Customer Reviews: Angel Fire (Fallen Angels - Book 1)
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on August 16, 2013
************SPOILER ALERTS************

I went back to the Amazon description of this book and I could not find a reference that it was for young adult readers. Trust me, it is for teenagers, very young teenagers at that. I could not make it through this book. I tried but after repeated instances of Darcy putting herself in confrontational situations, and the same way she reacts each time, the story started to feel contrived. Why did she go back to her hometown where everyone but three or four characters hated her with a killing passion. Especially since it resulted in Darcy killing her aunt, uncle, soon to be boyfriend and numerous other people. But then Darcy seemed to have the personality and judgement of a teenager.

I was never sure how everyone in her home town found out she started the fire that killed her parents. I skimmed the book a lot so I could very well have missed it.

It seems to be the fad for authors to stretch their novels out over several volumes. This would be fine if the author kept the story interesting and the pace of the plot moving, but this story moves at glacial speed. I guess the authors have to come up with some way to stretch the story out to cover multi-volumes so they keep rehashing points already made. Since I couldn't wait for the wrap up of this first volume, I finally jumped ahead to the last dozen so pages. I shouldn't have bothered. Which is a shame since I am reading another of the author's book, "Forbidden: The Stars" and it is a bit more interesting. It suffers from logic flaws also, but my interest is enough to read the second volume.

If you want to read a good book on the "Angel Fire" theme, try Stephen King's "Firestarter" or watch the 1984 movie starring a very young Drew Barrymore.
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on May 24, 2012
Avenging angel or murderer? This is the choice you need to make in ANGEL FIRE. The book opens with Darcy Anderson being released from prison after serving a ten-year sentence for manslaughter. This immediately captured my interest and is an excellent opening that kept me turning the pages. Why was she in prison? Who did she kill? The rest of the story focuses on Darcy as she tries to go home and blend in with the good townsfolk of Middleton. Unfortunately for her, people remember her as the girl who killed her parents in a horrific house fire. As if that wasn't bad enough, the Sheriff and her ex-husband Barry will not let the past rest and relentlessly confront her at every turn.

As the story unfolds, Mr. Daniels skillfully reveals more details about Darcy and what really happened on the night her parents were killed. Is she a "fire bug" as some call her or does she have an other worldly power to bring forth intense fire at will? The secondary characters are nicely fleshed out and I especially liked her Uncle Edward, a stern no-nonsense kind of guy. Darcy's inner turmoil as she comes to grips with her power is portrayed quite well by the author. Throw in a love interest with a strange power of his own and it's hard to put the book down.

I don't want to put any spoilers in the review, but suffice it to say, this is indeed an intriguing read. Whether you love her or hate her for the things she does, this book will keep you thinking long after you've finished reading. Does the end justify the means?
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on January 26, 2012
This book hooked me in from the start. I appreciate the much more adult nature of this book compared to similar books out there. It gets tiring reading about teens and superficial young adult characters if you know what I mean. Darcy, the main character, actually has real struggles and tragedy in her life, which makes her much more real than the usual fare. The only complaint I have is that for most of the book, it was unclear what fallen angels have to do with it. I kept waiting to find out that she was adopted, or Nephilim in some way. Maybe she has her power because she's a fallen angel trapped in a human body? It was eventually answered, but now I'm intensely curious about how the next books in the series will unfold. I recommend this to anyone with a taste for urban fantasy with a more realistic, fleshed out spin. It doesn't disappoint.
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on June 16, 2011
I feel like this was written for a much younger reader because of the plot. I was not ever really enthralled by it and I actually forgot I was reading it when I picked up a different story. I need to care about characters and Darcy did not make me like her.
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on February 4, 2011
I confess to having initially downloaded a sample of Angel Fire essentially because I liked the cover graphic. I had been particularly busy and was not really in the mood to try an author I hadn't read before and was part way through a book by one of my favourite authors. I then clicked into the first chapter and met Darcy Anderson.

Immediately I took to her and her unusual "gift' and within 24 hours was back at the Kindle store to find out how she managed to deal with the 'ghosts of her past'.

I found Angel Fire to have creative elements akin to those of Stephen King, but with the added dimension of a set of characters that I immediately liked.

I fear giving too much away by saying more, but highly recommend 'Angel Fire - the First Book of Fallen Angels' but not only to the fans of the supernatural. The story is also about new beginnings, and what we need to make them work.

A great read.

Daniel Barker,
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on January 24, 2012
My intial impression of Angel's Fire was that Mr Daniel's had cobbled together a cheap Twlight knock-off, family drama/romance first supernatural romp second.

Boy was I wrong

Sure the majority of the book focusses on our main character Darcy, and her myriad of poor relationships. Things start to look a little cheesy as everything starts falling back into place

Than all of a sudden NO SPOILERS

Things get better.

Recommended and looking forward to the next one
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on May 28, 2014
Glad it was free. It was pretty depressing the entire time and I still feel like I have no answers after reading it. Is she or isn't she a fallen Angel? Is it just a part of her? And huge bummer that the love interest died... not that it was all that entertaining on that front. One mild sex scene.
The writing was good enough but I felt like a lot of the story kept getting repeated. We are told once about something and then when the author wants to use that information to drive home another point, it is retold.
The main character just can't seem to catch a break, it's disheartening.
I wouldn't reread it.
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VINE VOICEon October 25, 2012
Darcy Anderson is released on parole after serving a 10 year sentence for the murder of her parents and arson (they burned in a housefire). Darcy returns to her hometown and must deal with her gruff Uncle Edward; Barry, a local bully; Sheriff Burke, the bully's father; handsome Neil, who has been transferred to the local fire department' and her strange ability to call fire.

NOTE: Possible Potential Spoilers! I tried to omit them as best as I could, but I may have missed a few.

I only got 56% into this book before I decided this book just wasn't for me, and we needed to part ways. That isn't, however, to say this is a bad book; it's just not what I wanted to read.

Darcy Anderson is a pretty well-written character. She has flaws, insecurities, desires, and strengths. She tries to face her fears instead of running from them, but also isn't immune to doubt and second-guessing herself.

The rest of the cast is a mixed bag. I liked Aunt Martha, who was so warm and inviting, but Uncle Edward was so aloof and gruff, it was hard to like him. Barry and Sheriff Burke felt so cliche bullies, though Barry gets a bit of nice development that softens his bullyish side. I definitely thought Beth was great; she was Darcy's friend and an actual GOOD friend at that. But then Neil, obviously painted as the love interest (though I hadn't seen anything but the merest hints when I quit), is so bland and boring, a real "Knight in Shining Armor". Which is not a bad thing (I prefer that to the horrible, rapey, abusive type of hero we see too much these days), but I wish he had a bit more personality and didn't fit so easily into the Love Interest box.

But the characters weren't the deciding factor in my quitting this ebook. That was the story. The beginning was great, and I liked how Darcy had been in jail and was released. But things were just moving way too slowly, there was so much average drama (exes and grudges and insecurities and townspeople hating you for something you did 10 years ago) that the novel felt more like a contemporary "chick lit" book than an urban fantasy. When we finally started to dip our toes in the urban fantasy portions, they came in the form of infodump scenes. The other sad part was that I didn't buy the explanation for Darcy's abilities. It needed something more, more oomph, for lack of a better term.

And then the cliche storm. There is an evil ex, a wicked Sheriff, a dress-up scene, a fight at a bar, an attempted arrest, a rebellious teen. And so on and so forth. I can usually put up with a couple, particularly with great characters and an interesting story surrounding it. But too many cliches just make me go "ugh".

But this book definitely has an audience (hence why I am rating this three stars and not my usual DNF rating, 2 stars). It's a very clean story (almost no curse words). Daniels is a pretty darn good writer. And if you are okay with urban fantasy lite in a small town setting, I think you should definitely check it out. I was just looking for something with a little more pizzazz.

Brought to you by:
*C.S. Light*
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on March 21, 2014
A decent read if your looking for something that you dont have to be invested in.More of a tween book.....

I just happened across it because it was in a book clubs free list.I guess there is a whole series but if I have to actually purchase the books to continue the series, I can spend my money on books I consider worth the money.This series is'nt in my humble opinion anyway.
To be fair, for a teenager male or female this series might be another twilight.Never having read them but was absolutely forced to watch those god awful movies(have teenage daughter and lost bet with I am letting her read this(although it does get a little too intense for younger you might want to check it out to see if its a little to mature for your child.) and from what she says it's "great"..All I can say is that as she gets older I hope she refines her definition of GREAT..LOL
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on September 8, 2012
I picked this book up free from Amazon and am glad I did. It did take me a while to read through the book though, there was a lot of inner dialogue and not much action until you get about half way through, but I did enjoy it.

Darcy, after being released from prison for starting a fire she doesn't remember doing and killing her loving parents, goes back to the small town she was raised in and back to the accusing stares and quiet whispers.

Trouble comes in the form of an ex with a power trip and the local Sheriff who's got a major chip on his shoulder when it come to Darcy and her uncle Jim.

A handsome stranger with an amazing gift not so unlike her own helps Darcy accept what she can do.. to a point. But will it be enough?

Legends, family secrets, a destructive power that can't be controlled and a small town with a long memory make this book interesting. The best part of the entire book -to me- was the last couple chapters and thanks to those gripping words, I can't wait to see what happens next.
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