had me find a different MSID in the phone's software settings. She said the mis-match is often caused by different phone parts that are assembled during the refurbishing process. Amazon should look at this vendor for its product misrepresentation. This phone should have been properly labeled as a refurbished product. If I had known it was refurbished, I don't think I would have purchased it.
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on November 5, 2011
The good:

- big and bright screen.
- decent battery life - around 12 hours with the standard battery. This includes running some apps (Eurosport, UEFA, USA Today, etc), but gaming would burn through the battery in less than 4 hours. The Yahoo Mail app also seems to drain the battery pretty fast.
- Android market is growing and Amazon had some amazing deals on games and apps.
- freedom to Copy/Paste music, pictures and movies from PC to the phone. Not something specific to this phone, but worth mentioning.

The bad:

- after slightly more than 1 year of light usage, the phone keeps rebooting itself. Changed the battery, still same issue. Phone is basically unusable.
- contacts can't be sync-ed with the GMail account. The sync does nothing. Since the phone is not on long enough (without rebooting itself), I probably lost all the contacts too.

Considering how expensive this phone has been, this has been a terrible experience. I would not recommend buying this phone.
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on December 1, 2011
I love my EVO. I've had it since it was released. I'm now 18 months into my phone and i'm just as happy with it as i was the day i picked it up. I'm coming up on my 2 yr upgrade with Sprint and i don't have any intention of upgrading. What would i upgrade to? The I-Phone doesn't have 4g. The software has been very stable and Sprint tends to update the EVO before other phones. My only complaint is not being able to remove some of the useless apps the come pre-installed on the phone. I've been able to do most everything from my phone when i'm not in my office. Best thing i ever did.
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on January 12, 2012
I bought this phone right before christmas and over all the phone works really good. But the post is misleading because it says this is a new phone. This phone is not new, it is referbished and the reason why i am upset isnt because it is refurbished. I am upset because a refurbished evo 4g is $100 cheaper then this phone is. I paid 280 thinking this was a new phone and another seller was selling "refurbished evo 4g's" for 160!!!!! I am very upset because of this. Another thing is that the battery was bad. They sent me a bad used battery. Luckily i have insurance and sprint gave me a new battery for free, which would have been 40 if they didnt replace it for me, but i am very upset with this company. I love the phone but the company is HORRIBLE!

UPDATE!!!!--If i may also add this phone is defective. about 3 months into using this phone the charger port got lose so i brought it to sprint thinking they could fix it and they couldnt. it disconnected completely from the chip?? I dont remember the exact verbage of what was wrong. so i had to pay another 100 as a deductible to sprint for them to send me another phone. This is the most misleading company i have ever ordered from. i will NEVER buy another phone from amazon EVER AGAIN!!! Id rather get what i pay for instead of spending over 400 all together just to get a new phone. Very dissapointed and upset.
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on August 12, 2012
I've had this phone since it first came out on the Sprint network, I think it was July 2010. So with 2 years of use I can report the good, the bad and the ugly.

The Good-
You can download free apps, ring tones.

The Bad-
It's super slow! Ok, so over 2 years of texting my girlfriend and other people, when I send a text I watch the disc spin around on the screen for like 15 seconds before it will send. Even when typing the words in the text it will select words that are not spelt correctly? Where's the spellcheck?

The Ugly, forget the Bad, most of everything on this phone is just pure ugly.

The battery - lasts about 5 hours without use! If I use the GPS ot watch a programme on the sprint network I'll be lucky to get 60 minues. I bought another battery as a back up and again only get about 60 minutes of use. Ridiculous! I have the phone constantly on charge, in my car, at my desk in work and at home.

The phone will randomly shut down by itself.

Using the GPS it can freeze up....a nightmare when you're driving in another city 600 miles from home. It can also send you in circles, it can miss a turn and say 're-routing' only to take you the same way again. Use Google Maps! not the Sprint GPS that comes on the phone.

I'm having to pay Sprint $10 a month for a data plan because this is a 4G phone. I I don't get 4G where I live and don't even get it in the capital city of my state! so it's a waste on money.

For 2 years I've paid Sprint $69/mth plus $10 data plan plus $8 insurance plus taxes and surcharges....for what.... for a phone with a standby time of 5 hours, a useage time of 60 minutes, slow processor, no 4G (maybe 0.1% of the time when I'm out), awful GPS, Sprint TV that shows nothing worth watching unless you pay more and upgrade for the premium channels, randomly shutsdown at the most inconvenient times.

I went on a 6 hour bike ride yesterday. Phone was fully charged. I put it in a pocket in the back of my shirt. At the end of my ride the phone showed the warning signal and advised to charge immediately!. WTH! using the other battery does the same thing.


Since my 2 year contract is up with Sprint I'm shopping around! Virgin Mobile looks good but we'll see.

Good Luck!
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on November 20, 2012
An otherwise quite decent phone completely hobbled by its lack of sufficient internal memory to support any reasonable number of apps. Battery life is also poor. I like the phone but the dearth of internal storage space I'd unforgivable. I would not buy again. yes it comes with an sd card for external storage of data including apps but most apps cannot be moved to the sd card. When it comes barely close to running out if space, the phone refuses to retrieve my gmail until I go through with the annoying ritual of clearing out cache space and eliminating apps that I guess I can live without - an almost weekly occurrence now. Colors and screen resolution are great, navigation is great, nothing wrong in those departments. But , again, the lack of sufficient storage space is a fatal flaw. Matt in PA.
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on July 30, 2012
I am a Sprint employee, and I turned this phone on to realize that this phone is not in new condition. There was a user name attached the phone, as well as a phone number, and the phone did not self activate. Furthermore, there seems to be an issue with the battery, as it drains the whole battery in less than an hour. Also, I'm not sure if this is characteristic of the phone model, but I have no service inside my house where other sprint phones have had some service.
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on April 13, 2012
The HTC EVO 4G is a great phone, however the seller of the phone failed to inform me that the phone will only work for a few days! I guess that's why it had such a great price. I had sprint program the phone and update my profile and firmware, everything was great for a few days then the phone just stop working. I wasn't able to send callls nor receive any calls. I also couldn't use my internet as well as text. Thank goodness I had insurance on the phone. Sprint had to correct the problem. Buying a used phone from this seller was a bad idea.
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